What Happens in Spain Ch. 12

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What happens in California, stays in California?

Irene wrapped the damp towel around herself, before stepping into the room, just to find it almost totally dark except for the one light beside their bed which had been left on. Looking over at Tina’s bed she found her there, apparently asleep. She realized that they’d probably spent a lot longer in the bath than she’d thought they would, first giving each other oral and then fondling and cleaning in the shower. It was a bit of relief finding that Tina was asleep; although she knew that she and Ryan would almost assuredly have sex before they went to sleep, at least she didn’t have to pretend it wasn’t going to happen. Stepping over to her drawers she quietly drew it open and examined the lingerie inside.

Irene again contemplated her options and what to wear. The lace teddy body stocking she dismissed as it actually took some effort to take on and off, as she didn’t want to take that effort. When she again picked up the sheer teddy and thong bikini bottom that she’d shown Tina earlier, she knew for sure this was what she wanted. Sheer, sexy, and easy to get on and off. Dropping the towel to the floor she first pulled on the panty before slipping the sheer top over her head. Stepping aside to look at herself in the mirror she could see her breasts on display, a surge of arousal going through her at the sight of her own body. Bending down she picked up the damp towel to spread it on the back of the chair when she was startled by Tina.

“Good choice, he’ll like that.” Her voice sounded sleepy and was barely above a whisper.

“Oh. I thought you were asleep,” she answered, turning and at the same time lifting her arm to cover her breasts, keeping at least a modicum of modesty.

“I almost was, you two took so long in the shower.” She chuckled, a short guffaw, before saying, “or at least you two took so long in the bathroom. Irene blushed, despite that her sexual world had opened so much recently, she still had her upbringing telling her that sex was private, that it was done behind closed doors, but for some reason the gentle tease made her tease right back.

“We were just trying to give you enough time and privacy to take care of yourself.”

“And I was just waiting, hoping that I’d be able to listen to you two while I did.” Unable to have a rejoinder to that, Irene instead picked up her tooth brush and stepped over to the sink at the wet bar to brush her teeth. Just as she finished brushing her teeth and, rinsing her toothbrush, she heard the toilet flush in the bath and a few moments after that, the door opened, and Ryan stepped out.

She hadn’t been sure what he would or wouldn’t be wearing, but his bath towel was wrapped around his waist and he was drying his hands on it as he stepped out. She set the toothbrush beside the sink and turned to greet him.

“Wow baby, that is really nice!” He stepped up to her, his arms reaching out to grip her own as his eyes ogled her body through the sheer covering. His hand easily slid under the edge of the top to cup her naked breast, his fingers pinching her nipples. “You are so sexy,” he said, steering his hand and arm behind her back and pulling her to him. His face bent to her and she looked up expectantly, his lips finding hers even as his hands and arms continued to roam her body.

“I’m glad you like it. Tina said you would.” He pulled his head away from hers long enough to glance toward Tina, and finding her eyes closed assumed from what he saw that she was asleep. “She’s not asleep,” Irene continued, knowing perfectly well that Ryan would think so, just as she had, unless she told him.

“Hmm,” he sounded, before continuing moments later with “Do you care?”

She felt her stomach clinch at his question, once again confronted by the realization that her existence had totally changed. In the last few weeks her entire world had turned upside down from her conservative upbringing and previous existence. Sex had always been something done in private, with a husband, yet with prodding from her husband she’d strayed from that thought, not once, but twice in the last couple of months. After taking a lover at the prodding of her husband, she’d fucked her girlfriend’s husband while at least her girlfriend, and possibly her husband, had watched. Her husband had found her dildo and been excited to use it on her, something else she’d never allowed him to even know she had until then. He’d helped her pick and pack her sexiest night clothes to send her off to California, and now, standing nearly naked in the hotel room that she was sharing with her lover and new girlfriend, her new girlfriend who had already admitted she’d liked watching and listening. Despite that she knew she should feel embarrassed, instead she felt a strange surge of excitement at the thought.


His hands were under her baby doll, his eyes panning down as they filled themselves with her breasts beneath the material, his thumbs caressing her nipples. Her own hand reached down, insinuating itself under the edge of the towel, finding his not quite flaccid, maltepe escort nowhere yet near erect cock, causing the towel to fall from his hips as it did. “It will take a bit,” he whispered, pulling her again against him, and then releasing her, he took her hand and moved towards the bed. Glancing over toward Tina to see if she was watching, she found her eyes closed and seemingly unaware that Ryan was naked, nearly beside her. Ryan had her slide into bed first, but as she reached to pull the baby doll off, he whispered, “Leave it on for now.”

Scooting to the far side, she reached over and found the light switch, plunging the room into virtual darkness. Rolling back, she found Ryan’s arms reaching for her and slithered into his grasp, his lips finding hers, his hands gently stroking her body. His hands were variously under the baby doll on her skin and then again over the top, enjoying the sensual feel of her body through the silky material. She realized for some reason he enjoyed kissing her through the material, she in turn just enjoyed having his lips on her body.

Ryan’s hands had insinuated themselves underneath her baby doll, fondling and arousing her nipples, and then his hand would move away to her other breast, and his mouth would move in, sucking the material and nipple into his mouth. The cloth prevented direct skin contact with his mouth or tongue, leading to a fainter, but extremely pleasurable, sensation. Glancing sideways, when she heard movement, her eyes now somewhat acclimated to the mostly dark room, could see that Tina had shifted in her bed, now rolled up onto her side facing them, but apparently asleep. Again, the question of whether she was watching traced her conscious, but just as when Maria and her husband had been in the room when she was with Albert, her So what? Let her look thought so distance from what she would have thought just a few short weeks before. When Ryan’s hand slid down her body, she spread her legs to give him access to her pussy, recognizing how wet she was again as his fingers touched her pleasure points.

Ryan had been on his side, now she pushed him onto his back and rolled herself on top of him. Kissing his face, he willingly allowed her to take charge. A long kiss, his hands gripping her naked bottom, morphed into his hands on her lower back, and then upper back, as she gradually slipped down his naked body. Her lips found his neck and chest, lingering on his own nipples. She rubbed her cheeks against the hair on his chest, ever moving lower. She kissed around his belly button and the soft flesh of his lower belly, totally ignoring the ever more rigid cock that was erecting so near her face. Traveling with her as she moved lower, the sheets had gradually pushed to the bottom of the bed so that Ryan was now almost totally exposed, and except for the baby doll, she was totally naked on top of him. When she’d backed herself far enough down over his legs, her face at his crotch, she finally reached up and grabbed his partial erection, holding it upright with her hand and began loving on it with her mouth and tongue.

She told herself she’d been ignoring Tina and any thoughts of whether she was watching or not, but when the sudden buzzing sound of Tina’s toy filled the otherwise nearly quiet room, she realized she had heard things; the shifting of her body on the bed; the sound of sheets being drawn back, the plumping of a pillow, other subtle, unexplained, noises. She realized that it wasn’t that she hadn’t heard them, she’d chosen to ignore them. Now as she wrapped her lips around the head of Ryan’s cock, no longer only semi-hard, she turned her head sideways enough to look once again at Tina’s bed, and unexpectedly, Tina looking back at her. Although only partly visible in the dark room with her eyes not yet adjusted to the darkness, she could tell that Tina was apparently naked, although only her chest and breasts exposed where she was caressing her body with her buzzing little friend. Closing her eyes, she looked away and concentrated on Ryan’s cock.

Or, at least she tried to. Despite the darkness, she knew that Tina must be watching. That she was holding his cock upright, the thought that with a little more light in the room Tina would have been able to see Ryan’s cock, her cock, filled her mind. That, with a little more light, Tina would have seen her sucking it, taking it into her mouth, loving on it, inexplicably excited her. She was the conservative housewife who had seldom ever sucked her husband’s cock. She was the prudish mother of two, who hadn’t at first even wanted to go topless at a nude beach but had eventually, with the modest embarrassment that her friend’s husband was checking out her tits. She hadn’t ever even used a dildo on herself until her friend, whose husband had a larger cock than she’d ever even imagined, had taken her to purchase one. She had masturbated for years, alone, imagining it was her friend’s husband. And now she, who was all these things that were totally contrary to her current behavior, wanted her friend to watch her sucking her lover’s mamak escort cock, to see her lovers’ cock, just as she’d said she’d like to – just once.

It hadn’t been this way when she’d fucked Albert. There she’d known Maria had been watching, and probably Oscar when he hadn’t had his face buried between Maria’s legs, but she’d just ignored them, pretended they weren’t there. But the thought of Tina being so close, now obviously awake and taking care of herself while watching her and Ryan, that she’d admitted she liked to watch and be watched, filled every last corner of her mind that wasn’t concentrating on the ever-harder erection filling her mouth. She tried to concentrate, tried to feel the reaction of Ryan to her tongue and lips, tried to feel what pleasured him the most, almost driving the thoughts of Tina watching out of her mouth. She felt Ryan shift in the bed, his body turning a bit kitty-corner on the bed, and then his muscles contracted. Not in orgasm but stiffening momentarily as his arm extended to the bedside table to the light that she’d turned out earlier.

With the darkness of the room instantly driven away, she had to look sideways at the other bed, and at Tina. As she thought she’d seen in the dark, Tina had her vibrator held to her chest, moving back and forth between breasts, rubbing its cool plastic against her nipples. What she hadn’t seen in the dark was Tina’s other hand under the covers between her legs. The sheets were tented up slightly by her legs, the movement of her hand under the covers not moving the covers themselves, thereby hiding what was really happening. Instantly Irene knew that Tina had be playing with her monstrous friend.

Ryan’s other hand had been resting on and stroking her head, but now it reached down, his fingers catching the hair around her one ear and pulling it back over her neck, removing any obstruction to Tina being able to see what she was doing.

“Oh fuck!” Irene heard Tina whisper.

“Like that?” Ryan said, but there was no verbal answer from Tina. “Oh, yeah, that’s so good,” Ryan cooed, and stroking her head a little more, she was certain he was talking to her, but his next words, “Let me see,” definitely weren’t as they were directed at Tina. “Come on, you get to see, let us see too.”

Moving her hand with the vibrator to the covers, Tina gripped them and pulled them aside, leaving herself totally nude and exposed on the bed. Her right hand was between her legs, holding Irene’s plastic phallus, slowly plunging it in and out of herself. Even in the dim light her juices glistened on the shaft as she pulled it out. Now exposed, she turned slightly in the bed, letting her right leg drop over the edge while her left leg, bent at the knee, was splayed wide, totally exposing her pussy and what she was doing to Ryan and Irene.

“Oh! God that’s hot!” Ryan whispered aloud, his already hard cock swelling even more in Irene’s mouth and seemingly getting harder.

Unable to resist any longer, Irene pulled one hand away from Ryan’s magnificent erection while continuing to stroke him with one hand while sucking and licking on the head with her mouth and slid it down between her legs. She had no problem slipping her hand into her panty and finding her silky wetness and the hard little nub slightly hidden beneath her folds of skin.

Never in her wildest masturbation fantasies had she ever envisioned such a scenario, but there was no doubt that she was on fire from it. Sucking her boyfriends’ cock while her girlfriend was watching, her girlfriend, totally nude and masturbating with her big, black, dildo, spread eagled on the opposite bed practically willing them to watch her too. Her body began to shudder and constrict as an impending orgasm approached, only to have Ryan’s hands suddenly grip her shoulders, urging her away from his cock. To keep her balance, she had to pull her mouth from his cock and hand from her panty, and following his physical urging, sat up on top of him. She moved upward, his hands moving down to push her panty to one side and gripping his cock he aimed it toward her until she could impale herself on him. For the second time in just a few weeks she found herself fucking someone who wasn’t her husband and enjoying that her friend was watching. The way that Ryan’s finger found her clit, or that his hands caressed her body, she knew he was paying attention to her, but the way she saw his face turn toward Tina and the opposite bed, she knew he was also watching Tina pleasure herself with herplay friend.


“I guess it didn’t bother you to be sharing a room with us, huh?” Ryan said to Tina the following morning when Irene was in the toilet.

“That was pretty hot. I slept like a baby afterward.”

“You certainly weren’t bashful.”

Tina giggled, “Neither were you two. Irene got the real thing, I only got the plastic version.”

Ryan hesitated momentarily, and then with no hint of bantering said, “That’s all you will get, too.”

Realizing that what she had said could be construed to mean she wanted to fuck Ryan also, ankara escort Tina immediately clarified herself. “Oh no, I didn’t mean that. My husband and I like to watch and be watched, but we don’t play directly with others. Irene’s toy and watching you two was perfect for me.”

“What’s perfect for you?” Irene asked, having come out of the bathroom at that very moment.

“I was just telling Ryan that my husband and I like to watch and sometimes to be watched, but he’s yours and your friend was a perfect addition to my enjoyment last night. That’s all.”


Training and troubleshooting sped up the further into the program they got. Every problem found and corrected increased the time before the next problem was found. The several weeks delay before calling them together again had cleared up most of the problems so that by the end of the week, the program was ready to roll out to the rest of the company.

“I don’t think there is any doubt that there will probably be some bugs show up, it’s virtually impossible to make a perfect program from scratch. But, I’m also confident that you five are something we’ve never had before, in-house specialists that can identify, solve, and communicate the problems throughout the company in the future,” Mr. Thompson said in their group meeting early Friday. “I also believe that we cannot send you back into the field with the same organizational structure that you came from. There are impediments in each of your departments, each of your countries, that will try to maintain the status quo.” He paused, “And so, we’re not going to maintain the existing organization.” He proceeded to outline the plan, that once he had a chance to discuss privately with each of them what they had observed or would recommend for the usage of the people that they had been working with. Afterward, they would go back, the new organization structure would be implemented and although they wouldn’t have the same title that their previous bosses had they would, in reality, now be in charge of their departments.

“Which leads us to the overall organization. The very expensive consultants that we’ve used to get us here are going away, at least, full time. We think that the five of you, collaboratively working together, will be able to control and guide this program from now on without their help. We’ll retain them on a consulting basis; if we need them, they’ll be available, and we’ll pay them according to the need. I think you should know, the consultants themselves have been very complimentary about you as a team, that they think you’ve shown yourselves to truly be a step above any other group they’ve ever worked with, and they have recommended that we cut them loose. They think you’re now capable to handle the majority of all problems going forward.” He looked around, acknowledging each of them in turn and smiled.

“We’ve taken all of your evaluations, and combined with our own personnel evaluations, have made some changes. When you go back, you will all be your new department leads. Not the boss, the leads. Our previous organization was top down, with very few of the top people knowing or understanding what was really happening, and the one universal response you all gave was that most of the time their decisions came from the top down, did not include your input, and often exacerbated the problems. As several of you pointed out, the information that we were getting almost always hid problems and made it appear that everything was going well, when in fact it was not. We’ve made changes in the last week while you’ve been busy here. Many of you will return to find that your boss is gone. As the lead, you have the difficult task of implementing the new program, helping your coworkers understand what is happening and the understanding the new processes, and getting them up to speed. Change is always difficult, but in the way we are doing it, there is no argument about need, it’s just no longer the way it was.

“As the lead, you’ll be observing, guiding, directing, and reporting. Some of your co-workers are not going to work out. We all know how that is, the hard-headed person who always throws a monkey wrench into whatever is being done and slowing down the process. You won’t have to deal with them, we will. All you need to do is report what is happening, just so we know where to look. With the automatic logging and report capabilities, we will be able to verify and deal with it, so you don’t appear to be the bad guy. Likewise, there are those like yourselves, who are always a cut above average, who we also would like to know about.

“Which now leads to one more small problem. We are still a large organization, and we still have a need for you to report to corporate management and disseminate instructions whenever they come down, so we need someone to be the team leader. We’ve discussed whether to make it permanent, whether to make it a rotating lead, or what exactly to do. And, the truth be known, we don’t know. What we had before was not working, so it makes no sense to replicate it, and it was the system that we set up. One of the truisms in solving a problem is that those who are closest to the problem are most likely to know the best solution so we’re going to let you decide. You five can discuss among yourselves and report back about what you want, and who should start as the team lead.”

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