Work Place Risks

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Tasting At The Work Place

Standing up in your cubicle, I passed by on my way to the copy machine with my pile of charts. I can’t help but stop an appreciate how perfect you look today. The burgundy fabric of your maxi dress effortlessly contrasts against with your chocolate skin tone. You sway from side to side putting charts from your desk to an overhead cabinet. I gaze at the thin fabric getting stuck between your ass cheeks. So full and round, I’ve daydreamed of gripping the soft skin on your waist, while pushing myself deeper inside you. The panty lines from your cheekies show just how fat and deserving your ass really is. You notice my presence behind you as I admire from a short distance. I place my arm full of charts by the copy machine and think, this isn’t the first time you’ve acknowledged me feeling your energy.

Day after day you casually walk by my desk, switching your hips from side to side as I know you can feel my eyes on you as you walk down the hallway. Fuck all that dreaming, today I will taste you from those thighs, past your belly button, and up your neck. There are so many nasty things I need to whisper in your ear, while I’m on-top of you gliding my body against your clit to your climax. A grin appears across your face as you look over to me as you ask can help me with something. You grab a box off of your desk and slowly start to bend over to place it on the floor. You spread your feet an arch your back slightly as you tease me with your petty game.

While you bend over, I feel myself growing in my pants as you captivate my attention. Knowing your pussy lips are parting slightly as you bend over drives me crazy with lust as I need to taste you. There are about six people in this office today and I don’t care if anyone sees me on my knees face buried in your pussy from behind. You place the box down and your eyes catch my gaze. You peep my look of unsatisfied thirst for your pussy juice gushing over my beard. Before you can say anything else, I close the distance between us and place a single finger over my mouth. Protected from view by the desk dividers I pull you close, and my tongue finds your ear. Tracing the outer lobe slowly I break to whisper, we don’t have much time, but can I taste you, now?!

I can feel my dick pressing against my dress pants, I know I can’t hide it from you. You reach your hand out to explore the budge created for you. I can hear your heart beating as I feel your fingertips trace my dick. I wonder how big and pink your clit is? Do you have my favorite cinnamon swirl marks around your thighs? What does that dark meat taste like in-between your thighs? Fuck you got me about go back to the young days of fucking on site it didn’t matter where or when. Our office is on a reduced staffing order so there are plenty of places to slip away for a moment or two.

Your fingertips now fighting with my zipper, I look around the corner of your cubicle to check for any of the lazy nothings around here, thankfully we are still alone. My left hand slides up your stomach, over your breast and grips your throat. Our eyes meet as yours widen, esat escort and a wicked smiled appears on your face. You stick your tongue out flicking it around enticing me to continue. This energy is you have, you just make me want to fuck you rough on the floor. No bed, just on your knees, with me plunging deeper and deeper. When my balls hit those pussy lips, fuck there’s not a sweeter sound. Clapping those beautiful cheeks as you spread them for me. I can’t wait to pull your hair and go deep in that ass, make you fuck me back, till you cream over this dick. Cum all over me much as you want, I can make music in that gushy box for as long as you let me.

Warm drool travels down the sides of your mouth, and around my fingertips at the peak of your neck. I grasp your neck with more pressure, while with my right hand I force my fingers in your mouth. I don’t even have to tell you what to do as you greedily suck and make my fingers disappear into your throat. I check one more time around the corner before deciding to move to an empty office, the operations mangers office…fuck it. I lead you to the office right across from our workstation and close the door, there is a white noise maker on in the hallway so no one will hear you climaxing.

I lock the door behind us too turn in amazement at the site of you with a leg up bent over the desk. Slapping your own cheeks while spreading them has pre-come oozing from my head on to my thigh. Damn I really can’t focus on what part of her I want the most. My dick wants to feel that wet grip, and I know once I start slow stroking it’s going to get so creamy and messy. I’ll probably buss four times and want to keep going. There is something so alluring about how your chocolate skin tone gets darker the closer you get to your honey box. You look so inviting even though you’re probably self-aware of how exposed you are. Believe me you have no idea how open you got me right now. I appreciate all of you and I hope another nigga has shown you with acts instead of just talking shit.

Your small puckered hole above that wet flower has my mouthwatering. It really is unfair only to have one tongue. I would love to push them both in both your holes while you ride my face till you nut. Watching your show, I undo my pants as my dick springs out of my briefs. I rub pre-come around my sensitive head as your thighs jiggle back-and-forth. I know they are going to be so warm and soft wrapped around my neck later. I get to my knees and one hand meets yours as you spread your left cheek for me. My other hand is busy slowly stroking myself. Which do I taste first? Her beautiful brown star fish or that gorgeous pink pussy? My face dives right in, as my nose brushes past your butt hole and my mouth finds its target. Slow swirls of my tongue send shivers up your back as you arrive at your first nasty nigga experience. The natural smell and taste of that pussy and ass have my senses in heaven.

You moan and wiggle as I flick my tongue softly up and down your ass crack. My lips kiss all around those dark skin areas I love the most. You place etimesgut escort a hand on my head pushing my face in deeper. I press my tongue flat against your asshole while you grind and move your hips however you please. Still stroking myself I will have to stop if I want to suck that creampie out of you later. Damn this is irritating but so worth it, I’m going to have to find a new department after this shit though. I slap your ass as your legs start to shake and wobble. It looks like grinding against my face has tired you out. Back to my feet I turn you over so you’re on your back with your legs spread wide open. More cum escapes my throbbing dick as I massage my heavy balls. So much cum in there, but I need to appreciate her before I flood her cervix with my nut. So many women are just getting fucked and never appreciated, even for a brief moment it really is sad.

Back to my knees I’m happily surprised by the stretch marks around your breast, and on your stomach. These have to be earned through life experiences and deserve to be worshiped. Before going to work on your juicy pink clit, I kiss the love lines on your stomach. So perfect so tasty, just excellent. You laugh as me licking and sucking on your sensitive area tickles. I wish I had the proper time to appreciate your whole body and give it to love it deserves but that’s not my job, and we don’t have that kind of time. I kiss you from your belly button until I’m face-to- face with your flower. No more playing with you, I need to feel your body shaking as I bring you through each wave of pleasure.

Two slow circles to your clit followed by long licks to the top of your clitoral hood. Both your hands find the top of my head as your fingernails dig into my head. Your legs part wider, and I feel your body relax, as you start to moan more vocally. Four more long licks to the top of your clit, then along those juicy lips and down to your crack. Back up I take each soft pussy lip in my mouth. Savoring every ounce of your sweet juices, you taste too damn good, enough to get caught up. You start face fucking me up-and-down as I part your lips with my tongue and explore that tight glistening hole. The deeper my tongue goes into your pussy, the harder you push my head in. My tongue enjoys swirling your walls, and I can’t help but go back to jerking my meat slowly.

Don’t buss yet I keep reminding myself, I have to dig that pussy out from the back, after she releases.It’ll be worth it. “Fuck yes just like that” you moan out “yes real slow for me daddy you suck that clit so good”. I withdraw my tongue from inside your delicious treat and take your clit in my mouth. With my nose resting in your pubic hair your scent throws me in my fucking zone. I suck firmly on your clit matching the rhythm of your hips. I can tell you’re halfway there from your huffing and how your body keeps raising off of the table. As I suck your pearl my tongue dances around in circles. Taking it in and out of my mouth, I kiss your clit like I would the lips on your face. Your pace increases as you are reaching a peak…yes please ankara escort come all over my face, squirt on this desk girl I won’t judge you. I’ll drink all that up for you and spit it back on that pussy any day.

I stop stroking myself to give you an extra push over the edge. My middle and ring fingers circle your lips and around your asshole. So wet and messy my dick would melt as soon as it goes in. I stop to spit on my fingers and pushed two intently inside your pussy. Air and your juices get pushed out as I reach up in search of your G spot. Ridged so perfectly my fingertips explore and quickly start massaging this magical patch. I suck harder on your clit as I hear beautiful noises coming from your mouth and around my fingers. I’m enjoying listening to moan after moan escape while you’re so lost in pleasure. Feeling your hands playing in my hair while you face fuck me has been well worth the long ass wait.

The desk is getting messier with my spit and your juices as I work my fingers in and out of you and I feel you get getting closer. I look you in your eyes while I stop sucking just to holding that sweet pearl in my mouth. I continue to rub your spot with two fingers, fast then slow, slow, then fast, fast, and then slow again. I take them out and begin steady sucking on that clit again, as a rub my fingers covered in your juice over your butt hole and down your crack. Looking into your eyes I push both fingers past that tight sphincter… “Deeper, fucking deeper, nigga stretch that shit” you instruct me as your hips rise off the table with each swirl of my tongue. Deeper I plunge my fingers as I massage the inside of your velvety ass.

I want to make you come from both your pussy and your ass, and I need to have you soak my beard. Your nails dig into the back of my neck as you grind back-and-forth chasing in that building fire. I swirl my tongue keeping the pace as I hear your voice breaking …” Fuck my ass with your fingers. I’m going to cum, please nigga make me cum, don’t make me wait nigga” … I forcefully thrust my fingers as deep as they will go. Vigorously fucking my face and hand and I can feel your ass start to grip and pulse harder and tighter around my fingers… “Harder, suck my clit harder, it’s so fucking good,” you mutter while trying to catch your breath. I plunge into your ass three more times which reward us both with a prize.

I use my free hand to hold your waist down as your hips rise of the slippery desk as each wave of your climax washes over you. My face is buried an I can’t breathe, and I don’t want to if I can stay in this perfect moment. Your ass pushes my fingers out as the peak of your orgasm hits you. Your love juice leaks out of your box like a water fountain hitting my face and soaking my beard. With your clit still in my mouth I gently flick it to provoke your sensitive state. Your body comes back down to the desk as your climax loses intensity. A full string of cum seeps from my dark purple mushroom head. I need to release this load especially looking at how beautiful you are post orgasm. You smile as your eyes find my throbbing meat in my hand as I rise to my feet. You wrap your legs around my waist as I position myself to enter you. I slap my dick head lightly on your clit, spreading some pre-cum on your flower pedals. The sound of the door handle jigging jars us both back to reality…Fuck it was worth it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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