You and Me

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We haven’t seen or talked to each other in forever and all of a sudden you call and tell me you miss me and want me to come see you. We talked for a bit about it and after all the arrangements were made I had plans to come see you the day after tomorrow. Knowing what I do know about you I decided to go shopping. I went to my favorite store that has everything I know you would like. I started off in the essentials department, panties and bras. Man so many choices.

“Where do I begin”, I thought to myself. I started looking through things and found a few bras I wanted to try on. I found a dressing room at the very end of the row, the biggest one there, you know me I need my space. So I stripped down to my g-string and placed on the first bra. The best way to try on a bra is wearing basically nothing that way you can truly see how flattering it is, because you know that is how the man in your life will see it. I didn’t like how it looked on me so I tried on another bra, and wasn’t sure how that one looked. So I peaked out the door and saw the attendant standing there I asked her if she would do me a huge favor she said sure so I stepped out and asked her what she thought about that bra. I told her what I needed it for and after giving me the once over she said she didn’t like it but she knew just the right bra for the job. So I returned to my dressing room and removed the bra and waited for her to return. After just a little bit she returned with the bra and matching panties; I opened the door to get them from her and could feel her looking at me. I never had that done before so I was a little nervous but mysteriously somewhat turned on by it.

“Your boyfriend is a very lucky man,” she said as she handed me the garments.

“Thanks” I replied. I asked her if she could just wait a second and tell me what she thought of the bra. This bra was awesome, front closure, which I knew you would love, and it lifted and made awesome cleavage that you would just drool over. I asked her what she thought. She stood up and brushed her hand over my breast, then grabbed my left tit and readjusted it in the bra. I thought I was going to faint. I can’t believe she just did that, and I can’t believe I wanted her to do it again. I had a bra similar to this one at home and knew what movements I could do with that one before I popped out of the bra, so I figured I would try with this one since they are slightly different. I lifted my arm and twisted to the side, just as you would at a restaurant to get the waiters attention. And out popped my right tit. She reached over and went to go put it back in the bra, but as she sincan escort lifted it I felt her run her thumb over my nipple and I couldn’t help but to let out a little moan. I guess she took this as a queue to continue so she gently squeezed my tit as she said,

“We might as well test out how it feels when he plays with your tits as you two make out.” Not wanting her to stop I just shook my head in agreement. She massaged it for a few minutes, them reached over and pulled my left tit out of its cup and started to massage that one also. Before I knew it she flicked my right nipple with her tongue and I let a soft sigh.

“He likes to play a little rough,” I stated before I knew what I was saying. She took the hint perfectly and started massaging rougher, and pinching my one nipple as she bit the other nipple, she went back and forth between the two for a few minutes. I was going crazy, I slide my one hand down to my now seeping wet pussy and slid a finger in and started to masturbate as she continued on my breast. I felt her one hand leave my breast and then felt it above my hand on my pussy. She slid a finger in along side of mine. We worked our fingers in and out of my pussy as she devoured my right tit. She had as much of it in her mouth as she could fit but there was still so much left and her one hand was massaging it. I threw my head back just as I came all over our fingers. We both pulled out and took turns licking each other’s fingers, to get all my juices off.

“You cant walk out of her all messy, let me take care of that for you,” she said as she pushed me down on the bench. I spread my legs for her wanting to feel her mouth on my pussy. I couldn’t believe what I was doing, but who am I to stop something that feels so good, no matter who is doing it. She pulled my g-string off of me and went straight to my clit. She flicked it with her tongue for a few minutes before grabbing it between her teeth and pulling on it a little bit. I let out soft moan while reaching for the wall behind me; I pushed myself onto her mouth, just as she slid her tongue around my pussy. She didn’t stop till I was all cleaned up just like she said. She backed away as I stood up and put back on my g-string. I was a little disappointed, but not too much, since I knew I was going to get all I could handle in a few days and should rest up for it. After shopping a little more for a few more items, I left and raced home to try them all on together.

As the plane touched down, I started to get nervous. I had no clue why, not like we haven’t done these weekend get togethers before. sıhhiye escort I saw you right away and ran up to you and threw my arms around you.

You whisper “Damn girl, I thought the skirt from last time was hot, but that has nothing on this outfit.” I step back to show you my whole outfit. I had on purple short, short shorts on. The kind that barely cover the ass, and that is when im standing, no chance in hell for them to cover my ass if I was to bend over. I also had a short strappy shirt on that came down in a v-neck. So you could see a lot of my tits. I did a slow turn for you so you could get the whole affect. You asked if I was ready to go get my luggage. I held up my little purse and said “This is my luggage.” You gave this look like you were half surprised and half not surprised. We walked hand and hand to your car. You tried to stop and make out a little bit, but I wouldn’t let you. I insisted we waited till we got back to your place. As we headed to your place we couldn’t stop looking at each other, like we could pull over and fuck right now and not care who saw. Since I love to tease you, I started telling you about what happened when I went shopping. Part of the way through the story you started driving a lot faster. You pulled into your parking lot and we got out, and as we walked to your apartment you came behind me and started kissing my neck. Not caring any more on who may see us, you lifted your hand under my shirt and started to massage my right tit through the bra as we got onto the elevator. I reached behind and started rubbing on your cock. I leaned my head back and told you I wanted your fucking cock right now.

As the doors on the elevator opened you pulled your arm from under my shirt grabbed my hand and ran to your apartment. As you opened the door I was behind you kissing on your ear, moaning softly. Finally you got the door open and grabbed me and pushed me against the door as it was closing. We kissed like it would be our last kiss ever, our tongues yearning to touch. I reached down and unbuttoned your pants and pulled down your zipper.

As your pants dropped, you pushed my shorts down, you gazed up at me with a wicked grin “You naughty girl you,” you said as you realized I wasn’t wearing any panties under my shorts.

You leaned down and started kissing my neck as I replied, “Me?” I knew what you had discovered,”Little ole innocent me,” I said as I let out a moan. You lifted me up and slid me back down on your cock. As you entered me I let out a large moan. I begged you to fuck your slut hard over and over again. every time I subayevleri escort did you would pound harder into my dripping wet pussy. After a few more minutes we both came together and smiled as we finally came down from our lustful high.

“Gee, I love those kind of welcomes,” I said as I came closer for a kiss. We chit chatted as we headed to your room. I managed to talk you into taking me to dinner. I guess it was when I told you I didn’t mind being your slut but you had to feed me at least once on the trip. You laughed and smacked my ass as you lead me to the shower. After the shower I finally got you to agree to leave me alone long enough that I could get ready for dinner. About 15 minutes later, I walked out of your room and announced I was ready to go to dinner.

You turned around and asked with a snide grin on your face “And I am suppose to agree to leave the house with you in that why?”

“Because you want to make everyone jealous, plus imagine how hard you will be by time we get back home.” I replied as I did a little turn for you showing you my outfit. I was wearing what we like to call “your skirt,” a little plaid skirt barely long enough to cover my ass; and a white blouse only buttoned in 3 places. We headed out to dinner to a local place you always go to.

We had a good dinner, where we teased each other so much. We kept rubbing the outside of my tits and I kept stroking your cock. since we were hidden by the table I thought I might as well play fully with your cock, so I unzipped your pants and released your cock, and started stroking it gently. Started going faster when some friends of yours stopped by, you were talking to them as you were trying to put your cock away and I was keeping you from doing so, I asked them to join us, and offered to sit on your lap to make room in the booth, so I slid onto your lap and to your surprise lowered my pussy onto your cock. You whispered into my ear that I was a very bad girl for not wearing any panties under that skirt. I just smiled. Because your friends were there I couldn’t very well just start riding you up and down, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t milk your cock like crazy. As we talked I would just squeeze my pussy tight around your cock and then release it. You’d act like you were going to kiss my neck instead you kept begging me to stop before you came. Of course me being me, didn’t stop. I didn’t even let up. I’ve never done this before but I was having so much fun. By some cosmic fate, your friends were getting up to leave just as you came inside of me. We both looked at each other and giggled. You agreed to go pay the check as I went to the restroom to clean up a little bit. When I got done you were already outside in the car waiting. As I climbed in you said I should be punished for what I did at dinner.

“Your just upset I thought about it before you did,” I replied as I leaned over and kissed your ear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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