Wife Goes Hunting: The Wife’s Tale

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I was out with my friends Sharon & Jacqui. We have been friends since we met at school at the age of 11. More than thiry years on, we are still very close and go out for a meal or visit each others houses once every three or four weeks.

On this particular evening, we were in a very, very busy Italian restaurant, one of our favourite places, but rarely as busy as this.

All three of us, by the way, are genuinely happily married, although we often joke that being married doesn’t stop us looking! Sharon had recently admitted to Jacqui and me that she had recently gone beyond just looking and was having something of a fling with a young guy who had moved in two doors away from her house.

Seeing new neighbours arrive, and being more than a little nosey, she had popped round “to see it there was anything I could do and to welcome them to the street”. She was taken

by surprise and more than a little pleased to find that the new neighbours were in fact two brothers – Carlton, aged 25, and his elder brother Don who was in his early 30’s.

Two strapping, very fit young black guys who, when Sharon arrived on their doorstep, were stripped to the waist moving furniture and organising their new home.

From what she told us, Sharon’s offer of help was accepted and she found herself in a bedroom loading suits and shirts into a wardrobe. Accepting an invitation to return “when we’ve got things straight” , she turned up this time to find Carlton in the house by himself, brother Don having been delayed a work.

A glass of wine or too led to a kiss and a cuddle and now, a few weeks later, to regular, full-on sex sessions whenever opportunity and Sharon’s husband Dan’s bowls sessions allowed.

Despite all that it was certainly not what Sharon, Jacqui or I expected when these two very handsome young black guys forced their way through the crowded restaurant to our table to say “hi”. One was Carlton, the other his big brother Don.

Our meal had been ordered so we agreed to meet them in the much quieter bar next door after we’d eaten. Before we could make that move, Jacqui received a text from her husband maltepe escort to say her Mum was poorly so she excused herself and went off

home. Sharon and I joined Carlton and Don in the bar.

Tucked away in a pretty dimly lit booth at the back of the bar, chosen quite deliberately it seems by Carlton, he and Sharon set almost in each other’s laps, kissing occasionally, as we enjoyed the company of two very confident, charming young men.

When I say charming, I mean both could talk the leaves off the trees. They had all the chat, were most attentive and it wasn’t long before Don, taking a cue from his brother, asked how I’d got to the restaurant and could he make sure I got home OK.

As it happens, knowing that we’d be having a drink, I had left my car at home and taken a taxi. Don insisted he drive me home and so we left Sharon and Carlton locked together in the booth and walked, Don gently chatting throughout, to his car in the car park.

Some car. A fairly new, sleek, black 4×4 with leather seats and that “new car” smell still just about noticeable.

As we pulled away from the car park came the line I should have resisted.

“Before I drive you home, do you have time to see our place? To have a quick look a what we’ve done to it? I’d really value a woman’s opinion.”

“Er, well, um – yes, OK,” I found myself saying. “yes, I’d like to see it.”

So it was, about fifteen minutes later a routine night out with the girls had turned into this handsome, hunky man showing me into his bedroom.

Black was obviously a theme in his life. His car was black, he was black, his bed linen was black silk. The room was otherwise white, very minimalist, with wardrobes you didn’t realise were wardrobes a first so well built-in were they.

After looking round in impressed silence I turned to leave the room only to find Don not exactly barring my path but standing firmly between me and the door.

“Do you like it?” he asked. “Do you like what you see?”

I half swallowed as I took on board the double entendre, but stood in front of him, looked into his eyes mamak escort and answered.

“I think you may have guessed that I do.”

He bent forward towards me, our lips met and a gentle kiss became almost instantly powerful, tongues out and full on.

I felt him cup my breast and as he pulled me close the hard, obviously huge, bulge in his crotch pressed against me.

My mind was reeling as I thought of my husband Dave and how I had never seriously even considered going with another man since we married twenty-five years before. At the same time I knew I wanted to grab this opportunity to indulge in the lust and basic instincts that had now seen me stripped to my bra, panties and stockings.

I often wore black hold-up’s and I was now so glad that I had tonight.

Don had gently but firmly guided me onto the bed and was hurriedly removing his shirt, then undid his belt, unzipped his trousers and stepped out of them, removing his socks at the same time.

He stood naked before me. If I thought his cock was huge when it had pressed against me, I could only stare at the size of it now, hoping that what I was now committed to would not hurt.

He lay beside me, kissing my shoulder, and turned me on my side. He undid my bra and then stood up again and, with some urgency now, pulled my panties down my legs and tossed them on the floor.

He lay back next to me again, but this time with his head near my crotch, his cock pointing huge and erect at my face.

I nervously touched it with my hand.

He chuckled. “It won’t bite, and you won’t hurt it. Hold it tight.”

I did as he asked, stroking it, kissing it and accepting it into my mouth as he edged it towards me. I could manage about half of it without gagging. It was warm, fleshy but hard and tasted sweet in my mouth as I sucked and stroked, eventually sensing salty pre-cum as it trickled into my throat.

As I did, I felt Don caressing my clit with his mouth. I was already wet, this made me more so. Moving his mouth away for a moment, he used his fingers to gently open my hood, before putting his lips back ankara escort against me and his toungue probing inside me.

I knew he would make me cum quickly doing that and he did, the waves of ecstasy making me shudder as I sucked his powerful cock and he licked my cunt.

Sensing my orgasm he moved his body, easing his cock out of my mouth and turning his head towards my tits. He sucked and teased both nipples in turn, gently kneeding the unattended breast with his hand, his fingers playing across the nipple.

His hot, hard cock pushed at my groin and, ensuring his attention did not waver from my tits, I eased myself onto my back and opened my legs. I teased my cunt with my fingers, playing with the opening to make it even easier for him to enter.

The word “condom” flashed across my brain for no more than a split second, but all I wanted was this hard young cock inside me.

I didn’t wait long. He sat up, looking into my eyes as he positioned himself with his cock pointing directly at my cunt. Slowly but deliberately he pushed it in, all of it. Don’t ask me how many inches. At this point I wasn’t measuring. All I know is that it was at least twice the size of my dear, darling Dave.

His thrusts started slowly, but gathered pace and momentum, filling me like I had never been filled before. Wave after wave of orgasm build-up swept up my body, not quite cumming but taking me to the very brink. I wanted to resist if I could, to try and hold on to come with him.

He was good. Very good, his thrusts going in, out, in, out, in, out with increasing intensity until I just couldn’t hold in any longer.

Screaming, very loudly, “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Come with me!” I felt my legs shaking, my tummy tightening and I knew this was it.

I came and came and came, and as I did he gasped “YESSSS!!!” and pumped spunk into me so powerfully. It was a truly amazing experience.

I knew in that instance I had to have more of the same as soon as opportunity allowed and I astonished myself by thinking through, there and then, ways in which I could pop round “to see Sharon” while making a small diversion to enjoy the company her new neighbour.

The last thing that occurred to me was that Don might have made me pregnant. I was so full of sheer ecstasy – and spunk – that I was still revelling in the sheer wanton thrill of the moment.

And that was just the start…

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