What Did I Get Into?

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I can’t believe I’m doing this. I’m driving to a bar to meet a woman and her husband, and they’re going to see if she wants to have sex with me. Even though they said this was just a meet and greet and I know nothing’s going to happen tonight, my hands are sweaty on the steering wheel just thinking about it.

I’m driving through an old steel town. Oh, there’s the sign, I make a left turn and drive under a railroad viaduct. There’s the restaurant, Silky’s Crows Nest, just where they told me it was. I’m twenty minutes early. Should I go in? Or wait out here until it’s time?

I’m wearing a nice polo shirt and my best pair of slacks to make a good impression. It’s hot out here, 7:40 on an August Wednesday night. Maybe I better go in, or I’ll leave a sweat stain on the shirt.

It’s cooler and dark in the bar, not more than a dozen people in the room. None of them seem to be Mary and Adam, no one looks around to see who I am. I sit around the horseshoe of the bar so I can see people coming in, the bartender comes over and I order a Yuengling. I’m still nervous as fuck. I try to sip my beer slowly, still I’ve only got a third of it left when they enter at four minutes after eight.

She’s quite good looking. I can’t believe she’s over fifty! She’s wearing a blue wraparound thing, the top stretches over her tits, I can see all of her shoulders and arms. The dress drops all the way down to her ankles, it’s got some sort of a tropical scene on it with palm trees and ocean. But there’s a slit, as she walks in her leg pops out, I can see to the mid-thigh. Her husband is behind her.

They walk over to me. “Ben?” she says.


“Hi. I’m Mary, this is Adam.” She bends towards me, gives me a kiss on the cheek, I can feel her tit bump against my arm. Adam and I shake hands.

“Maura, let us have a couple vodka/tonics,” Adam says to the barkeep. And top our friend’s beer off, please.”

“Sure thing.”

We talk about if I was able to find the place all right and some such until we get our drinks, then Adam suggests we go out on the deck.

It’s a great place, the sun is setting behind the hills, we can see out onto the river. They lead me to a table on the far side of the deck, we’re a good thirty feet from the only other couple that’s out there. Mary sits facing the water, Adam waves me to the seat beside her, sits across from me.

“So, Ben, what have you got to say for yourself?” Mary asks. It’s sort of like a joke, I guess.

“Well, thanks for meeting me. I didn’t really expect you guys to show.”

“Have you been stood up before?”

“Sort of,” I explain. “I was set to meet one couple, but they canceled the day before. That’s the only time I got far enough along to have any hope.” Adam, Mary and I have been messaging back and forth on a swinger web site, he told me to give them a call last Thursday night, I talked to them, mostly her, for maybe ten minutes and they invited me out here tonight. Adam even texted me at six o’clock saying they were anxious to meet me.

“So we’re the first couple you’ve met?” Mary says.


“And have you ever done anything like this before?”

“No, never. Always thought about it. My wife and I talked about getting into swinging a few times, but it never happened.”

“And where is she tonight?” Mary asks.

“I have no idea. We’re separated, she walked out on me with our kids just before Thanksgiving. The lawyer says the divorce will be final in October, probably.”

“Where are you living?” Adam asks.

“I’ve got an apartment in Penn Hills. I let them have the house.”

“How about a girl friend?”

“Nobody steady.” Actually this is sort of a half truth. Kim and I have been dating off and on since May. I think she might have another guy though, but she’s down at the beach for a week with her daughter so she’ll never know. If anything happens.

We start talking about other things, they tell me a story about going out to California. I can’t stop watching Mary, she’s fiddling with her necklace and it draws attention to her tits. I wonder if I’m staring. Maura brings us out another round, I didn’t see Adam wave for one but he might have.

The conversation flits around and then Mary says, “Hey, do you like the zoo? We go from time to time, I like looking at the elephants.”

“No, I haven’t been over there since the kids were little.” The subject is a little strange, but hey.

“You might want to go sometime,” Adam puts in, “I like to look at the way the monkeys play around.”

A couple minutes later, we start telling jokes, Mary laughs pretty hard, puts a hand on my shoulder. My mouth gets dry, I take a gulp of beer. A couple minutes later, I feel Mary’s hand on my knee.

“So listen, Ben,” Adam says, “Do you have any questions about us?”

“Not really. Well, one, actually. Why do you guys do this?”

“It’s fun! I like watching Mary with other guys, it’s my very favorite porn.”

Mary adds, “I like the variety. Every guy is a little bit different.’

“Really?” esat escort I say. Now my heart is beating pretty hard.

“Yes, they are. I wonder just what it would be like if you and I were in bed together. Is that something you’re wondering, Ben?”

“I guess so,” I say, a little uncertainly.

Adam says, “Ben, we just live a little way from here. Would you like to come over?”


“Come on, then.” We all get up, Mary uses my shoulder to help her stand, and we head back through the bar.

Adam gets his wallet out, I say “Let me get that.” I put $40 down, tell Maura to keep the change. I think I see a little smirk in the way the woman looks at me.

Out in the parking lot Mary and Adam point out their sedan, tell me to follow them. We head out, turn right onto the main road and go over a bridge and get into Aspinwall. We turn left onto a side street and park just a block into the town. Mary’s standing on the porch of a big beige Victorian, she leads me in. The place is decorated like it was the turn of the century. Adam says, “Welcome. You want another beer?”


“I’ll go get it. More vodka, honey?”

“No, just some water please.” Adam steps out of the room.

Mary starts talking about the house, almost like she’s giving me a tour. First we’re in a hall, and she shows me this big glass case full of figurines, every one of them is of a person reading a book. I hear Adam’s footsteps on the floor above us, he seems to be pacing around. After she shows me a fan her grandfather brought back from China Mary leads me into the living room and starts talking about a picture above the mantle.

I’m confused. I had the feeling we were going to have sex. And here she is lecturing me about Victorian sword chairs. I think maybe if I put my hand on her bare shoulder something might happen, but I’m just not sure.

Adam comes back into the room, stands near us on the other side of Mary, listens to her as she explains some kind of old slide viewer. When she moves on and bends over to pick up a glass heart I see Adam rub his hand along Mary’s ass. I wonder if maybe I should try that, but I don’t.

A couple minutes later, Mary picks up an old kaleidoscope and I’m about to be offered the chance to see thousands of colors, I guess. But then Adam stands behind Mary, takes it out of her hand and puts it back on the table. “Ben doesn’t want to see that,” he tells her. He turns her towards me, puts his hands on her waist and touches her neck softly. “Ben, I think Mary wants you to kiss her. Would you like to?”

“I guess,” I say.

Mary’s still standing stiffly, like she was when she was going through her talk on authors in Victorian literature. But she says softly, “Please kiss me, Ben.”

Suddenly my mouth goes dry and my heart starts pumping. Is this really going to happen? I move the ten inches closer to her, she puts her hands around my neck, I bend down and we start kissing. She opens her mouth, it’s wonderful. After a couple seconds I can feel her relax. I can taste the lime from her vodka, I put my arms around her waist. Adam backs away, goes over to the sword chair and sits down. After a few minutes of just kissing, Mary sort of pushes me back and I sit on a love seat big enough for two, Mary leans against me. We start kissing again, she lets her hands move over my arms, I feel her back, naked above the dress.

I put my hand on her side and she raises her arm so I can feel her tit. I wonder if I should pull the dress down, instead I feel her ass. It’s soft, I can feel her panties under the dress.

“You kids want to go upstairs?” Adam offers.

Mary stands. Her eyes are a little wild now, there’s no doubt the wants it just as bad as I do. I stand up and she leads me into the foyer and up the stairs. Adam is behind me, along the way he asks, “Ben, would you mind if I take pictures?”

“Sure, it’s okay with me,” I agree.

We travel down a long, dark hall and get into the bedroom. It’s decorated in Victorian style too, with lots of old pictures on the wall, a little couch at the foot of the four postered bed with a sort of a drape over the top of it. I look around for a minute and the only thing modern is a television. There’s some sort of soft jazzy music playing on a stereo, candles are lit on side tables. It’s very romantic, I think.

Mary and I sit on the tiny couch, just big enough for two people, and we start making out again. I notice Adam gets his phone and starts taking pictures of us, I figure I’ll just ignore him like Mary’s doing and concentrate on her.

When my put my hand on Mary’s tits again, she rolls the clingy top down, lets me hold the naked boobs. They’re nice, a little small and spongy, there’s nothing fake here. They droop a little, but hey, she’s in her fifties! She pulls her head back and I kiss her nipples. The skin around them is crinkled and the nubs are poking out a little bit. She seems to like it, she moans a little bit. I see Adam’s in front of us, taking pictures etimesgut escort of me sucking on his wife’s boobs. That turns me on a little bit, thinking I’m cuckolding him.

Mary pulls my shirt off me, throws it on the floor, I go back to sucking the other tit now. Then she unbuckles my belt, before too long she’s got me unzipped and I’m pulling the pants off. Mary feels my cock through my underpants, it feels good and I can’t wait until my thing’s inside her, fucking her. I help her pull her dress off, see her little blue panties. Mary turns around, sort of lies against my chest. I hold her left tit in my hand, reach down and put a finger inside her panties. I’m a little surprised when she just whips them off. She’s completely shaved down there, when I touch the skin it’s nice and soft. I feel under the hood for her clit, she puts one foot up on the side of the couch, the other one’s on the floor. Adam comes over and takes a picture of me fingering her. Now Mary’s moaning real loud, her legs start twitching. “That’s a good one,” she says a moment later.

Mary climbs off the couch after she recovers, kneels in front of me. She reaches up and touches my cock through the boxers, giving me a very pleasant moment. Then she pulls my underwear down and my cock springs out. I’ve been worried about ED, it doesn’t look like I’m going to have a problem tonight. After the boxers are over my feet, Mary takes my cock in her hand and gives it a good look. “It’s nice,” she says and then starts licking the shaft. All the while, Adam’s taking pictures of what’s going on, he gets one as Mary starts to swallow my prick.

Mary’s a pretty good cocksucker. For a few strokes it’s simply in and out of her mouth, it’s pleasant enough in itself, but then she starts stroking my prick with her hand. It feels fantastic, given that it’s nice and slick from her spit. I feel some pressure from her finger just behind my balls, I almost lose it right there. “I’m going to come,” I warn and Mary stops sucking. Before she’s done with it, though, she puts it between her tits and lets me sort of fuck them.

Then she stands up on the couch, her hands are gripping the top of the bed, her pussy is right at my mouth. She pushes it into me, I don’t have any choice but to lick at it, not that I don’t want to. This gives her another orgasm, and while she’s having it she falls forward, right onto the bed and laughs her ass off.

I climb onto the bed, and now we’re rolling around. She gets on top of me and sucks my nipples while I feel her tits up. We kiss a little bit, then I’ll be damned if she doesn’t turn around with her head by my feet and her pussy’s on my stomach. This gives me a chance to finger her, there she goes again. I look over and Adam’s taking more pictures, but I see he stripped while I was busy taking care of Mary. His prick is standing out from his body, as erect as mine is.

The action keeps going, but it’s a little slower now. Mary comes back up, we kiss some more. I love the feeling of her lying on top of me, her tits crushed into my chest, my prick up against her belly. I wonder how close it is to her pussy, I wonder what she’d think if I grabbed her and tried to stick it in.

I don’t get a chance, once again she’s got my prick and testicles in her mouth. At the same time I watch Adam start fingering her pussy, she can’t suck on me while she’s groaning one more time.

Eventually she comes up and lies beside me again, she’s on her side and she’s got my cock in her hand while we’re kissing. I reach for her pussy, she lies on her back, lets me finger her for awhile. Once again she’s moaning that I’m giving her a good one, she sticks one leg up in the air.

She fluffs a couple of pillows, gets me to a half sitting, half lying position, then I’m damned if she doesn’t climb above me, facing the foot of the bed, and puts her slit right in my face again. I’m happy to lick her, of course, and she spreads her lips with her fingers so I can get at all the good stuff. Then she bends down and we’re in sixty-nine, I’m eating her out as she’s sucking on my cock again.

It feels like we do this forever, I’m getting a little bit bored with oral, I want to screw her. Like she’s reading my mind, she climbs down, lays on top of me and says, “You ready?”

“Yeah. I sure am.”

“Good.” Then to her husband she says, “Where’s the condoms?” He steps over, opens a drawer and hands her a packet.Before she puts it on me she gives the tip of my prick a nice lick to get it wet, then she rolls the plastic over it. She sort of eases up after it’s all the way on, she puts her pussy right above my cock, uses both of her hands to spread the lips, points my prick right at it and she sinks down on top of me, starts screwing me.

This is maybe the hottest thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m lying on my back in this fairy-tale room. The fabric above us is waving as we move together, there are the candles and Mary is twisting her hips perfectly in time to the fast tempo of a saxophone ankara escort playing. I watch her face and she’s closing her eyes, groaning and yelling, having a great come and I’m not too far away myself.

I try to say the alphabet backwards to keep myself off the edge, her orgasm rolls for a couple of minutes. Mary sinks forward, takes my head in both of her hands and she opens her eyes, gives me a look that just says to me, ‘come on, give it to me.’ I grab her waist and slam her ass down as hard and fast as I can, over and over again and let it go. It’s just a great come, I can feel it all over my body and all the while she’s looking straight into my eyes, her tits dangling, her nipples grazing my chest hair as I let my sperm go!

Exhausted and gasping hard, Mary collapses on top of me, smiling and laughing. I feel her weight upon me. Once her breathing gets back to normal she moves her ass back and forth, my dick squirms around in her hole, I love how this woman is satisfying both of us. Adam continues to roam around the bed, pointing the phone at us. “Did you get that?” Mary asks.

“Some good video, I think.”

“I’m going to want to watch it,” she says.

I pop in, “Is there any way I could get a copy of it?”

“Sure,” Adam answers. “I’ll just edit the faces out.”

Mary’s still sitting on top of me, even though my dick is getting softer and softer it’s still stuck in her. She leans over and starts sucking on Adam, he half kneels on the bed. This is pretty neat, I can see what Adam means that it’s like viewing porn. Except in video, I’ve never seen a woman suck on a man other than me, I watch Adam’s cock sliding in and out between her lips, her cheeks moving as she sucks.

While she’s doing this, she’s still moving on top of me, and eventually I get so limp it slips out of her. I hear her giggle at the plopping sound, then she asks her husband, “You want to come in my mouth?”

“No, why don’t you get on your knees.”

She climbs off me, turns around so her ass is pointing at the side of the bed. While she’s doing this she strips the rubber off me and hands it to Adam. He wraps it in a kleenex and tosses it into the waste can. He grabs her hips, pulls them until it’s at the right height and angle, gets behind her and pushes his prick in the hole I was in just a couple minutes before.

While they’re getting comfortable, it takes a couple minutes, Mary pushes me a little bit until her head is right above my belly and she takes my cock in her mouth. Even though it’s soft, her licking and sucking still feels great. I notice she and Adam have set up a nice tempo. I’m feeling her tits as they fuck, I stretch my arm and I can touch her clit. It’s pretty neat, being part of this act of two other people screwing, her lower lips are twitching as Adam thrusts in and out. I rub her clit, this brings Mary to yet another climax! This girl has come more in one night than my wife did in our entire marriage, I think. She stops sucking on me to buck and groan, and then I hear Adam let loose. It’s mayhem for a couple of minutes as they finish fucking, then Adam pulls out, Mary plops on the bed next to me. Adam hands her a tissue, she cleans her pussy off, and then she rolls over on me, cuddling and kissing.

“Coffee and cake?” Adam asks.

“We have lemon?” Mary says.

“Yeah.” Adam asks me, “You want coffee? Or maybe another beer?”

“Coffee’s fine,” I say.

He heads downstairs, not bothering to put any clothes on.

Mary and I kiss a little bit, she feels my prick and balls, I’ve got her tit in my hand. “That was pretty good,” she tells me, “you sure you’ve never done this before?”

“No, first time for me. Being in a situation like this, I mean. I’ve had my share of girls before.”

“I’ll bet you have,” she answers, “and you’ll have a bunch more. I’ve got to go to the bathroom.” She gets up, I watch her ass sway as she walks to the door. “Don’t go anyplace,” Mary suggests.

I’m all alone in their bedroom, I just relax and take it in. My cock feels wonderful, it should, it’s been sucked and fucked so well. It’s a little warm in the room with the August night, but there’s a couple of fans moving the air around, it’s comfortable enough. I can see myself in a big mirror put there so the people on the bed can watch themselves while they screw. The light is perfect with the candles and a couple of dim lamps. I hear the toilet flush, the bathroom door open.

I get up, I’ve gotta piss too, Mary and I kiss and grab at each other as we pass in the hall.

When I get back to the bedroom, Mary’s lying on the bed, sort of diddling at her pussy, her eyes closed, just enjoying herself. “Can I help with that?” I ask.

“Sure.” I put myself at the foot of the bed, move my hand to where hers has been. I take a look at her pussy, she doesn’t seem to mind. The outer lips are flaming red with the two screwings she’s just had, they’re spread apart, the clit pokes out, nice and big, the hole itself is closed but moist skin peeks out. When I put a finger in it’s very wet, I assume it’s because Adam screwed her without a condom. A part of my brain is telling me this is weird, I’m touching another guys sperm, the other part is telling me to shut up, when the hell will I ever have a chance at seeing something like this again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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