Welcome to the Neighbourhood

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Big Tits

I was new in town. A fresh new face transplanted from middle-Canada to the coolness of England. My company had transferred me across the Atlantic to head up a new project for them and this was my first night in my new flat. Unfortunately, there was no furniture to speak of yet, they wouldn’t be arriving for another day or two. It was just me, the luggage I was able to travel with and four blank walls to stare at.

I wasn’t familiar with the area, having just arrived that day, but the taxi I rode to my new home in, passed a pub just down the street. I changed my shirt, combed my hair and out the door I went, searching for something to entertain myself with for a few hours.

The pub sat on the northwest corner of two intersecting roads and I soon found myself inside. It was a week night, so there wasn’t a lot of patrons inside. It was quiet except for a small group of rowdies in the corner yelling and jeering at a soccer match on a television. I’m not much for soccer, so I took a place at the bar and ordered a stout from the barkeep.

It wasn’t long before I looked up from the brim of my beer mug to notice a gorgeous brunette seated across from me on the other side of the horse shoe shaped bar. I must have been staring at her too long, for she finished her glass of what appeared to be champagne or white wine, upon which, she noticed me watching her. She smiled and I quickly looked away.

I waited before looking back at her and now I caught her watching me. I awkwardly smiled and gave her a nod. We continued in this manner for awhile, exchanging glances and smiles. Eventually, I looked back across to her but noticed she was gone. I looked about to see where she was, but alas. She was nowhere to be found. My heart broke a little, disappointed that I never had the courage to approach her.

I sat back on my stool and ordered another stout. That’s when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned to see this beautiful woman that I’d been trading smiles and winks with for the past hour, standing next to me. Before she said anything to me, she motioned to the bartender, “George,” she said with her elegant British accent, can I have another glass of champagne, please.” She introduced herself to me as “Kelly”, and I must say, up close, Kelly was ten times, nay… A hundred times more sexy than she was seated across the bar from me. And she smelled beautifully. Like a perfect combination of light fruit, vanilla and soap, like she’d just gotten out of a bubble bath. She was slender with big beautiful breasts that appeared to be struggling to remain imprisoned in the revealing blue bahis firmaları dress that Kelly was wearing. I tried to remain respectful, but my cock was being beastly, angrily trying to escape the confines of my pants. “Champagne?” I asked as she adjusted herself to be more comfortable perched upon the bar stool to my left. “Are you celebrating?”

“Nothing special.” she said, nodding to George as he handed her another glass of the sparkly. She explained that she hadn’t been out of the house in awhile and that she was supposed to meet up with her friend, Becca, who cancelled last minute. “I was all dolled up and didn’t feel like staying home, so I figured ‘Fuck it’, and came out anyway.

“Respect.” I said, softly, tapping her glass with my mug, “How’s it going, so far?” Kelly smiled back at me and admitted, “So far, so good.”

We sat and chatted about lots of things over the course of the next couple hours. She’d laugh and touch my leg and vice-versa. She’d say something witty and I’d nonchalantly brush my hand on her knee or feeling more bold, caress the inside of her thigh. The whole time, though, I had a raging hard on. Whenever Kelly looked away, I scrambled to readjust my package as the pressure was growing more and more intense.

Without warning, the night came to an end. George ushered out the last of the patrons before turning his attention to us and soon we found ourselves, too, outside in the cool evening air.

“I live just down the street.” Kelly said, pointing south. “Coincidentally,” I said, “So do I.”

Kelly smiled and we slowly walked down the street, close to one another. Kelly kept talking, explaining how she grew up in this neighbourhood. “Born and raised.” she said. She pointed out the small store where she would steal candy as a child. She shyly pointed to the ice cream stop where she first kissed a boy. As we were passing an alley way, she gleefully pointed her finger and confessed, “That’s the alley where…” She stopped sudden. Not finishing her statement.

I smiled at her, “Where you what?”

“I shouldn’t.” she whispered.

“Shouldn’t what?” I asked, slyly, “Kelly. What did you do down that alley?”

Kelly smiled at me, looking deep into my eyes and biting her lip. “I used to do stuff… Down that alley. Naughty… Stuff.” With that confession, she took me by the hand and lead me down the alley way to a small clearing behind the building.

Kelly pushed me back up against the building and squatted down in front of me. “I was a naughty girl and would bring all the boys back here.”

Kelly continued to explain kaçak iddaa in great detail, how she would give all the boys hand jobs or blow jobs. “I was a real cum slut, when I was a girl.”

“And now?” I asked. A devious grin stretched across Kelly’s beautiful face, her eyes sexily scanning down from mine and focusing on my hand rubbing the bulge in my pants. “Do you…?” I asked, my voice trembling slightly, “Do you feel naughty right now?”

“I noticed you fumbling with your cock all evening.” Kelly said, her eyes never leaving my crotch.

“Are you kidding?” I said, “All night I’ve been staring at those amazing tits.” Without a word, Kelly stood up and pulled the straps down on both sides of her dress, exposing an amazing pair of double d breasts with very hard nipples. They seemed to glow like two bright orbs in the moonlight.

“Like what you see?” Kelly asked, standing before me, unashamed, her breasts out in the night air.

“Very much.” I admitted.

“Show me.” she said, and without hesitation, as if I were suddenly under her spell, I dropped my trousers down around my ankles and stood there in front of this amazing woman, my thick seven inches pulsating in the moonlight. Kelly squatted down once more, her face just inches from the head of my cock. I could feel her warm breath glide over it with every exhale. “Jerk it, for me.”

I’d not masturbated in front of anyone for a long while and when I had, it was with a friend back home in Canada, MelissaZ and even then, MelissaZ was masturbating, too. I explained that to Kelly, who quickly removed her panties. Hiking up her blue dress around her waste, I could hear the stickiness that had accumulated between Kelly’s pussy lips. The sound enough was almost too much for me. I started jacking my cock for Kelly, who’s eyes never distracted from the action taking place before her.

My hand staying in tune with every stroke of her fingers. My eyes trained down on the top of her head and what I could see of those magnificent globes hanging off her chest.

About thirty strokes in, Kelly looked up into my eyes, licked her lips and said, “Fuck it. Hubby probably won’t like it, but I gotta have your dick in my mouth.” Without warning, Kelly moved in close. Squatting down, I could feel her inner thighs rubbing on my legs as she thrust her mouth over my cock, driving it deeper and deeper down her throat. Occasionally, Kelly would stop, my cock pulsating down her throat and she wouldn’t move. Eyes just tearing up before ejecting my cock and gasping to catch her breath. “Oh my god, I love cock!!” she’d say, then drive kaçak bahis me deep into her gullet once more.

Kelly must have had a lot of practice giving blowjobs, because this was an epic blowjob. A blowjob worthy of it’s own wing at the Blowjob Hall of Fame. I’d never seen a blowjob this fantastic in any porn movie I’d ever watched. I don’t know what Kelly did for a living, but she sure has a talent. “If she fucks as good as she sucks,” I thought to myself, “She’d be a porn megastar, bigger than even Jenna Jameson.”

“Gonk! Gonk! Gonk! Gonk!” is the only other sound I could hear other than my groin slapping off Kelly’s puckered lips.

“I’m close!!” I shouted.

“Cum in me.” Kelly responded, “Cum in my mouth. I want to taste your cum. I want… I want to taste YOU.”

I didn’t need any more confirmation and I grabbed two handfuls of brunette hair and drove my cock deep as I shot what felt like globs and globs of thick semen deep into Kelly’s throat. Only a string was left, stretching from my dickhead to Kelly’s bottom lip. Kelly wiped it away with her index finger and placed it in her mouth. “Mmm. Sweet.” she muttered.

I came so hard that my knees buckled and I fell to the ground. Silently, Kelly reached between her legs and with her fingers, scooped the sloppy stickiness from her pussy and placed them in my mouth. I sucked Kelly’s sweet nectar from her fingers until I could taste no more. Kelly then stood up, replaced her panties and offered me assistance in getting back to my feet.

We slowly crept up the alley way, back toward the street. “That’s how it went down, usually?” I asked, “When you were being naughty?”

Kelly smiled, nostalgically, “Yeah. Pretty much.”

I noticed Kelly’s tits were still out and I urged her to put them away. “Whoops.” she said, tucking them back beneath her dress. “That would be a hard one to explain.”

“Did I hear you say ‘hubby’?” I asked.

“Yes.” Kelly said, “I am married.”

There was a long pause as we strode together down the street. “You know what they say,” Kelly said. “You can put a ring on a slut, but you’ll never completely tame her. A cum-slut will always need cum.”

Seems reasonable, I suppose.

“Plus, what hubby doesn’t know, won’t hurt him.”

We walked another half block and she announced that she was home. To my delight, she was only a couple of houses down from where my flat was. Kelly gave me a wink and a smile, adding a kiss on the cheek and a squeeze of my cock. “Welcome to the neighbourhood.” she whispered.

I still see Kelly, from time-to-time, in the neighbourhood. Sometimes she flashes me her tits and I just smile. Kelly is one hot piece of ass and who knows, maybe one day, when hubby’s looking the other way, I can slip my cock into that hot little pussy and return the favour.

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