Who Knew?

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Who Knew?

David and Jennifer make new friends

We started out as most lovers do. The coincidental meeting, followed by attraction, and soon after romance begins. We met at a party. I was a bit into my cups when I approached her. I had been checking her out all evening. A tall, dark haired beauty, sitting on the end of the couch, seemingly not that interested in the party.

I was young and full of “I don’t give a shit”. I also figured I had nothing to lose. I walked up to her and looked down into her eyes. I could not help it. What I did next was probably encouraged by the alcohol, but it was her that made it happen. There was a magic about her I could not resist.

It is important to understand that I did not have some master plan of seduction. I did not know I was going to do it before I was putting my lips on hers. The audacity of my actions surprised me. I was shocked and smitten when she kissed me back.

A few days after the party I learned some fairly important details. I doubt anyone could argue that the top two details were that her name was Jennifer, and she was married. I was not a home wrecker by nature, although in her case I could see myself making an exception.

The person that told me she was married was one of my best friends, Barb. My friend, with benefits, had been upstairs while I kissed Jennifer. At the time Barb had been fending off the advances of Jennifer’s husband.

Barb had a migraine and had gone into the bedroom to lay down in the dark. Apparently, Jennifer’s husband had been watching her and when she went into the bedroom, he followed her. He took off his clothes and climbed in bed with her.

Barb was the opposite of shy. She did not take shit from anyone, ever. So, when hubby climbed in bed with her, she quickly made his dick shrink. It would not have surprised me if everyone at the party had burning ears in sympathy.

I came out of the bathroom shortly after that and Jennifer was gone. In summary, hubby was a dick, their marriage was going away fast, and (critical detail three) Jennifer liked me enough to kiss me with passion. I did not know the first two details until days later.

I was devastated. The only thing I knew was her first name. I had to see her again but had no way of finding her. I spent the next two days in a depressed daze.

Fortunately, we had some mutual friends. Jennifer must have been a little impressed with our first meeting. She told a friend that she wanted to see me again. The friend told me, and we managed to meet again.

Not long after we reconnected, Jennifer and her husband separated. They divorced soon after. Jennifer had made one mistake by marrying too fast. She was not going to make another by jumping into a relationship. We took our time.

We did not jump each other’s bones right away. Eventually she was either blinded by my charms or exceptionally horny, probably the latter. In any case we fucked each other’s brains out and it was awesome!

Three years of dating later we married. I had asked her to marry me after the first year and she turned me down. I told her I would not ask her again. When she was ready, she could ask me. Eventually she did.

Why did I wait so long? Easy, I loved her with all my heart and I still do. I knew in my soul that we were meant to be together. We still are, all these years later. From youthful lust and lasting love, through illness, loss, and tragedy.

At the time we were in our early thirties and we fucked like rabbits. Both of us were adventurous, but also victims of our prudish upbringing. We did some kinky things just between the two of us but had never entertained having sex with other people.

Jennifer is a closet exhibitionist. The idea of getting caught by strangers turns her on. She loves to masturbate when she drives on a long trip. I think the idea that someone could pass her and see what she is doing makes her horny. We have fucked in a church parking lot, in broad daylight, on Sunday. The parked cars of the congregation helped camouflage our activities. The roof of the car rhythmically moving up and down notwithstanding.

We have pulled over to the side of a major highway and given in to our urges. The big trucks rushing by had the car swaying like a ship on the sea. The State Trooper was not quite smiling when he knocked on the window. He told us in no uncertain terms to wait until we got home.

I have my own philosophy about sex. I know I can orgasm a lot sooner than I want. I have never heard a woman say that. I have never heard a woman even hint at that. Premature orgasm is not a problem for women and there is no little pink pill marketed to prevent it.

I believe a woman deserves the attention to her needs that it takes for her to enjoy sex as least as much as I do. As far as I am concerned the more orgasms she has, the happier I am. There is nearly a one hundred percent chance I will get off. It only seems fair that I ensure she does first.

One thing esenyurt ucuz escort that gets Jennifer’s motor running is her neck. A light kiss on her neck will raise goosebumps and a barely whispered sigh. I normally move from the kiss to her neck. Her neck sets the stage. Light kisses and a nibble on the ear start things slow and romantic. Kissing and nipping up and down her neck, lightly biting her ear, followed by passionate kissing gets things going fast.

I really like to eat my wife’s pussy. I like to do it first and foremost because it pleases her. I also like to do it because I love to bring a woman to orgasm. There have been occasions when we were so caught up in the moment that I did not get to eat her pussy. Usually those moments are spontaneous and, in a place that is, or might as well be, public. In those circumstances we had a limited amount to time before we risked get caught.

The first time she saw me naked we ended up not making love. Years later she told me, “The first time I saw your hard cock it scared the shit out of me. I had never seen one that big and I wasn’t sure I could take it. I was extremely nervous, but I was also really turned on. I panicked.”

Not long after that happened, she discovered that big things do cum into small packages (sorry, I could not resist). The moral to this story is, if you happen to be blessed with a large cock you have the responsibility to use it properly. If you are an evil bastard, you just slam away all impressed with yourself. If she is uncomfortable, she is not going to orgasm and will likely be unwilling for another session.

I know someone will argue, “What about BDSM and Fetish? Hmm smarty pants.”

My answer is simple. Even in BDSM and Fetish a person has limits. A certain level of pain may be a turn on, but too much pain is not. Otherwise a safe word would never be necessary. Case rested.

We experimented three times with anal. Once with me trying into her. Twice with her pegging me. Every time we were very drunk and very horny. None of the times worked out well for either of us. Well, maybe a little for her. I think that is why she wanted to peg me the second time.

Jennifer is fascinated with cocks. She really loves to watch me masturbate. Watching me masturbate is almost as effective as her neck at getting her motor running. She enjoys watching the cum shoot out of it most of all. She also loves to watch my hard cock slide in and out of her.

I swear that in her heart of hearts, she would like to have a cock she could put on to play with. I stood behind her one night and put my hard cock between her legs so that it stuck out in front of her. She squeezed her legs shut and watched in the mirror as she played with her “dick”. She had fun for about ten minutes. Then it slipped back and fell into her. She did not seem to mind.

We had talked about swinging in an abstract way. We did not rule it out. Both of us agreed we did not know a couple we would be willing to risk our reputations with anyway. That is until we met Jack and Barb.

Jack and Barb

Jack and I are veterans and belong to the VFW. That is how we met. The post home was within a few miles of our house and a cab is cheap if we need one. We met them for the first time during a dance. The band was less than memorable, but the place was full, and we were having trouble finding a place to sit. Jack and Barb waived us over to their table and told us we were welcome to sit with them. It was not long before we were laughing and having a great time. We ran into them there several times after that and always had fun.

Eventually we were all comfortable enough that Jack would dance with Jennifer and I would dance with Barb. That eventually led to slow dancing. Nothing overtly sexual happened, but there was a certain illicit thrill in feeling a different woman’s body rubbing close to mine. I had no doubt that Jennifer was feeling the same way.

I could not help but notice the difference. Jennifer is 5’10 with dark brown hair that hangs below her shoulders. Her figure is amazingly well proportioned, and her tits are perfect. Not too large and not too small. And those legs, my goodness those legs.

Barb on the other hand has hair so dark brown it is almost black. She is 5’4, curvy, and has breasts a cup size bigger than Jennifer. The contrast is substantial.

I have light brown hair, blue eyes, and tower at 5’6. My elderly neighbor used to joke that when Jennifer and I were nose to nose, my toes would be in it, and when we were toes to toes, my nose would be in it. I thought that was funny. Jennifer not so much.

I am a muscular guy with broad shoulders. In school I was a wrestler and a gymnast. I still compete in weightlifting. My point is that I am not tall, but I am not small either.

Jack is a 6’1, thin and muscular black man. Jennifer commented one evening that it was nice to dance with someone she could look up to. Jennifer is sometimes a bit more direct than I think necessary.

One esenyurt üniversiteli escort evening at the VFW, Jack and Barb invited us to a cookout they were having. Two other couples were coming, and they really wanted us to be the fourth couple. They told us they liked to invite just a few couples that could be friends over the long term, rather than a bunch of loud people they barely knew. Jennifer surprised me with an immediate yes. She usually needs me to convince her to attend social events.

The cookout would start early afternoon on Saturday so everyone could enjoy the pool. Jennifer promised to bring a dish and I promised to bring beer.

I knew how ‘body shy’ Jennifer could be. On the way home from the post I brought the subject up, “Honey, I was surprised you agreed to the party so quickly. You usually need to think about it and then have me talk you into it.”

“I know. I just think Barb and Jack are fun, nice, people and we need friends like that in our lives.”

“So, you are not going to be self-conscious about walking around in your bikini?”

“Well, I sure am, at first, but we have beer. After a few beers I don’t think it will bother me much.”

“Good. Because you are hot, and I want to see everyone lusting after you. It turns me on so much knowing people want your hot body.”

She tried to give me a blowjob on the way home. In real life, getting a guy’s pants down, his dick pulled out, and dealing with steering wheel interference takes time and agility. She had the agility. We did not have the time. My cock was in her hand when we pulled into our driveway. We were bouncing the bed within seconds. We have a fun sex life

Pool Party

Jennifer wore shorts and a knit top over her bikini. I wore a polo shirt and loose shorts over my swim trunks. She looked amazing. I looked like a guy needing a beer. Jennifer led the way around Barb and Jack’s house, and I followed carrying the first cooler. There were two more in the car.

Jennifer tends to go overboard when holding, or going to, a party. Did you ask for a side dish? Well of course, no problem. We also brought steaks in case you need more, potatoes, beans, three types of salad, and beer. Oh, did I mention the cheese tray?

Jack was tending the grill and I coordinated cooler placement with him. I handed him a beer and took one for myself. Soon enough Barb walked over with Jennifer in tow, “Come on David. Let me introduce you two.”

The two other couples were sitting by the pool. I schooled my expression when I saw Lisa. It would not do for me to howl like a wolf. There are two types of women I love the most. Tall dark-haired beauties like my wife, and petite blondes. Lisa stood almost five-foot high with blue eyes and a body to die for. Her husband Ben was blonde as well. He stood just under six feet and had an average build.

It was not until I met Carrie and Michael that I remembered my third type of woman to love most. Carrie was a red haired, green eyed angel with a voluptuous figure. She was my height. Her husband Michael had brown hair and hazel eyes. I do not normally care about a guy’s eyes, but his seemed to glow. He stood just under six foot and had an average build. I thought to myself that he and Ben must have something special going on because they are, by appearance, average. Lisa and Carrie are stunning.

Jennifer and I became comfortable in no time. They were all genuinely nice, happy, people. They all had a mischievous streak and teased each other frequently. We laughed a lot. Jack finished setting up the grill and walked over, “OK, everybody into the pool! I did not spend hours getting this pool ready just so you people could look at it. Move it people!”

We were all laughing as we stood and began to remove various outer coverings. I was watching Lisa and Carrie as discretely as possible. Both caught me and I caught them. I had the advantage. It did not take me as long to look up from their respective tits as it did them to look up from my groin. When they looked up, I was already looking into their eyes. I am a perfect gentleman when someone is watching.

I believe Jennifer was doing some checking of her own. Her face seemed a bit flushed when she dropped her clothes on the lounge chair. It appeared that Jack was packing some heat. She kept looking out of the corner of her eye. When she looked up at me, I smirked and winked. She stuck her tongue out at me. So disrespectful.

Swimming ensued. Well, not exactly swimming. More like paddling around and not straying too far from the drink at the side of the pool. Eventually enough alcohol flowed that playing chicken seemed like a good idea. With wives on shoulders we went into battle. A few boobs got exposed and were covered back up. The guys were complimentary, and the gals appeared flattered.

Then someone decided that the teams should be mixed up. Carrie was on my shoulders. I could swear I felt the heat etiler escort from her pussy against the back of my neck. Even in the cool swimming pool I could feel myself swelling. Jennifer was on Jack’s back. Jack is a slim guy, but he is chiseled. I noticed Jennifer “accidentally” running her hands over his chest, purely to maintain her balance. Barb was on Ben’s shoulders while Lisa was on Michael’s shoulders. I needed to get a grip. I was having a hard time not staring at Lisa. Although, the feel of Carrie’s thighs against the side of my face did help.

Someone must have said “Go”. The next thing I know we are wading as fast as we can toward each other.

One thing a person should know about Jennifer, she is competitive. My competitive nature makes itself known based on the stakes. In a wrestling match, gymnastics meet, or at a weightlifting event I am pure competitor. In a swimming pool game of chicken, I could care less. Let someone win who will enjoy it. Jennifer is not built that way. Any competition, whether it be a flipping a coin or a tennis tournament, brings out the competitor in her. She does not like second place.

So, when the melee in the pool started, she directed Jack toward me. I knew she wanted to take Carrie out first. Carrie was the next tallest woman and Jennifer figured that if she could get her in the water the smaller women would be easy pickings. What she did not reckon on was that the other women were just as competitive as she was.

The result was four guys standing within inches of each other as the women on their shoulders shoved and pulled at each other. The next thing I knew my wife’s wet bikini top hit me in the mouth. I wiped the water out of my eyes with the hand I had been using to hold onto Carrie’s delectable thigh. My eyes cleared in time to see Barb, Lisa, and Jennifer falling into the water, gripping someone else’s bikini top. I dumped Carrie in to join them.

Being guys, we did the smart thing and just watched. Except Jack. Jack quickly scooped up the tops, wadded them together and threw them onto the deck twenty feet away. I looked at him and smiled, “Jack, you are my hero.”

By the time the wives had surfaced and wiped their eyes the deed was done. When they started scanning the pool for their tops, we men all took on a look of angelic innocence. Jennifer was first to figure it out, “I don’t suppose any of you guys know where our tops went?” I responded with a look of confused innocence, “We did not take them off.” I noticed she was getting surprisingly good at sticking her tongue out at me. The other women told Jennifer that they often swam without their tops, but if it made her uncomfortable the hunt would begin, and the tops would be recovered. I could see Jennifer think for a moment, then shrug her shoulders, “What the hell, I might as well leave it off.”

We guys were internally high fiving when Jennifer spoke again, “It does not seem fair though. We lost our tops and you guys are ogling us. What do we get?”

Jack smiled wickedly, “You can ogle me all that you want.”

Jennifer blushed! I could tell she thought he was hot. I did not have a problem with that. I thought every woman there was hot. Who am I to judge her? Then Carrie spoke up, “Do not try to distract us from the question.”

I took on a serious demeanor and looked her straight in the tits, “What do you suggest?” Everyone laughed until Lisa spoke up, “I think you guys should get out of the pool and do a sexy dance.”

I should have kept quiet. Every married guy knows if you just stay quiet, they can’t get you. I heard myself saying, “Oh god, really?”

I heard a female chorus of “Yes, really!”

So, we did. It did not take me long to catch on. When we got out of the pool our wet trunks glued themselves to our groins. Shortly after we began shimmying our cocks lost their shrinkage. The women added insult to injury by bouncing their tits at us. I could feel my shrunken penis rotating upward as it swelled. Barb, Lisa, and Carrie were watching closely. Jennifer seemed to be entranced by Jack and I could see why. Ben and Michael got looks. Just not like Jack and I did. When I saw Lisa bite her lip as she looked at me, I got rock hard.

I looked over at Jennifer and she managed to tear her eyes away from Jack to look back at me. I mouthed, “Are you OK?” She nodded back and smiled. Then she looked down at my state and laughed. I mouthed, “What?” and she pointed at my crotch. I looked down and saw that the last few inches of my very erect cock were showing above the waistband of my swim trunks. I shrugged my shoulders, reached down, and slid it back down.

That seemed to break the wives out of their hypnotic state. They all climbed out of the pool and began toweling off. Barb gathered the other wives close and they began whispering among themselves. We husbands went to the bathroom, came back, and replenished our beers.

Our topless wives approached us with Barb as spokeswoman, “We propose a contest. One guy and one gal, randomly selected.”

“What contest?”

“First we pick contestants.”

Jack found four quarters and the girls began flipping. Last one standing was Lisa, aka contestant number one. The guys flipped and I ended up being contestant number two. Jennifer looked at me strangely. It seemed like she was both turned on and apprehensive at the same time. I soon found out why.

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