Wanda’s Story Ch. 04

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Wanda Catron woke up that Saturday morning thinking she was dreaming. In her dream, her pussy was being filled by a cock, again and again and again. A confirmed lesbian, Wanda had no idea why she was having that dream.

As she became more aware, she felt a weight on her body, and her legs wide apart. And to her total surprise, what felt like a cock was indeed ramming into her pussy.

She flung her eyes open, then relaxed. She saw her Mistress, Anne Franklin, towering over her on the bed. She had put on her strap-on, and was waking up Wanda with a good fucking.

Her fears gone, Wanda reached up, grabbed Anne’s shoulders, and enjoyed the ride. The phallus filled her again and again, and Wanda wondered how long Anne had been fucking herr. She felt her wetness, and noted with joy her high state of arousal. Her hips lifted off the bed, and started meeting Anne’s frantic thrusts, as the girl drover herself onto the strap-on cock as her Mistress drove the cock into her.

Wanda’s excitement grew and grew. She knew she would cum soon, and started preparing her mind for it. Each orgasm with Anne was special, especially now that Wanda had given herself to Anne as her slave. She wanted to please Anne, like she had last night with the show at the strip club.

Wanda was just about to cum when suddenly Anne pulled the cock out of Wanda’s pussy and lifted off the girl. Wanda, confused, reached her hands between her legs, preparing to masturbate to alleviate the enormous pressure that had built up.

To her amazement, Anne said “No! Stop!!”

Wanda froze, inches from her throbbing clit.

“You will start learning a new rule today, my pet,” Anne hissed. “All your orgasms are gifts from me, and you will only cum when I allow you to. As the start of this lesson, you will not cum until I tell you to cum. No matter how worked up you get, and believe me, pet, you WILL get worked up today, you will not cum. Understand?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Wanda replied through clenched teeth. The need to cum was overwhelming, but Wanda held it in.

“Go get me breakfast, pet,” Anne ordered. “Pancakes and sausage will be a good meal to start the day.”

“At once, Mistress,” Wanda said, and she scampered, nude, into the kitchen.

The cooking of the meal took only minutes. Wanda made two plates, put them on a tray, and carried them carefully into the bedroom. In addition to the food, Wanda had added coffee and orange juice. Anne watched her approach with a quizzical look on her face.

“Pet,” she said, “Do you wish your Mistress to be fat?”

“Oh, no, Mistress,” Wanda cried. “Why would you think that?”

“You brought me two plates full of food, pet. Why?”

“One is for me, Mistress.”

“Did I give you permission to eat?”

Shocked, Wanda stammered, “No, Mistress.”

“Follow me, pet,” Anne said. She got off the bed and headed down the hall, the strap-on dangling between her legs. Wanda, still carrying the breakfast tray, followed.

At the end of the hall, Anne unlocked the door Wanda had been through once before. Anne turned on the lights and descended down the stairs, Wanda close behind. At the bottom of the stairs, they went through a second door into the basement playroom, a room filled with all sorts of devices for sexual pleasure or, as Wanda was to learn, punishment.

“Place the tray on the bed, my pet,” Anne said. Wanda hurriedly obeyed her Mistress.

“Now, lean way over that pommel horse,” Anne ordered. Wanda did so, and Anne went around and locked Wanda’s wrists to the floor, using chains attached to a bolt in the cement floor and leather cuffs on the other end of the chain. She went around and did the same to Wanda’s feet.

Wanda tested the restraints, and found she could barely move. She wondered what Anne was about to do. Anne walked to the wall and selected a long paddle. The handle was 12 inches and an inch thick. The head of the paddle was 24 inches long and three inches wide the entire surface. Little air holes were cut into the wood at various points.

“Slave,” Anne said in a stern tone, “You will do what you are told, and nothing more. When I tell you to get me breakfast, you get breakfast for only me. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Wanda stammered.

“You will learn, and this paddle will be the teacher,” Anne said. With that, she swung the paddle with all her might, and a resounding “SMACK” echoed off the basement walls. Wanda cried in pain as the paddle slammed into her butt, making a large red welt. Anne swung again, and the pain increased for Wanda.

Tears started flowing from her eyes, and all Wanda could say was “I’m sorry. I’m sorry,” in a little whimpering voice choking with tears.

The paddle flew into Wanda’s butt two more times, then Anne stopped. “What is the lesson to be learned, girl?” Anne said.

“I will follow orders exactly, Mistress,” Wanda said through her sobs.

Then the teen got a different shock. Anne had plunged the strap-on into her pussy with bahis firmaları no warning, driving it to the hilt. Wanda sucked in her breath as her pussy was initially violated, then relaxed as Anne started a steady stroking rhythm into her. Wanda moaned, more from pleasure now than pain.

Wanda grew closer to orgasm, enjoying the feel of the strap-on inside her. Then, just before Wanda went over the emotional edge, Anne pulled the dildo out, walked to the bed, and calmly ate her breakfast.

After breakfast, Anne chose a large vibrating dildo. She shoved it into Wanda and turned the vibe to “High.” As it purred inside Wanda’s body, driving the teen crazy with lust, Anne moved to Wanda’s face, and started feeding the teen the breakfast Wanda had made for herself.

Wanda ate heartily, her mind not on the food, but the vibrator inside her. She thought about the night before, and her public nakedness, followed by her public sex with Anne. She drew ever closer to orgasm.

She would have cum, but Anne gently whispered “No orgasm, pet,” at just the right moment.

To drive the thought of the orgasm from her mind, Wanda let her mind drift to the note slipped her last night by one of the dancers. Amber, who danced last night as “Red” had stated in the note she wanted Wanda. She had even given Wanda her phone number. Wanda decided that, whenever she got a free minute, she would call Amber.

But Wanda did not have a chance that Saturday. Her entire day was spent in the basement, learning her role as a slave. Whenever she made a mistake, she would get strapped to the pommel horse, spanked, then driven to the edge of orgasm by Anne.

By five that evening, Wanda was a tight bundle of nerves. Never before had she denied herself orgasm for so long. She needed to cum, desperately. But she could not speak to Anne about that, because she was not to speak unless spoken to first.

Finally, an idea crossed her mind. Anne was lounging in a large rocking chair, one leg draped over the arm, watching a lesbian porno movie. Wanda crawled to Anne’s feet and curled up on the floor. Anne looked down on her slave approvingly.

As the movie progressed, Wanda turned her head and laid it on Anne’s leg. Anne responded with soft caresses of Wanda’s hair. Wanda in turn responded with a series of kisses to Anne’s upper thigh. wanda turned around to kiss Anne higher, closer to her Mistress’ pussy. Anne moaned in joy as Wanda’s tongue flicked past Anne’s pussy lips. She looked down, to see Wanda looking up at her, and as their eyes met, Wanda’s look showed she wanted to go further. Anne nodded, then returned to watching the movie.

Wanda smiled, then drove her tongue into Anne’s pussy. Her licking and sucking, combined with the three-way sex scene Anne was watching, caused Anne to shudder and cum. The older woman’s orgasm shook the rocking chair, but Wanda kept her mouth glued to her Mistress’ pussy. As the orgasm faded, Wanda’s tongue started working harder.

In and out the tongue flicked into Anne. It moved from pussy to clit, driving the older woman wild. Anne wanted another orgasm, and knew the teen between her legs would give it to her soon.

Wanda knew the signs she was looking for. Anne’s breathing got ragged. Her hips lifted off the chair. The older woman moaned loudly, ready to cum. And Wanda chose that exact moment to stop what she was doing.

“What?” Anne cried. “Don’t stop. I ned to cum!!”

“I need to cum, too, Mistress,” Wanda responded. “Please, let’s cum together.”

Anne smiled, then dropped onto the floor with Wanda. She intertwined her legs with the girl’s, then started grinding her pussy onto Wanda’s. Anne stated “Cum with me, pet.”

Their orgasms were simultaneous. Wanda’s was harder, because she had needed to cum all day. Anne’s pussy flowed with orgasmic juices. Wanda, surprisingly, felt something strange. Her orgasm-caused pussy juices, instead of flowing, burst forth from her body. She lifted her hips slightly, and pussy juices sprang forth like a gushing water fountain. Never before had Wanda cum like this, but it felt so good. Her juices flowed onto Anne’s abdomen, causing the elder woman to laugh and cum again, pleased that her girl had cum like this.

After their orgasms subsided, Wanda turned around and started licking Anne’s body clean. She loved the taste of the orgasmic juices on her Mistress, and hoped her Mistress would make her cum like that again.


Amber heard the car pull into her driveway and removed her robe. She knew that her boyfriend, Erich, was home and also knew it was time for some heavy lovemaking. Amber’s pussy started flowing just at the thought of Erich inside her.

The door opened, and Erich strode inside, smiling at the sight of Amber’s nude body. A large African-American man at 6-6, 290 pounds, Erich was a defensive tackle at Utah State University. He was twice all-conference, and was a preseason All-America pick. It was said her kaçak iddaa might go high in that spring’s NFL draft.

Because he played football in the fall, he spent most of his week on the football field, practicing or lifting weights until late in the evening. He also believed that sex during the week took away his focus on the upcoming game. But from the time he got home after the game on Saturday night until he went back to school Monday morning, he and Amber were all over each other sexually. They spent almost every minute in bed, or somewhere else in the house, making love to each other.

Amber walked over to Erich and dropped his gym shorts to the floor. Erich wore no underwear after games, the better to facilitate the start of their sexual games. Amber dropped to her knees and started sucking Erich’s cock. It was 12 inches long, and almost two inches thick, as well-proportioned as the rest of Erich’s body. Amber’s mouth opened wider and wider, so by the tenth time down his shaft, Amber had sucked Erich’s cock all the way down her throat.

As she sucked his cock to hardness, Amber’s tongue licked at the shaft. Her hands massaged Erich’s well-developed pecs and rock-hard abs.

When Erich was very hard, he lifted the small woman up. Amber, who was barely 90 pounds soaking wet, was an easy woman to lift up. She was also as lithe as a gymnast, which she had been in high school. Though not good enough to continue gymnastics in college, she continued her gymnastics exercises with these sex sessions.

Erich lowered Amber down onto his cock, and they started fucking. Erich’s cock filled Amber fully, and she moaned with the first thrust. Her legs and arms wrapped around Erich’s body, and she rubber her 32A breasts on Erich’s chest. The lineman stroked deeply into his girlfriend, giving her a quick orgasm, then another, and a third, longer one.

After the third, Erich carried Amber, still impaled on his cock, over to the couch. He lifted her off his cock and turned her over the edge of the couch. They must have won, Amber thought quickly, as Erich slowly shoved his cock into Amber’s tight asshole. Erich only fucked Amber’s ass after a Utah State victory.

Amber cried in pain and lust as the thick cock impaled her anally. She loved the feel of his cock in her ass, and she built to another orgasm. Erich’s fingers found her clit and roughly rubbed at it. Amber came again, bouncing her ass deeper onto Erich’s pole with her gyrations.

Erich could hold off no longer. A loud grunt signaled the end, and Erich’s cock spasmed, his balls tightened, and he came. Sticky semen shot into Amber’s ass, flowed deeply, filled the canal and started coming back. As Erich shot a third and fourth load into Amber, the white semen oozed around his cock and out the rear opening.

Erich pulled his cock from Amber’s ass, and more cum flowed out of it as the sphincter closed up. Amber rolled over, grabbed her man tightly, and kissed him deep.

“I love you,” she said.


Wanda awoke Sunday morning in the basement bed. She was alone, but quickly remembered the joys of the night before. Anne had finally put a cooling aloe on her reddened ass, then had gently buzzed a small vibrator over Wanda’s clit, causing Wanda to cum and cum and cum. Wanda had fallen asleep, exhausted.

She rose from bed and padded up the stairs. She was shocked to see it was almost noon. Why had Anne let her sleep so late?

She peeked into Anne’s bedroom, but she wasn’t there. As Wanda went into the kitchen, she found a note that said Anne had gone to the store, and to do some shopping. Anne’s note said she would be back at 5 pm that evening.

With her Mistress gone, Wanda took her chance. She went into her room, got the coat she had worn Friday night, and called Amber’s number.

Amber and Erich were in a deep 69 when the phone rang. Amber, on top, lifted her mouth off Erich’s hard cock and answered the phone. “Hello?”

“Amber? Hi, it’s Heather from the Strip Club. Did I bother you?”

“No, love,” Amber said. “I’m just getting … oooohhhh … eaten out by my boyfriend. Thanks for calling, though.”

“Oh, my,” Wanda said. “I’ll call back.”

“No, love … god, yes, baby, right THERE!! I wanted you to call me. I want to see you.”

“Your boyfriend won’t mind?”

“Hell, no. I’ll explain later. Listen, when can we .. we .. . so close, baby, so close … get together?”

“How about Tuesday afternoon? I’ll be alone all evening, and would love to spend it with you.”

“OK. Let’s meet at the mall, OK? Fourish?”

“OK, that’s a date. See you then.”

Wanda waited for a reply, but instead heard Amber moaning loudly into the phone as Erich pushed her to orgasm with his tongue. She hung up the phone when she hearn Erich say “Suck me off, baby.”

Wanda spent the day watching TV, reading about Mistress/slave relations on the internet, and fixing dinner. She wanted to have a special evening kaçak bahis ready for Anne when she got back home.


When Anne opened the door that evening, she found Wanda, nude, kneeling in the hallway. Her head was lowered in respect, her hands were on her thighs, and her legs were slightly apart, showing Anne Wanda’s pussy. Wanda wore only a dog collar around her neck, and in her hand she held the leash.

Anne smiled and took the leash lead. She led Wanda into the living room. Anne sat in her favorite chair, and Wanda, still on her knees, started removing Anne’s shoes and stockings. As each foot was bared, Wanda attacked it with her tongue, licking and cleaning her Mistress’ foot off. Anne barely suppressed a moan. Her feet were very sensitive, and she loved having her toes sucked. While she had not broached the subject with Wanda yet, she knew she would soon, because the girl was sucking each toe in turn, unaware of the tremendous turn-on this was for Anne.

After the foot cleaning, Wanda removed Anne’s shirt, licking her upper body clean. She then removed her bra, allowing her tongue to roam over her Mistress’ well-proportioned breasts. Anne could stifle her moans no longer, and she started a low moan that came from deep within her body. Wanda just smiled, and continued her tongue bath of her Mistress.

Finally, Wanda’s hands pulled at the jeans Anne wore. As she slid them down Anne’s legs, Wanda’s tongue trailed the denim by only a fraction of an inch, her tongue moving down Anne’s right leg, then her left. After the jeans were off, Wanda started at the ankle and licked higher and higher, causing Anne to shiver with delight.

Wanda’s tongue passed Anne’s knees and went higher. it moved leg to leg, but always seemed to go back to the exact spot she had left when it went back to each leg. Anne felt her orgasm approaching, and tried in vain to stop it. Her attempts resulted in a faint squeak from the older woman, followed by an intense orgasm.

As her Mistress calmed from her orgasm, Wanda’s hands slid into Anne’s panties and, with a slight lift of the woman’s butt, slid the panties off. Wanda took the cum-soaked lingerie into her mouth and sucked the cum juices out of them, as Anne watched in glee. Then Wanda turned to Anne’s pussy, licking slowly all around it, cleaning it off.

Anne felt another orgasm coming on. Wanda’s tongue seemed to be everywhere between Anne’s legs … on her pussy lips, on her clit, on her perineum, teasing her asshole. The tongue never stayed in one place for long, moving everywhere rapidly. Anne wanted that tongue between her pussy lips, but Wanda never parted the outer labia’s folds.

Anne held on as long as she could, but when Wanda’s tongue darted to the clit for the fifth or sixth time, Anne gave up and came again. As she shuddered in orgasmic pleasure, she felt Wanda’s mouth plant on her pussy, sucking the juices out of her Mistress as her Mistress came and came.

When the orgasm was over, Wanda crawled over to a box near the corner. She brought out Anne’s sheerest negligee, and wrapped her Mistress in it. She then took Anne’s hand, and led her to the dining room.

As Anne sat at the table, Wanda brought out the meal. Barbequed beef ribs, smothered in sauce, dripped on Anne’s plate, accompanied by corn on the cob, potato salad and a sparkling red wine. Anne smiled heartily, said “Thank you, my pet,” and started to eat. Wanda sat on the floor, leaning her head on her Mistress’ thigh.

“Come, eat with me,” Anne said. Wanda smiled, crawled into the kitchen, and came out a minute later with her own plate.

Anne gave permission for Wanda to speak freely, and the two women talked together through dinner and dessert, a hot peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream. they talked about Anne’s day, and about Wanda’s readings. Nothing was said about the phone call to Amber.

After dinner, Anne rose lazily. Wanda jumped from her chair and knelt at Anne’s right side, her leash in her hand. Anne took the leash and led her slave down into the playroom.

As they entered the playroom, Anne got her next surprise. Wanda had covered the bed in rose petals, and sprayed the room with a flowery fragrance. Anne smiled at her slave, then noticed she was butting her head on Anne’s leg.

“Speak, my pet,” Anne said.

“Mistress,” Wanda began, “I have something I need to say to you.”

“Yes, pet?”

“I’ve never said this before, Mistress, but … but …” Wanda went quiet for a few seconds as Anne waited. “I love you, Anne, and I want to be your slave for as long as you’ll have me.”

Anne fought back tears as Wanda said this. Her dream had come true. She had a real-life slave, not a make-believe one on the internet or at the strip club.

Anne lifted Wanda onto the bed. She spread the teen’s legs wide and crawled between them. Just before her tongue drove into Wanda for the first time that night, Anne said “I love you, too, Wanda Catron.”

They stayed in that bed until late Monday night, making love with each other with a passion neither had thought possible. They had spoken their words of love, and nothing, Anne thought, could come between them.

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