The Museum Pt. 02 of 03

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For the next couple of days I couldn’t help but think about Eddy, even when my boyfriend was on top of me. It had been a while since Dwayne had properly scratched my itch, and with everything that had happened with Eddy lately I was walking around pretty fucking horny. Our romantic dinner, how I had sucked him off like an eager high school girl and how I had let him feel me up. Even how he had cum on the museum carpet right in front of me, twice.

Tuesday came not a moment too soon. I walked into the museum around 5:55pm, a couple of minutes before closing time. As most visitors were already leaving, I made my way towards the Renoir exhibit, where I ran into Eddy.

“Stick around, I wanna show you something!” he whispered.

I didn’t reply as I figured it was pretty obvious how horny and eager I was.

After closing up, he came and found me, and said, “You ready? Come with me.”

Curious, I followed him as he led me to the end of one of the main corridors. I wondered what on Earth was so special about it that he wanted to show me.

“Not only is this the longest corridor of the museum, with a whopping 147 meters, but it is also the only one in Italian marble; all the others have either carpet or linoleum,” he said, starting to sound like a tourist guide.

Still not having a clue where he was going with this, he suddenly put his hands on my shoulders and gently turned me around to face him.

“The cleaning crew polished it yesterday evening, so it should be perfect for what I have in mind,” he whispered. He gently pushed me down, guiding me onto my back. Then he whipped out his cock with his left hand and reached under my skirt with his right, pulling my panties aside and leaning forward, stuffing his hard cock into my soaking wet twat.

“Oh fuck,” I gasped as I felt his thick, throbbing cock entering me.

He then leaned forwards, placed his hands next to my head and delivered the first thrust. I moaned as I felt myself sliding up several inches.

He repositioned his hands and then pulled the rest of his and my body along with them, whispering, “Let’s see if I can you make you cum before we reach the end of the corridor!”

As he gave me another couple of thrusts, I moaned and groaned as I finally realized what he was doing and why he had picked this particular corridor. Eddy thrusted, repositioned himself, thrusted, and repositioned himself over and over again. As his speed and power steadily increased, we began to cover quite some distance. After only a minute, I noticed us sliding by the first hall. Our clothes were providing the perfect amount of friction, allowing us to slide down the corridor with an amazing speed. This was without a doubt the craziest, most original, and most vulgar thing I had ever done.

Eddy’s cock felt amazing in my hot twat and the circumstances were so arousing that he made me cum and scream before we reached the halfway point. Yet Eddy kept plowing away and continued fucking me, making me squeal, pant and moan for another five or six minutes or so, until we finally reached the finish. Then he stepped up his game – realizing I was close to a second orgasm – and really started jackhammering my cunt. I whined, screamed and came around his cock for what must have been a whole minute.

He was – understandably – exhausted, so I sat up as he pulled out of me and said, “Now, let’s make you cum!” I reached out for his still hard cock.

“That’s okay, I’ve…” he started to say.

“It’s not open for debate, I want your cum… tell me what I can do,” I said, gently stroking his dick.

“Well,” he said as he got on his knees, “I’d really like to see your tits.”

Without taking my right hand off his dick, I used my left one to pull up my sweater, revealing my black bra. The mere sight of it caused his dick to swell again to massive proportions. Unable to take off my bra the proper way, I used my left hand to pull the front of it up, until both my tits popped out into view.

“What else can I…” I started to ask, but I was cut off by Eddy’s sudden loud moaning. His pelvis jerked forward and his cock began ejaculating all over my skirt. Apparently the mere sight of my tits was enough to make him explode violently. God, I couldn’t remember the last time I had had such an effect on a guy!

I put my left hand on his neck and caressed the back of his head as he continued convulsing against me, splattering his cum all over my skirt and stomach. When he was empty and slumped back against the wall, I looked down at myself and realized my skirt was going to have to be dry-cleaned; it looked absolutely disgusting. I carefully took it off and leaned against a nearby wall. I looked at Eddy for a second, then at the corridor and said, “No one has ever fucked me like that… and certainly not over that distance!”

We smiled at each other.

“Glad you liked it,” Eddy closed his eyes, completely out of breath.

I took off my sweater and dropped it on the floor, along with my bra. I got up and headed for the nearest bathroom to clean güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri his cum off my stomach. As could be expected, Eddy had dozed off by the time I got back, and so I decided to take a walk around the museum. I didn’t see the point in putting my clothes back on, so with just my high heels and my black panties, I headed for a few of my favorite art pieces. It was almost like any other visit, except for the fact that I was nearly naked off course, and that I had had two major orgasms, which had completely relaxed me. As a result, it was as if I was able to appreciate the art on a whole other level.

About an hour and a half later, Eddy came to find me. I was sitting on a bench admiring one of the largest sculptures in the museum. He walked over to me and handed me a coke and a power bar from the vending machine.

“I figured you could use a snack by now.”

“Thanks,” I replied.

As he unwrapped a power bar for himself, he sat down next to me. He knew better than to start yapping or talk about the art pieces he really knew nothing about, so we just sat there, eating our power bars, sipping from the same can of coke.

I can’t really explain it, especially after already experiencing two major orgasms, but his mere presence was making me horny again. Maybe because I noticed him staring at my bare tits. At first I tried to ignore it, but after a while, I began glancing at him and focusing more on him than the statue. In light of everything that had already happened I decided to stop fighting these feelings and instead act on them.

After gathering my courage, I got up and stepped backwards over the bench, keeping my eyes on the statue. Slowly I got down on all fours – bridging the bench – and briefly used my left hand to pull my panties down and expose my ass. God, this was so slutty. Without taking my eyes off the sculpture I stayed in position, hoping Eddy wasn’t going to leave me hanging.

It took him a few seconds to realize what I wanted, but once he did, he put down his unfinished power bar and stood up, unzipping his pants. As he whipped out his cock and slowly walked up behind me, I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. The anticipation and the sound of him stroking his half-hard cock, as he was no doubt gawking at my ass and twat, was enough to make me dripping wet.

Luckily, he didn’t need a lot of time to get fully hard and soon kneeled down and positioned himself in between my wide open legs. He put one hand on the small of my back, while he used the other one to guide his hard cock into my wet, eager twat. I closed my eyes as he nearly took my breath away. Although I wanted to scream and moan as loudly as I could, for some reason, I was determined not to make a sound and not to let him see any reaction on my part.

When he actually started fucking me, I grabbed the far edge of the bench with my left hand, as I guided the power bar back to my mouth and pretended to continue eating. Off course, I was way too horny to actually take another bite, but it was all for the show. A show which Eddy seemed to enjoy, because I felt him grow another inch inside of me. That extra inch made it even harder for me to stay quiet and act detached. I managed to power through however; no matter how hard or deep he slammed into me, no matter how much my body rocked and shook, I kept looking at the statue and didn’t make a sound.

Eddy must have really liked my little performance, because he shot his load into me barely two minutes later. Somewhat relieved that it was over, I waited for him to finish emptying his balls before finally letting out a deep sigh. As he collapsed on the floor behind me, moaning and panting, I turned around to sit on my ass and looked at him, pleased with myself for a job well done.

“God, that was fast,” he whispered as he looked at me.

“I noticed…” I smiled.

“That was amazing,” he added as laid his head on the floor and stared at the ceiling, “Do you have to go soon?”

I looked at my watch and replied, “I can probably stay another half an hour or so, why?”

“I would really like you to swallow something before you go,” he stated bluntly.

“I can do that,” I said, leisurely disregarding the fact that he had already fucked two loads into me.

“The question is…” I said, tracing my index finger around his sensitive cock head, “… can he?”

He gasped under my touch and asked, “Half an hour?”

“Uhuh,” I nodded with a coy smile on my face.

“I’ll go and get ready,” he said, as he got up and grabbed his clothes, “My office, 30 minutes!”

I giggled as I watched him leave. I set the alarm on my watch and relaxed for another couple of minutes, then gathered my clothes and put them back on. After wandering the museum for about twenty minutes, I started heading back and slowly made my way to Eddy’s office. I knocked and entered.

“Good, you’re right on time,” Eddy said as he jumped up from his seat, naked from the waist down and his right hand firmly wrapped around his fat, throbbing, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri purple cock. On the computer in front of him, there was a porn flic playing. His poor cock had already taken quite the beating from the look of things, and had been brought to the very brink of cumming. As Eddy walked up to me, I realized I wasn’t going to have to do much sucking or any kind of manipulation anymore. It seemed that his earlier statement had to be taken quite literally: he just wanted me to swallow, nothing more.

Although it wasn’t quite what I had set my mind to, I also didn’t see any reason to deny him. So I got on my knees and opened my mouth as wide as I could, pretending that I knew this was what he wanted all along. He started moaning before he even reached my mouth, the first cum rope splattering partially against my chin before hanging his convulsing cock in my wide open pie hole.

We locked eyes as he moaned and dumped the rest of his load into my mouth. I knew I probably looked incredibly sleazy and cheap, acting like a genuine cum dump, but to be honest I really, really liked it. It was kinky and nasty – and therefor extremely exciting – and it seemed to make Eddy really happy. Besides, truth be told, I really did like the taste of his cum.

I waited till he was completely empty, then slowly closed my mouth around his sensitive tip and gently started sucking on it, swirling his fresh cum around in my mouth and around his shrinking dick. Hearing him moan and groan was all the reward I needed.

“My god, you really like cum, don’t you?” he asked as he took a step back and looked down at me.

“Uh huh,” I confirmed as I looked up at him, my mouth open wide. When I knew he had taken a good look at all the cum in my mouth, I put my lips together and swallowed. God, I couldn’t believe how I was acting. After I had swallowed, I got up, wiped my chin with my thumb and index finger and licked both of them off until all of the spunk he had spilled was gone.

He didn’t bother putting on his clothes, just sat on the edge of his desk and asked, “Did you like that, me using you just to get off, and not giving you any pleasure back?”

I batted my eyes and admitted with a smile, “I did.”

“Why?” he asked, genuinely interested.

“I don’t know,” I shrugged my shoulders, feeling a little shy now, “I guess because it makes me feel silly… unimportant… disrespected… because it makes me feel more like an object than a person!”

“Does your boyfriend do that sort of thing to you?”

“I probably wouldn’t let him if he tried,” I replied truthfully.

“So, can I do it again some time?”

“I think I’d like that very much,” I said, almost embarrassed.

“You little slut” he whispered.

He escorted me to the side door, where we kissed and fondled each other’s privates for a good five minutes. He had his one hand under my skirt, trying to stimulate my clit through my panties, and the other down my cleavage, massaging my right tit, when I decided to call it a night. I knew that if I didn’t break our ‘kiss’ and stopped rubbing his half-flaccid shaft, I would end up on my knees or on my back again.

“Next time, I am fucking you somewhere really special,” he said as I walked away, “In a part of the museum you’ve never been before!”

“I am intrigued,” I shouted back. And with that I had agreed on yet another fuck with Eddy.

I was surprisingly at ease with the whole cheating thing. I felt less guilty than I had anticipated. I also didn’t feel the need to compensate Dwayne in any way. As a matter of fact, even before reaching the car, I had already decided not to put out for him anymore, unless absolutely unavoidable.

Next, I started thinking of how I could get to the museum the very next day. I didn’t want to wait two more days. I wanted Eddy’s cock inside of me again. Over and over again. I was going to let him fuck me any way he wanted, anywhere he wanted and however degrading he wanted. I was going to be his personal fuck toy, and I was going to be at his beck and call every chance I got.

Under the ruse of a yoga class, I told my boyfriend I would be out on Wednesday nights from now on. As an added bonus, I would be wearing my yoga outfit, which I assumed Eddy was going to like. It consisted of black, knee-high spandex pants, with a tight white t-shirt, really accentuating my tits. As I fibbed to Dwayne that the class was from 6pm to 7pm, I could head over to the museum straight after work.

So, the following day I got to the museum around 5:30pm. Eddy was sitting at the info desk in the main hall, biding his time till he could close up and go home. He was surprised to see me, and I was flattered when I saw a wide grin appear on his face as soon as he noticed me. He was pleased to hear that he would get to spend every Wednesday evening for the foreseeable future with me.

“Do you have the yoga outfit with you?” he asked as he rubbed his swollen crotch.

“Right here in my sports bag,” I replied, “I figured you güvenilir bahis şirketleri might wanna see it.”

“Definitely later,” he whispered.

“What do you have on right now?” he asked as the info desk – being quite high – obscured the lower half of my body to him, even when he stood up and handed me a brochure of the museum.

“A black skirt,” I replied, figuring he could see rest for himself.

“This section is closed off for renovation,” he said, circling his pen around part of the floor plan on the brochure. Of course, as a frequent visitor, that wasn’t new information to me.

“I am going to eat your pussy, here… here… here… here and here…” he said, putting his pen in every major room of the closed-off section.

“I’d like that very much,” I whispered, putting on a big smile for the other visitors, pretending I had just gotten some basic information.

“Go to the bathroom, take off your panties, I’ll meet you in the farthest room in five minutes,” he said, accidently bumping into my left tit.

Nervous, eager and horny I pretended to thank him for the information he had given me, and walked towards the nearest bathroom. After taking off my panties as requested, I gave myself a quick little wash down there, just to be safe. I looked down at my neatly trimmed bush one last time before pulling my skirt back into place and then left the bathroom, leaving my yoga bag in one of the stalls. I headed over to the designated section where I found Eddy already waiting for me.

“Sit down on the bench,” he said as I passed by him. I walked in and sat down, scooted to the very edge of the bench and pulled my skirt up a little higher. After checking the corridor for any disoriented visitors, Eddy got on his knees in front of me and used both hands to push my skirt up, eagerly shoving his face in between my legs. He licked and teased me down there for quite a while, making me even hornier than I already was.

Suddenly he got up and whispered, “The other bench.”

I got up and tiptoed several meters to the next bench. As I wanted him to properly reach my pussy and clit this time, I stood up for a second and pulled my skirt so far up that it didn’t cover anything anymore. I sat back down and spread my legs as wide as I could. Eddy licked his lips and got back on his knees. I moaned and sighed as he frantically licked me for another minute or so.

“Next room,” he said, as he stood up with a clear erection in his pants. I was feeling particularly randy by now, so after crossing the corridor and entering the next room, I got into an even lewder position than before. I pulled my skirt up just like before, but this time I got on my back on the bench and stuck my legs up in the air, spreading them as high and as wide as I could, using my hands to support my thighs. Eddy smiled and rushed over to me to start munching on my twat, sticking his tongue in me and fucking me with it, licking me all over, from my inner thighs to my bush, to my asshole and everywhere in between.

“One more room before I have to close up,” he said as he got up, several minutes later, clearly against his will, “Follow me, I’ve got something special in mind.”

I was so fucking horny that I didn’t even pull my skirt down anymore and just followed him into another room. It felt very naughty, walking around the museum with in my bare cunt, even if the risk of getting caught was low.

The room he led me to was under construction. There was all sorts of equipment everywhere and most of the floor was covered in heavy duty drop cloths. Eddy was particularly interested in two twin-step ladders which were on opposite sides of the room. He picked them up one by one and carried them towards the middle of the room, putting them about a meter apart. He then took my hand and guided me onto them, one foot on each ladder. After climbing three steps on both ladders, my crotch was slightly higher than his face. He stepped underneath me, ducked his head and leaned slightly back, bringing his face to within an inch of my pussy. As I held onto the top of both ladders, I squatted down gently, putting my wet twat onto his waiting face. God, this was so fucking hot!

Because I was squatting slightly, I had spread myself open even more than before, and so he could stick his tongue into me deeper and lick me in places he hadn’t reached before. After making sure I was stable on both feet, I quickly unbuttoned my blouse with both hands, pushed my bra up, freeing up the girls and began mauling them passionately as Eddy continued licking me in that incredibly lewd position.

Suddenly his wristwatch beeped, indicating that it was time to close up shop for the day. Annoyed, he took his mouth off my twat, tapped his watch to disable the alarm and looked up at me.

“I have to go close up, don’t go anywhere!” he whispered.

I couldn’t bear the thought of being alone, in the state I was currently in, even if it was just for a few minutes, so, I used my most passionate voice and whispered, “I wanna suck your cock while you’re licking me!”

He smiled as he looked at me, contemplated the matter for barely three seconds and then began taking off his clothes. Realizing I had gotten my way, I put one hand on my twat and the other on my tits and started gyrating like a stripper on stage, edging Eddy on not to waste any time.

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