Will , Jane’s After Dinner Romp

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“Dessert?” Jane asked as the two first year med students finished a late dinner at a fairly nice restaurant in the town where they attended school.

Will replied, “I say we just get out of here. I’m going to have to have you.”

That was exactly the answer she wanted to hear. They quickly settled the bill and were on their way to his apartment. He glanced over at her in the car and appreciated her beautiful body. She is about 5’3″ with dark brown hair, firm tits that were probably a large B cup, and an ass that would blow your mind.

As he closed the door to his apartment, she pushed him back against the door, forcefully kissing him and beginning to run her hands across his broad shoulders and chest. He stood about 6 feet tall and was still well conditioned from his days as a college athlete. He grabbed Jane around the waist and walked her backwards towards his bedroom, still passionately kissing her. Will backed her up the foot of the bed where they began to strip one another. She went for his belt first, unfastening it and letting her hand drop down to briefly squeeze his already hardening cock through his pants before pulling his shirt over his head.

Meanwhile, he unbuttoned her shirt and peeled it back away from her shoulders, marveling at her breasts straining at her pink bra. Slowly, esat escort he ran his hands down her back to her skirt covered ass. Pulling her skirt up, he cupped her ass cheeks, left bare by her thong. He hooked his thumbs under her thong and slowly slid it down her sexy legs.

Slowly, he kissed his way back up her legs until his head was under her skirt. There was just enough light for him to appreciate the beauty of her pussy, covered with neatly trimmed brown hair. He inhaled the aroma of her already soaked pussy before running his tongue across her folds.

She gasped at the delicate touch of his tongue on her and gripped his hair, pulling his head into her. He slid his tongue up to her clit and inserted a finger into her pussy, curling up toward her g-spot as he gently sucked on her clit. She could only moan and hold onto the bed post as he sucked and fingered her closer to her first orgasm.

Will was having a great time with Jane’s pussy, but his cock was getting so hard that it had to have some attention. He pulled his head up long enough to slide her skirt off, pick her up by her legs, and threw her onto the bed. While he stripped off the rest of his clothes, she sat up and removed her bra, exposing her amazing tits.

She then grabbed him and pulled him onto the bed etimesgut escort with her, flipping him over so that he was on his back. Jane then spun around and placed her beautiful pussy back over his face, where he resumed eating her out. Meanwhile, she ran her hands up and down the inside of his thighs while she blew her breath over his rock hard cock but was careful not to touch it. Then she slowly worked her hands closer and began fondling his balls. Next she licked his shaft from base to tip before taking his length in her mouth and beginning to suck him in earnest.

All of this had Jane oh so close to coming. Will could sense this and began to sucked harder on her clit and slipped a second finger into her dripping pussy. This set her off. She came hard, squeezing his fingers and screaming as much as she could with a cock in her mouth. The vibrations running over his cock almost set him off, but he held on.

With her pussy still convulsing from the powerful orgasm, Will pulled her mouth off of his cock and swung her legs around so that her ass was just on the edge of the bed. He stood on the floor and threw her legs on his shoulders. He looked straight into her hungry eyes as he slowly ran the tip of his cock up and down in between the folds of her pussy, teasing her ankara escort mercilessly. She begged him, “Just put it in, fuck me now!”

He gave her what she asked for, sliding every bit of himself in her amazingly tight pussy. Will slowly glided in and out of her for a couple of minutes, coming almost all the way out before rhythmically sinking his hard dick back into her. Then he picked up the pace as he folded her legs backed toward her own shoulders. She could feel his body brush her clit with every deep stroke that stretched her pussy. It didn’t long at all before she felt her second orgasm beginning to build.

Feeling himself about to come as well, Will pulled out of her and laid down on the bed so that she could climb on top of him. She got above him and wasted no time in plopping down on his dick. She sat upright, bouncing up and down on him as he reached up to stroke her nipples, gently twisting and pulling on them.

When both were so close they could barely hang on, Will rose up and took one of her nipples in his mouth and sucked hard. This set her off. She screamed loud enough to let Will and the neighbors knew she was coming. Her pussy clamped down so hard on his dick, that it made him lose it as well. His hard cock shot stream after stream of steaming cum into her convulsing pussy.

Both collapsed onto back down onto the bed and slowing and passionately kissed one another before drifting off to sleep, still naked and covered in sweat from their escapade. You can imagine what happened when they woke up like that in the morning…but that is for another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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