The Plan Ch. 02

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After the incredible sexual experience with Racheal (and Justin), there was no stopping any of us. We all wanted more…we all wanted to explore things further. The sex was amazing. It was right out of a movie. So, Justin and I met over beers to discuss something extra special for Racheal. We both wanted it to top the first rendezvous. We decided to meet at their house for dinner and offer our services as “dessert”…just for Racheal (and us). She could have anything she wanted…We decided to go old school and start things with a massage, using this really cool oil she loved. Our goal was to give her a night of pleasure. Over a couple hours, I felt like Justin and I really enjoyed the conversation and each other’s company. We talked at great length about our need to please women and how it turned us on…when we were giving a women pleasure, hearing them moan and I, too, had to jerk out a big load as I thought about our plan. Fuck this was going to be amazing.

Finally, the evening arrived; we had a wonderful dinner it’s really shitty what people have to endure.”

“Rach, I agree; everybody is different with unique DNA, unique desires…it all defies our need to neatly label people with gay, lesbian or hetero…black or white…” “I have always considered myself to be heterosexual with some bisexual tendencies…” “That said, I’ve rarely had the courage to act on the any of these thoughts/desires.” I usually satisfy myself with porn, stroking to bisexual or gay videos…especially JO scenes.

Racheal, “And is that entirely healthy?”

“I know…I know, human interaction…contact…would be more satisfying…healthier.”

Justin announced “Those do it for me too…Rach and I even masturbate together with JO porn.” “I do think we need to stop the fucking labels…let people be themselves!” “Umm…on a less controversial, but important note…the pizza is done! Get your plates.”

We sat down at a candle-lit table, enjoyed the pizza and continued to converse with eager anticipation for what was coming. The conversation was cool because it better defined what we were all feeling and that we weren’t alone. We were among friends that understood. As we wrapped up dinner, Justin and I went over the ground rules (there weren’t any) and what she could expect from us (anything she wanted). It was a Racheal Night!!

With a little sip of wine, Rach smiled at both of us and placed herself in our very capable hands. “I’m ready now, boys!” Justin and I took over. Both horny as hell! We slowly disrobed her, kissing and licking our way over her body.

She demanded that we remove our clothes, too, “I want to see my naked men.”

No problem…I thought.

Justin “Oh sorry…yeah, we will be doing that right now.”

Again, awkward dorks, but our clothes were on the floor, within a split second.

With everybody stripped, I could feel, both, Justin and Racheal sizing me up…a great feeling that I hoped would be there. Just like the last time. I even felt it a little when Justin and I met for a beer. It’s always bahis firmaları exciting and exhilarating to sense someone lusting for you, but Racheal and Justin, together, was amazing! Both seemed to wander lower with their eyes to focus on my cock. It had been stiff since I arrived, but now it was rock hard and upright. For them, I think my cock was something new…it was like candy or a new toy. I was so turned on by it all!! It made me so fucking horny!!!

Anyway, we laid her out on the bed and started to massage her neck, shoulders and back, working with the oil. I could see she was enjoying the two pairs of hands rubbing her, kneading her muscles and exploring her body. It was amazing for us, too. A gorgeous athletic body, she and Justin would run together and it showed. She was so toned…fuck, this was hot…I could close my eyes to sense that amazing athletic body with my fingertips. Of course, I couldn’t begin to close my eyes…I couldn’t take my eyes off that tight little ass. It was incredible! You can about imagine what my cock was doing…it was almost pulsating. We both worked her butt and thighs, spreading her legs to graze her lips with eager (yes, horny) fingers…teasing her a little. I put a lot of effort into her ass, working it hard. She was softly moaning and Justin and I looked at each other with great satisfaction…hey, we were just getting started.

Together, we flipped her over and worked her for a long time, eventually stroking her with our tongues, as well….sucking her nipples, kissing her and sucking her clit. Fuck, it was hard and Justin never let up, working her clit even faster. Rubbing it hard on her lips, I nearly lost it when she frantically licked I think guys, at least these two, love to see a woman reach that point of sexual satisfaction. I don’t know? Maybe its ego, maybe it’s an accomplishment…a good job…I don’t know? Some men may be more receptive or sensitive to it. Whatever, we were enjoying every moment.

Justin softly kissed her face and calmed her down by rubbing her body. “That was incredible, Honey.” “We are here to please you.” It was obvious that he really loved her.

She said “Honey, I love this, but I’m nowhere near done.” She was totally into it and taking control, “Now, I want my two boys to stroke for me.” “Show me what you can do with those cocks…I want to watch…show me.”

Hard as hell, we were both so fucking horny…her words were exactly what we needed. We started to stroke over her and she was clearly enjoying it…almost squealing at times. Encouraging us further (like that was necessary), “Rub your dicks for me! Stroke’m hard! That’s what I want to see! Look at those cocks….they’re mine…both mine…I love it!!”

Instinctively, she began to work her clit and I certainly enjoyed watching. Fuck, I really wanted more of that clit…it was gorgeous. I watched her push herself closer. Thinking how lucky I am…damn, I want that pussy, too. I could still taste her on my tongue and my cock just got harder.

I looked over at Justin, kaçak iddaa who seemed to be more focused on my cock…how could that be? Racheal was so hot? Why is he not watching her…? I loved it…he wanted my cock! And, I really wanted to try his…so, I reached over and replaced his hand. I wanted to hold it. I wanted to stroke him…it was my turn to satisfy him. I could almost feel his cock grow harder with my touch!

After a few minutes of spirited service to his cock, I decided to really give her a show and leaned forward, taking his cockhead between my lips! That beautiful cockhead…I have it in my mouth…fuck! Yea, it wasn’t just about Racheal; I wanted to satisfy my curiosity. I wanted to satisfy my need to suck that cock and I definitely liked it! He had some heavy pre ready to drop, but I caught it just in time. On my tongue, it was so fucking sweet…sweet as Rachel’s tasty little pussy. For a moment, I had thoughts of moving back and forth, between his cock and her pussy! That was a fantasy waiting to happen…but I need to focus on this cock…fuck! This was pushing me close.

Justin was now moaning with Racheal. His big head was slippery with precum; it slid in almost an affirmation of my sexuality…hetero, bi…whatever. It didn’t fucking matter…it was me and I’m bi! Fuck it! I’m bi!

Rach and I shared the moment of his hard body pulsing, cum and spit dripping from his shaft. With Justin’s satisfaction running down my chin and pooling on her body, I started to jerk my own cock very hard. I really needed to cum…now. Justin was a little lost in a haze of orgasm…he was probably fucking lightheaded after that big load.

Racheal raised up from the bed to lick cum from my face and say “I want you to cum on me! Please, spray it all over me! Spray me! Give me your cum!” Racheal really loved it…she liked to feel it in her mouth, rubbing her tongue through a coating of warm cum. She loved to feel it on her body. She would take it anywhere. She kneaded her breasts and rubbed her nipples, as if she was preparing them for my load.

I was there…fuck I was there! I obliged her request and covered her breasts…fuck it felt good to finally release! As she felt it on her skin, she smiled and squealed, “Yesssss, I love it…it’s warm all over me!” Then she rubbed it over her breasts, outlining her nipples with her fingers…her nipples glistened with me!! Looking at me, then Justin, she licked every drop from her fingers. Justin finished things up and leaned in to suck out the last drops. He acknowledged it with a pleasurable moan and Rach followed with, “Its good isn’t it?”

After all this, we finally we made it back to Racheal…she had been rubbing her clit throughout our little show. We glanced at each other to confirm the next move. As planned, we placed her at the edge of the bed with her legs spread wide. When we tied her legs to the bed, she grinned and noted that things just kept getting better. Later that night we all laughed when we told her how Justin tried things out to see if it would work….and kaçak bahis how we called each other to confirm things were a go.

In this position, we could work her pussy good…and again, we asked what she needed? It was totally up to her. We could give her anything at all…a tongue, a toy, a vibrator, a hard cock or, better yet, two hard cocks! As expected, she chose all-of-the-above and we were ready…we did everything. We both worked her pussy…tooling it with a vibrator…sucking her clit… and eventually fucking her.

It wasn’t too long before, we heard her again. “Keep it up…faster…harder; I love this!” “I love…going to cum…fuck me, hard!” She came again, while Justin was sucking at her clit and I fucked her. Her pussy sucked and grabbed at my cock…Justin loved watching all this, close-up, occasionally licking her from my cock. If I could reach it, I would have done the same and sucked it clean.

A little exhausted, Rach wanted to switch gears a little; we had given her pussy a heavy workout and it was a little sensitive.

“Honey, what can we do?”

She thought for a moment, while we lightly and affectionately rubbed her limp body. “Will you let me watch you both, again…I want to watch you both!” “Fuck, the two of you are so hot…so hot together!”

She wanted us to entertain her again! Justin grinned and reached out to brush my swollen head (just to clarify, the one between my legs).

“Fuck that felt good,” both anxious and knowing there would be more. After a quick, but telling, glance between us, we both wanted to grab some hard cock. But first, we tried untying Racheal to make her more comfortable, while we did our thing.

“Stop that, I like being tied!”

Justin, already on the job, was running his hand over his hardon…working that purple head.

We moved in closer to her on the bed, stroking and rubbing our cocks over her face. She licked and suckled them as they passed over her lips.

“Shit! I want to do you, this time!” Reaching over and stroking me…Justin squirted some lube down my length…laughed she was cumming again. She screamed this time with, barely discernible gibberish, “Fuck…..cumming!” It was one of those porn vocals that demands that you stroke faster to shoot the load you were trying to hold back.

Rach was done!! She was satisfied!!

Exhausted, we just laid there for a while with our eyes closed and savoring the warm feeling of being completely satisfied…this was some evening! Coming back to earth, we kissed and snuggled Racheal. She kissed her husband and licked a sheen of cum from his face. Certainly we weren’t done…we were all more sexually alive than ever before! I went on to explain that I had two sexual lives, one with my wife and one with others. Maybe at a crossroads in my life…is this where I buy a cheesy sports car and a younger wife or husband? Fuck No! I love Tina! Tina and I have always had an open marriage, albeit one-sided, when it came to sex. We have a very healthy, happy, loving marriage, but I always need more. That said, she loves sex, too; and over the years we have experimented a lot. She loved to watch but not always participate…Tina was a voyeur and loved to masturbate while others acted out their fantasies.

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