Your Husband’s New Girlfriend Ch. 02

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The Date

I was in this funky limbo in between wishing the day would hurry and dreading that same end nervously. I had a date with a soldier I’d been crushing on for some time now. Damn, I’d been rolling along in fuck buddy status for so long, I wasn’t even sure I could remember how to behave on a date. It was just dinner and a movie, but it might as well have been something as critical as meeting with the Queen of England or President Obama as nervous as I was. Nevertheless, I supposed in about 2 or so hours, I’d find out how regal my curtsy was.

End of shift arrived at my office too quick for once and everyone bustled around, trying to gather their belongings and close down their computers. People were saying TGIF and wishing others a good weekend. Some were engaging in small talk, inquiring what others had planned for their upcoming two days off. My office only contained about 7 people, even though in general, our division was a fairly large one. That being said, all those in my immediate office building knew I had a date. I’d promised details on Monday but I knew there was a slim chance anyone would remember to ask me by that time.

I clocked out and closed down the office since I was the last to leave the building. I waved to the remaining stragglers still chatting next to their vehicles and walked to mine. I had to ease into my car a bit slower than normal since my morning tryst had left me sore and still weary. What a way to start off the day, I thought, laughing to myself. Thank goodness I’d had enough time to go into the office bathroom and give myself a birdbath before anyone else arrived. The soldiers call it washing their nuts, butts and elbows. I call it washing tits, clits and armpits.

7/3 4:42 p.m. Hey girlie. We still on for tonight?

7/3 4:42 p.m. U knw it. So how we gon do this…u pickn me up or meeting there?

7/3 4:43 p.m. I could pick you up. Not familiar with the city. I’ll GPS you.

7/3 4:45 p.m. Wht restaurant?

7/3 4:45 p.m. Preference?

7/3 4:46 p.m. None.

7/3 4:46 p.m. Olive Garden?

7/3 4:47 p.m. West or East?

7/3 4:48 p.m. By the mall. On the Gateway.

7/3 4:48 p.m. U live on post?

7/3 4:49 p.m. Yes.

7/3 4:50 p.m. K. Time?

7/3 4:50 p.m. Is 7 good for you?

7/3 4:51 p.m. Tht wrks. Meet u there.

Well that was easy enough to plan, but again it set my nerves on end. The meeting place was not far from me, maybe about 20 minutes, tops. I had time to go home and freshen up. I mean, after all, I’d worked all day and besides that, I’d had a helluva wake-up call and was a bit…wrinkled.

I made it home from work in no time. My shoes came off at the door and were carried upstairs and to my room. I unzipped my skirt and dropped it into the laundry basket by my bedroom door. My jacket and corset followed the skirt. I headed to my walk-in closet in my panties and bra. Perusing my hangars, I looked for something that was sexy, but not overly sexy. Still, I wanted to show a lot of skin. I ended up picking a blue baby doll dress with all sorts of geometrical designs in varying colors of yellows, pinks and greens. It was a good summer dress. It reached the high middle of my thighs, but my favorite part of the dress was the deeper than deep V neck it sported in the front and back. I chose some black strappy heels to go with it and laid my outfit on my bed. A quick shower, a fresh application of make-up and a new hair style is all that was left.

I entered the shower, glancing over at the purple dildo I kept there. The warm spray soothing me, but I had no time for that. I had no time to slide that delicious thickness into my water slicked pussy. So I reached past it, and soaped my loofah. I quickly lathered my body, coating myself in the smells of cherry blossoms and jasmine. I rinsed off, climbed out of the shower and patted myself dry with the green bath towel awaiting me. The towel was both soft and rough causing the yummiest friction against my already hardened nipples and overly sensitive clitoris. Both of these I ignored. I could not be sidetracked, but oh how my body wanted to sidetrack emek escort and distract me.

I finished drying off and walked naked to my room. The air circulated by my air conditioner cooled my flushed, too hot skin. I looked at the clock. It was 5:45. I had an hour to dress before meeting SGT Long at the restaurant. I sat on my bed and propped my legs up, spreading them wide and rubbed lotion into supple skin. The lotion was the good thick kind that wasn’t greasy and left your skin softened, with a light scented smell and shimmery. Applying the lotion to my thick thighs, my hands brushed my protruded yoni lips. I lotion my clit as well, sliding a finger into my pussy, so the smell of the lotion would reside there too. I lotion my stomach, my ass, my heavy breasts and my arms; all the while, I avoided the urge to play with myself. I didn’t want to risk being late. So I sprayed on perfume, dressed and headed to my bathroom to do my make-up and hair.

I arrived at the restaurant before my date did and took a moment to smoke a cigarette. Damn, I was nervous. This wouldn’t do. I didn’t want to spend the date walking on eggshells. I was finishing my cigarette when he arrived. My date was wearing a collared pullover shirt and jeans. He looked good, sexy even. This was the first time I’d seen him out of his ACUs. I pulled out some hand sanitizer and perfume to ease the aura of cigarette smoke, and popped in a piece of gum. He leaned in for a kiss that was very chaste on my lips and hugged me, his hand slipping into the V of my dress.

“Hi”, he whispered, “you ready?”

I nodded against his shoulder and he broke off the hug. He tucked my hand in the crook of his elbow. We were shown our seats which were in a semi-secluded area of the restaurant. He held out my chair for me and then seated himself. The waitress came and he placed our drink order after sampling the wine of the day. He chose a white wine, a Sauvignon Blanc, after which she left to retrieve the bottle. She filled our glasses then left the bottle on the table. We sipped our wine in relative silence, while perusing the menu. The waitress returned and orders again were placed. He had steak—medium rare and I had chicken penne.

“Well, well, sergeant, alone at last and I finally got you out of that uniform.”

“Yes, you did.”

“Oh, well, you didn’t doubt me, did you? After all, I am the one at work telling you to take your clothes off.” He blushed. His face actually flushed a bright red behind the sunglasses he always wore. Before he could respond, our food arrived. I stole quick glances at him as we ate. He really was a sexy man. Every bite of his steak he took had me imagining what better ways we could employ his mouth. I was getting more and more turned on by the minute and was wishing I had taken the time to masturbate. Maybe then I wouldn’t be thinking about washing his food down for him with my juices instead of this wine.

“Do you mind if I taste your meat?” I asked innocently enough before finishing off my wine. He sputtered a bit, in the middle of putting the piece he had sliced in his mouth.

“Excuse me?”

I poured another glass of wine for myself and offered to refill his. “I asked if I could have the opportunity to sample your hot, juicy, succulent meat.”

He was still stuttering when I plucked the fork out of his hand. I opened my mouth, closed the distance between his fork and my mouth and slowly extended my tongue. I coiled my tongue around the sliced, steamy cut of steak and sucked it from the fork as I wrapped my lips about it fully enveloping it into my mouth. He watched this entire show, transfixed—eyes wide, mouth open. He swallowed. Yep, I had gotten the desired reaction I wanted; time to reel him in. I chewed the meat, enjoying the taste.

“MMM, so good. I love swallowing meat.”

He choked on the gulp of wine he’d taken. Suddenly, I wanted nothing more than to get out this restaurant. I was on my third glass of wine and was feeling it. Wine always affected me more intensely than beer or liquor. And right now, it was making me horny. My nipples strained against eryaman escort my self-adhesive bra. And I was yearning for him to set them free, for him to suck one and then the other into his mouth the same way I’d done his steak. I finished my glass of wine and poured another, drinking that steadily while eyeing him. I’d only eaten a few bites of my penne and he a few bites of his steak. Next move was his and I was betting I’d gotten SGT Long’s, possibly long dick, hard.

“So, uh, how’s your food?” He asked.

“Well, it was exactly as I like things that go in my mouth—filling. How was yours? You didn’t eat much.”

“Oh, um, other things on my mind.”

Hook, line and now I wondered if I could get him to sink it…in my pussy—or mouth, whatever.

“Shall we get it to go then? Or did you want to finish…eating?”

He sputtered, turning red again, “Um, no, we can go.”

We got ‘to-go’ boxes from the waitress. He paid the bill and we walked to his car. We opted to leave my car and ride in his Lexus—a beautiful off-white, almost ivory colored, grey leathered interior vehicle. It was power everything, controlled by a middle console with something like 20 buttons. I slid in, making sure my dress hitched up almost exposing my freshly shaven, unmarred by panties, pussy. I took a quick moment to steal a glance to make sure I’d caught his attention again. It never wavered from my thighs.

He slowly closed the door and walked to the drivers’ side. I hitched my skirt up a bit closer to the entrance of my love canal before he got in. We had decided on a movie already and headed to the theater. I checked Fandango from my phone, advising him that the movie did not start for another 45 minutes. We parked away from the lights as his eyes were extremely sensitive to lights—a residual effect from an accident he’d received whilst serving overseas. I made the pretense of wanting to check out the rest of his vehicle and moved to the backseat, exiting and reentering the car quickly. As I suspected he followed me. I took off my shoes and stretched my legs; this time exposing my yoni in doing so.

“What would you do if I kissed you”, I asked. He didn’t answer, just lifted my legs, moved closer and kissed me. Hmm, this was going better than I thought. His lips were heavenly soft. I deepened the kiss, taking the hand that rested on my thigh and sliding it further so he could feel the damp heat radiating from my excited pussy. He slid his body even closer to me, fingers so close to my pussy, the anticipation of his touch making me wetter.

“I would kiss you back”, he said against my lips.

“What would you do if I unbuckled your jeans?” I asked, reaching for his belt buckle, undoing it and starting to unfasten his jeans.

“I’d help you”, he answered and unzipped his jeans, pushing them down.

“What would you do if I finger fucked you?” He asked, invading my pussy with first one then two fingers. I couldn’t answer. I wanted his dick between my thighs, or in my mouth. I wanted to feel its weight, pushing me open. But he kept up this unrelenting movement with his fingers. My mind knew what he was doing, could recognize the pattern. He’d slide his fingers in, hit my pussy walls and flick his fingers up 3-4 times in rapid succession. It was driving me crazy, this incessant playing with my G-spot. It was absolute torture. Every caress caused my legs to twitch uncontrollably. Every stroke caused me to groan in pleasure. I thought I had surely reached my limit, when I watched him lick the index finger on his right hand and place it on my over-sensitized clit. He applied pressure and rubbed the top of my clitoris, still finger fucking my yoni like his fingers were pistons.

It was too much. I needed release, but my body fought it at this angle. I pushed myself up, settling my body in a sitting position on his lap, forcing him to stop fingering me. His hard dick wedged in between my ass cheeks, the shaft spreading my pussy lips. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. I sucked at his lip, grinding and rocking the shaft of his cock between my pussy and ankara escort ass. SGT Long weaved his fingers into my hair and pulled my head back, pushing my breasts forward; nipples fighting the fabric of my dress to touch his chest. He pushed my dress off one and then the other shoulder, exposing my bound breasts and snatched the adhesive from them. My heavy breasts, free from their restraints, bounced before settling.

His tongue licked in a circular movement, following my areolas before capturing my nipples, each one in turn. His ravenous sucking sending waves of throbbing pleasure sensations in a bee line to my pussy which clenched and unclenched as I grinded faster. His dick felt so good against my nether lips, I thought, surely it must feel even better inside me. I grabbed his head and pressed him further into my breast and obliged me by taking more of my breast into his mouth. He had worked me into frenzy and I intended to repay him in kind. I lifted my body slightly, allowing his dick to spring upwards and slid him into me.

We both gasped at the feeling of it. I gyrate my hips to work his full length into me completely. When I felt his balls on my ass I held onto the backseat and began a slow, deep ride. I bounced up and down on this cock, coming down hard each time to push him deeper and deeper. SGT Long grabbed my ass and spread those cheeks till I could feel his balls hit my chocolate hole. I wanted him to talk dirty whore for fucking him on the first date, but he didn’t. What he did do was slap my ass. Not just any slap though. It was the kind that showed he liked to spank his partner. He knew how to snap his hand just right to make that loud, popping noisy and cause just enough pain and a whole lot of pleasure.

“Oh, my God, yes! Ooh, spank me, Daddy! Spank your dirty little slut!” Again he obliged me, spanking me hard on each ass cheek. Each slap making me wetter and more turned on. I rode his shit like a jockey finding her stride, bucking against his cock. I alternated between grinding on his dick, which stimulated my clit and bouncing up and down on that dick, hard and fast. I worked his pole like a stripper slow winding my hips and starting the routine all over again. When he caught my pattern, SGT Long put his hands on either side of my waist, leaned a bit lower in the seat to give himself some maneuvering room and jerked his pelvis up. He slammed his dick up as I was coming down and hit my back wall. Shock waves of pleasure rocked my brain and I came. I looked him through a haze, saw him wink at me and smile. He rammed me again. I screamed. My pussy spasmed; my back arched and he slammed his cock into my wetness again. I couldn’t stop cumming even if I tried. It felt so good. My body wanted more. She wanted more. My pussy became a succubus, wanting to drain his dick dry and my body was the means to that end. I had cum, but had not yet orgasmed and SGT Long had not cum at all.

I reached down between our bodies to where we became one and placed my palm flat against my pussy. I opened my middle and index fingers like scissors squeezing his shaft, providing extra pressure each time he pumped his cock into my pussy. Oh he liked that. I rode him and he fucked me like we needed to orgasm or we would die. His composure broke. He uttered two words, “Oh, damn!” and shot his searing hot load into my pussy. He never stopped pumping his cock into me bringing my body down onto his rod until he’d emptied the last iota of his fuck juice was burning a line into my womb. “Fuck, fuck, fuck”, I chanted, enjoying the pain he was causing by ramming me like he could break through the other side of my pelvis. The feel of his cock twitching as he came in me, fully activated my orgasm as if he had flipped a switch and I came again. I came with an orgasm that could rival a lightening blast in intensity.

Oh my God, the car was stifling. SGT Long helped shift me to the side and I climbed shakily off of his lap. His spent dick falling out of my beaten pussy. He reached over the front seat and turned on the AC. I noticed the clock. It was 9:45p.m. Shit, so much for the damn movie. That had started at 9.

“Hey, Sarge, I think we missed the movie.” I said, laughing. I was tired.

“Looks like. Guess I’ll have to just take you out again.” I smiled at his words.

That sounded like an invitation for a round two, didn’t it?

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