Tractor Trouble

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This story could not have been done without the efforts of Wearspurplealot. She is responsible for at least half of the writing, and I consider her parts to be the better half. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing with her.


Steve was working alone in the shop when a strange car pulled in the drive. Climbing out of the tractor he was working on and wiping his hands on a shop towel, he waved at the driver and said “hello.” With no idea who she was, he had to admit if she was selling anything her company had the right idea. She was a beautiful lady, maybe 40, but could easy pass for early 30’s, fit looking body with all the right curves. He politely waited at the door of his shop as she walked across the drive to him. Damn, she looked a lot better than the delivery guys who normally showed up.

“Hello, my name is Lisa and I just bought the ranch down the road. I’m having some trouble with my tractor, wondered if you might be able to help?”

Not sure he just heard that right, but being a friendly fellow, he says, “Sure. Just let me finish up here and I can follow you to your place.” Looking her over closer he notices she’s wearing jeans and a solid color tee with cowboy boots, the standard ranch uniform. I guess it was the makeup and hair that threw him. She’s definitely wearing makeup but it’s not overdone; it’s very nicely done in fact. Her hair is past her shoulders but not much longer than that. It falls in nice soft curls that were likely created this morning since they are nice and smooth, not frizzy.

Once at her place, he looks over the machine. Sure enough he can fix it. It wasn’t anything major, just a loose belt.

“Thank you so much for fixing that for me. You have no idea how hard it is to feed this herd of alpacas without some mechanized muscle.”

“No problem, glad to help.”

“Can I offer you something to drink before you head back, or maybe a homemade blackberry croissant? I made some this morning. Surely you’d like something sweet before you leave.”

Steve loves the idea of something sweet. And was that a double entente she just made? Leaving now was not an option.

Never one to be rude to a lady, especially one that was built like his new neighbor, Steve accepted the offer. “How could I refuse someone so sweet.” he said while following her to the house watching the gentle sway of her ass while she walked. Steve couldn’t remember ever meeting a rancher with a body like this. He was very happy his first impression of saleslady was wrong. Being a new neighbor, she would undoubtedly need a hand every so often and he just might get a closer look at that female form he was beginning to appreciate so much.

The two had a nice get-to-know-each-other chat over coffee and a croissant. She learned he was a divorced dad with teenage boys about to drive him nuts being, well, teenage boys. His ex-wife didn’t enjoy the farm they had, hated the smell of grease and oil that always seemed to be on him, and had taken off for the city where she felt she belonged. Steve had a nice little farm with some crops and a fairly busy repair business that allowed him to set his own schedule. It was something that also allowed him to take an extra hour to visit with new neighbors.

As he made his excuses to leave and headed for the door, she offered her hand for a handshake, but instead Steve caught her hand in his and placed a soft kiss on it. “It was truly a pleasure to meet you, Lisa. Please stop by or call anytime. You don’t have to wait for an emergency, my door is always open. And I can’t wait to see your silhouette in it soon.” With that, he walked to his truck and drove away. Hoping she couldn’t see just how much he really did like meeting her.

Shortly after Steve left, Lisa went to the barn to feed the rabbits. While opening the sliding barn door, she must have pulled a little too hard because it came clean off the track. What was going on today?!! Everything was breaking. The door had to be closed for the night to keep the smaller animals safe from the local predators. Sigh…. This was a job she’d normally ask her teenage son to help her with but he was away for the week on a school trip. Her teen daughter, who loved to help around the ranch, didn’t have the upper body strength for this task and anyway she was over at the high school cheering on a sports game and then off to a sleepover with her best friend. She wouldn’t wish for her ex-husband maltepe escort to be there but damn, a strong man would be a welcome sight in times like this. Maybe Steve would be willing to stop by and help her.

Lisa went into the house and gave Steve a call. He said he’d be happy to come by in a few minutes. It was nearly dinner time so Steve said;” It’s just me for dinner tonight because the kids made their own plans.” Surprised, Lisa says she’s too been abandoned by her kids and suggested the two have dinner together. “It’s the least I can do for coming by twice in a day and saving me.” Liking the idea of more time with this lovely neighbor, Steve says “I’ll be right over. Just let me lock up here.”

Lisa met Steve at the front door and they walked to the barn together. As they walked the narrow cement pathway meant for one, they bumped into each other while trying to walk side by side. It was a natural inclination because they talked as they walked but the pathway was simply not obliging. One or the other of them fell off or bumped into the other trying to walk next to the other person. Lisa wasn’t sorry for the bumping. She even took advantage of one encounter placing her hand squarely in Steve’s chest as a means to steady herself. What a firm chest. Her mind wandered to places it shouldn’t considering she just meant this man. Lisa thought, “I hope he needs help setting that door so I can get even closer.” But she’d have to just wait and see what he decided.

Steve was really enjoying the bumps he and Lisa were sharing. Each time they bumped into one another, he got another chance to smell her very light perfume. It was about to drive him nuts, but he was desperately trying to remain polite. What he wanted was to get her in that barn, out of sight from the house and road, and just rip her clothes off. However, courtesy called for keeping his hands to himself. Did she just grab my chest on purpose? Those soft hands seemed to grab and then slide oh so slowly off his chest. Maybe he really was nuts.

The door could be fixed for overnight by just lifting it back onto the track and sliding it away from the end where it fell off. No big deal if you had three hands and a little strength. He caught Lisa’s eyes roaming all over him as he held the door up and had her give it a push. As if the chest grope wasn’t enough to send him over the edge, catching her in the act of checking him out was just about the last straw. When the re-aligned door slid easily away, her hand planted itself squarely on his ass, Steve’s resolve was done. “Look Lisa, if you are trying to tease me silly, you could just come out and say what’s on your mind. I don’t mind coming over to help a lady out, but you are killing me here. I’m trying to be a good neighbor and a gentleman. This keeps up and my ornery side just might return the favor.” he said while Lisa’s hand was still firmly planted on his ass.

The evil grin on Lisa’s face was enough to tell Steve the ass grope really was no accident. Almost before he knew what was going on, her other hand was there as well. And she pushed hard. Steve had to spin in the air to land seated on the straw covered barn floor. He looked up at Lisa, still standing there with that evil grin, and watched her flip a switch to turn on the scattered lights inside as she pulled the door closed behind her. “Ok, tough guy, let’s see if your ornery side can handle this fragile little lady.”

Steve chuckled, “Fragile? Lisa, I think you can handle whatever life throws you. Even if that is just asking for help.”

“True. So what do you think I need help with next?”

“Those shoes look really uncomfortable. Let me fix that for you.” Steve gets up on his knees and reaches for Lisa’s foot. She’s wearing muck boots that are actually pretty clean considering the ranch work. Slipping it off as well as the sock underneath, he brushes a hand over the smooth skin of her foot. He’s surprised to see the bright red pedicured toes – it’s not something most women around here have done. After repeating the process on the second foot, he says “and I think those jeans are a smidge too tight. Can I help you loosen them?”

“Absolutely.” Lisa’s intrigued by Steve’s version of ‘help’. She can tell he’d rather just throw her into the hay and rip off just enough clothing to allow him to do wicked, dirty things to her. Watching him control the desire that’s clearly growing within mamak escort him arouses her. And it kind of surprises her.

Taking her jean waistband in hand, he undoes the button and pulls down the zipper. Her periwinkle blue panties peek out tempting Steve but he doesn’t move any faster. He slips each hand into the jeans and pushes them down her hips and legs. Lisa helps by stepping out of the pants. The panties are a feast for Steve’s eyes – the silky fabric stretched taut over her body.

As Steve gets up off his knees and onto his feet, he grabs a dirt clump off the ground. Standing in front of Lisa, he takes the dirt and rubs it into her shirt on her shoulder. “Oops, it looks like you need some help with that shirt. It’s all dirty.” Steve can’t help but flash a silly grin.

Lisa likes this game he wants to play. “Yeah, this dirty thing needs to be put in the wash immediately.” She grabs the hem of the shirt and flips it up and over her head revealing yet another surprise for Steve. This woman hides a lot of sweet treasures. She’s wearing a black lace bra that cups her full breasts oh so perfectly but yet it doesn’t cover too much. Her supple mounds both covered and exposed incite his imagination.

“Like what you see?” She’s being facetious because from the bulge in his jeans, she knows he likes what he sees. “You’re not playing fair. And I don’t let people take advantage of me. Take that shirt off. Now!”

Wow, more surprises. This woman knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go for it. But he’s going to make her work for it. “Sorry Lisa, I hurt my arm so I can’t flip my tee over my head like you just did. Care to help?”

Lisa did not hesitate. She grabbed Steve’s shirt and practically tore it off his body. Tossing it randomly over her shoulder while saying,”Ok, now let’s see about those boots and pants.” As she spoke, Kelly was untying Steve’s boots, pulling them free, and they landed somewhere in the vicinity of his shirt. They were very quickly followed by Steve’s jeans. Once the playing field was leveled, she wrapped herself in His arms and began to kiss him square on the mouth.

Steve loved this. Hard as a rock and standing at attention, his dick was just begging to jump out of the boxers he still wore. Lisa was a talented kisser and her tongue was chasing and pinning his every chance it got. Her hands traveled with a mind of their own across his broad shoulders and down across his chest. Steve’s hands too were seeking what they wanted. Pulling her full breasts free from the skimpy bra before unhooking it. Steve finally pushed Lisa back from their kiss and caught a nipple in his lips. Giving it a long hard suck before doing the same to the other. He held her firmly on his lap and teased back and forth from left to right.

Lisa’s eyes had gone closed, and her head fell back as Steve worked her breasts with passion. She didn’t even notice until it was too late that he had stood up holding her and placed her on her back. As he set her down, he pushed the open bra off her shoulders and let his hands come down to the silky panties she still wore. She raised her hips without question and let him slide the periwinkle blue shimmering pair off her smooth legs.

As Steve’s lips and tongue played with each nipple, the arousal she was feeling was becoming more and more evident throughout her entire body. She longed for more – for him to kiss her from her neck over her breasts again, down her belly to the sweet wet spot between her legs. He must have read her mind because she discovered he had laid her down and was now removing her panties. Oh sweet god, this man does know how to please a woman.

Now completely naked and completely at his mercy, she savored each touch, each kiss, each lick. Steve returns to her mouth, eager for more of the shared passion. This time their tongues dance and caress. Lisa wrapped her arms around his torso, pulling at his back to draw him as close as physically possible. Steve breaks the kiss on her mouth so he can taste her neck. It’s so sweet and yet a little salty. They are both working up a sweat with this passion and he can’t get enough of this woman. Returning to her breasts, he draws each nipple back to a hard nub that he flicks with his tongue. Lisa’s fingers are playing with his hair, caressing his scalp. When he flicks a hard nipple followed by a teasing nibble, she grabs a handful of hair to let him know she felt ankara escort that. Moving further down, he kisses his way across her belly, her fingers still in his hair. Although his body has been positioned between her legs, he opens them further. Running a finger lightly over her slit, she moans the pleasure he is drawing from her body. Drawing the finger back up, he does so with a little more pressure this time but slowly even stopping at points and then continuing. Lisa has closed her eyes so she can focus on the torturous pleasure he’s administering to her body. The look on her face tells Steve that she loves every minute of this game. And the fact that her own hands have found her nipples and play with them tells him that he’s got a woman who is very comfortable with sex.

Lisa breaks the silence and asks “Is that what your plan is? To tease me to the point of torture? To make me beg for you push me over the edge?”

The tongue and the fingers work Lisa up to climax. Her body shakes, she screams filthy dirty words, her hips buck, she contracts around the digits within her. Knowing her body has more, she reaches for Steve begging “Pleeeease, I need you in me. Fuck me now.”

Ever the gentleman, Steve obliges willingly and climbs onto Lisa. She reaches between them and guides his hard throbbing shaft to the hot wet cavity recently vacated by his thumb and finger. Lisa clamps her legs around his torso, forcing his dick deeper within her. “Yes, pump me. Make me cum again. You feel so damn good!!”

“You need this fucking don’t you,” Steve breathes into Lisa’s ear as he buries his dick in her. He can feel her legs wrap around him, pulling his body into her. He moans as her body opens more to allow his invasion. His cock slides effortlessly on the soaking walls of her body. Pushing himself as deep as he can and feeling her legs squeezing him, then releasing so he can slide out. He pulls almost out of her, only to slam back in.

Lisa is yelling, moaning, screaming at him,”Fuck me! Yes! Oh God you ARE gonna make me cum again!” She can feel another orgasm building furiously within and threatening to spill out of her at any moment. Steve’s constant strokes feel as if he could do this all evening to her. He seems to be a machine made to fill her body with lust. In, out. In, out. Each thrust in is met by her hips rising when her legs pull his body to hers. When he pushes all the way in, her swollen clit gets another bump, sending another shock wave throughout her body.

Steve’s own orgasm is right there. Lisa doesn’t realize how much work he is going through to keep from spilling his load in her long before her second arrives. With her legs wrapped around him pulling him in and her nails digging into his back, Steve is afraid each stroke will be the one that puts him over the edge. But he too is loving this. A beautiful, horny woman who knows how to fuck. Something that hasn’t come his way in a very long time. He still isn’t sure this is real- her body feels entirely too good to be true. Sitting right on the edge of explosion, he feels her tense again. She has arrived and none too quick for him.

Whispering in her ear as he feels her body tense, “Cum now Lisa – I need you to cum now.” Speaking those words, it’s as if he handed her the key her body needed to release because on the next thrust inside her, she explodes. Her hips rise in rapid movements to meet his as he pounds his hot load into her. His own release is both powerful and sublime. Each stroke brings another wave of his orgasm and another shot of his load goes deep inside Lisa.

Lying in the straw on the barn floor, bodies spent, needs met, Steve slips alongside Lisa, his chest against hers. His fingers find her silky soft brunette hair and toy with a strand that has fallen across her face.

They lie there holding one another for a long time. No words are needed, their bodies having spoken all there is to say. Finally Steve kisses Lisa again and says, “I hope we didn’t frighten the rabbits over there in the cage.”

Lisa smiles and rolls her eyes, “Is that all you’re worried about? My rabbits?” Laughing they get dressed and leave the barn together. Hand in hand they walk toward the house.

“How about a quick shower and then you can buy me supper for all the hard work I’ve been doing for you, Lisa?”

“I have a better idea. How about a long, hot, slow shower until we run out of hot water and then I make you a home cooked supper. I will even let you do the dishes afterward if you talk real nice.”

Steve’s smile broadened and he explained why it may be a while before they could be all done with supper and “dessert” before he could get to those dishes. But that is another story.

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