The Twins Weave Book 02 Ch. 03

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This is an ongoing story: Please see The Twins Weave Ch1 if this chapter appeals.

All participants 2000 years in the future are of age and fully bought into their roles.

In the Elven household:

“Let’s go use a real bath this time.” Walking down the hallway I point to a larger pool and make the shoulders question. “This one okay?” and get a nod from the same guy from earlier. Mazarine sits next to me and we wash each other thoroughly. From Denae with the whites and pinks to Mazarine olive-brown with the extra plush. She starts squirming like she’s going to jump me right there so I get us heading back to the room.

Looking up at her as she rides me, she is lost in the moment, long silky black hair in my face, her little hands on my chest. Her breaths are loud and I can feel her grinding her hips forward, back, lifts up a little, and lands back down to push forward again.

“Damn, you are getting all of it, I’m way too excited to hold out, keep going.” I feel the roil and my stomach pushing down. Mazarine uses her arm to move her hair out of the way and looks into my face.

“I love them, but this can’t be replaced. It aches a little when it goes a few days,” Mazarine whispers down to me.

“I called out to you for the same reason, the ache is a bit higher.”

“Awww, that was nice, I love you too. I have to go lay down, Abi and Neivia want me to let it sit like I’m trying to, uh, never mind it’s too embarrassing.” She kisses me and gets out of bed. I smile as I see her pull her legs to her chest after she lays down.

“I’m surprised she hasn’t figured the weave out already,” Neivia says causing Mazarine to see me watching. She puts her legs down and gives Neivia a dirty look.

“She figured it out three days ago, I told her not to say anything so she could get all the extra loving,” I reply.

“What! That is not true!” Mazarine turns her look on me. “You were being so good; you have to stop hanging out with bad influences.”

“Wow Mom, wow.” Neivia says and laughs at the end.

Waking up to Nora sitting on top of me and sunlight coming into the room. Reaching up, I pull her down. “This is nice.”

“It’s been going on all night,” Nora chuckles, “This is my second time since you fell asleep.”

“Anyone feel like it is diminishing?” I ask looking around.

“Abi, Neivia, Cassandra, and I feel better,” Nora replies, causing me to laugh as she is no longer under the affect but currently riding me.

“So, it sounds like you made that breakthrough if you are in their company, AND it sounds like this one is just for fun?” I roll her over and pull her up to her hands and knees, pull both arms back and push her forward with my hips to get a good motion going. The slapping noise gets nice and loud.

“Told you I like awake better,” Nora says and laughs.

“Good gracious, he is pounding Nora,” Denae says from the other side of the bed.

“Nora and Mazarine like it very active and with team participation,” Cassandra says next to her. “I’m more private except for last night, and I think Abi and Neivia team up on James and sometimes the rest of us if Neivia gets bored.”

“Mazarine should pop any minute now and then we can focus on Denae and Cataline.” Abi says as all eyes are on Nora bouncing and grunting.

“I’m not sure I can survive that kind of focus,” Denae says sincerely.

“This last night is like a week’s worth,” Neivia replies.

“For you! This is year’s worth for me.” Denae replied, “And it’s nothing like this.”

“Denae, you have to study and catch up, but this; what you do, and what you want is completely up to you. If you don’t want to continue…” I start and get cut off.

“Whoa, let’s not go that route, I’ll come up with my own pace.” Denae replies.

Neivia walks over to me and is rubbing her hands all over Nora. “You were next Denae, do you want me to take it?” Denae stares at her for a moment and shakes her head no.

“I’ll go at my own pace after today; today I have to fight off the effects of the bath.” She replies and then laughs. “IF your husband doesn’t mind.”

“If he ever does, bring me with you and we’ll straighten it out. I think I’m done for the day.” Neivia turns and goes to the hallway and grabs new towels. “Anyone?”

Getting up and walking over to Denae her eyes squint at me, “Nothing crazy this morning, I don’t feel sore now, but I know it’s coming.” Searching through her I don’t see any issues, but I do see the corruption from the water consolidated in her breasts. Healing that and then letting it wash over her.

“I found the source and got rid of it, you should also feel better now.”

“Oh, okay.” She is staring at me, you can hear the regret in her voice.

“Let’s go to the baths, I’ll get your back and anyplace else you want.” I offer my hand and she follows. Neivia is handing out towels when we get there.

“I do feel great, what was that?” Denae smiles at Neivia, grabs a towel and walks a few steps.

“Delved in; the corruption from the water was in your escort london breasts, then a healing spell to get rid of the aches and pains. Though after next week you are going to feel much better each day and we might have to drain your power to keep you calmer.”

“I feel amazing now.” Denae says as they are all side by side with me and Neivia holding hands behind them.

Mazarine laughs, “I said the same thing and found out the next day, that was just the sex. The energy and power and feeling better might start later.”

“Better than this?” Denae stops short and I make sure to crouch a little and slide right through her thighs and bump her ass with my hips.

“Different than this.” Abi replies. “Nothing is better than my slip and slide thing last night.”

“Slip and slide? Did I miss something?” Denae smiles at Abi. I fall back a step and watch all the asses get into the bath. Cassandra and Mazarine are incredible, Denae is normal though it is almost glowing, Abi is the perfect size for my hands, and it moves back and forth…”

“James! Thanks, get in.” Abi calls to me. “All night and you still get distracted.”

“Who still feels the effects of the water? I cleared it from Denae.” I ask getting in beside Denae and grabbing a cloth and soap. Starting with her neck and working down her back and then down her front making sure to get everything and then her legs.

“Depends, are we going anywhere today?” Mazarine asks.

“Mom! That is such a good answer.” Neivia laughs along with most everyone else as she is rather quiet most of the time.

“How far along are we on Amice and Harold? We also need to talk to Velho about the changes being made and the issue to the North, and then we need to go to the Elves and tell them.”

“We are stepping down in a few days, I’ll have to go back to help Amice get ready and for the ceremony.” Denae doesn’t appear upset when talking about it. “Velho was sent the documentation already.”

“I’ll talk to them when everyone is up, about all of this. Get their help with the final two, get everyone to the capital and Abi can help identify the best choice.” Nora looks over at Abi at the end.

“I’m the next best option and can handle maybe a dozen.”

“I told Tahareesa some of it last night, they will meet us for breakfast when Falael gets home.” Cassandra says about their talk last night.

“Well, it sounds like we are good then Mazarine.” I add at the end, everyone is looking at her and smiling as she just nods.

“I’d like to do some actual training this morning with Denae.”

“After breakfast I’ll talk to Harold about getting the champions and anyone that trained at Velho together. The kingdoms shouldn’t mind, the recruits have the money to support themselves.” I figure we might need more than the eight of us running around.”

“I’ll take care of Harolds part of this as I’ll have to get back this morning, and talk to them anyway,” Denae says next to me as she stands up and walks back to the room.

Breakfast we talk about everything that has happened and the plans for the future, Nora has a meeting with the council after breakfast.

“Would you like some meat?”

“James?” Neivia nudges me with her arm.

“What?” I realize I’ve been eating nonstop since we sat down.

“It is a side effect of the bath is all, you eat all you want, do you want meat?” Tahareesa asks me again.

“No thanks, this is delicious.” I cover my mouth and she smiles as I get back to the melon I was eating.

“Then you need to have as much avocado as you can eat.” She pushes a plate closer to me. “You need fat to calm you down.”

Avocado is thick and the texture is pretty good, and it does seem to calm down the frenzy I was in on the juicy melons. Then I laugh at my own thought and glance over at Abi who isn’t paying attention.

Denae excuses herself and says her goodbyes as I create a portal back to her room.

“Can you do the same for the spot in the Inquisitor meeting hall you and Cassandra used?” Nora asks and I set it up for her.

“Falael is there a place we can buy close to here? Something big, it doesn’t have to be nice, we can fix it up after.”

“What!? No, you have to stay here.” He looks across at me.

“Yes, we would like for you to stay here until we get back from our family’s home. If those people come, they will go through our homes to get to yours.” Tahareesa nods to Falael.

“Falael cannot take that amount of time off after you changed the royal family, it will be hectic for everyone. Barons will fight for better estates with finance being the only victor. I will come with you and would like to accompany you as a non-participating companion until this is done.” She blushes and then laughs when Neivia catches on and winks at her.

“Of course, you could do with your council as Nora is doing with Velho.” She is flawless but also taller than I am. She is as skinny as Amice but with the princess, she is tiny and petite whereas Tahareesa appears stretched. “With the dubai escorts portals you can come and go as you please and not have to spend too much time away from here. You can make portals?”

“We maintain a balance of the earthly elements in our community.” I can use yours, but I would not create one.” Tahareesa explains. “We have few members that would if needed, but most use the rings now that they exist.”

“If you can pick out a secluded place, we can all set one up and to ensure you are always coming home to the same uninterrupted space.” Tahareesa takes me back to their bedroom to a back room where we all took turns creating the portal.

“Is this large enough?” Tahareesa asks.

“It is, okay, this is the key spot the location can be Nora’s hallway downstairs at the house.” I nod to Abi and she creates it and then closes it. Neivia opens hers and it is round, she learns how to adjust it and then closes it. Nora places the last one with ease and Mazarine says she couldn’t see any of them.

“You get another touch-up after this so we can check again tomorrow. Did you finish book three yet?” Neivia hugs her mother.

“Yes, I had plenty of time. I’d like to start another clinic when we find another place if we can.”

“You’ll be making all of the gold to keep us going,” I reply and wait.

“What! I don’t want to charge anyone if they can’t afford it.” Mazarine replies and I chuckle.

“I know, I’m just teasing, except for the very rich ones, they can give a donation. Everyone else stick with the children’s toys and you’ll end up with a network of children and those grateful for the help. All across the realms, each location you’ll have a network of information.” I put my hands up at the end.

“You don’t have to go out of your way, but don’t dissuade them, it will benefit everyone to know what the people are hearing. We are currently only listening to leaders and councils.”

“I’d like to get a place in each kingdom so we can spend time there.”

“Father and Harold are arguing, Harold would like you there.” Abi says behind me. “The study, I’d prefer not to go.”

“I’d like to go, not to interfere but if we could visit Amice after I would like to meet them both?” Tahareesa asks.

“Sure, are you ready? I ask and Tahareesa nods.

“So, you really want to see this family drama?” I ask as we walk over to the portal.

“Yes, your brother will be the new king and your father is the Baron. I wasn’t always in the house with my time on this world.”

We walk through the portal and all conversations stop as they stare back and forth between us.

“Harold; Abi said you wanted me? This is Tahareesa, we are staying with her while we sort all of this out. Tahareesa, the Baron, my brother Harold.” Father scowls at me and Harold bows to Tahareesa.

“Sorry for the short notice, father didn’t know about the major issue on your plate and I am unsure if I should bring it up, he believes you have replaced velho and currently the various kingdoms to the people you want in power and effectively rule everything..”

“We can talk about nonsense in a moment.” I walk over and shake his hand and an awkward hug. “Congratulations! King Harold.”

“Thanks, and thanks for setting it up,” Harold replies.

“That was Neivia, she said she was at the the party with you and Amice, the subject came up and she and Abi did whatever they do and here we are.”

He nods, “It is amazing how getting to know her has changed everything I think about.”

“Agree, she is up there with Mom as the most dangerous person to upset though.”

“Where is your sister?” Father asks.

“Still back at Tahareesa’s, there is quite a bit going on lately.” Turning to Harold “We need to talk about organizing all of your champions and anyone that studied in Velho. We need each Kingdom to put them into groups to help out if we need them. I’ll explain more later.”

“Was that it? Harold is King and has himself a Queen and we will be in touch with both of you as this progresses. We only have a few months to prepare.”

“Prepare for what?” Father asks.

“Ahh, yes, this is why everything appears chaotic, an invasion from lands to the west, they have been coming for a while, they are about to find the sea to the north and then start working their way south. We need to prevent that. Anyway, we need to go see Amice, you are welcome to come if you want Harold?”

“Sure, I need to spend more time with her before next week and things get complicated.” Harold walks over.

“Hey Amice? Tahareesa, Harold, and I would like to come to see you? Your mother’s room?” I send to Amice.

“Let me go check.”

“Did they tell you about the fireball mom shot at the assassin? It burn half my hair off at four times the distance it should have been.” I ask Harold.

“Abi said you peeked around the corner and that is how your hair got singed off.”

“She would say that.”

“Go ahead.” Amice says, I create a portal to the spot and escort Tahareesa through first, Harold Escort Dubai following after without any parting words.

“I’m starving, any chance we can talk in the kitchen? Where is Cataline?” I ask Denae as I arrive.

“Yes, in her room probably, we can get her on the way.” Denae looks guilty but Amice is staring at Tahareesa and Harold. “When she notices nobody is paying attention, she gives me a look of not being done with me yet.”

I hip check Harold towards Amice and he laughs. “You did not just do that.” Turning towards her after shaking his head at me. “Things have definitely changed around here.” She puts her arm in his and says something I can’t hear.

As we get to Cataline’s room she is shocked to see everyone outside her door. “Am I excluded from whatever group you all have going on?” she taps her head. “You could have warned me, so I could change.”

“What? You look great.” I slide in beside her, put my arm around hers, and keep us moving towards the food. The shock on her face was priceless. We went from her chasing with the others blocking her way to this rather quickly. She is a lot like Neivia so I figured this would get her attention.

“Well, okay, it took you long enough.” She gets her other hand on top of my arm and picks up the pace with me. “You hungry?”

“Yes, starving.”

“I keep telling James to eat meat, but he wouldn’t while in our house, he should now,” Tahareesa says to Denae.

“What happened?” Harold asks.

“The bath we took last night was spiked and we didn’t know it, it affects us differently with me being hungry all morning.”

“Neivia talked about all the other parts that happened,” Cataline whispers up at me.

“You do share quite a lot of information amongst all of you,” Tahareesa says with a gentle smile, she is looking at me for most of it.

“Don’t look at me, they talk all night, I only get what they want me to know.” I am positive I only hear a tiny amount of what they discuss.

Denae smiles at me and nods at Cataline stuck to my side, I nod back, and her smile grows. “We will bring you back for the ceremony, it will be both wedding and coronation.”

The food is brought over, and I’m only given a bowl of stew. It has been a while and it smells delicious. Two bowls later I hadn’t heard a single thing being said.

I feel my hand being taken bringing me back to everything around me, she pulls me over, “You good now?”

“Oh, sure.” I get up and pull her up, “we’ll be back.”

“Heh, I like how you do things like that, never any excuses, just saying whatever you want.” Catalina is beaming a smile at me.

“What? This is a good thing.”

“It is, but if anyone else walked up and grabbed me and said, ‘we’ll be back’, they would have been arrested as a best-case scenario. Not having to listen to a 30 minute excuse as to why and where we are going and without guards! This is what freedom feels like?”

She leads me to a bench in a garden somewhere.

“Yes, though our freedom is a bit more hectic than most other people. You are no longer part of Amice’s world, she and Harold will take care of things while you help us keep them safe.”

“I worry about where I would even fit in.”

“You fit in as you. You probably know more about everything that is going on than I do. You’ll be absorbed, Abi, Neivia, Mazarine, Nora, and Cassandra just make things work when it comes to this, everyone finds a place.”

“You’ve never asked me if I want this?”

“We wouldn’t be sitting here if you didn’t. I was thinking we might get something to eat down the street from my house, watch the sunset.”

“That would be nice, I never get to do anything like that.” We sit quietly for a while and then. “I can wear whatever I want?”

“Or as little.”

“I can’t see that happening.”

“Hmmm, sounds like a challenge.” I smile down at her.

“James, Cataline, why not do that today? Denae and Nora say there is nothing else going on.” Abi sends to both of us.

“That’s fine by me, I can send Tahareesa back and give Harold more time,” I answer. “Do you have any going out at night with the locals outfit?”

“I could come up with something,” Cataline says with a huge smile. I know the look of wanting to get out.

“There is an outfit on your bed, just in case.” Abi sends.

Walking back we find everyone in Denae’s room.

We take a seat for the next hour and listen to Nora explain what is going on in Velho. The council saw the change with Guiscard and is okay with the Queen taking over for the other kingdom, but they want a say in the last two. We all take questions about Amice and Harold, conscripting the Champions and those trained in Velho to go north with us when the time comes, How we met Tahareesa, that she is with us now and we are going to talk to the Elves about this after we fix the kingdoms. Dozens of questions about what magic do they know, how many are coming, what weapons might they have, that none of us know anything about.

“Tahareesa, would you like to come to dinner with us at James’ old Keep, he says there is a café near his house?” Cataline asks and I was shocked she was willing to share.

“Not sure they are ready for me?” She replies though you could see she was interested.

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