Unexpected Visit

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It’s a Friday night and I have nothing to do, no homework and its too cold to go out anywhere without a car. All of my roommates have already left to hang out with their friends. I’ve finished all my work and none of my friends are around, so I’m lounging in some sweats and a cut-off shirt, playing a video game.

You knock on my door, three light raps. I’m not expecting anyone for me tonight, but it’s not unusual to hear random knocks. I get up to answer the door, opening it. Not expecting to see you at all, I have a look of surprise on my face.

“Joe?” You ask playfully.

“Skyler?!?” I say incredulously. “What are you doing here?”

“I decided to come by and see you,” you reply. “Is that a problem?”

“No, no, not at all. I just wasn’t expecting you. Come in,” I say, taking your hand and pulling you into the room. You shut the door behind you and I sweep you up into a hug.

“So what’re you up to tonight?” You ask me.

“Oh, I wasn’t planning on doing anything, just lounge around,” I say.

“Not going out at all?”

“Nope, all my friends are gone and it’s too cold to go out by myself.”

“Well that sucks.”

“Yeah, but now I least I have a beautiful girl here to keep me company.”

Smiling, you follow me the rest of the way in the room and look around.

“Nice room,” you say.

“Its not bad. I gotta change though since you’re here.”

“No you don’t, you look good.”

“If you say so.”

I take a seat in my desk chair and tell you to take a seat as well. Unexpectedly, you don’t sit in the chair in the middle of the room, but on my lap. Getting comfortable, you wriggle around a little bit, grinding your ass down into my lap. I start getting a little stiff, hoping that you don’t notice it. I wrap my arms around your waist, pulling you back into me a little tighter.

“So what do you want to do?” I ask.

“I don’t know, what do you have?”

“I have video games, movies, music and such.”

“Lets watch a movie.”

“Ok, let me get to the folder they’re all in.” I open the folder and scroll down through them all. Comedy, anime, drama, action, porn, I’ve got them all. I keep scrolling through waiting for you to pick a movie. Getting to the end, I lean my chin on your shoulder and ask you what one you want to see.

“I don’t know, I’ve never seen some of these so it’s hard to choose,” you say.

“Well, pick any one you want and we can watch it.”

You scroll through the movies again and pick one out, a French movie that you’ve never seen before. We settle in to watch the movie, you still on my lap, my arms still wrapped around your waist and your hands in mine. I rest my chin on your shoulder and you lean your head against mine. As we get into the movie, you keep shifting around a little to get comfortable, at the same time rubbing your ass against my semi-hard cock. After some apprehension at first, I no longer care if you feel me hardening against you.

About half way through the movie, after a lot of light caressing and lightly running my fingers along your arms, you turn your head toward me and kiss my lips lightly. With me kissing back, the movie is soon forgotten as you turn more toward me and we start to kiss more passionately. I make the first jump and rub my tongue along your lips, beckoning them open. Responding with passion, our kisses get heavier and hotter, until we’re kissing with abandon.

“I want to watch a different movie now,” you say, breaking the kiss.

“What movie?” I ask.

“This one.”

Opening the new movie, I see you’ve chosen one of my more hardcore porns. Settling back in as the movie starts, things start to get a bit heavier. I am now getting more daring with where I let my hands go, running further up your arms and down your stomach and sides from the bottom of your tits to the top of your pants. We watch the first scene, getting hotter by the second. The second scene starts and I’m kissing and nibbling your neck and sucking on your earlobes. Moaning slightly, you take my hands and guide them to your tits, making me squeeze them through your shirt. My dick is now completely hard and you grind your ass down against it. I slide my hands back down your stomach, but this time I bring them back up under your shirt to grab your tits with only your bra restricting me. Reaching down, you pull your shirt over your head and throw it on the floor. We stand up and I pull my shirt off as well as you reach behind you and unclasp your bra, taking it off and throwing it with your shirt.

“You’re so fucking hard Joe,” you say, reaching and taking my hard cock in your hand through my pants.

“And its all yours, baby,” I say as I lean down and take one of your nipples in my mouth. I suck hard, nibbling and flicking it with my tongue while I pinch and pull the other one with my free hand, then switching.

“Oh yes, suck my tits. Bite my nipples. Oh god,” you moan, encouraging me. You reach down into my pants, into my boxer-briefs and grab my hard throbbing cock. You güvenilir bahis wrap your hand around it and slowly stroke it, teasing me while I play with your tits. I reach down with my free hand and unbutton your pants then slowly slide the zipper down. Kissing back up your chest and along your neck to your lips, I kiss you hard while I slide my hand down your pants and into your underwear, moving lower down to your pussy.

“Mmm you’re soaked, Skyler.”

“Oh yeah, Joe. You got me so fucking horny.”

I lightly rub my hand along your lips, not putting enough pressure on yet to really stimulate your clit, only enough to move the ring slightly. Once you start to buck your hips to try and get more pressure, I pull my hand out and start to slide your jeans down until they’re in a puddle at your feet. You step out and kick them over with the rest of the clothes on the floor. I slowly kiss down your neck again, stopping shortly to suck on each nipple, then continuing down your stomach to the top of your thong. I rub your pussy through the fabric with my hand, pushing it against your clit, making you moan in pleasure. I take the sides and begin to slowly push them down, inching them down your hips and thighs, teasingly bringing your shaved pussy into my view. Pushing your thong the rest of the way off, I push it into my pocket to keep as a memory and turn my full attention to your glistening wet cunt. You spread your legs enough for me to lean in and kiss the inside of your thighs. Slowly and teasingly kissing up your left one, skipping over your pussy completely and continuing down the left one, I repeat this once more then start to kiss the skin just outside of your pussy. I move in a circle around it, kissing and lightly licking slowly closer to your cunt, feeling the heat from it on my lips and tongue. Finally my tongue rubs against your clit lightly and I am now spreading your lips open with my fingers. Suddenly and without any warning I suck your clit hard into my mouth, using your piercing to really get it in, making you scream and thrust your hips into my face. You grab the back of my head and pull it harder into you.

“Eat my fucking pussy. Suck my clit hard fucking make me cum,” you yell.

Sucking your clit harder into my mouth, I start to nibble it lightly, slowly increasing the pressure of my bites until I’m biting your clit as hard as you can stand. With you moaning and yelling obscenities at me to encourage me on, I push three fingers hard into your cunt, causing you to scream out.

“Yes! Finger fuck my pussy. You’re making me cum. I’m fucking cumming!!” You scream.

Your hips thrust into my face and I clamp my lips and teeth on your clit, hanging on for the ride as you cum violently, screaming in ecstasy and squirting your juices out all over my face and into my mouth. I swallow as much of your creamy pussy juice as I can, the rest covering my face, chin and neck.

I kiss back up your body, stopping again at your tits to suck the nipples, then continuing up to your lips, kissing you passionately and sharing your juices with you. You slide your hands down my sides, stopping at the waist of my pants and running your fingers just inside of it. Hooking your fingers, you push my pants and boxer-briefs down to the floor, my hard 8″ cock springing out and pointing up at you. You take it in your hand and slowly stroke it up and down, rubbing your thumb along the sensitive part just under the head. Following the same path that I did, you kiss and nip slowly down my body. Reaching my cock, you lightly kiss the head then kiss slowly down the shaft to my balls. You take one of them in your mouth and suck it lightly, coaxing a moan from me, then you do the same with the other one. Now licking slowly back up my shaft, you reach the head and start to lick around it, holding my shaft with your hand. You teasingly run your tongue along the crown, concentrating on that one sensitive spot, driving me crazy. Suddenly you take the entire head into your mouth and suck hard, making me suck air at the pleasure. I run my hands through your hair, lightly pulling it and guiding your head along my cock. You start to take my shaved shaft into your mouth, slowly inch by inch until your nose is buried against my pelvis and my cock is deep in your throat.

“Yeah, Skyler, suck my dick,” I say. “You’re a great little cocksucker.”

Pulling back off my dick, you leave just the head in your mouth then push me back down your throat, all the while tonguing my shaft.

“Oh god, this is the best I’ve ever had. You’re fucking great you little slut,” I say, feeling you try to smile at the compliment.

I grab the sides of your head and start to thrust my hips back and forth, fucking your face. I hear you moan around my cock. I pull out of your mouth and stand you up.

“You like sucking cock, don’t you whore?” I ask, starting to call you names and talk dirty.

“Oh yes, I love taking a big hard cock down my throat like a cocksucking whore.”

Sitting down, I pull you down türkçe bahis across my lap, rubbing your ass with my hand.

“You are a little slut, aren’t you?” I ask.

“Oh yeah, Joe. I’m a filthy little slut.”

Thwack. My hand comes down on your ass hard, spanking you. You jump and moan at the sensation.

“Ohh, spank me again. I’ve been naughty.”

Thwack. Harder this time.

“How’ve you been naughty, Skyler?”

“I’m a dirty slut and I need to be spanked for it.”

Thwack. I spank you again, six more times, each one a little harder than the one before. All the while you moan loudly and encourage me on, telling me how naughty and bad you’ve been. After I finish, I pull you off of my lap and tell you to straddle me. My cock pointing straight up as you lower your dripping cunt down toward it, once your lips touch my head I stop you and hold you right there, kissing you hard as well. I rub my cockhead along your lips and clit, teasing you mercilessly. Finally, you can take no more.

“I want your cock in me now!” You scream.

I continue to tease you by rubbing the head along your pussy, getting you even more worked up. Suddenly I pull you down, my cock slicing deep, all the way into your soaking wet cunt.

“Ahhhhh YES! FUCK ME!” You yell.

Grabbing your hips, I pull you up so that just the head is left in and slam you back down hard, pushing my cock in deep. You pick up the movements with me and pick yourself up and slam down harder.

“Fuck me Joe. Slam that big cock into me!” You say between gasps and moans. I lean in and take one of your nipples in my mouth, sucking and nibbling on it hard. Still bouncing on me as hard as you can, you reach down and start to play with your own clit, tugging on it hard.

“God you have a tight fucking pussy, Skyler,” I say to you.

“I know. Fuck my tight cunt hard, fuck it Joe,” you say, begging.

I start thrusting my hips up to meet your down-thrusts and fuck you deeper and harder. At this you start moaning louder, almost screaming as you get closer and closer to cumming. Teetering right on the brink, one last deep, hard thrust from me coupled with a hard tug on your ring sends you screaming into your orgasm.


Your cunt walls contract mercilessly around my cock, squeezing harder than anything I’ve ever felt as it tries to draw the cum out of my nuts. I keep thrusting up into you as you climax harder, your pussy still trying to milk me. Slowly you begin to fall from the bliss of your orgasm, leaning into me and resting your head on my shoulder, a look of extreme happiness across your beautiful face. I still haven’t cum.

I let you recover from the strength of your orgasm. My cock, no longer in you as it had fallen out during your orgasm, sticks up between your ass cheeks, still rock hard. Slowly you come out of your state of bliss and lean back, looking me in the eye.

“That was incredible,” you say. “I haven’t cummed like that in years.”

“Well good, I’m glad I could help, but we have only just started babe.”

I kiss you passionately and stand up, lifting you off the chair with me and setting you down.

“What’re you gonna do now stud?” You ask.

“Turn around and bend over and you’ll find out,” I tell you.

Turning around and bending over my desk, you arch your back and thrust your ass out at me. I move up behind you and slap it hard with both hands, grabbing it and spreading it open. I push forward a little so that my dick head just touches your pussy again, but this time I rub up and down from your clit to your asshole. You start to push back into me every time my head rubs along your pussy, trying to get it inside of you, but I don’t let it just yet. I keep rubbing the head up and down, slapping your ass every so often.

“What is it that you want, slut?” I ask.

“I want you to fuck me. I want your big cock in my cunt, fucking me hard. Fucking fuck me Joe!”

Grabbing your hips, I line my cock up with your pussy and pull you back hard, slamming all the way into you.

“Fuck yes! I needed that big cock in me. Now fuck me like the filthy little whore that I am!” You scream.

I pull out so just the tip of the head is left in then pull you back into me hard as I thrust into you. Within moments we get a rhythm of you pushing back as I thrust forward, my cock going deeper into you than earlier, causing you to moan and scream louder.

“That good you slut?” I ask. “You like my big thick cock deep in your cunt?”

“God yes, Joe. I’ve needed this all fucking day long. I’ve been so horny for you since I decided to surprise you.”

I try and thrust into you harder, pulling you back harder by your hips to get in deeper, our bodies slapping together noisily. You reach down under you and rub your clit hard, pulling hard on the ring and pinching it hard. Every so often I spank your ass hard, turning it a bright red.

“Oh god, Joe. I love it when you spank me, keep doing it,” you say.

I start to spank you güvenilir bahis siteleri as hard as I can more often, you still playing hard with your clit while I fuck your cunt as hard as I can.

“Holy fuck, Joe. I’m so close to cumming, fucking make me cum!”

With that, I do the one thing that I haven’t done yet. I spank your ass hard one last time, then reach around to rub your clit with you a bit, gathering your juices. Once my hand is good and wet, I push my thumb into your ass.

“FUCKING SHIT!! I’M CUMMING!!!!” You scream as loud as you can.

Keeping my thumb in your ass, I continue to fuck your cunt as hard as I can, slamming my cock deep into you. Your pussy again convulses around my dick, trying to milk me, but I don’t give in.

“Harder. Cum harder you little whore,” I command, feeling your pussy contract tighter and hearing you scream louder each time I say it. You’re yanking as hard as you can on your ring, making it that much better. Pussy juice flows out of you, dripping down both of our legs. I stop fucking you with my cock buried all the way in, waiting for your orgasm to subside. Slowly you come down from it, laying your head on your arms on my desk, trying to recover.

“That was amazing Joe. I don’t think I’ve ever cum that hard in my life,” you say incredulously.

“Don’t get to too tired, I’m still not done,” I tell you.

“Holy shit, what do you have for me next?”

“Oh, you’ll enjoy it.”

“I have no doubt about that.”

I pull out of your pussy and pull you up so you’re standing and lean down to kiss you hard. I back us away from the desk and push your shoulders down so that you’re bending over grabbing your ankles and spread your legs wide. I push my dick back into your pussy to get it nice and wet from your overflow of juices then bring it up and start to push it slowly into your ass.

“Oh god, you’re gonna fuck my ass?” You ask.

“That’s right slut, I’m gonna fuck your ass. That a problem?”

“Fuck no, fuck my ass Joe. I love it in my ass.”

“Good whore, that’s what I like to hear.”

By now I’ve got the head most of the way in so I take it out and get more juice. Bringing it back up, I push in again, this time the head sliding in easily. I push steadily in, going deeper inch by inch until all 8″ is buried in your ass.

“Jesus Joe, your big dick feels so good in my ass.”

“And your ass is even tighter than your cunt, which I didn’t think was possible.”

“It is. Now fuck my ass.”

Again I grab your hips and start to pull out and push in, slowly at first to work it loose. Once your ass opens up and I start to slide easier, I fuck harder and harder until I’m fucking your ass as hard as I did your cunt.

“God yes, fuck my tight ass with that big fucking cock!” You yell

“You like my dick in your ass, don’t you slut?”

“Fuck yeah, fuck me. Fuck my ass anytime you want, I’m your little anal slut.”

I thrust into you as hard as I can and pull you back into me hard. You again reach up and start to play with your cunt, but this time you slide 3 fingers into your pussy and rub your clit with your thumb. The tightness of your ass is making my orgasm begin to build. I continue to fuck as hard as I can, building us both closer to orgasm. I spank your ass hard as well, trying to get you to cum before I do.

“Fuck this feels good, I’m soooo close to cumming. Fuck me harder, Joe!”

I grunt and push harder into you, finding a little extra and spanking you harder.

“I’m gonna cum, Joe.”

“Cum for me slut, fucking cum for me.”

“Ahhhhh I’m cumming. I’m fucking cummmmmmming!!”

I fell your as contract around my cock harder than your pussy did, getting me closer to orgasm than before. I push into you and just hold it there, waiting for you to come down. Once you do I pull out and sit you down in my chair.

“I’m close to cumming, where do you want it whore?” I ask.

“I want it on my tits, cum all over my chest.”

“Beg for it slut,” I tell you as I stand in front of you and start to stroke my dick.

“Mmm cum for me Joe. Cum for me. Cum all over my tits, cover my tits with your thick hot cum. Fucking cum for me. Cum for your slut, your dirty, filthy little whore. Cum for me!”

“I’m cumming, I’m fucking cumming!!” I aim my cock down at your tits and start to shoot. The first thick rope of cum splashes on your right tit and nearly covers the entire thing, the shot being so big. The second shot hits your left one and covers most of that one since it wasn’t as big as the first. Rope after rope of thick, hot cum splashes on your chest, completely covering your tits and dripping down your stomach.

“Fucking shit, Joe, I’ve never seen anyone cum this much,” you moan as you watch the spectacle in front of you. After nine or ten thick shots onto your chest, the rest starts to dribble out and fall, joining the rest of it all over you. You moan heavily as you rub it in your skin.

“Ya know, sperm is supposed to be really good for the skin,” you say playfully.

“Hahaha, yeah, I’ve heard that,” I laugh. “Holy shit, Skyler. That was fucking amazing.”

“Yeah it was, and I’m here all weekend long,” you say, grinning at me. “Now lets get some sleep, you wore me out.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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