The New Job

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I took a deep sigh as I looked out the window from the passenger side of the truck. 3 weeks on the job driving around with this idiot who was training me. The sheer amount of annoyance I felt was astounding. The guy never stopped to actually use the bathroom. He would only stop to smoke a cigarette. It was bad enough they had stuck him with a cigarette smoker, but they guy also smelled too. I rolled my window down as far as I could. It and many other things in the truck didn’t work, another reason that infuriated me.

“We’re coming up on the next stop.”

Good, I thought, I can at least get out and get some fresh air. We pulled up to the house, which resembled a mini mansion of sorts. Once the trainer applied the parking break, i hopped out and proceeded to stretch. God, I couldn’t wait to get my own truck. As I began to let my thoughts fade, I was brought back to reality by the trainer.

“Hey, we have to do an assessment of the property. While I’m treating the lawn, take the tablet and mark off anything you see.”

I was more than glad to do this just so I didn’t have to be around this guy. As I walked around the house, I got a real scope of how big the property was. It had to be at least 15,000 square acres of land. As I continued to walk around, I heard footsteps behind me. As i turned, a young woman who seemed to be in her early 20s was walking over to me. She had reddish brown hair and a decent tan. She was obviously of caucasian decent, but could easily pass as latin. She wore a white pair of shorts and a tank top.

“Hello”, I said while giving what I considered a professional smile, “Me and my colleague are here to service your lawn today.”

“Oh”, she stated, “I was wondering who that old guy on the side of the house was.”

I chuckled a little. I looked down at the tablet.

“I see here a Mr. Jonas. I really hope that’s not you.”

She laughed a little. Man, what a sexy laugh.

“No, I’m definitely all woman.”

“I can tell.” She gave me a sly smile and cocked her head to the side in response to my remark.

“Um, wow, that was really inappropriate. So would that make you Mrs. Jonas?”

She shook her head. “No. That would be my uncle. He owns the house. I just stay here when I’m on break from college.”

“Oh, college girl. What you studying?”

“Oh I’m studying be a doctor. Currently taking courses on the male anatomy.”

“Oh really?” I said with a smile trying not to blush.

“Yes. Would you like to be my research subject?”

I instantly felt my self turn beet red. If this was an anime blood would be shooting out my nose. The girl was clearly messing with me. Had to regain my composure. Took a quick deep breath and looked her dead in the eye and gave my best professional spiel I could come up with.

“That’s very flattering ma’am. However I need to finish my assessment of the property.”

I noticed a slight jerking motion in her body. She was obviously thrown for a loop that her statement didn’t tongue tie me. To be honest though, it was taking everything in me not to flirt back or give away a sign that her statement made in impact on my thought process. She definitely was stunning. 5’2″, slim sort of athletic build. Very nice long legs. I didn’t see what her ass looked like but if her hips were any indication she had a nice little bubble back there. Breast were perky, not the biggest I’ve seen nor were they the smallest. Her build kind of reminded me of Abella Danger. Her face definitely could’ve gotten her a modeling gig. I was snapped out of my thoughts once again by the trainer.

“Hey, you done with the assessment?” I sighed. “Yes”, I stated dryly.

“Actually”, the girl said, “I have a few more questions for him.”

My face must’ve gave away my shock, cause I saw her smile slyly.

“Ok, if there’s any questions he’s unable to answer, I’ll be able to answer them.”

The trainer then looked at me. “Don’t take too long. I’m almost done with the lawn.”

I shook my head yes and watched him walk away.

‘Thank you”, I said after letting out a sigh.

“He really irks you doesn’t he?”

“You have no idea.”

She laughed. “So, besides getting annoyed with your coworkers, what do you do outside of work?”

“I usually just go home.”

“Oh. Girlfriend?”

“Nope. Boyfriend?”

“Not for a few months now. Which sucks because I could really use a male body right now.”

I shot a look of inquiry “You don’t look like you shouldn’t have a problem getting a guy.”

“Oh, I have guys, but…” she kind of trailed off, “I need a certain type.”

I cocked my head to the side in confusion. “Type as in race?”

She shook her head no. ‘Not exactly.”

Before I could ask my next question, an older gentleman pulled up in a Jag. Obviously her uncle.

“Tanya, are you bothering this man while he works?”

Well now I at least knew her name. “No, sir. I was just giving her my assessment of your lawn.” The man came over and shook my hand.

“And you are?”

“Darryl” I answered and winked at her without him seeing. bahis firmaları I talked with the uncle for a little longer, finished up the paperwork and was preparing to leave when Tanya came out to the truck.

“Yes ma’am, can I help you?”

“Is this going to be your normal route?”

I shook my head. “I honestly don’t know. Its my last week of training so I won’t know till they give me my own truck.”

She seemed to pause in thought real quick. Then I saw the sly smile appear again.

“Ok, have a good day”

She waved and turned around in a matter of fact way. It was then I was able to get a nice view of her ass. It was definitely nice and round. Had to stop myself from trying to bite it. I climbed in the truck and was about to shake her from my memory when I looked back over at the house. My jaw almost hit the floor. She was standing in the middle of the door way with her shit up rubbing her tits. I shook my head thinking I must’ve been seeing things. I looked back over and she was waving and blowing me a kiss. I looked over at the trainer who hadn’t seen a damn thing due to being on his phone. We drove off and finished out stops for the day.

The next day as I got to work, my boss informed me I would be in my own truck that day. Man, it was the best news I heard all week. So I left the garage and began doing my stops. It was around the 3 when I got my last stop done. As I was about to pack it in, my phone went off. Apparently I had one last stop to do for the day. A client from earlier that week had a complaint and wasn’t happy with the service that received on their property. Even though it was my trainer’s route I was closer and was forced to do it. Begrudgingly I typed the address into the tablet and drove to the property. To my surprise it was Tanya’s uncle house. I immediately grew agitated at the thought of having to treat the entire lawn because of the trainers fuck up. I climbed out the truck and went and knocked on the door. 5 minutes went by when I heard the knob turn. There stood Tanya in a bikini (if you could call it that). I smiled and tried to hide my carnal impulses. I knew she was sexy from the other day, but now with even less clothing I could make out just about everything.

“Hello again ma’am. I’m here to address the customer complaint your uncle made.”

“Oh, he’s not here right now. He won’t be back till tomorrow night.”

“Oh, well it says in my notes he wasn’t happy with the treatment we did.”

“Yes, your coworker missed the area by the pool.”

i gave her a look of confusion. “Pool?” I didn’t remember seeing a pool, but then again I had spent most of my time on the property talking to her. She beckoned me to follow her as I did, she led me through the garage. As I neared the backdoor I heard the garage door closing behind me. I turn around abruptly. My shocked expression must’ve startled her.

“Um, my uncle never made a complaint.”

‘Oh really?”

“Yeah, I just wanted to get you back over here again.”

“Ok. For what pray tell?”

She stepped forward and pulled the string on her top. As it fell to the floor of the garage she started walking over to me. I caught myself staring at her breast. Her nipples hard, be it from the air or something else, but the were beautiful. The need to grab one and pop it in my mouth started to grow. As she came to stand in front of me she looked up and grabbed my shirt by the collar and proceed to kiss on me. Her tongue felt soft, her lips softer. I found myself kissing her back passionately with a ravenous hunger I didn’t notice before. She pulled away from me after a few seconds and started walking towards the door leading inside the house. She beckoned for me to follow with her finger. She led me all the way upstairs to the second floor bathroom. As we entered she pointed me towards the walking shower. I started to strip out of my work boots first and was about to take off my shirt when she stopped me.

“Wait, I want to do it.” she said. She began to slowly unbutton my shirt. Once she got it completely open she began to rub her hands along my chest. Her touch was soft but sent jolts throughout my body. If I wasn’t hard after the makeout session in the garage, I definitely was now. I could feel my dick literally aching to be let free from its confines. She seemed to take notice and undid my belt. She tugged at my pants, pulling down everything in one motion. My dick, finally free of its imprisonment, stood out and firm. I looked down at Tanya and felt a small pleasure surge through me at her reaction. She tried to grip it with one hand but couldn’t get it all the way around my girth.

“Yes, this is exactly what I was hoping for.” She said standing up and taking her bikini bottoms off. She then pulled me into the shower with her. She grabbed a loofah and began lathering it up with soap from a metallic dispenser with no lid. She then proceeded to wash me up, taking extra special care of my nether regions. For some reason, the smell of the soap kept making me more and more aroused, to the point where it took all my will power kaçak iddaa not to put her up against the shower wall and fuck the shit out of her. Once she as done lathering me up, she took the hose and rinse me off. She then took another loofah that had been hanging up and handed it to me.

“Here, my turn”, she said, “But use the soap in this container.” She pointed to another metal container that was in the shower. I lathered the loofah up and began with her shoulders. As i began rubbing on her with the loofah, i noticed she began to moan silently. I moved down to her breast, massaging them as I washed. I pinched her nipple lightly and she let out a sharp whimper of pleasure. I moved down to her legs, slowly tracing her inner thigh with my finger tips as I washed her. I then turned her around so I could get to her back.

“Put your hands on the wall.” She smiled at me and complied. With her back turned, i began scrubbing her back. But then got stood behind her, letting the head of my dick bump against her pussy. Even with all the water I could tell she was wet as all hell. She whimpered some more. I then rinsed her and myself off. I pulled her towards me and spun her around. I pulling her mouth towards mine I let my tongue loose on her. She responded in kind. She pushed me backwards into the opposite wall of the shower, breaking our kiss. She then slowly dropped to her knees, tracing kisses along my chest and abdomen. When she reached my dick, she licked and teased the head. She did this for a few seconds before tacking her tongue and tracing the underside of my shaft. She purposely licked the entire vein from base to head. I gasped at the sheer feeling of her tongue doing its magic. She then looked me straight in the eye and took my entire length in her mouth. At first she started by licking and sucking to the middle. I wasn’t very long, but carried a lot of girth. Most women seemed to have issued performing orally with my equipment. But Tanya was doing it like she took this dick everyday. My thoughts snapped back to reality when I felt her take me all the way into the back of her throat. She held the tip of my head there for a few seconds, allowing her throat to constrict and squeeze around it. I had back my impulse to buck and fuck her mouth. After about 15 seconds she released my dick from her throat and allowed it to slide out. A trail of her saliva glistened on top of it, turning me on even more. She then looked up at me and proceeded to move my hands to the top of her head.

“I want you to fuck my mouth.”

“You sure?” She took my dick back in her mouth before I could complete the sentence. So I proceeded to fuck her mouth like it was the last time I would ever get head. She gagged on it but never once told me to stop. As spit bubbles began to form from me the head in and out her throat, I felt my climax begin to climb. I pulled out and allowed myself to calm down. She grabbed my dick, spitting a huge glob of precum and saliva on it and proceeded to stroke it.

“Oooh, you were about to cum?’

I shook my head yes.

“I’m glad you didn’t. I want that thing inside my pussy stretching me out.”

“Then how about we get out this shower?”

We dried off and she took me into a bedroom. As soon as we closed the door, i ripped her towel off her and picked her up in my arms. I carried her to the bed and sat her near the foot of it. I began to kiss along her neck, letting my tongue trace a line to her breast. I lightly licked and blew on each one till they were hard, nibbling slightly on the right one, causing her to moan. I then began kissing her stomach before reaching my destination. I let my tongue slide into her wetness. I traced my tongue in a circle inside, enjoying the taste of her juices as they coated my tongue. I then moved up and began massaging her clit with the base of my tongue, licking t with my entirety and then flicking it with the tip. I increased my tempo, moving my tongue in a wave like motion against her clit as she gripped the sheets of the bed, moaning so loudly I thought the neighbors would hear us down the block. As I noticed her juices were flowing more and more, I pulled her clit between my lips, sucking on it and rubbing the top of it with my tongue. This sent her over the edge as she came all over my face. I licked up her extra juices from her pussy before she grabbed me by the top of my head and pulled me up to her lips. She licked her access juices off my lips and giggled.

“Mmmm, I taste good.”, she said, grabbing my dick, “Now, give me that thick ass dick.”

I didn’t have to be told twice. I kissed her deeply and rubbed the tip up and down her slit. Once it was slicked up with her juices, I slid into her, letting the head slowly go in first. As I felt me pass her opening i could feel me getting sucked in. I slowly pushed her rest of the way up on the bed and put my arms under her legs grabbing her waist, lifting it at an angle. I then slowly buried myself all the way inside her.

“Oh fuck.”


“Nothing, your just so thick. I can feel everything stretching in me”

I kaçak bahis smiled and began picking up the pace. What was once a slow methodical stroke then began to be a fast pumping tempo. I could feel my head hitting her wall each time, and everytime I did she moaned damn near screaming in pleasure. I began switching up the pace. I’d give her a few deep slow strokes and then switch to hard fast ones. I could tell it was driving her insane. She gripped my back and began scratching it up like crazy. After a few more minutes of this she pushed me off her and told me to lay down. I complied and watched as she straddled me. As she took me back in her, she began bouncing up and down, squeezing her inner muscles as she did. As she did this, I took one of her breast in my mouth and began to massage and suck them. She began moaning even louder and riding me harder. She then raised herself up and began squatting on it. After few minutes of this she suddenly lifted herself all the way up and squirted.

“Oh my god, I’ve only been able to do that with a toy.”

I laughed. It wasn’t the first time a woman had squirted on me while riding. I pulled her towards me and kissed her deeply. I then pushed her off me and turned her around.

“Ooh, I love when a man takes charge.”


“Yes. So what you going to do with that lovely dick of yours?”

As soon as the words left her mouth I slid my entire dick straight into her with a downwards stroke.

“Oh fuck!” she yelled, “Yes, fuck me. Fuck me with that dick daddy.”

I gripped her hips and proceeded to do just that. I gave her a steady stream of downstrokes, making sure to reach deep into her with each one. I watched as she gripped the sheets tightly, moaning and screaming the entire time.

‘Oh my fucking god. Fuck, don’t stop fucking me with that dick!”

With that response i switched my stroke up and began to just pound her pussy. Her ass bounced with each thrust, causing me to get closer and closer to climax. Again I felt her vaginal muscles clenching down and tightening around my member. I gripped her hips harder and angled her head downwards so her ass was up in the air at an angle. I then began giving her down strokes once again, but this time my pace was steady but strong. As i began picking up pace I cold tell her orgasm was building again. So I kept up the pace.

“Oh fuck, Oh fuck, I’m going to cum so fucking hard. Don’t fucking stop, keep giving me this dick!!”

“Oh you want to cum on this dick?”


“Ask for it”

“Please make me cum with this dick!”

“Mmmm, I dont know, That didn’t sound very convincing.”

She looked back at me and said in the most alluring voice ever,

“Please make me cum with that dick Papi. Make me your little whore.”

At that point all thoughts went out the window and I proceeded to give her the dicking of a lifetime. I thrusted into her as strong as I could without causing her any pain, but I could feel my climax building.

“Fuck, I’m about to blow!”

She looked back at me “Its ok, I have a Plan B pill.”

I looked over at the dresser and saw the familiar package. That’s all I needed to know. I began my pace again, full on intending to drain my balls deep in this pussy. I began feeling her get more and more wet as we neared each others climax.

“Oh god, fuck, I’m going to cum!”

“Me too!” I grunted.

“Fill me up baby. Fill me up with that Puerto rican cum. I want every drop of it!”

With those words ringing in my head (dirty talk always makes me cum hard) i thrusted like 4 more times and felt my self explode into the deepest part of her pussy. She screamed out the same time I did, yelling

“Oh fuck I’m cumming. Fuck, I cumming the hardest that I ever have!” She gripped the sheets as my dick throbbed and shot what seemed like an entire months worth of cum into her. After about a minute, I pulled out of her and laid down next to her. Between the work day and that session, I was spent. I laid there trying to figure out if I had the strength to drive back to the garage, let alone home. My thoughts were interrupted by a kiss from Tanya. It wasn’t a lust filled kiss. It was full of passion and desire. I kissed her back in response and looked back at her and realized she had green eyes.

“Thank you.” she said


She gripped me and laid her hard on my chest “For the dick. I really needed that.”

“Glad I could be of service. But I find it odd you don’t have someone you can call up just to get laid.”

“I did. But then he started being selfish and only worrying about him getting off. Plus”, she said as she rubbed my dick that was just starting to go down,”He was working with anything like this. Mmmmm. I need something thick and hard and you fit the bill.” I smiled. I always enjoyed when a woman complimented my dick. We laid like that for a few more minutes before getting dressed. I put my work clothes on and had realized that we had been at it for an hour and a half. When I got back to the truck I saw my boss had been calling me for like the past 15 minutes. About around the time I had emptied my balls into Tanya. I called him back and he began shouting wondering where the hell I was. I didn’t even notice Tanya standing behind me till she took the phone from me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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