The Morning After

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Hi everyone! This story incorporates some Dutch sentences but it shouldn’t be unreadable to people who don’t speak Dutch! (if it is let me know I might be able to fix it). You’ll be just as clueless about what she’s saying as the guy she’s with :p

The story starts after a night out on the town and is basically the morning after-sex.


He woke up when she rose to get out of bed, and watched through half-closed eyes as she pulled last night’s dress over her naked body, wiggling a little to fit the tight fabric over her hips. He didn’t mean for her not to know that he was awake but she didn’t notice him watching as she bend over in search of her phone. He stayed in bed, thinking about last night as she went to the bathroom, but got up and went after her when he noticed she wasn’t coming straight back.

He found her in his living room, sitting in a lounge chair, phone at her ear. When he came in she smiled at him, mouthed “sorry” and focussed again on the phone. He walked over to her and was going to say good morning, when she put her finger to her lips in the universal sign of ‘be silent’. He would have been affronted were it not for the playful smile behind her finger, or the way her finger dug just a little into her still swollen lips. At that moment the person on the other end of the line picked up.

“Heej, sorry, maak ik je wakker?” She spoke into the phone as she still held her finger up to him. “Ik dacht ik bel je vroeg zodat je je niet te lang zorgen hoeft te maken.”

He could faintly hear the person on the other side of the line reply as he stepped closer, taking hold of the finger she was still holding up to him to tenderly bring it up to his lips and kiss it. He delighted in the way the corner of her mouth twitched upwards, obviously she was trying very hard not to be distracted.

“uh.. ja hahah dat is goed dan. Wacht heel even.” She turned to him as she pushed her phone to her chest. He wasn’t letting go of her hand. “It’s the friend I went out with yesterday evening, you met her.” He nodded that he did remember the loud but nice girl that had left to sleep at a friend’s place. “I’m just letting her know I’m still alive, so she doesn’t worry.” He nodded again, not feeling like talking much right now. She smiled, and returned to her other conversation. “Hej, sorry Daniel is ook wakker nu haha,” As she listened to her friend reply he pulled gently on her hand, guiding her out of her chair, and back to bed.

But before he pushed her down on the bed he made his intentions clear, bringing her hand to his mouth and first kissing her pointer finger (the one she’d used to tell him to shut up) before carefully sucking on the very end of the sensitive digit. He saw her expression go from surprised to aroused in a millisecond, that amazing smile back as she watched his lips envelop her finger. Her breathing was much shallower as well. He laughed playfully when he finally let her hand go and put his hands on her hips instead, softly tugging at her hemline, inching it up bit by bit. He could see she had a very hard time listening to her friend on the phone, the way she laughed, the way she pressed her hips close to his. She easily lifted her arms up as he pulled her dress over her head, obviously her choice of priority had been made. He put his hands on her now bare hips and guided her to sit on the bed, leaning against the headboard, a pillow in her back. She blushed and covered her breasts as he stood up and surveyed his handy work. She bit her bottom lip, shaking her head as if to rouse herself from a daze and finally replied to her friend.

“Sorry wat zei je? Daniel leidt me ontzettend af.”

He walked around the bed, keeping his eyes on her at all times, and climbed in besides her, his head close to hers, one hand on her leg. She looked flawless in the morning light, as if every blemish was airbrushed away by the soft light.

“You know, people talking another language gets me really hot.” He made sure his voice was low, close to her ear, the ‘really’ drawn-out like a growl. She looked at him, shock and excitement in her wide eyes.

“Oh mijn god.” Her voice was low now as well. The guttural noises her language seemed to consist of muttered softly. But he didn’t wait for a reply, leaning low to kiss her neck and then slowly lower.

“Hoorde je dat?” He heard her ask her friend as her other hand came up and she tangled her fingers in his hair. She laughed, but whether it was because of her friends reply or because she was just so happy that he was giving small kisses around her nipple he couldn’t tell. “Hij zei dat hij andere talen heet vind.” She paused but whether it was because she was listening to a reply or because he had just closed his lips around one of her lovely nipples he couldn’t tell. He could tell that she stifled a gasp. “Ja zelfs Nederlands hahaha.” He moved over to her lower body, kissing down her stomach when he suddenly felt a stronger pull on his canlı bahis hair. He didn’t raise his head much, just enough to be able to look at her face, while also having a lovely view of her breasts, the one hand on her leg now holding on tightly. “My friend wants to know where I am.” She said, playing with the hair between her fingers. He answered her, knowing his hot breath tickled her stomach with every word. She wanted to whimper, to wiggle under his teasing, but he could see she was holding it in. Then she repeated his address to her friend, her repetition near-accent less. Meanwhile he got up and moved around her, using his hands to spread her legs wide for him. “Hahaha oke” She said, but whether she was agreeing with her friend or approving of his actions he couldn’t tell, she wasn’t looking at him anymore though. And as he moved between her legs, letting his hands slide naturally down from her thighs to her stomach, she even covered her eyes with one hand. “Ja is goed! Tot zo!” She put her phone down, and her hand dug into his hair again, his face was inches away from her pussy, but he wasn’t touching her, not yet anyhow. “My friend will pick me up in one and a half hour.” She said, with a finality to her voice that he immediately recognized. It meant, that is finished, now we can do something else. And yet he didn’t immediately go for it, waiting a little instead, teasing her with his breath.

“Sounds perfect” He finally said, and this time she didn’t swallow her reaction, gasping as his breath tickled her most sensitive place. He laughed, intensifying her reaction, causing her to whimper. He felt her push at the back of his head, she wanted him so badly. That was what he was waiting for, for her to be completely focussed on him. Then he slowly, sooooo slowly leaned down, keeping his eyes on her the entire time, as he first kissed the inside of one thigh (so close but just left of target), then the inside of the other thigh (so close but just right of target) and then just above that delicious slit (so close but just above target). She groaned in frustration, leaning her head back and arching her back, her fingers kneading his hair. He finally licked her, long upward strokes, but with a flat tongue, and barely breaking the surface. Then he used his fingers to spread her labia wider, and lapped at the more sensitive skin there, finally tasting her. Her chest heaved with her breathing now, every breath accented like a little moan. Then as his lips closed around her clit she let out a surprised moan.

“Ah! Fuck!”

He laughed, flicking her clit with his tongue a few times before pulling back and taking her hands out of his hair. “Please curse in your language for me.” He said, lacing their fingers together next to her body.

She laughed. “I’ve never found Dutch to be a particularly sexy language.” But he didn’t wait for a response, he was back, kissing and lapping at her as if he was desperate to do so. And as his strong tongue probed more insistently and deeper than before she was desperate to get a good curse out.

“Ah- owww fak, fak!” She arched up. Pushing into him. He laughed, leaning back to unlace one of his hands and put it at her pussy lips, starting out with soft strokes again but soon he was slowly fucking her with two of his fingers, stretching her sopping pussy, while his thumb was rounding around her clit rhythmically. He watched her twitch and arch, moan and breathe. He watched her free hand hesitantly moving, unsure whether it was okay to touch herself right now.

“Touch your boobs for me babe.” He said, making her aware of his mouth, so close to her sensitive inner thigh. She looked at him for a moment, before her hand slowly and lightly moved to her breasts where she teased herself first, her fingers dancing lightly over the skin surrounding her nipple.

He smiled, and she felt the smile in his cheek as he leaned against her leg. He smiled because he knew that was what she liked, being teased, teasing others, teasing herself. When she was finally cupping and massaging her breasts, a journey he had enjoyed watching, he intensified his attentions to her pussy, removing the thumb from her clit, even if it had her arching and moaning, and replacing the digit with his mouth while keeping up a rhythmic pace with the fingers filling her pussy. He lapped, licked and sucked, until he settled on a rhythm she seemed to enjoy the most. She had let go of his other hand and was massaging her breasts with that one as well, and he had placed his now free hand on the inner side of her thigh, keeping her legs spread.

“Ahhh.” She moaned, as she arched forward. “Ah, please! A-alstjeblieft!” A hand came down on his head again, grabbing hard at his hair. “God, God, god oh mijn god! Kut! Stop, please stop.” She was pulling hard at his hair, guiding his face up to hers and kissing him long, hard and deeply. “Fuck me.” It still sounded like an oath. And then more pleading. “Fuck me.”

He shook bahis siteleri his head. “No”

“No?” she pouted but it was obviously to hide her surprise.

“I want to make you come like this,” He said, still easing his fingers in and out of her dripping pussy, but now at a much more leisurely pace. “I want to watch you come.” She bit her bottom lip at that and arched her hips to clench her pussy over his fingers. But before he could sink down on her pussy she stopped him again.

“Shit, shit I’m so sorry, but please stop.” It didn’t sound like she was sorry for him, but more for herself. He sat up, attentive, although his fingers didn’t stop their dutiful work. “I’ve never had an orgasm.” She said, blushing deep red.

“You’ve never-” He spluttered. “Did you fake your orgasm last night?”

“I’m sorry, I should have told you sooner.” She shook her head. “I’m sorry, it’s just that every time I get close to having an orgasm I…” She turned an even deeper shade of red. “I squirt, like it gets super wet, like I’ve wet my bed or something, and I have so much cleaning to do and honestly I like sex well enough without an orgasm so why bother.” He snorted at that but she wouldn’t be interrupted. “It’s more mess than pay-off as far as I’m concerned.”

“But how would you know if you’ve never had an orgasm?” He asked his tone playful and his eyes bright with teasing. She opened her mouth to answer but he didn’t let her. “I want to make you come, I want to lap up everything you squirt out.”

“I don’t think you can.” She whimpered but he could see the thought turned her on.

“I want you to wet my bed, and you won’t have to clean up a thing, after you’ve left, I’ll come back here and see that wet spot you made and remember how hard I made you come, how you spasmed around my mouth, how you moaned and screamed.”

“I’ll ruin your mattress.” She whimpered, even softer now.

He leaned over her, their noses almost touching. “Just give in.” She looked up at him, big unsure doe-eyes. “I promise you’ll love it.” He kissed her, and she kissed back. When he broke the kiss, he looked at her, waiting for her confirmation. She nodded, and he smiled. “Yeah?” He asked, his fingers sliding out of her vagina to massage her general pussy, warming her up again.

“Yeah,” She said, this time with more confidence, as she leaned into his touch.

“Alright,” He kissed her lips briefly, and then put little hasty pecks all the way down her chest, not even bothering with her breasts as he made his way to his goal. He didn’t tease as long this time, but instead focussed on getting her worked up as fast as possible. He knew the path to an almost-orgasm, but beyond that was uncharted territory, and she wouldn’t be able to guide him either. So instead he focussed on her sensitive spots one at a time, repeating motions with such practice and then, every time he thought she had to be almost there moving on to a new spot, working her up again. He interchanged using his fingers and his mouth until he reached the final stretch. She was heaving beneath him, and indeed getting extraordinarily wet, when he pushed two fingers into her pussy and started sucking on her clit. Her hands were all over the place, in his hair pulling his face hard against her, on her breasts massaging and kneading, over her mouth, stifling gasps and moans. He was intently watching her. Watching her face, her changing expressions, watching her breath hitch in her chest. Then suddenly she clenched up, closing her legs around his head as if she wanted to stop him. But he kept up until the bucking of her hips suddenly stopped, the expression on her face the only indication that her pleasure was ongoing. And then suddenly she became wet, so wet that it surprised him. She had been right, he wouldn’t be able to lap this all up. So he just kept at it, keeping up fucking her with his fingers and tongue until she moaned very loudly, one hand pressed hard against his headboard and the other across her mouth, seemingly surprised at the sound that just came from her.

“Oh mijn god. Oh mijn god, ohhhh” He still didn’t let up, keeping at it as he felt her pussy clench around his fingers hard, as his entire bed was wet, as her eyes rolled back. “Ah-” It was a high squeal that signalled to him that she was coming. But “Teeerring” pronounced with a sigh that signalled to him that she was done. He removed his fingers from her vagina but rested his hand over her pussy, feeling the after twitches.

“You came pretty hard.”

“Ohhh mann.” She said, covering her eyes. “I sure fucking did.” She was panting. He leaned over her, and she wrapped her arms around him tightly, he felt her entire body twitch against his before she kissed him, sweetly but not so sweet. He moaned into her mouth. “Get those pants off,” She urged him, her hands already at the waistband of the grey slacks he wore as pyjama pants. He laughed, as she struggled with his waistband from the angle she bahis şirketleri was under. He stood up from between her legs, taking place next to the bed to take his pants of and search for a condom. When he looked back at her she was bright red again, sitting up. “Your matrass is soaked, I’m so sorry, I’m lying in a puddle.” He couldn’t help but laugh, marvelling at the things she could be worrying about right now.

“Alright.” He said, walking naked around the bed, this time her eyes were on him for the entire time. “Come over here then.” He patted the other side of his two person bed.

She lifted herself up to scoot over, and as soon as she was in reach he put the packaged condom on his nightstand to grab one of her ankles and pull her closer forcefully. She let out a surprised laugh as she slid across the bed sheet. He kissed the sole of her foot, and watched her entire body twitch. He raised an eyebrow as he filed that information away to use at a later date. Putting her foot down, he grabbed some more pillows to prop her up again and then took place between her legs.

“Let’s commence where we left off shall we?” He asked, leaning over her for a kiss, before ripping the condom packet open with his teeth (a move that seemed to impress her greatly, even if it was just so he could keep using one of his hands to stroke his cock) and rolling the condom on. During eating her out he hadn’t really thought about himself but now his cock felt sorely neglected and he yearned to fuck her.

He grabbed her legs under her knees and lifted them up and back, rounding her spine and opening her pussy up to him. She was looking up at him expectantly, her hands resting on her breasts, softly massaging them. He wanted to fuck her so bad, but his cock was a good deal thicker than two of his fingers so he strained to take it slow. Letting one leg go to guide his cock to her pussy, rubbing it playfully up and down her slit, letting it rest against her clit for a moment. He couldn’t help the thrusting motions his hips made as he slid his cock against het wet lips. But she seemed to like that, spreading her legs wider so that he could be deeper between her. Finally (or it felt like a finally) he used his hand to guide the head of his penis deeper, he watched her carefully, but although she winced momentarily, she bit her bottom lip and nodded fast, urging him to continue. He sank slowly deeper, pausing periodically to let her adjust and then pushing deeper again, he wanted to feel her envelop him entirely. Her breathing was shallow beneath him, her hands still on her breast, as she craned her neck to see what he was doing to her pussy. When his hips connected with hers, she wiggled a little, feeling his girth inside her. And as he felt her move around him he licked his lips, knowing he could not keep his cool for much longer. He pulled back almost entirely, letting the thickness of his head edge around the tightness of her entrance before pushing back, connecting the base of his dick to the lips of her pussy. This he kept up, slowly increasing the tempo. She was moaning beneath him, arching and rounding her back to meet him every step of the way.

“Please can I-” She cut herself off, and it took a while for his crazed mind to realise what she wanted, that one of her hands was posed hesitantly half-way down her stomach, the other pinching her nipple hard.

“Wha- Yes of course! Touch yourself.” He ordered. “Touch your clit for me.” Her hand immediately slid down, first running her fingers across her engorged lips that hungrily surrounded his cock and then with multiple fingers she massaged her clit, trying to keep in rhythm with his fucking. It wasn’t long before they were both moaning loudly. He was fucking her with long deep strokes, that got faster and faster the closer he got to an orgasm. And she tried to connect with every stroke, getting closer to an orgasm of her own.

“Yes! Yes!” She moaned, her hand working tirelessly.

He laughed playfully. “What did – I say – about – your language?” She opened her eyes momentarily to look at him sceptically. Then she closed them again, a happy smile on her face.

“Ja! Fak! Ah-” She was gushing again, not quite as wet as during her last orgasm but he knew she was near. He himself wasn’t far off either, so he leaned over her, pushing her legs farther back and fucking her with abandon until he saw stars, until he felt her clench around him, or was he thickening in her? He couldn’t tell but if felt amazing. They were panting, her chest was heaving just below his. He leaned even deeper to kiss her, and then teased her by slowly fucking his cock in and out of her two more times before he finally rolled off her to take the condom off.

They stayed together like that, breathing heavily, until she broke the silence.

“That was nice.” Her hand was down between her legs and she frowned at her very wet and sticky fingers. “But now I would like to clean myself off. Do you mind if I use your shower?” His hand travelled down there as well, delighting in the mess. She gasped as he touched her pussy lips, still very slick and sensitive. He laughed as he got up off the bed and pulled her up with him.

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