You Ch. 04

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I grab your waist and pull you to me. You lower your ass and I feel your pussy surround my hard cock.

The warm softness of your vagina envelops my cock as you slide down around it. You are slow and I can feel all of your delicate velvety texture as my cock goes deeper and deeper inside you, until you are sitting directly on me….with my hard cock filling you.

You pause then and reach down and squeeze my balls and rub your clit. I remain still, but my cock pulses inside you.

You begin to rock slowly forward and then back straight up and then you lean back against me until you rest against my chest. And then you lean forward until you are almost bent completely over.

Every movement of your body pushes my cock back or forward as it moves with you, inside you.

You continue this rocking motion for a few minutes. As you lean back, I grab your breasts and squeeze and play with them until you lean forward and out of my reach, and then when you move back I feel and fondle them again.

On and on, we repeat this rock and play game and then I feel you stop rocking and you raise up until my cock almost slips out and then you quickly sit back down.

You sit straight up with my cock vertical and inside your cunt and position your legs so you can raise up almost enough so that my cock is being stroked by your pussy, and then you squat back down, pushing back around it and forcing it back up inside you to my balls.

I sit still and let you fuck yourself with my cock. I am just a hard cock, filling your pussy, that you are using for your pleasure. And I love it.

Knowing what your thoughts must be makes me so hot, as you pump up and down, fucking yourself faster and faster. Your hands hold my legs for balance as your ass pistons up and down driving your cunt over my cock again and again.

I love watching your ass bobbing up and down and seeing my cock disappearing inside you with each thrust.

I can’t help myself now, and I join you by humping up to meet your strokes and we collide and bang against each other.

Your cum is leaking out and covering my cock. I can see your wetness running down my cock shaft lubricating it as you continue to slam down on it harder and harder eryaman escort and harder.

And you are moaning and groaning as you speed up and suddenly you drop down on me and your legs move together between mine and you sit there full of my cock as you begin to cum.

I lean forward to you and reach my arms around and hold you tight as I continue to stroke my cock up in you slowly.

Your groans become longer and almost connected…almost like a continuous cooing as you climax.

Slowing down now, I know you need to concentrate on your orgasm and that you are needing to let it pass through your body. You have nothing else in your mind.

I soon stop and hold you still, the only movement between us is the constant throbbing of my cock, impatient for its own pleasure and release.

After a couple of minutes, you start to stir and attempt to stand up and get off of me. I hold your hips as you dismount, but when you stand I do not let you escape. Instead I stand with you and I move up against you.

I know you expected and planned to sit down or relax, but I had no intention of allowing that. I want to fuck you now.

I hold your hips and press my cock against your ass. You turned to me, surprised to feel my hard cock probing and pushing against you.

I kiss your face as you are turned. You don’t move and I take your breasts and squeeze them. My hands are full of your tits as I massage and mold and fondle them.

My cock pushes against you until I lean down enough so that it could slip between your legs and ass. You move slightly so my cock could find your wet and hot pussy again. My cock slips into you as I feel your tits and hold you tight against me.

I slowly push my cock inside you and then just as slowly pull back. You move your legs further apart, now getting into this new position.

I can feel your hungry cunt wanting more of my cock, as I push back inside. I stroke you in this standing position for a few minutes.

The sensation was exciting as I play with your tits and lick and suck and kiss your neck, but I want to fuck you harder and deeper, and I am sure you need me to also.

I pull my cock back out and release your esat escort breasts. I take your shoulders and push them down until you are bent over, with your ass pointed at me.

Your ass is right before me, and your cunt hangs open, wet and pink and so ready to be filled and fucked.

You look so hot, and I am so hard and anxious to really give you a good fucking.

But I can’t let this opportunity escape me, so I take my cock in hand, and I slap your ass with it…And then again, and again, and again.

This slapping and flailing made my cock harder. And every slap noise it made is exciting. Your moans and groans with each slap also cause me to slap you harder. My cock is so hard now, and I move it back to your pussy, and you immediately push back and swallow it deep into your cunt in one smooth move.

My balls swing as I pull back and ram my cock back in you, and then before you know what is happening, I pull back and ram you again and again and again.

I pound my cock deep inside you as hard as I can. I am obsessed with your pussy now. My cock drives on and on, in and out in and out. Fucking you hard. Fucking you deep. Fucking you fast.

My cock is automatic. I fuck you without thinking. Lust. Passion. Desire. Friction. Animal need. Wanton fucking. My cock deep in your cunt. Possessing your cunt. Using you. Fucking you. Reaming you. Slamming into you. Cramming my cock as far up you as I can reach. Balls slamming against you. Your ass pushing back to meet every thrust.

Screaming, moaning, groaning, thrashing, humping, slamming, pounding, ramming, banging, FUCKING.

I plow your cunt over and over. I am mad with lust and the uncontrollable need to feel my cock in you again and again.

Addicted to your wet hot pussy. Lost to everything else. Insane with passion.

My hands hold your hips and draw you to me with every thrust. Your ass bobs up and down as you fling yourself back at me, giving me your open cunt…offering me your body…begging me to use you….begging me to fill you…to fuck you…harder and deeper and faster.

And I hear your words and I see your offering and I feel your need and I respond…I have no choice. I am on fire. ankara escort I am ripped of any sensibilities except the image of my cock deep in your cunt. That’s all I see…all I feel…all I know….all I want…

And I continue on…….. fucking you….fucking you….fucking you….

And we sweat and buck against each other. The room is full of our scent. The scent of animals in heat…of passion…of cunts, and asses and cocks and cum.

And the sounds of our groans and moans and screams and heavy breathing and my balls slapping against your legs, and my cock sloshing in your cunt….uuuummmmm so many erotic and exciting sounds fill the air and our ears.

And the sights and feels and scents and sounds all combine to drive us on, eager for more and given over to this simple pleasure. And I fuck you as hard and deep and fast as I can. And you fuck me back.

But all too soon, I feel myself about to burst, and you can feel this also, as I thrust back deep in you and hold your hips to keep you from moving and I shoot my cum deep in you.

I Pump my cum over and over…spurt after spurt into you…filling you with my seed and my hot passion, until it spills out and runs down your legs and drips out onto the floor.

And we stay in the position for a moment. My cock twitches in my hand as the last cum oozes out and then slowly drips out as I milk it dry. I push my cock back into you again and slowly fuck you without any urgency like a few minutes before.

I just want to feel that soft, sweet, delicious feeling again. And as I slowly push in and pull back out, I massage your hips and ass and you look back at me and smiled.

You raise up and lean your arms on a chair back as I keep slowly stroking in you.

I am spent. We are both exhausted, and soon I give in and pull out and help you stand up. I rub your back and shoulders and neck and then wrap my arms around you and kiss your neck and shoulders and back tenderly.

You turn to face me and I kiss your lips, gently, slowly, softly and with all of me. I hold you aginst me for awhile, just relishing the feel of your body against mine.

We rest for a few minutes, then shower and dress.

After eating, we come back to the room. I watch as you changed into a soft pale gown. You sit next to me and we drink wine and laugh together.

I watch as you walk across the room to change the music.

I can see your body through your gown as you pass in front of the lamp.

I want you again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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