The Perfect Day

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I’m rarely up before Claire partially because I like to sleep in longer but also because even if I do try to get up before her, I normally wake her up when I get out of bed. However, this morning I’m extra careful and manage to get up without her knowing. After getting out the envelope I’d hidden a few days before, I sit down to eat my breakfast. It isn’t long before Claire is awake and walking into the kitchen.

“Why are you up so early?” she asks after a yawn.

“We’ve got a busy day ahead of us,” I tell her between mouthfuls of cereal.

“What do you mean?”

I gesture to the envelope on the table. She picks it up and turns it over in her hands.

“What’s in it?”

“A contract,” I say.

She gives me a look that says quit being cryptic and just answer the damn question but she doesn’t say anything and instead rips open the envelope. I don’t think she could open one neatly if she tried. I watch her eyes scan up and down the page before a smile breaks like sunrise on her face. She grabs one of the pens on the table and quickly signs the contract and hands it back to me. My cock twitches in anticipation as I look over the piece of paper again. My heart and mind race with excitement as I fantasize about everything we’re going to do today.

“I guess I need to start getting ready then,” she says and leaves the kitchen.

A little while later we’re back in the bedroom. Claire has straightened her hair and done her makeup. Since the contract says we’ll be taking lots of pictures and videos, she’s really put on her gold eyeshadow and mascara thick. Her eyes look sexy and slutty all at the same time and I can’t wait to get started. I strip off my clothes revealing a red thong that fits snugly around my package making the thong bulge. The fabric is tight as it stretches between my ass cheeks. Claire reaches out and caresses my balls through the thong. I tell her to strip naked and lay on the bed on her stomach. I climb on the bed behind her and grind my cock against her ass for a moment. She arches and pushes back against me increasing the pressure. I slap her ass as I get back up.

“I’m going to plug your ass. I’m going to need it nice and ready for later,” I tell her as I get one of our jeweled butt plugs out.

She moans as I tease her asshole with a lubed finger before inserting the plug. Her ass greedily pulls it in and I slap her ass again. I tell her to roll over and tease herself while I get set up. I put one of our cameras on the tripod to record her and grab the other one to snap pictures with. Lastly, I give her a glass dildo and instruct her to get off for me.

She lays the clear glass dildo on the bed next to her and returns to teasing herself. She gently rubs her clit before getting faster and faster. She spreads her pink pussy lips for me and I continue to take pictures as my cock grows harder and harder. Moaning loudly, she inserts a finger into her pussy and then a second one. When she pulls her fingers out they are covered in her wetness. She puts one finger in her mouth followed by the second one and seductively licks off her own excitement. She licks her lips as she looks straight at the camera recording her every move.

She moves to her hands and knees with her ass facing the camera. She spreads her ass showing off her plugged ass. She shakes her thick ass a moment before spreading her legs a little wider and rubbing her pussy some more. Then she takes the glass dildo and plunges it in. She moans loudly as she fucks herself for me. After a minute of this, she returns to her back with her legs spread wide. She licks the dildo clean of her juices before spreading her pussy lips. She uses the glass tip of the dildo to tease her clit and she moans louder. Then she is fucking herself with it as the other hand rubs her clit.

“I’m going to cum for you,” she announces and immediately begins to shudder. Her breathing gets louder as does her moaning. Her eyes close as she convulses with ecstasy.

I take a few last pictures before setting that camera down, but I keep the other one recording. I walk to the edge of the bed and Claire immediately turns to me and starts stroking my cock through the thong. Her bright purple fingernails practically glow against the fabric. She pulls down the thong and my hard cock drops free. It hangs in the air between us and twitches. She wraps her hand around it and pumps it up and down a few times. Then she lies on her back at the foot of the bed so that the recording camera can get a nice view of her big tits.

I grab the oil off the nightstand and then straddle her. I drench her tits in oil and she rubs it in, pinching her nipples as she does. Then she pulls my cock down between her tits and pushes them together around it. I start slowly at first but soon I’m thrusting my cock between her cleavage and fucking her tits just like if it was her tight pussy. My balls tighten and I moan as I begin to come. I pull my cock from between her tits and direct my hot load to spray first one and then the other breast. Stroking my cock causes more cum to erupt forth and this last load lands on her face.

I get off her and she sits up canlı bahis showing her cum drenched face and tits to the camera. She swirls my cum across her tits and licks it off her finger tips as it drips down her sexy tan body. I stop the recording, but I take a few more pictures of her smiling and looking pleased with her reward. The exact kind of pictures I wanted and will jerk off to another day. I let her go to the bathroom to clean up her face and touchup her makeup. When she returns, I’ve cleaned myself off and put the thong back on.

“How was that?” she asks holding the contract in her hand.

“You made me come so hard, and you looked so hot. I can’t wait to watch the video and look through the pictures.”

“I guess it’s my turn to take some pictures now,” she says looking over the contract.

Claire is a much better photographer than I am, and whereas I want pictures that are sexy and explicit, she wants pictures that are artistic and erotic. She takes close up pictures of my package in the thong. She takes some of me holding myself. I stand up. I lay down. I pose this way and that until she is satisfied. She hands me the camera and says it is my turn again.

I set the camera to record again and watch as she pours the oil all over her tits again. She slowly rubs it in until her tits gleam. Then she pours more into her hands and rubs it all over her arms. She works her way all over her body until she is completely covered in oil. I take pictures of her shiny sexy body. Her thick ass looks irresistibly sexy as oiled up. If I hadn’t just fucked her tits, I’d already be straddling her she looks so hot. My cock begins to harden again and I know enough time has passed for us to move on.

“You can dry yourself off and then putt on the sluttiest outfit you can,” I tell her.

“What are we doing next? The contract only says lingerie and play. What does that mean?”

“You’ll see. Just go get cleaned up and changed and meet me in the basement.”

Once she leaves, I take the cameras and tripod downstairs. I set up a chair in the middle of the large living area down there. I put the camera in the right place and get the computer ready to go. I’m just finishing preparing everything when Claire comes down the stairs. Her outfit takes my breath away. She’s got a set of fishnet leggings on with plastic platform heels. The mesh dress she wears hugs her curves tightly. Through the mesh I can see a set of matching panties and bra with plenty of straps to drive me wild. As she gets closer, I can see she’s even smothered her lips in lip gloss. My cock aches with desire.

“Slutty enough for you?” she asks walking up to me but I don’t get a chance to answer as she immediately kisses me passionately. Her lips part and our tongues meet even as she squeezes my ass with one hand and my cock with the other. Then she breaks off the kiss. “Now what?”

I take just a few pictures of her in her outfit, but then I sit down in the chair.

“Start the camera recording, but stay out of the frame,” I tell her. “Then go to the computer and press play on the keyboard. The music should start right away. Then you can begin your strip show. You have to go slow though. You can’t stop until the playlist restarts.”

“You think you can resist me that long?” she asks mischievously before starting the camera rolling.

Soon my desktops sound system is blasting beats chosen just for this moment. She struts toward me and walks around the chair before standing a few feet in front of me just out of reach. She works her body in time to the music, running her hands through her hair and all over her body. She squeezes her tits and jiggles them. She turns around and bends over, shaking her ass for me. As the song switches she begins to pull the mesh dress off. She dances with it a moment before discarding it with a toss towards the camera.

She steps toward me and walks behind the chair again. This time she stops behind me and leans over press her tits against me. She runs her hands down my chest and to my thighs before trailing them back up. She steps back in front of me and bends over again this time her ass is close enough to touch but I don’t because that isn’t how this game is played. Then she gets on her hands and knees and crawls away from me. She twirls a leg in the air as she turns to a sitting a positing on the floor with her legs spread wide. She caresses her pussy through her panties. Then she crawls back towards me, and when she reaches me she puts her hands on my legs and uses them to stand back up. She leans in over me thrusting her chest in my face and she shakes her tits.

The song changes again, or maybe it is the fourth song now. I can’t remember because I’m mesmerized by her performance. She steps back away from me and undoes her bra still dancing. This she tosses to the side, and she dances more with her bare breasts free and shaking. She gropes and squeezes them. She dances her way back towards me and straddles me in the chair burying my face in her cleavage once more. I can’t help but run my tongue up her cleavage as she pulls away. She turns around and sits on my lap. She grinds her ass bahis siteleri against my throbbing cock.

She dances away again just out of the reach. She sways to the beat as she slowly pulls her panties down revealing her perfectly shaved pussy. She tosses her panties right at me and they land in my lap. I pick them up and feel that they are wet with her excitement. I keep holding them as she dances and rubs her pussy for me. She teases and plays with herself all while gyrating around the room.

With perfect timing she’s just finishing up when the playlist restarts. In a flash she is on her knees in front of my chair pulling my hard cock out from the thong. She licks up and down the shaft as she fondles my balls. Her glossy lips look perfect as they wrap round my cock. The eye contact alone she gives is almost enough to make me come, but I’m not willing to yet. She swallows my whole cock deep into her throat like I’ve never seen her before. She licks my balls with my cock still in her mouth. Then she slides all the way back up and gasps for air. She strokes me as she licks underneath my engorged head. She pulls on balls and squeezes my shaft hard as she clamps her lips around the tip of my cock sucking and sucking.

“Fuck. I’m going to come,” I moan.

She sucks harder for a moment before pulling her lips away and pointing my cock right at her face. She continues to hold my balls as she strokes me. I moan loudly as I come for the second time today. This time my entire load is on her face as I erupt with shot after shot of hot cum. It glazes her lips and drips down her chin. It plasters her forehead and mingles with her glittering gold eyeshadow. The image alone is enough to almost make me come again, and no matter how hot a picture would be, I don’t take the time for one. Instead, I pull her to her feet and make her switch places in the chair with me.

It is my turn to make her come, and I bury my head between her legs. I don’t bother to tease her and instead dive my tongue right into her pussy. She’s dripping wet with excitement from the strip and sucking me off. Her pussy tastes delicious as her wetness spreads across my mouth and face. She puts her hands in my hair and grinds herself against me. She moans as she practically rides my face while I drink her in deeply. I turn my attention to her clit and flick my tongue across it. I continue to eat her out until she can’t take it anymore and she comes in a convulsing, screaming orgasm that leaves her body shaken and breathless. I continue to lap up her juices as long as she can handle it before she pushes me away. I sit back and look up at her my face dripping with her wetness and her face dripping with my cum. Some of it has dripped down her tits and stomach. She looks down and sees it too. Scooping it up with a finger she cleans herself off and licks my cum off her finger.

“Let’s get you cleaned up,” I tell her and grab her hand.

I lead her to the downstairs bathroom and the start the water running for her in the walk-in shower while she takes of her heels and fishnets. She closes the curtain and begins to wash off as I leave the room to fetch the camera. When I return, I pull the curtain open and she looks at me startled. She’s already rinsed the cum off her face and body. Her makeup was so heavy that it isn’t gone but is just smeared sexily. The shower sends and endless stream of water that cascades down her tits like sexy waterfalls.

“What are you doing?” she asks.

“It’s in your contract,” I say. “I can take pictures of you whenever I want today.”

“In that case…” she says but trails off.

She grabs a container of body wash and begins to lather up her body. I step beck and begin to take pictures as she rubs the soap all over her tits covering them in soap bubbles. She squeezes her tits and makes sure to stop and pose for me periodically. She puts a leg up on the interior ledge of the shower and slowly washes her leg leaving her sexy pussy mound open for photographs as she does. Next she turns around and bends over, so I can take a picture of her wet ass which she knows drives me wild. I’d forgotten about the butt plug, but there it was shining like a sexy diamond in her ass. She takes the detachable showerhead down and uses it to rinse the soap off her body. Once clean, she spreads her pussy her for me and uses the showerhead to massage her clit. She poses like this and then with her leg up again before sliding down to a sitting position with her legs spread. She continues to get herself off with the water as she plays with pussy. Her moans get louder and louder as she nears her climax. Her eyes close and her head tilts back, mouth slightly open. Her shoulders shake as she comes for me again.

“Now what?” she asks as we finish up our break and early lunch.

“The contract says it’s your turn to take charge,” I tell her. “What do you want to do?”

“I’m going to use you like my little fucktoy,” she says.

I’m shocked by her sudden assertiveness. Often, she takes a while before she decides what she wants to do and never quite completely takes control. My cock is ready to go again after the longer break bahis şirketleri and it responds now to her commanding voice. She takes us back to the bedroom where she looks through our box of sex toys and gear. She pulls out a pair of handcuffs and binds my hands in front of me. She has me lay down on the bed on my stomach and in a moment she’s teasing my ass with a butt plug just like I did earlier. I can tell from the feel of it that it isn’t one of the smaller jeweled ones like I used but is one of the longer ones that really fill my ass. After a little more teasing which makes my cock rock hard, she pushes the butt plug in until I’m completely filled with. I moan a little as it does. She rolls me over to my back.

“Now you just wait there like a good little toy,” she says continuing her dominance. “I’ll be back to play with you in a bit.”

I lay on the bed with my ass filled and hands cuffed. I can hear her in the nearby bathroom drying her hair and then straightening it. After a while, my ass relaxes a little bit as it gets used to being filled. I notice the plug less as an intrusive object and it becomes more of a satisfying sense of being filled sexually. I wonder if it is anything like how it feels to Claire when my thick cock fills her pussy. I decide it probably isn’t quite the same, but of course, I’ll never really know. My mind wanders more thinking about what Claire has in store for me. Maybe she’ll sit on my face and grind her pussy against my mouth. Maybe she’ll suck me off more and ride my cock until I explode.

When she finally comes back in she has redone her makeup as well. Her mascara is back on thick, but now she’s used a dark smoky eyeshadow. She’s also put on dark red lipstick. My eyes fall from her face and admire her body. She’s put on her kinkiest outfit for me. She has on a tight leather dress that is so short that it barely covers her ass and clearly exposes her panties whenever she walks. It has straps running across the front of it showing her tits squeezed in and pushed up in the tight dress. She has on a pair of shiny latex panties I’ve never seen before and she’s put the fishnets back on as well. She’s replaced the plastic stripper heels with high stiletto heels

“Get on your hands and knees,” she commands me and I comply.

She slaps my ass hard alternating cheeks. Then she reaches between my legs where my cock stands rigid and she strokes it for me. As she does so, she pulls on the butt plug but my ass doesn’t want to give it up right away. Then in a rush it comes free, and I feel the length of it slide out my ass. She uses it to tease my asshole while she slowly pulls on my cock and balls. I can’t help but moan a little at this new experience.

“You like that?” she asks. “You like me playing with your ass and cock?”

“It feels so good,” I tell her.

“Good. You should enjoy being used.”

I moan again as she switches from teasing me with the butt plug to gently pushing a finger into my ass. She’s touched my ass before but never truly fingered it like this. As she pushes her finger in further, she moves it around exploring me like I do when I finger her pussy. This sends a wave of newfound sensations through me as I feel the pleasure radiate through my body and making my cock bounce in her hand. After a few thrusts with her finger and strokes with her other hand, she pulls out and lets me go.

“Get on your back on the edge of the bed. I want your legs in the air just like when you fuck me on my back.”

It is a little bit of effort with my hands bound, but I get in the position as she instructed. I spread my legs wide and bring my knees up as far as I can to give her unlimited access to my ass. She begins to stroke my cock again as she returns to fingering my ass. She switches to using the plug to fuck my ass. She inserts it several inches almost to the point where it is fully pulled in by my ass and then pulls it back out. After a pause to lube my cock, she begins to fuck my ass and stroke me harder and faster.

“Oh fuck,” I moan.

I look down to see my glistening cock standing straight up in the air. Her purple nail polish contrasts with my skin. She’s smiling with excitement as she plays with me and uses me. The sight of her leather outfit and the pleasure of her touch brings me close to the edge.

“You’re going to make me come,” I tell her as I put my handcuffed hands above my head.

“I want you to come for me,” she says. “I want you to shoot your hot cum all over yourself while I stroke your thick cock. I want you to come with your ass being fucked. Come for me, Jake.”

Her commanding voice is enough to set me over the edge. As the butt plug once again plunges deep into my ass, I feel my orgasm building deep within me. She pulls the plug out and then thrusts it back in as cum erupts from my cock. She continues to stroke me as my first load shoots in the air and covers her hand, dripping down my cock and balls. She points my cock at my chest and the next four spurts land between my navel and nipples. She’s drained my balls and my cum is spread across my chest, but she keeps stroking. I moan and writhe as my sensitivity increases post-orgasm. She keeps playing with my cock until the pleasure makes it so I can hardly breathe. With a few last squeezes and strokes, she lets go of my cock and it flops to the side completely spent for the time being.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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