The Night You Will Never Forget

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It has been an exhausting day for you today. Eight hours in a boring executive meeting listening to your boss ramble on and on about pointless things you already know. It was enough to drive you insane.

But now you’re finally free, all you want to do is get back to your hotel room, and relax with a bottle of wine before your long flight home tomorrow evening.

As you get to the hotel lobby, you decide to take a quick detour to the hotel bar for a quick drink before you head upstairs to bed, after a long and boring meeting you wouldn’t mind socializing for a little while.

As you get to the bar you notice it’s empty, you feel a little sad that no-one is there at the moment, but it doesn’t stop you, someone will come along soon, you’re almost certain of it.

The bar has been set up like a lounge, with a long row of stools at the bar on your left, and on your right there are rows of coffee tables and black leather sofa’s. Even though this hotel was a budget deal at the last-minute, you can’t help but feel as though you are in a five star hotel and would definitely come back again for a weekend getaway.

There is relaxing music playing in the background, along with the dim lighting of the room it is a perfect way to relax after a long day.

You sit on one of the stools in front of the bar and a barman quickly notices you have sat down and walks over to you with a friendly smile on his face.

“Welcome miss, what can I get for you today?” He is professional and polite.

“I think I’ll have a gin and tonic if that is ok?”

“Certainly, if you’d like to sit down on one of the sofa’s over there I’ll gladly bring it over to you”. He responds very quickly and you welcome the idea of the chance to relax in those inviting chairs.

“Thank you” You reply as you walk over and sit down feeling the soft elegant leather hugging the shape of your body. It’s so comfortable you could almost fall asleep right there.

Quickly the barman walks over to you with your gin and tonic in a tall glass. As he places it down on the table, you find yourself reaching for your purse. As you do, you feel his hands on your wrist.

“The first drink is always free miss, there is no need to worry.” He smiles at you as he says this.

You look up at him smiling as if to say thank you, he responds with a pleasant nod and walks back to the bar.

You can’t believe the hospitality of this hotel and can’t understand why you have never been here before. All the other hotel’s you have stayed in have been much more expensive and the barmen and waiters have been rude and ignorant. This is almost a dream come true, and a money saver.

As you sip on your gin and tonic leaning backwards feeling completely relaxed, a tall handsome man enters the bar, he catches your eye immediately and you find yourself not able to look away.

He is tall dark and handsome, his face is almost sculpted like a work of art. You can’t take your eyes off him.

He glances over at you noticing that you have been staring, you blush and look down almost embarrassed that he has caught you staring at him. As you look back up to see if he is still looking you find he has his back to you. You relax a little knowing that he is looking the other way.

You notice that you can see the muscles in his back through his shirt and you begin to feel a tingling sensation in your chest. You quickly look away trying to turn your mind towards something else that will distract you, but you find yourself quickly canlı bahis staring at him again.

You begin to daydream, thinking to yourself how much it would turn you on for him to be laying on top of you in your bed, undressing your blouse whilst you hold on to his back feeling every muscle with your fingers.

You imagine him kissing your neck slowly and softly whilst caressing you with an element of force, but still being gentle.

As you daydream about what you could be doing with him, you have failed to notice him walking over to you and sitting down in front of you.

CLAP! You snap out of your daydream as someone claps there hands in front of your eyes. You jump and almost spill your drink.

As you look in front of you, your heart begins to pound as this handsome man is sat in front of you giggling at your daydreaming. Your face goes red and you want to just get up and walk away to save yourself the embarrassment. You are certain he knows that you were thinking about him.

But instead of getting up and leaving you wait for him to talk, after all, if he wasn’t interested in you he wouldn’t have come over to talk to you, at least hear him out.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help but notice you staring into space and sat on your own, you look like you could use some company?” He asks smiling at you but still waiting for reassurance.

“Yes certainly, please do I was beginning to get bored sitting here all on my own.” You know that was a lie, but you can’t tell him what you were actually thinking, he’d think you’re strange and weird, guys don’t like being approached like that and you don’t want to scare him off.

He smiles looking pleased that you have allowed him to sit and talk with him.

“I know I’m going to sound very forward.” He says in a very confident but polite way. “But I can’t help noticing that you are a very beautiful woman”.

As those words come out of his mouth you can feel your heart racing, you can’t help but think you just want to mount him right then and there, but you control yourself keeping those thoughts to yourself.

As you smile and look down blushing you see a cheeky grin appear on his face, he knows you like him.

“What room are you staying in?” He asks

“I’m staying in room 31 b, why do you ask?” You can’t believe he’s asking you. You think to yourself is this going to be my lucky night?

“Would it be ok to meet with you tomorrow and maybe have dinner together?”

You feel a bit downhearted that you wont see him tonight, but happy that you will see him tomorrow.

“Yes definitely, I would like that.”

“Great. I’ll meet you outside your room at 1pm tomorrow and we’ll have lunch. I have to go now as I have already made plans for tonight. I’ll see you then.” He smiles at you, finishes his drink and walks out of the bar.

You feel a smile coming across your face at the thought of meeting this handsome man for dinner tomorrow.

As you finish your drink, you stand up and begin walking out of the bar towards the elevator in the entrance. As you get there you press the button to open the doors and they open instantly to your surprise.

You press the button which will take you to the floor your room is on, and you quickly arrive there with the doors pinging open. You walk down the hall to your room, put the key in the lock and go into your dimly lit room, slowly closing the door behind you.

You decide to go and take a shower, it’s been a long day and you just want to refresh bahis siteleri yourself before climbing into bed for a good nights rest.

You walk into the bathroom and switch on the shower, as the water begins to heat up you start getting undressed. It is surprisingly warm in the bathroom, you almost feel as warm as you were when wearing your clothes.

You open the door to the shower and slowly get in closing the door behind you. The warm water running down your body, it almost feels as if it is a warm blanket surrounding you. You could almost fall asleep right there.

After washing yourself thoroughly you switch the shower off and get out of the shower, quickly grabbing a towel and drying yourself off. Once you are dry you wrap the towel around you and open the door to the bedroom where you can’t wait to climb into bed.

As soon as the door is open you walk in the bedroom and look to your left, you almost jump out of your skin as the handsome man you were talking to earlier is leaning against the wall with a big smile on his face.

“How did you…?” You stutter, more out of surprise than fear, you find yourself being quickly turned on by the man standing there.

“I own the hotel, I can get access to any room I want, whenever I want.” He talks so calmly and peacefully you can’t help but relax, you know you should be running to the phone and contacting the police, but something about him tells that you don’t need to be scared.

As you go to open your mouth again, he walks towards you, quickly putting his finger over your mouth. He puts his hands on your waist and pulls you towards him, he is so strong that you find yourself eagerly pressing your body against his.

He leans forward and firmly presses his lips against yours, you wrap your arms around his neck completely immersed in this passionate embrace.

As you continue to kiss each other, his right hand quickly loosens the fold in your towel causing it to slowly glide down your skin to the floor. The cold are in the room quickly wraps around you causing goosebumps to appear everywhere.

He suddenly picks you up, you wrap your legs around his waist as he carries you to the bed, slowly laying you down and begins softly kissing your neck. You find yourself gripping the covers of the bed as the pleasure increases.

He slowly begins to work his way down, kissing everywhere so softly and tenderly, sending waves of pleasure through your body, carefully kissing each nipple, you feel his warm tongue gently massaging them. You moan softly as he does, moving from the left, to the right taking extra care to be as gentle as possible.

As he begins to go down even further, he firmly grabs your wrists, you grab hold of the covers even tighter, it’s turning you on so much that you can’t escape this powerful man who is taking advantage of you,

Suddenly you feel this amazing sensation on your clit, his warm tongue slowly massaging it, wave after wave of pleasure shoots up your body, your nipples are getting hard, you try to move away but his firm grip on your wrists keeps you in place. The pleasure increases, you can feel it building, moaning with delight as you feel yourself about to cum, he starts licking faster and more firmly and this only increases the pleasure.

You begin to moan louder, your whole body tensing up before finally releasing wave after wave of pleasure, you feel yourself cumming, it feels amazing. You write on the covers whilst still being held firmly in place by this strong bahis şirketleri man. As the pleasure lessens, he stands up slowly undoing the belt on his trousers.

You watch as you lay there catching your breath still feeling turned on. As his trousers drop to the floor your eyes widen as you look at the largest penis you have ever seen. He tells you to sit up and you find yourself doing what he wants without question.

As you sit up you feel his hands on the back of your head. One hand gripping your hair the other supporting the back of your neck, you open your mouth wide, as he slowly enters your mouth. You quickly feel it filling your mouth and reaching the back of your throat, he holds it there for a few seconds before pulling it back to the front of your mouth.

He continues fucking your mouth, you’re getting more and more turned on as you begin massaging your clit feeling the pleasure building again, it’s turning you on so much to be dominated like this, you’ve never had a man turn you on like this before, you find yourself cumming again before you even realize it, your moans softened by the Huge throbbing penis in your mouth. Your body spasms as your eyes close and you feel the most intense orgasm you have ever felt in your life.

It continues for the next thirty seconds wave after wave of pleasure running through your entire body.

As your body calms he slowly pushes you back down on the bed and spreads your legs. You can feel your heart racing even more looking at him, you don’t know if you’re going to be able to take it, it’s so big.

He presses it up against you, and slowly as the head of his penis begins to slide its self in, you feeling it stretching you. You let out a loud moan as it goes in deeper, his hands holding onto your shoulders pulling him into you.

As he pushes himself all the way in you bite his shoulder trying to soften the loudness of your voice. He begins thrusting, it feels like nothing you’ve ever felt before, your legs seem to have a mind of their own, shuddering every time he thrusts into you.

He grips you tighter, thrusting harder and faster every time, and you can feel the pleasure building again, you feel like you’re going to lose control as he thrusts faster and harder, it’s almost unbearable as you begin to moan at the top of your lungs, he sucks on your neck and you find yourself Cumming uncontrollably, screaming and trying to squirm as he holds you tighter. You can feel the size of him more than ever as you become more and more sensitive, the orgasm just keeps on going it’s the most amazing feeling you’ve ever had.

He quickly stands up pulling your head up at the same time and begins fucking your mouth again, he is harder than ever and you know what’s going to happen. You sit there while he fucks your mouth, waiting eagerly for him to cum.

He lets out a moan and you feel the warm sensation in your mouth. He slows down breathing deeply, you swallow, feeling it go down your throat.

As he pulls out of your mouth and pulls his trousers back up, you lay on the bed with a huge smile on your face. You look at him and he smiles back.

He reaches in his trouser pocket and pulls out a business card, he puts it on your side table.

“If you’re ever in town again, feel free to give me a ring.” He slowly begins walking away, and before you know it he has left the room.

You lay there breathing deeply, thinking to yourself that it was the most amazing experience you’d ever had.

You begin to sit up, feeling light-headed. Still smiling to yourself you slowly begin to stand up. As you walk towards the bathroom again for another shower, you can’t help but think to yourself that this is the night you will never forget.

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