What Life Throws at You Ch. 02

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Author’s notation: I apologize if the first chapter was a bit anti-climactic with the way it ended. This one should be a little more engaging. Also, meant to put this out sooner, but again, funny what life throws at you.


I sat back in my chair, breathing in a sigh. I was staring at the monitor of my computer, a blank, or rather empty, desktop being shown. My new hard drive came in and it was a chore trying to get it work. Sure, installing it into the computer was easy. Getting it up and running was the issue. Between finding out it was a blank drive with no operating system on it to installing the wrong system to having to wipe it again to finally get the right system on it, it mentally wore me out. But it was done. Finally.

Unfortunately, at this point, I was too drain to actually want to do anything else with it. Otherwise I would’ve started installing all my programs on it. But I wanted to do nothing else with it right now. In which case, I shut it off and laid down in my bed. In my state, I knew I wouldn’t immediately sleep, but I needed a moment to just rest. My phone apparently disagreed with that as it went off, alerting me to a text coming in. I reached back over to the desk to retrieve it and see what was up. The message came from Sharon, my downstairs neighbor, asking me to come by for a chat. Guess I could use a distraction from the computer.

Downstairs, I knocked on Sharon’s door. It was promptly answered, this time by Sharon herself instead of her pseudo-boyfriend Craig. At first I had thought she finally rid of him until I heard him tinkering in the closet next to the door. He said hi, but otherwise seemed indifferent about me being there. Despite this, Sharon led me to their living room. As she did so, I found myself oddly studying her. She was wearing a full length robe, probably to keep warm given her small size. A tank top with a pair of silk pajamas pants were underneath. She was barefoot, and her red hair looked a bit unkempt, almost like she just woke up. All of the clothes she had on looked maybe a size or two bigger than her.

We had a seat on the bed since there was nowhere else to sit. She proceeded to thank me for the loan I gave her a week ago, stating that it helped tremendously. She was able to give some to the landlady to keep her at bay until she could get her check from the government to pay the rest. Also, it kept her case from stalling so they wouldn’t put a hold on her monthly checks. I smiled hearing this, glad that I was able to help her. She promised again that she would pay me as well once she got her check.

We then started shooting the breeze again, speaking on just odd stuff. From a freak snowstorm we had yesterday to an altercation that took place between Sharon and another neighbor in the house. Apparently this was a sore subject since she started to break down again upon talking about it. I eventually found that it wasn’t so much the altercation itself more so than it being one more problem to add to list of problems she was having. It was depressing her and she hated it. Hated the fact that nothing was really going right for her at the time and that it seemed everyone was against her.

I put an arm around her, rubbing her shoulder softly as I held her. She ended up leaning over and burying her head in my chest as she started to cry. I shushed her, stroking the back of her head. I couldn’t help but feel bad for her situation. Aside from the lack of help from her uncaring boyfriend, just the idea that she was struggling needlessly like this bothered me. I could easily relate to her situation since I had been in a similar one years ago. Hours being cut at work and my pay started to decrease, leading to being unable to do much after paying rent and such. I, however, didn’t suffer from an internal injury or required any particular disability assistance. I did need supplemental aid to pay for food and was behind on my rent at the time. I did manage to catch up over time as things improved at work. I didn’t have much help throughout that time for varying reasons, most of all being no one to rely on.

Call me a soft heart, but I didn’t have it in me to deny this poor woman assistance since it seemed no one, including her own boyfriend, would. She hadn’t ask for much over the past week. Maybe an excess of about $200 total, which I did have to spare for a little while. I’m sure it would’ve done her more good than it was currently doing me sitting in an account. At least she said it did her some good, which I was happy for. I sighed a little, holding Sharon against me as she cried softly. My guess was that she didn’t want to alert Craig, who was still tinkering in the closet. His workshop, as I recall her mentioning. For what purpose, she never got that far to telling me and I didn’t care. But for now, that’s where he was, out of view from both of us and apparently out of earshot too.

Sharon pulled her head out from my chest for a moment to look over my shoulder towards their kitchen cebeci escort and where their door was. The closet was there as well. I couldn’t tell what she was looking for as I too glanced behind myself as well. I saw nothing of interest. Craig was still hiding in the closet, there was nothing cooking on the stove, no water running in the sink, or anything in the microwave going. Nothing worth noting, but as I studied the area, I felt Sharon shifting under my arm. I then felt a hand starting to pull on my free wrist. I glanced back to see that Sharon now had a hold on my wrist and was pulling it closer to her. I asked what she was doing. She didn’t answer as she kept her hold on my wrist while fidgeting with something on her. Eventually, she pulled my wrist over and placed my hand down the front of her pajama pants.

My eyes widened as I realized that my hand was now centimeters away from her base pussy under her pants and she was guiding my hand from above her pants to touch her. I started to pull back, reminding her that her boyfriend was only a few feet away in the closet. She pointed out that not only was Craig no longer her boyfriend, that didn’t stop me on the train last time. I still protested, claiming that I did that for fun and for a thrill. She responded by stating how it would be a bigger thrill of being caught here since we didn’t know when or if Craig would step out of the closet anytime soon. I wanted to argue, but the fact was my hand was still in her pants practically covering her moist pussy lips at this moment and I didn’t feel myself pulling my hand out any further.

Sharon continued to pressed my hand against her pussy, coaxing my fingers to rub her. As it turned out, the more she did this, the more I found myself complying to her wishes. I was still debating the morality of it all. Even though she carried a point in that this was my fault to begin with, I somehow felt like I was taking advantage of her. However, despite this, my fingers were still delicately rubbing around her labia, massaging the folds of her lips outside of it. She let out a little moan as I continued, no longer needing her hand to coerce me to keep going.

She spread her legs a little wider, giving me more room to work with as her pussy started to get even wetter. It was here when I started to slide a finger inside of her as I rubbed, making her gasp with another moan. I kept checking over my shoulder to make sure Craig hadn’t popped out of his closet as I worked her. I slowly slid my finger in and out of her, using her wetness to lube up my finger and make the process easier. While I was doing so, Sharon’s hand had ended up wandering its way to my crotch, rubbing gingerly on the outside of my cotton shorts. Beneath it, my semi-harden dick started to stiffen even further. I debated the idea of fucking her then. It had been a long time since I was with a woman and while there still wasn’t exactly a physical attraction, it was still pussy.

I hissed a little in pleasure as she continue to rub my growing bulge in my shorts. I let her keep rubbing as I was pumping my finger in and out of her, rubbing along the roof of her pussy. My thumb continued to circle her labia as her clit started to swell underneath. This time, I let my thumb flick at it softly, causing her to jump just a tad and her breathing to pick up. She glanced up at me, grinning and giving me a kiss on the cheek as she carefully ran her hand up and down the length of my bulge in my shorts.

Just then, we both heard the click of a knob turning behind us. Sharon was quicker to react as she stopped rubbing me, but kept a hand on my wrist to prevent me from pulling it out from her pants. Instead, she quickly scooted over and laid herself across my lap before wrapping her robe around herself, trapping my arm inside of it. By this point, we heard the door open and footsteps coming from it. I glanced non-chalantly at Craig as he stepped to us, glancing down at Sharon in my lap. She had her eyes closed and was still breathing a bit heavily with my fingers still working her, but her positioning on my lap and the way she breathing could’ve been easily been mistaken for her crying as I was consoling her.

Craig said nothing as he stared solemnly at her. My guess was that the ruse was working and to him, she was hurting and he was unsure what to do about it. He hesitantly told us that he was going outside for a smoke. He invited her to join him, but she said and did nothing. I reassured him that I would take care of her. With that, he left. I watched him go and made sure he closed the front door before informing Sharon that he was gone. Upon telling her, she flipped herself over and laid on her back across my lap. She opened her robe and lifted her shirt, exposing her small but perky tits. I could see how hard her nipples were before I even touched them. And when I did, she moaned even further, apparently stimulated by my touch.

She also shifted a little, pulling her pajama pants çukurambar escort down to give my hand more room to work with. She told me to work quickly, wanting to get off before Craig returned. Glancing back at the door, I kept working on Sharon, alternating between rubbing around the fold near her clit and actually fingering her. I also took advantage of her exposed tits by rubbing around her nipples, giving them little pinches here and there. Her hips started to buck against me as I rubbed her. Her left hand, which was opposite of me, would rub on whichever titty I wasn’t working on. As I continued to finger her, I would bring my finger to my lips, tasting her juices as she was very wet from my efforts.

I found myself shifting a bit as well, trying to adjust myself as my hard dick was pressing up against her back. On top of it not being very comfortable for me, I can only imagine it not doing her any favors either. But she was enjoying herself far too much to either care or take notice, meaning I was the only one that had to compensate for the discomfort. That was giving me all the more reason to get Sharon to finish. Of course, there was also so that we don’t get caught by Craig. Sure, he wasn’t her boyfriend anymore, but again, he didn’t know that I knew that. And I imagine he wouldn’t take kindly to the idea of me possibly moving in on what he would probably consider his territory. Especially right in his home.

Her moans started to increase as she was writhing a bit, my finger-fucking increasing in her. I continued to carefully circle her nipple with my free hand, rubbing softly against her titty. After a little while, she started to scream a little as I felt the onset of an orgasm occurring within her. I slowed my efforts a bit, letting her enjoy her moment as undisturbed as I could let her. She started panting after a series of moans, her orgasm subsiding. I pulled my hand from her pussy, hanging a bit as it dripped with her juices. Almost with a snap, she reached up and grabbed it, pulling it to her lips and sucking on it. I joked about her being greedy. She only responded by mention how I started it all on the train. After she finished with my hand, she got off my lap and started straightening herself out.

It was practically not a moment too soon as the door opened again and Craig walked back in. I got up, indicating that I had prior engagements to take care of. While it was untrue, I didn’t care to be around much longer, less Craig started to suspect something. Sharon more or less agreed that I should go so she could take care of some things as well. She also agreed to walk me out to my door, excusing herself from Craig for a moment. On the way to my door, she thanked me for the moment I gave her and promised that she’ll pay me back the money she owes me soon. I gave her a smile, telling her that she could pay me back when she can.

Upon reaching my door, we said our good-byes. She hugged me, telling me right in my ear how she’ll make up for me doing her a favor the last couple of times. I teased her, telling her I was counting on it even if I really wasn’t. But as she walked back to her place, I did have some personal business in the pleasure category to take care of.


Friday had come and I had just gotten paid by my job. Not to say I had all sorts of plans, because I didn’t, but I did want to get out some. It was a nice day and being cooped up in the apartment just didn’t sit well for me. I wasn’t off tonight, but I started late. So I had plenty of time to do something for the day, get some sleep, then go in for work. I was busy deciding what to do when a knock could be heard from my door. It was then when it occurred to me that Sharon did owe me some money. I figured it was her coming to pay up.

When I opened the door, I discovered I was half right. It was Sharon, but she wasn’t able to pay. Something about her check from the government not being enough to cover the money she owed the landlady and me at the same time. I don’t know why, but I somehow expected this. Didn’t mean I liked it though. I asked her when she thought she could return the money. She didn’t know. When I sighed, she started to cry a little, apologizing profusely for disappointing me. Again, being a soft heart, I pulled her in for a hug, telling her to just get the money to me when she could.

As I hugged her, her hand started to rub along my waist. I didn’t think much of it since I knew part of that reason was because she couldn’t get her arms completely around me due to the size differences between us. But it wasn’t until I felt it moving from my waist to my thigh that I started to take notice. She started thanking me for being so kind to her over the past few weeks and for all that I’ve done to her. As she spoke, her hand had managed to wander its way to my crotch and started rubbing it over my jeans. I asked her what she was doing. She started to pull herself out from my embrace and mentioned how she would ankara escort return the favor to hold me over until she could repay me with the money.

With that, she went to her knees in front of me, unzipping my jeans and pulling my semi-hard dick out. I stared at her in disbelief as she licked my stiffening shaft before wrapping her lips around the head. I wanted to pull her up from her knees, but found my hands caressing the back of her head instead. My dick continued to grow in her mouth as she sucked on it, staring up at me. Neither one of us were concerned about anybody looking at us as my porch area was enclosed, the windows around it covered by blinds that were angled so we could see out and no one saw in.

I started breathe a little deeply, my mind going crazy as she continued to suck on me. There was a part of me that was screaming that this was a bad idea and that I should stop her. But it was overwhelmed by the concept that I hadn’t had any actual form of sex in some time. So my need to get off overrode my moral stance to “do the right thing”. As far as my body was concerned with my dick being washed by Sharon’s mouth, this was the right thing.

I never asked about her personal exploits with any of the past men she’s ever been with, but she was definitely good at giving head. She would bob her head on my dick for a little while before pulling it out of her mouth to lick the shaft and flick her tongue on its head. I found myself grinning in appreciation every time she did that. I wasn’t entirely big by any means, 6 inches erect, I think. I never actually measured it. I guess that’s why it was easy for Sharon to deep-throat me as well, the head of my dick scrapping the back of her throat. She did this a few times, causing me to moan audibly each time. I mentioned to her how good she was at this. She smiled, but said nothing as she continued.

A clicking sound caught both of our attention. I glanced up at the door that led to the porch as Sharon stopped sucking me and turned back to it. Since the only people who had a reason to open that door were really anyone living in the rear or the basement apartment, we quickly deduced that it must be Craig coming in. The way to the door of my apartment was accessed by a small flight of stairs. Along the stairs to my door and the stairs to the basement was a partition that would keep people from falling off my porch area down the stairs. It was high enough to hide anything happening from my stomach down. Which is why I quickly moved Sharon there and put her back on her knees just as the door opened and Craig walked in.

As he walked in, his back was to the door. That gave me a few extra minutes to pull my phone out to pretend I was looking at it before he turned and saw me. Craig greeted me and I greeted back in turn. After asking me what I was doing, I lied and told him that I had better phone reception on the porch, all the while Sharon went back to work on me. As Craig chuckled and agree that reception inside the apartments sucked, I adjusted myself, leaning on the partition to further hide the fact that I was being blown by his girlfriend. I glanced down, putting the phone in view to pretend I was looking at it rather than looking at Sharon, who was grinning like crazy with my dick in her mouth. I shook my head at her and let out a soft moan, almost forgetting I was in Craig’s presence.

He stared at me, wondering if I was alright. I confirmed I was, claiming that there was something on the phone that disappointed me. To further my lie, I made up some story about a news report that I was passionate about, despite the fact that I don’t watch the news. As Sharon silently bobbed her head along my dick, I made an exaggerated show about the story. I was hiding the fact that Sharon’s efforts were getting to me, being a feeling beyond pleasure overwhelming. I felt my manhood throbbing in her mouth as her tongue would flick against the head, causing me to sometimes take a pause in my statement pretending to hold back a silent burp or something and not accidentally cry out in pleasure.

Craig seemed very disinterested in my story, which was all the same since it was bullshit anyway and just a ruse to bore him into leaving. He stopped me from continuing my story, claiming he had stuff to do. At the moment, however, Sharon started picking up on her motions, bringing me closer to the edge. I glanced down at her again in a bit of shock, trying to warn her with my eyes to slow down. I barely heard Craig’s question about having seen Sharon. Of course, I told him I hadn’t even though she was running her tongue along the underside of my dick currently, as well as giving Craig the finger behind the partition out of view.

Unaware of practically everything going on, Craig shrugged and excused himself as he headed downstairs to the apartment. I watched him, making sure I could hear the actual apartment door open and close before turning back to Sharon. I told her how crazy she was. She countered by informing me how much I had been enjoying that. Thing was, she was right. I had never felt so turned on by anything like that before. And I’m more than certain she could tell by just how much my manhood was throbbing in her mouth. And with Craig gone, she was picking up her pace noisily now.

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