The Photo Shop Ch. 13

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Although each chapter is a story on its own, you might enjoy it more by starting with chapter 1 as there may be references to characters or events that happened in previous chapters.

Chapter 13: Bethany in distress

On Thursday evening around nine o’clock, I was watching an episode of ‘Naked Attraction’, a British, funny, and entertaining, dating show, whereby the participants go starkers. When the participant that wants a date is a man, he is shown six naked female candidates in colored pods, if it’s a woman she gets six men. Then, piece by piece, their bodies are unveiled by a rising curtain, first showing the legs and pubes, then up, just over the boobs, and finally the faces. After each unveiling, the participant has to send one of the candidates home until in the end there are only two left. The participant then has to get naked as well, giving the final two candidates the same privilege; that’s when the final choice for a date needs to be made. I have never in my life seen so many tattoos and piercings as in that show, but I must say there were also some very beautiful women as participants as well as candidates.

But coming back to that night, all of a sudden the doorbell rang, several times. Startled, I jumped up to see who it was. I wasn’t expecting anybody that night, so looking at the video phone, I was surprised to see Bethany, and from the look of her, she was seriously distressed. I buzzed her in and rushed down the stairs to see what was wrong. She looked a fright. Tears were streaming down her cheeks, her mascara was all over her face, her clothes partly torn, her shoes mud-caked and she was shaking like a leaf.

“Oh my God Bethany, what’s happened, to you?”

Not a word came out of her, she was crying and heaving and kept on shaking. I put my arm around her shoulders and escorted her up the stairs, installing her on the sofa. She couldn’t stop crying, so I let her carry on for a while. After ten minutes she seemed to calm down slightly, and the heaving ceased, although she kept on whimpering. Finally she looking at me with a half-black, mascara face.

“Oh my God I must look a fright!” was the first thing that came out.

That was already slightly reassuring as she still seemed to care what she looked like.

“What happened to you Bethany, why are you in such a state?”

“Oh I’m sorry I came to you, but I had no idea where else I could go.”

“I’m pleased you came to me — no need to apologize, but please tell me what’s happened to you, why are you crying, have you been attacked?”

“No, well yes, I have been sort of attacked; I had a horrible experience and you’re the only person I could think of who could help and listen to me and not laugh at what happened.”

“Dear oh dear, when you ring my bell looking all disheveled like this I’d definitely not laugh, on the contrary, I’d be very be concerned. Please take your time and tell me what brought this on.”

Again total silence, it was clear she was battling internally with herself to decide if she’d made the right choice to ring my bell. Should she leave or should she confide in me? The latter finally took the upper hand and she burst into her story.

“After our encounter the other day, I decided that I was indeed far too young to sit behind the geraniums and wither away. You rekindled my fire to enjoy life again, so I decided to subscribe to one of those dating sites and see what adventures life still had in store for me.”

“Excellent, I like it so far, but please continue.”

“Well I swiped left and I swiped right and I ended up with what looked like a good-looking man, who didn’t live too far away from here. He seemed a decent chap with a good job. As I wanted to take it slow and not immediately go on a date we started to correspond, he told me about his life and I told him about mine and we seemingly had a lot in common. He liked going out to dinner and the theatre; he preferred comedies, just like I do and we had a similar taste in music, we even watched the same shows on television.”

Bethany seemed to be getting better, but she was still heaving a bit, so I asked: “Can I get you something to drink Bethany? Some water, or would you prefer a glass of wine, a cup of tea, or something stronger?”

“A cup of tea would be very nice thank you,” she replied.

“OK let me put the kettle on, why don’t you join me in the kitchen, so you can continue your story.”

We adjourned to the kitchen where I got busy making tea for both of us.

“That all seems nice and pleasant, so how do we go from there to the tears and you clearly being so upset today?”

“After a few weeks of rather intense correspondence, we decided to have a first date, this evening. He was going to pick me up and we would go to dinner. So at eight this evening he picked me up at home with his car and off we went. canlı bahis I had no idea where he was taking me as he had been rather secretive about it in his mails, but it was supposed to be a top-notch place.”

“Well, there are plenty of nice restaurants in the neighborhood so that makes sense.”

“But once we were in his car he started to act weird, almost immediately he put his hand on my leg and said that I would definitely like what he had in mind for me. I should have already seen that something was wrong with such behavior, but you know I am gullible when it comes to people, especially men, you being the exception Lew, I trust you completely and you haven’t failed me.”

“Thank you Bethany I’m flattered.”

“No really, you are, but this guy absolutely was not. So after a bit, I got suspicious about where he was taking me and what he had in mind, I didn’t have to wait very long to find out. After a few miles, he turned into a lane in the woods, stopped the car and crawled all over me, tearing at my clothes, trying to restrain me, grabbing my boobs and tugging at my panties, while he was saying that I wanted it, that I had begged him to fuck me, it was written all over my face.”

“Wow Bethany, that is serious; how did you end up on my doorstep?”

“I may be gullible Lew but I’m not a wimp, I started seriously defending myself. I scratched him and bit him and punched him in the face, pulling his hair, and the first chance I got I punched him hard in his jewels which made him stop attacking me. That’s when I took my chance to open the car door and flee.”

“Good on you Bethany, but how did you know where you were and how to get away from him?”

“I had sort of followed in which direction he’d been driving, so I had a fairly good idea where I was and how I could get back home, avoiding the road, going through the woods and meadows. You can imagine my body was overflowing with adrenalin, but as I got closer to home it started to hit me what had happened and then I lost it and broke down. By the time I got back to the village, the first really familiar thing I saw was your photoshop so that is how I ended up on your doorstep.”

“How could you imagine that I would laugh after hearing of such an ordeal; you should press charges against this man!”

“No, I was the gullible one here I should have read the signs in his mails, most of the time they were sexually-oriented and there was even some violence. I am such a stupid cow!”

Bethany started crying again, and if there is one thing I can’t have is a woman crying, especially if it is a woman I know and like, so I took her in my arms to hug and comfort her.

“Now, now, a bit naïve maybe, but definitely not a stupid cow!”

Still shivering and crying, Bethany clung to me like she was drowning, I started stroking her head and shoulders hoping to calm her down.

“Oh Lew, if I didn’t have you I would have been totally lost this evening, would you mind making gentle love to me like only you can?”

“Uh, are you sure that you want to do this after the ordeal you’ve had to go through?”

“Yes, some TLC is exactly what I need now…, please?” Bethany replied, looking with puppy eyes deep into mine.

“God girl you are irresistible how can I say no to you, even if I wanted to?” I said as my mouth moved towards hers, kissing her tenderly.

Bethany responded by slipping her tongue hesitantly into my mouth, furtively making circles around mine, sparking a small fire, and resulting in me starting to caress her back and arms, drawing a hesitant moan from her lips. Her arms went around me as if she was holding on for dear life, while I ventured very carefully to move my caresses in the direction of her boobs. I got no adverse reaction, so I began to caress them over her clothing, resulting in a contented sigh. I felt around her torn clothing and began to undo the buttons of her blouse, she helped by undoing the buttons at the bottom of the sleeves so that I could slide it off her shoulders.

Luckily her skin had come unblemished out of the fight in the car; she still looked terribly enticing. Next, I unclasped her bra and removed it, unveiling her wonderful full boobs, and giving me full access.

“Oh, yes kiss my breasts, suck on my nipples, and make them hard. I need your warm loving lips on them to take away the horrible experience of that man.”

As I was already busy sucking on her growing nipples taking them into my mouth together with a big portion of her boobs in the process, I couldn’t respond much, aside from: “Mmmmhuuuummmm!” While doing that, my hands had moved to the back of her skirt, trying to find the zipper, and pull it down. Bethany lifted her bum so I could slide her skirt from under her, removing it completely, leaving her in just panties and heels. I pushed her down on the sofa and slid my mouth south towards bahis siteleri her playground, planting little careful kisses on her abdomen, giving her navel a lick in passing. When I arrived at the elastic of her panties, I grabbed them on both sides, sliding them over her hips and opening the way towards paradise, not this time, by the dashboard light but with the full light in my living room so I could enjoy this enticing sight to the full.

“Oh yes, please lick me, eat me, make me feel good like only you know how!”

I attacked her pussy carefully, as I didn’t want her to think about her bad experience but just to enjoy loving sex as I learned at a young age. Sliding my tongue over the outside of her outer lip towards her thighs, I gave them my fullest attention by licking with ever such light bites, making a turn her knees, then moving up again and repeating my ministrations on the other thigh and lip.

“Yes, lick my clit, lick my clit.” I heard her murmur as if she was talking to herself.

No more instructions were needed, and I immediately slid my tongue over her love bean, licking it out from under its protective hood. Once out, I switched to some serious sucking, increasing the blood flow and making it grow into its full potential.

“Ooooooh aaaaaaah, Oh God, yes, make me cum, make me yours!” she screamed, she had clearly already forgotten about her bad experience from barely an hour ago.

I increased my efforts, mauling her boobs and pinching her nipples with both my hands while I licked up and down her hot wet pussy with the flat of my tongue and placing quick tender bites on her clitty when at the top. Her juices now seriously flowing, and I was fully enjoying her sweet tangy taste. Her increasing fluids helped me to slide one finger into her love canal, moving about inside, stimulating her more and more and bringing her closer to an orgasm. When I introduced a second and third finger, I felt her pussy muscles squeezing them almost to a pulp, all this accompanied by loud cries and moans indicating that she was now on the verge of her orgasm. Then all of a sudden I heard a cry, like from a wounded animal: “Iiiieeeh , Aaaaah, I’m Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuming, I’m cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuming, Aaaaaaaaah, Yes, Yes, Yes!”

Bethany went all rigid and started shivering while the dam in her pussy broke and flooded my hand with what felt like liters and liters of girl cum, squirting all over the place. She kept shivering and shaking like that for at least thirty or forty seconds, before slowly coming down from her high and then totally relaxing, going completely soft on the sofa, her breathing back to normal.

“Feeling a bit better Bethany?” I asked.

“Yes” she whispered, “I’m OK now.”

I took her again in my arms and gave her a tender hug and felt her totally relax. After a while she looked at me and said, “Strange, but every time I am with you, I end up totally naked and you get to keep your clothes on, or at least a big portion of the time.”

“Must be my modesty Bethany,” I said with a chuckle,” I am rather shy, you know, especially in the presence of a beautiful woman like yourself.”

“I won’t have any of that!” she said and started to undress me, at which I became very helpful. When finally my boxers dropped to the floor, Bethany took my dick in her hand and started a most arousing up and down movement with her hand, bending over slowly and bringing her enticing mouth closer and closer until she could plant a kiss on the bulbous head. After that she gobbled my cock completely. It made me feel good, not only the feeling my love sword was experiencing but also the thought that she had gotten over the bad experience she had earlier that evening. It was clear from the contented noises she was making that she was a happy camper again.

After a while of her arousing sucking skills I had to stop her, or else I would have filled her mouth with my hot cum, which I didn’t want to do. I wanted to flood her pussy with my sticky fluid and make her cum again, maybe even cum together with her.

“Bethany, how would you feel about welcoming my joystick with your other lips?”

“You mean my pussy?”

“That’s exactly what I mean, I want to…”

“Fuck me?”

“Well if you want to put it in those words, yes! That’s exactly what I want to do, fuck you, fuck you hard, make you completely forget about this trauma you experienced earlier today and replace it with happy memories.”

“Oh yes, I’d like that, I’d like that a lot.” Upon which, Bethany lay back on the sofa and opened her legs wide, giving me an inviting look at her hot dripping snatch which almost beckoned at me to invade it with my rock-hard cock. I grabbed her ankles and opened her legs even wider, bringing them over her head, then resting them on my shoulders, bringing my cock into attack position and sliding into her. Her pussy was bahis şirketleri so wet and slippery that I had to hold myself back to slow down my entry speed.

Slowly I started to move out and then in again, teasing her, massaging the insides of her cunt, trying to create as much friction as I could. I withdrew my rod completely, sliding the glans over her clit before plunging down again into her hot depths, enticing moan after moan from her lips.

Bethany grabbed the back of my head and drew me to her mouth mimicking with her tongue what I was trying to do in her pussy, sliding in and out, and on the out sucking my tongue into her hot mouth. She could taste her own juices still lingering there from my going to town on her pussy just a while ago. I kept on pounding and on the outstroke, her pussy lips were hanging on to my cock as if they were trying to prevent it from leaving. Slowly but surely, I felt her body getting more aroused again, taking me with her, closer and closer to the joined orgasm I was aiming for. Whimpers of pleasure were erupting from her lips.

Bethany arched her back tightening her stomach as I felt her body tensing up, approaching orgasm. Trying to keep up with her I pushed deeper and harder than I had before, resulting in her convulsing and contracting down on my shaft with her muscles rippling down in ecstasy.

“Yes cum for me, cum for me baby!” I cried out, as I felt my balls contract, squirting jet after jet of warm gooey gunk, coalescing and coating her pussy walls. In response, she quivered and shook as her orgasm hit her in unison with mine.

“Oh God, yes, yes, yes, I’m cuuuuuumming, I’m cuuuuuuuumming, fill my pussy, fill it to overflowing, yes, yes!” She cried out in ecstasy.

When her orgasm had finally run its course, she looked at me through orgasm glazed eyes and whispered: “Oh God Lew, that was awesome, that felt sooooo good, you made me feel whole again and lovingly wanted, not like what that bastard did to me tonight.”

“Bethany darling, I could never understand why some men want to force themselves on a woman, when it is so much better and satisfying to bring a woman to ecstasy by treating her gently and lovingly.”

Out of the blue Bethany asked, looking at me with her puppy eyes, “can I please stay the night? I don’t want to be alone now.”

“Yes of course dear, I wanted to ask you exactly the same, but you beat me to it. Though we have to figure a way to get you home in the morning without scandalizing the whole village, we’ll figure it out. For now let’s go to bed and get some sleep unless you want to use the bathroom to clean up?”

“I don’t, I want to feel your essence inside of me the whole night long.”

We adjourned to the bedroom and got into bed where I spooned her, my arms protectively around her as we quickly fell asleep. The next morning, around five-thirty, I slowly woke up with a raging hardon and strangely it felt like it was encased in something warm and hot. I didn’t realize what was happening until I looked down and saw my cock had completely disappeared into Bethany’s mouth. She was happily sucking away at it, quickly bringing me to an orgasm.

“Well hello, good morning, can’t wait till I prepare you a nice breakfast can you?” I asked with a smirk.

“Mmmmmmm hhoooo.” Was all that came from below the sheets, while she kept on bobbing her head and sucking as if her life depended on it.

“Oh boy, I could get used to this kind of an alarm clock every morning Bethany, there is however not much snoozing time anymore as I am cuuuuuuuming!” I felt my orgasm cresting, pumping a load of hot cum into her eager mouth, which she immediately swallowed.

“OK you lazy bones get out of bed!” Bethany shouted while she jumped out, still completely nude, and rushed into the bathroom.

I needed about thirty seconds to come down from my high before I could follow her. I quickly used the toilet, before jumping after her into the shower where I tenderly washed her with my hands, aided by lots of shower gel. Taking special care of her enticing lady parts, I managed to get her a small, but judging from her reactions, intense, finger-induced orgasm in the process. After drying, we went to look at what we could muster to get Bethany dressed, as her blouse had been partially torn, and we also needed to figure out a way to get her home, unseen by the rest of the village. Luckily it was Friday morning and not as busy as Thursday, which was the local market day with lots of people around very early.

I lent her a sweater to wear over her torn blouse and at about six, we snuck out of the house, jumped into my car and I drove her home, where she kissed and thanked me again for taking such good care of her in her hour of need, and quickly dashed inside her house. As far as we could tell, we were unseen by any villagers. That’s how an otherwise rather dull Thursday evening turned into an adventurous night, allowing me to help a damsel in distress.

I truly hoped that next week I would hear something from the contractors Tanja wanted me to hire to work on the cellar.

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