Working Out the Kinks

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This story is respectfully dedicated to the woman that inspired it. I hope when she reads it, she knows who she is. ~~BrettJ


Bella Shannon’s high heels clicked on the pavement as she made her way to her next-to-last session of physical therapy. She had just begun wearing them again last week which had made her happy. Bella didn’t mind being petite and there was nothing she really could do about it, but she liked being able to wear the 4-inch heels that gave her the added height. It also tended to eliminate all the pervs who stared down at her chest. Her breasts were her best assets, Bella knew that — but it was nice to be noticed for her almond eyes, her beautiful smile or the long, jet-black hair that went halfway down her back.

It had been a long, arduous road back for the 25-year old entrepreneur. She had been walking to her flower shop when it happened. One car sped through a traffic light, colliding with another and sending it screeching towards Bella. She was lucky it wasn’t a larger car, but as it was, it did serious damage. Two broken ribs, a few broken fingers and both of her feet were badly damaged. Her store hadn’t even been open 6 months and the prognosis wasn’t good. Bella would likely be off her feet for a year.

Bella was fortunate in a few ways. She had hired good staff to help in the flower shop, one friend took a semester off from college to take over the day-to-day managerial duties and two other girls offered to work whenever they could. Bella was able to work from home a great deal by using the Internet. Thank God for modern technology!

While Bella was not a lazy woman by any stretch of the imagination, she wasn’t looking forward to all the work ahead of her. For the first month, it was suggested that she go to physio every other day.Oh Great, Bella thought to herself,how much fun will that be, spending the day with women who look like blonde gorillas with boobs?

When her therapist walked into the room, Bella quickly reevaluated her position. He was gorgeous in the male model, tall dark stud manner. He actually looked like he owned the room, there was a presence about him. The women in the room were all properly deferential to this Adonis of a man and Bella’s heart actually fluttered in nervousness.

His name was Tanner Maisland and it suited him perfectly. With his rich, deep voice and reassuring manner, Bella liked him immediately. She was sure that he would go easy on her and help her get through the pain.

Tanner was as helpful as Bella expected him to be, but if she thought she was going to get off easy, she was very much mistaken.

Tanner wasn’t cruel, but he wasn’t anywhere near gentle either. As she began to heal, he pushed her to the point where tears were roll from her face. Some days were agony and her doctors even told her they thought she should decrease the intensity of her sessions. Bella wasn’t about to do that. She wasn’t going to give the bastard the satisfaction, even one with sea-green eyes.

Bella loved people, that’s why she had opened her florist’s — the chance to meet happy, new people everyday, plus an opportunity to work with beautiful, growing things and enjoy the colors and design. eryaman escort She usually had good instincts about people, so how had she read Tanner so wrong? He was an absolute dictator at every session, after today, her therapy was done and she could be rid of him. She would be able to return to her old gym and her old routine.

When she got into the treatment center, she caught Tanner’s eye. She smiled at him and hoped he noticed the sleek, now-healed body with the lush curves and the flirty smile. She was hoping the son of a bitch would eat his heart out and realize that he should have treated her better. A lot of men — and a few women — would give up a lot to spend time with someone as hot as Bella. Tanner had been riding her and it would be to his detriment. She got out of the slinky outfit she had worn to attract Tanner’s attention initially and into the outfit she was going to wear to maintain it. It hugged every seductive curve and as she walked into the room, every eye was on her. She put a bit of strut into her walk and knew Tanner was likely eating his heart out.

“Don’t you look sensational,” Tanner complimented her. He was smiling, she had rarely seen him smile, he was usually all business. Damn, did he have to be so good looking?!

“I’m glad today is your last day of therapy,” Tanner said as he approached her. “You’re made wonderful progress and healed a lot faster than I would have thought possible. You never quit and I am very proud of what we’ve accomplished.”

“Holy shit, where is all of this coming from?” Bella thought to herself. During the last year, he had rarely spoken a word to her that didn’t involve her therapy and was all business.

“I’m going to miss seeing you here every day,” Tanner told her. “Come by my office when you finish your therapy. I’d like to talk to you,” He said as he walked away.

Bella raced through her workout because her curiosity was driving her crazy. After all this time, what could Tanner possibly want with her?

After a stringent workout, she showered the grime from her body, put on a dab of the makeup she had brought with her and got back into her slinky outfit and heels. It was driving her crazy, what could Tanner possibly have to say to her? She knew he’d noticed her naughty little clothes and how hot she looked in them — was he going to make a pass at her? If so, he was going to get shot down!

Bella walked into Tanner’s office where he was talking on the phone. He said “I’ll call you later to confirm” as Bella sat in a chair across from him. She let her skirt ride up so that he could take a good look at her legs because it would be the last time he would see them.

Tanner started speaking and the words that came out of his mouth stunned Bella.

“I just wanted to tell you what an absolute pleasure it has been working with you every day,” He said to her. “A lot of my patients come in here and grumble and whine, but you stuck it out. You never complained, you put in the work and although I know it hurt like hell, you stuck it out. When I was talking to your doctor, he was amazed at your progress. He thought it would take you 3 or 4 months longer and esat escort yet, here you are, in that amazing dress in those killer heels. I know I was rough on you, but it’s sure paid off — you look fantastic!” He told her.

Bella was stunned, was he actually talking to her like a human being?

“Now that I’m no longer your therapist, I wondered if you would consider having dinner with me tonight?” Tanner asked Bella. “I never mix business with pleasure … as tempting as you made it … but there’s no longer any business between us and you’re a stunning woman I would like to get to know better.”

Bella was about to go tell him togo and fuck himself so why were the words out of her mouth “I’d love to?”

Bella walked outside feeling as if she had lost her mind. The hard-driving therapist had driven her relentlessly, made every inch of her body ache, pushed and wheedled and been a tyrant … and that’s when she realized getting her angry and fighting back had probably sped up her healing process.

She stormed home feeling like a complete and utter idiot. Why should he have taken it easier on her than anyone else? It also made perfect sense that he wouldn’t date a patient. You couldn’t be that hard on someone you were dating. He had done nothing wrong, as a matter of fact, he had done his job better than expected.

She was picked up at 8 PM by Tanner in a vintage Camaro.Oh Lord, she thought,he’s even hotter in a suit! He came around and opened the door for her and then took her to her favorite Italian restaurant, Bellisima’s. She had mentioned it once — in passing! Tanner had been paying attention.

Bella was trying to be angry at Tanner, but over dinner, he proved to be suave, sophisticated and charming. He had a dry, dark sense of humor and to Bella’s surprise, he was an accomplished ballroom dancer. “Would you like to go dancing sometime?” He asked her. He seemed to be a bit presumptuous, so why was Bella nodding her head yes?

He had some strange power over her and Bella was caught up in the magic of his green eyes and the dazzling row of white teeth. Yes, he was a bit arrogant, but he was also gracious and charming and had the most beautiful manners. She agreed to meet him for lunch the next afternoon.

Bella was almost nervous about lunch. She wasn’t going into a relationship, they never worked out for her. So why was she finding the sexiest, clingiest black sweater she owned and snug white pants to go with it? Why did she arrive at the cafe 15 minutes early? Bella had it bad for this guy and it was no mere crush. 2 years without a boyfriend had driven her nuts.

He arrived just 5 minutes after she did with a nice box of chocolates. After a year of pumping iron, sweating and getting her body back in shape, she could indulge in some sweets. She opened the box, found one of her favorite chocolate truffles and let it melt. The sweet sensation flowed throughout her body and it was almost as good as sex — as she remembered it anyway. She saw Tanner smiling at her and she grinned sheepishly.

“It’s been a while,” Bella giggled.

“I haven’t seen a woman make that face in a while myself,” Tanner chuckled back. ankara escort Somehow, she didn’t think they were talking about chocolates.

Lunch was as good as last night’s dinner, fresh crepes and lovely coffee. Bella couldn’t believe herself, he asked her to dinner and she said yes — again! 3 dates in 2 days — Bella had never done that in her life, but every time he took her hand or got close, her heart fluttered.

Dinner was a great seafood restaurant and after, he took her dancing. They didn’t stay long because after about an hour of dancing, Bella couldn’t resist, not any longer. There was a lovely slow song playing and his hands were holding her close. Playfully, Bella took one and slid it down a bit further.

“Take me home,” She whispered in his ear. So that Tanner would not mistake her intent, she added “Your home.”

They were barely inside Tanner’s door when he pulled Bella into his arms and kissed her, hard and with desire. This was the kind of kiss that Bella remembered from her past, the kind of kiss that made your toes curl and your hairs stand on end. With a little wiggle and a rustling sound, her clothes fell to the floor. She picked them up and piled them on a chair and stood before Tanner, naked and proud. He had seen most of her body and his hands had been on her before, but this was to be a totally different situation.

Tanner might not have rushed into the situation, but he was no fool either. He swooped up the smaller woman in his strong arms and with her hands around his neck, he carried Bella into his bedroom. Proud of his own physique, Tanner undressed and let Bella see what she was in store for. The first sex in quite a while, Bella hoped it would be as magnificent as the man himself.

Her lips were on his as he joined her in bed. Both of them were panting as Bella made her way down his body, lips and tongue seeking after hands had touched. Bella’s desires were at the apex as she reached his cock. She grinned at him with a lusty smile and slid his cock into her mouth. Bella took him as deep as she could, suppressing the gag reflex while she throated him. Not only was Tanner suave and charming and muscular, he was hung like a bull. She got him hard as fast as she could and then swung her body around. The differences in their height made it difficult for him to eat her pussy, but he managed to get her wet and bring her to a very nice climax.

Bella wanted a bit of control over the situation, so she wriggled her petite frame on top of his and let his cock sink deep. It felt hot and burned a bit as it entered her pussy, but that was all part of the pleasure. “Fuck me Tanner, and make me feel it!” Bella groaned. Somehow, she didn’t think that would be a problem.

It wasn’t. Tanner knew just what to do and his cock fit into her pussy like it belonged there. With an ardent passion, he put his entire focus on Bella and showered her with attention. It didn’t take his hands, mouth and cock to bring her to yet another climax. After she had stopped shaking, Tanner changed positions with her and fucked her from behind. It felt so good, so damned good that Bella had yet another climax. Tanner still had not achieved one, so Bella took care of that in short order. She licked her lips when finished and smiled up at him.

“Have I said thanks for all your hard work this past year?” She grinned at him as her hands grazed his broad chest.

“I think you just did,” Tanner smiled as she cuddled into his arms.

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