What Sandy’s Friend Told Ch. 02

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Marga had been to Cologne before, which made it easier for us to find our way around. Rick and I weren’t so interested in Gothic and Romance architecture, but we learned a lot, visiting the cathedral and much older churches, and learned that “Cologne” came from the Roman word “colonia,” and saw more than enough Roman artefacts to believe it, also remembering our Caesar from high school Latin. The girls insisted on paying for a good dinner in the early evening. When Rick went into a shop to buy a bottle of wine as we returned to our hotel, Geerta snorted and told Marga and me, glancing at her as she said:

“I know what I want to do.”

Marga gave her questioning look with a side glance at me, that I didn’t understand, but at least whatever Geerta had in mind sounded like something different, and obviously referred to what we would do back in the hotel. Rick returned, and we went to the hotel, agreeing that we would go to the girls’ room after we had showered in ours.

We even shaved, snickering about why, although the girls had never complained. After we got dressed, and remembered to pocket our rubbers and hang out the “do not disturb” sign, we grabbed the two wine bottles and went and knocked on the girls’ door.

It was a few moments before they opened it, a bit longer than we anticipated, letting us think that we had interrupted a discussion, although they both greeted us with the expected enthusiasm – and a suggestive minimum of clothing, both wearing shorty night gowns: “just to prove that we have them” as Geerta explained with a grin when she saw our expressions.

“Oh, yes, the wine,” Marga remarked with a smile, maybe to change the subject. I uncorked a bottle with my Swiss Army Knife, and we kicked off our loafers. Geerta pointed out at pants, and we took them, joining them in our shorts on their beds. We passed the bottle around, talking about what we had seen during the day, thanking Marga for her help. Of course, we all knew that when the bottle was finished, like the previous night, something else would happen, but no one made an effort to hurry things along by drinking deeply, and we had no trouble continuing our conversation about sightseeing, referring to things we had seen since Florence.

But eventually it was evident that the bottle could only make one or two more rounds and was passed with some expectant glances and a lull in the conversation. When Geerta looked at me, I ventured to ask:

“What was it that you knew you wanted to do?”

I felt more than saw that Marga tensed when she heard my question. Geerta gave me a wry smile and replied:

Marga doesn’t want me to tell, … much less, to do it.”

“Why not?” Rick asked with unfeigned curiosity.

Marga looked uncomfortable, and Geerta smiled wryly again as I remembered her remark that morning: “If you don’t want to, maybe we will,” and also Marga’s response: “Not with them watching.” I snorted slightly and responded:

“Why not? We don’t mind, … and maybe we’ll learn something.”

“Hmm, maybe,” Geerta agreed with the briefest of smirks.

Rick looked like he understood, and Marga seemed to understand that the subject was out in the open, snorting nervously, reaching for the bottle and drinking before she asked us:

“But what are you going to do? Not just watch?”

“Hm-hmm! Oh, we can help, … if you don’t want to, too,” I replied.

“How?” and she took another sip from the bottle and then handed it to Geerta – out of turn.

“Any way you want, anywhere you want,” I replied with a smile that I hoped didn’t look like a smirk.

Through the flimsy cloth of her night gown, it was apparent that her nipples had popped out, and Rick – not always so good on the uptake – snorted and added to my comment:

“Yes, there,” and reached across and let his fingers rub one.

“Oooh!” Marga responded and then chuckled, and then, when his fingers found her other nipple, she gave another “oooh!” and chuckled with a grin and asked:

“Both of them?”

“Um-hmm,” I agreed, grinning at her as I added:

“You won’t be able to see who’s doing something else, maybe that nice guy who first did it.”

Geerta smirked silently, and Marga giggled nervously and whispered:

“All three of you …,” and then snickered and added with a grin:

“She does it better.” Geerta smiled and murmured:

“Thanks. I want to,” and emptied the bottle and set it aside. With a chuckle, she started to gather up her nightgown, and then we were all taking off our clothes.

The girls had panties on under their shorty nightgowns, but they were soon removed with some chuckles from us all as we became naked. I was wondering how they were going to do it, where on the bed, but when Geerta slipped off it onto her knees on the floor, with a snicker Marga moved over and lay back with her hips on the side of the bed before Geerta. That looked practiced, I thought as I put my hand on Marga’s breast and crouched down between her and the pillows. Rick was doing the same on her other side. As we lowered our heads to find her nice erect nipples, esenyurt anal yapan escort bumping heads, he moved around towards the other side of the bed, then we found them, and I suppose that Geerta found her pussy, too, or was working up towards it on the insides of her thighs. Whatever, Marga murmured:

“Oooh! … All three … Oooh! … Ja,” and held my head to her.

Perhaps Rick could see what Geerta was doing. I could just see that Marga was also holding his head to her breast as we both sucked, and could hear her appreciative little noises, and then feel her hips move, and then hear moist sounds from Geerta, and other sounds from Marga as I felt her knee touch my side, letting me feel when her hips moved.

If it hadn’t been an orgy the night before, I thought, and only the start of one in the morning when the girls were arousing each other as we fucked them, this was getting closer to it: two guys and girl arousing one girl at the same time. And we were: Marga moaning softly, catching her breath occasionally when her hips jerked. Then her hand left my head and after a few moments found mine, slipping a rubber in it as she murmured:

“She wants to, too.”

I didn’t know how Marga knew that, but I was certainly willing to take her word for it, and aroused enough to want to do more. I let her nipple slip from my mouth and raised my head, a little surprised to see that she was now holding Rick’s cock, but that was nice, that she was also trying to make it arousing for him.

I slipped off the bed and moved behind Geerta, noticing that she had one hand down between her legs. Marga had been right. Had they so much experience eating each other in turn – instead of 69 – that she just assumed it? Or had she noticed that one of Geerta’s hands was no longer holding her thigh up, like her other hand was? Whatever, Geerta moved her knees to let me move closer behind her with my cock between her thighs and found it with her fingers’ help, nodding with a chuckle as they guided it into her pussy, with an “uhnnn” as I pressed it deeper. When I looked up from unwrapping the rubber, I saw that Marga was urging Rick to move over her head. Then I was putting it on, and then Geerta’s fingers were again helping it slip back into her. “Uhnnn!” we both moaned, and then I saw that Marga was sucking one of Rick’s balls into her mouth.

Yeah, she had done that to me – after Geerta had one night. They must have talked about what they did when we weren’t around. Feels good! I said that they also seemed to have learned something with us.

Maybe Geerta saw that too, her fingers slipped down and fondled mine. And then I was fucking her, and her hand was still there, but now more on herself, and Marga had Rick’s cock in her mouth. He was on all fours over her head, moving it slightly in her mouth, and her fingers were clutching her breasts. Yeah, while I was getting behind Geerta, she had murmured: “I can do that,” and she was now, squeezing her breasts and pinching and pulling on her nipples. I found Geerta’s with my hands, and then for a while it looked we were doing all we could to arouse each other.

But then Geerta’s hand came up – all moist – and found one of mine and drew it down to her pussy. When my fingers found her, she nodded and then her hand left mine. Then I saw that it was under her chin and then after a moment was moving vigorously, her fingers obviously in Marga’s pussy. Marga’s body reacted with jerk. Had she been waiting for that? Had Geerta known that it was just the right moment? It was! Marga convulsed, her head jerking up with a moan and then a gasp as Rick’s cock went deeper, but apparently her own arousal was stronger than her gag reflex; her head dropped back down as her body convulsed again, writhing as Geerta’s fingers pumped in her pussy, and my cock in hers, that was clutching him, both of us turned on by Marga’s orgasm, and then having our own, and Rick too, from the sound of it and his tight scrotum and the way his ass was moving.

I was still clutching Geerta’s pussy, hold her hips to me as I heard her slurping, and then her dripping wet hand came down and found mine – and my balls, wet from her orgasm – and then urged my hand to let go of her as she raised her head and glanced back at me with a soft “Thanks.” Rick had rolled off to one side of Marga and was stroking her cheek; she was still sighing with moans, just looking at the ceiling. Then Geerta rose up, my cock slipping noisily from her wet pussy, and crawled up over Marga, lying on her as their mouths found each other in a good kiss, obviously not for the first time, since Marga immediately embraced her.

That didn’t seem to surprise me, just seemed the right thing for her to do – for them to do – like they had done with me. I suddenly remembered the first time Marga had sucked my cock and then kissed me – maybe from her experiences with Geerta? Of course, they knew that the one of them who had just had an orgasm wanted to be embraced, and Geerta had had one too. After a few moments, they rolled together away from Rick, esenyurt escort holding each other, their legs interlocked. I slipped off the rubber and put it aside and crawled up behind Geerta, putting my arm around both of them as Rick moved closer behind Marga and did the same.

We must have lain like that for several minutes, almost dozing, until I heard one of the girls chuckle. I was a little surprised when I felt Marga’s hand rub Geerta, suggesting that it had been her chuckle, then confirmed by another one. Geerta responded with one of her own and a slight nod and rubbed Marga’s back in return. Marga snickered and murmured:

“I said you could do it better,” and snickered again.

“With their help.”

“Without it, … but that sure was good,” and she snickered again and found Rick’s hand and drew it down to her breast. I slid my hand down and rubbed her other one with the back of my hand and then held Geerta’s. As we fondled them, we all chuckled comfortably.

After a minute or two, it occurred to me that I should wash and said so and slipped off the bed, remembering to pick up the rubber, and went off. I heard them talking and returned to find that they had sat up, all sitting cross-legged. I offered to open the other bottle of wine, and they thought that was a good idea. I joined them, handing the bottle to Geerta as I said: “Well, here’s looking at you,” and did pointedly as she returned my look with a snort and drank and handed the bottle to Marga, and then it passed to Rick and back to me.

Sitting around all naked after what we had done, naturally the conversation turned to sex. Well, maybe I started it by remarking:

“I guess we did learn something,” glancing at Rick, who nodded with a snicker, and the girls exchanged smirks as Geerta nodded with an “um-hmm.” But Rick hadn’t seen what Geerta had been doing, just knew that it must have been good for Marga, and remarked questioningly:

“Geerta must have been doing something real good.”

The girls snorted with nods, and I replied:

“She sure was, and not just with her mouth.”

“Oh, … yeah!” he replied with a grin and added:

“I should have thought of that.

“Me too,” I agreed and asked:

“Why didn’t you tell us?”

They snorted again, and Marga replied – now not waiting for Geerta’s lead:

“Oh, it was good enough without – hm-hmm! – and maybe we wouldn’t have wanted to do anything after that.”

We all chuckled, and Geerta nodded and added:

“I didn’t want to be too …, you know, like telling you what to do, … like … that’s the way the others do it. They don’t.”

Marga nodded in agreement and then snickered and said:

“But you told me to …”

Geerta nodded again with a snort, and I murmured:

“I thought you always both did it, you know, sixty-nine.”

They snickered with nods, and Rick, too, and then after a moment, maybe blushing slightly, Marga volunteered:

“We can’t, always, … so once I was just doing it to her, … and she wanted more, … and told me.”

“Hmm! And sure got it!”

We all snickered again, and the bottle passed, Geerta remarking after she had drunk:

“Yeah, if it was that good, that way, the guys might be disappointed later.”

“And we would be, too,” Marga agreed with chuckle as she handed the bottle to Rick, then snickering as she put her hand down and found his cock while he drank. He almost choked when he had to chuckle, coughing as he passed the bottle to me, then grinning when he saw Geerta put her hand on my thigh, and we all grinned as she slid it up and slipped her fingers around my cock.

Of course, that was nice, confirming that we would do something again – not that there had been much doubt. Somehow the subject turned to first times, the girls’ both when they were seventeen. With chuckles, we recalled how it had been, agreeing that it had been terribly exciting but not very successful, snickering when it turned out that we all had read that it probably wouldn’t be, but only afterwards. Rick and I were fondling the girls’ breasts, my elbow on Geerta’s near shoulder with my hand down holding hers. After the bottle had been passed again, my hand wandered down to her pussy, and then Rick’s, to Marga’s. Geerta chuckled and leaned closer to Marga with arm around her neck, sliding her hand down to the breast that Rick had relinquished. She snickered with a glance at all our hands and did the same.

The conversation died down as we fondled each other, the girls now having more to play with, both chuckling when their fingers slipped down and found our loose sacks. And then the bottle was passed again, requiring the girls to free one hand for a few moments, letting go of our cocks, but the next time it passed, after Geerta handed it to Marga, she leaned down and sucked her other breast. Marga responded with an appreciative “oooh!” before she drank, and then handed the bottle to Rick, finding his cock again while Geerta continued to suck her breast.

I saw Marga look down at my unattended cock, that esenyurt eve gelen escort obviously looked like it wanted attention. With an emphatic chuckle, she murmured:

“I can think of something better to suck,” and slipped her arm from around Geerta and leaned down across her as she let go of Rick and reached for my cock. She held it, pulling on it to shift her weight forward so that she could get her feet back under her hips and leaned further down across Geerta’s legs, raising her ass as her head lowered. With a snicker, Geerta got out of her way.

As she was about to put her mouth around him, she stopped and said:

“Rick, you can fuck me,” which sounded like she was offering a compensation for her letting go of his cock, but then she added:

“I want it both ways, … two cocks,” and then, with an inviting wiggle of her hips, her lips slipped down around the head of my cock.

Marga had certainly become more outspoken, and my cock twitched in her mouth. They used that word more liberally than American girls do, apparently without the feeling that it was a “four-letter word,” just the most direct English one for it. Rick didn’t need a second invitation, grinning as he rose up behind her. Geerta swept her hand under the pillows behind me and found a rubber and handed it to him. With a snicker, glancing at us, he unwrapped it, glancing at us again as he put it on, and then he was feeling Marga’s pussy and guiding it into her.

“Uhnnn!” she vibrated on my cock, then licking and sucking as my hands reached down and found her aroused nipples. Vaguely – very vaguely – I considered that Geerta was being left out. But she had her own interests in mind, rising up and crawling up to me and pushing me back. When I lay back, she quickly straddled my head and lowered her pussy to my mouth, already wetter than I expected as my tongue swept between her lips. Marga moaned again – more felt than heard – and I could feel her move from Rick’s thrusts. Marga was getting what she wanted – two cocks. I reached up and found Geerta’s breasts, her nipples just as hard as Marga’s had been, a little smaller but just as aroused and sensitive.

“Mmmm!” she responded, holding her hands to mine as she rocked her pussy on my mouth.

Yeah, I thought, this was really an orgy, Marga sucking and fucking – funny, that the heretofore more reticent Marga was again the one to be getting it both ways. But Geerta had also been licking and fucking before, and I was now enjoying it both ways, too! Definitely an orgy!

Geerta was showing me where she wanted to feel my tongue, rocking her pelvis forward to present her wet hole, and then rocking it back to have her clitoris sucked and nibbled as she encouraged my fingers to squeeze and pull on her nipples. While we did that that a couple of times, of course, I was very aware of what Marga was doing, even considered that Rick could be taking care of arousing her nipples – if he wasn’t rubbing her clitoris, or both.

Then Geerta pushed one of my hands aside and murmured:

“I can do that,” and dropped down over my head, presenting her clitoris again, but also making her hole more accessible, and I remember what she had done to Marga and, with a snort, that the girls had said they didn’t want to tell boys what to do. But she wanted it, to feel something in her pussy, and I let her: two fingers sliding into her slippery wet vagina.

“Unnn! Yes!” she confirmed, and then I was trying to make it as good for her as she had for Marga, who was trying to make it just as good for me, maybe even had seen my fingers disappear in Geerta’s pussy: she seemed to have nodded with an “un-hnn.”

I think I did. At least, Geerta came a lot better than she – or Marga – ever had before when I ate them. She could hardly stifle her aroused noises as her pelvis jerked on my mouth and against my fucking fingers, clutching them as she spurting her warm juice past them and into my palm and dripping down on my chin. Of course, I came, too, pushed over the edge by Geerta’s orgasm and the good things Marga was doing, accepting my thrusts in her mouth, and then almost biting me with a sharp “unnn!” suggesting that she and Rick were also coming.

“Oh, fuck!” Geerta exclaimed softly as her body dropped down on the bed, turning her pussy up from my face, dripping profusely as my fingers slipped out of her.

“For sure,” Rick murmured in agreement as Marga nodded, still just holding me as her knees slid back, lying flat on the bed. I felt her moving my semen in her mouth until she let my cock slip from between her lips, sucking to keep slobbering.

Geerta had my head pinned to the mattress under her abdomen, and we lay like that for several moments, feeling her deep breathing. Then Marga licked all around my now flaccid cock – still in her hand – and said:

“Give me the rubber,” and let go of me.

Geerta, as curious as I was about her request, rolled off me and looked at her as I raised my head and saw Rick hand it to her. With a soft snort, she looked at it and then put the open end in her mouth and held the tip with one hand and with the other one forced its contents up to her mouth. Only then did she look up at us, looking a bit silly with the slack rubber dangling from her lips as she obviously moved Rick’s semen around in her mouth, smirking when she saw our expressions. She swallowed and let the rubber drop in her hand, smirking again before she explained:

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