Up In Flames We Go…

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She tried to resist him. He was bad for her in every possible way. He was like the devil with beautiful, fathomless, icy blue eyes. He hadn’t been making any recent advances towards her, but she knew he wanted her just as much as, if not more than, she wanted him; she could tell from the way he looked at her when they were together. He was toxic, and dangerous, and she knew she shouldn’t mess with him. Yet, there was nothing else that she wanted more.

This was her last thought as she knocked on his door one night in June. It was warm, even though it was past ten o’clock, so she didn’t bother with putting anything other than a pair of shorts on with her panties and tank top. With what she was there for, she didn’t need very many clothes at all.

He answered not long after she’d knocked, not giving her enough time to change her mind, as if she really wanted to. He looked naturally, sexily casual, wearing dark blue pajama pants and nothing else. His dark hair was lightly tousled, and the confused expression on his face turned to one of realization as she fidgeted on his doorstep, trying to figure out what she wanted to say. A slow smirk turned up the corners of his mouth as he awaited her greeting.

“Hi,” she said softly. “May I come in?”

“Tell me why you’re here first. It’s not every day that a beautiful girl like you shows up at my door, scantily dressed, this late at night.”

She took a deep breath and said in a rush, “I can’t resist you anymore. I know you’re bad for me, but I can’t stop thinking about you.” He cut off whatever she was about to say next by roughly grabbing her waist, pulling her to him, and kissing her so passionately it made her knees weak. She clung to his bare arms desperately for support as her body melted into his, and she moaned against his lips as his tongue slowly slid into her mouth, deepening their kiss. He picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist and clutched his shoulders, slowly running her fingertips along his smooth skin and tangling them in his hair. Wordlessly bahis firmaları he carried her to his bedroom and laid her down on the bed. Only then did they break their kiss and he looked down at her with primal longing as he spoke.

“Are you really sure you want this? Now that I know how you taste, I need more.” He pulled her shorts and panties off in one quick movement. “I have wanted you for so long that I can’t stop.” He quickly slid his pants down his legs and stepped out of them, standing naked before her for a moment, his thick, hard cock looking so enticing that the last of her resolve melted away and she ached to have him inside of her. He slowly moved to kneel on the bed and moved between her legs, keeping his eyes on hers.

“Yes, I’m sure.” Her soft affirmation was all he needed, and he gripped her hips tightly enough that they would probably be bruised, holding her still as he thrust into her. She cried out and locked her eyes onto his, reaching up to grab either side of his face so she could kiss him. He gave her a minute to adjust to his size before pulling out and thrusting into her again, and again, going slowly at first, then he slowly started gaining speed. She encouraged him with her moans of pleasure and the movements of her hips, and he only went faster, looking into her eyes with a look of primal desire that stirred a fire within her in a place she hadn’t known existed before that very moment.

She found her release shortly after, screaming out his name as her body trembled with the intensity of her orgasm. He groaned as her walls clenched around his cock, and he continued thrusting into her with an intensity that he didn’t know he had in him. She fell apart around him again and again, the feeling so incredible that she never wanted it to stop. She was totally lost in the moment and the copious amounts of pleasure he was giving her. When he finally couldn’t hold his own orgasm back anymore, they fell apart together, and it was the most intense orgasm either of them had ever had.

She didn’t realize kaçak iddaa that she had passed out, but she woke up to him gently kissing and licking his way down her body. She moaned as she ran her slender fingers through his hair. “Mmm, well this is a nice way to wake up. How long was I out?”

“Less than ten minutes,” he murmured against her skin. She knew where he was going with his talented mouth, and she didn’t even come close to wanting to stop him. She relaxed and spread her legs, and she felt his smile against her inner thigh as he slowly inched closer to her most sensitive parts. He didn’t even pause to look up at her before he started doing things to her with his mouth that she would have been embarrassed to ask anyone else to do. She gripped his head tightly, silently urging him to keep going. His talented mouth and fingers worked her into a frenzy, and it wasn’t long before she screamed out her orgasm again. Wave after wave hit her, and still he didn’t stop. Her moans and screams got louder and her orgasms became more intense with each moment that passed, with each flicker of his tongue, with each push of his fingers.

She willed herself to stay conscious, and he kept going, his face buried between her legs as her thighs clamped down around his head. She begged him not to stop between screams of ecstasy, and his only response was to suck her clit into his mouth and hum around it as he plunged three of his fingers into her. Her next orgasm was more intense than her last one had been, and it caused her to lose consciousness after letting out one last scream.

This time, she awoke to him lying next to her propped up on his elbow and smiling down at her. “Am I so bad that I put you to sleep?” He was still smiling, so she knew he wasn’t serious.

“No, my God, that was incredible, and the best I’ve ever had. I didn’t want it to end,” she confessed. “I still don’t want it to end.”

“It doesn’t have to.” He grinned devilishly and captured her mouth with his. “Stay with me tonight,” he murmured against her lips. kaçak bahis He rolled onto his back and she followed him, settling down with her thighs on either side of his hips. She moaned softly as she felt his thick, hard cock gently probing the entrance to her pussy, and she broke their kiss so she could look into his eyes.

“Okay,” she breathed as she lifted her hips, poised to impale herself on his cock. Before she could make another move, however, he thrust up into her with a low growl, and she threw her head back and moaned. He quickly built up a fast, intense rhythm as he massaged her breasts and flicked her nipples with his thumbs. How had he known she liked her breasts being played with? She had to remember to ask him later. For now, she was too absorbed in the way his cock felt as he thrust up into her again and again, the way his skin felt against hers, the groans and moans that rose from deep in his throat as he held on to her hips.

If she chose to be with him, she could have this every day and night, whenever she wanted. The mere thought of it sent her tumbling over the edge again, and she dug her nails into his shoulders as she screamed out his name. He grunted and sped up his thrusts, moving with almost inhuman speed as he fucked her through each orgasm until she couldn’t tell when one ended and the next one began. It felt like hours of constant orgasms before he thrust hard once, then twice, and came inside her with a growl. She moaned out her last orgasm weakly before collapsing on top of him, nestling her head in the crook of his neck.

“I’ve wanted you for so long,” he whispered. “I knew that I wasn’t good enough for you, though.” He sighed and closed his eyes, and she lifted her head enough to press her forehead against his, waiting quietly until he looked at her. “I decide what is and isn’t good enough for me, you know.” She grinned and brushed her lips against his. “I’m happy with my decision.”

“Are you saying what I think you’re saying?” His eyes lit up and he smiled in a way that made her heart melt.

“Yes. I want to be with you. I need you, and I can handle everything that comes with it.”

“Ditto, baby,” he murmured as he captured her lips in a searing kiss. Soon, they were lost in each other again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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