The Island Ch. 02

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In the past few years since he had found himself stranded on her island, Demetrius had become one of The Princess’ most loyal confidants within her realm. In more recent times, however, her paranoia, he had imagined, was getting the better of her. With supposed threats to her power coming from various directions, she had come to explain his new mission; she needed him to acquire information on who might be planning what conspiracies and with whom.

He had much to thank the Princess for his life of luxury and his own power within this female dominated realm. Upon her ascension to the throne –she chose to keep the title “Princess” because it flowed much better to her ears—- she had brought him with her from the jungle where they had discovered each other. In him, she found a trusted loyal subject who matched her intellect and ambition and in her he found a powerful confidant whose passion was unrivaled.

He hadn’t denied any of her requests in the past, and he played numerous roles under her leadership. From entertaining, and sometimes servicing, visiting dignitaries, to advising her on matters of state, he enjoyed the influence he wielded under her direction. And today, there was no reason to resist anything she offered now. It was in his best interest to insure that the Princess’ control of her island and lands beyond remained intact.

Her initial suggestion in strategy was rather simple. Request audiences with various advisors and gauge their actions with well placed referrals to the Princess and the realm. He sent a note to each of the various advisors stating simply, “Upon the Princess’ request, a private audience is requested to discuss discreet matters.”

The message was veiled enough, yet he still wondered if he could earn confidence without raising suspicion while keeping a guise of formality.

Returning to his chambers from a regular walk around the castle grounds, he was preparing for a leisurely evening. The past few days had worn on him, and he needed relaxation. The cool colors of the sunset cast shadows in his chambers as he relaxed in the steamy water of the tub, allowing thoughts of strategy on how to continue to best serve his Princess in such an important mission.

Drying himself as the door opened without announcement, two girls whom he had recognized as servants to Lady V, whom he knew little more than her name, entered the room with an air of formality.

He stood with a towel covering his waist, continuing to dry his hair, watching them as they stood on either side of the door. Their petite but curvy frames were covered in a matching black sheer full length dresses, parting just below their perky breasts and revealing matching black bikini bottoms. With their high heels increasing their short stature, they looked upon him with an air of inquisitive disdain as they motioned for him to come.

“Demetrius” the taller of the two commanded, “Our Lady requests your presence in her chambers.”

He tossed his towel aside. Not expecting a response so soon, he began to grow fearful that if it was indeed Lady V causing such fearful thoughts in the Princess, she was impatient in her possible plans. He hadn’t really formulated a course of action, and this sudden request for his presence only increased the need to maintain composure.

The shorter of the two girls grabbed his robe; helping to slide it over his shoulders before he tied it taught as the two of them led him down the hall.

Although much shorter than his tall frame, they kept a pace he struggled to maintain as they ascended the stairs to the next level. Upon the end of a long hallway, they opened the double doors and stood on either side, as if his entrance fully expected as he entered the expansive chamber. The two closed the door behind him and stood guard.

He took in the chambers; a spacious room with an expansive window overlooking the southern grounds. The long white drapes rippled carelessly by the wind as he studied a sitting area with a plush red couch and two easy chairs facing the window. A luxurious raised bed, adorned in red and gold splendor, faced the door. A door behind the bed led somewhere beyond sight.

He glanced out the window, seeing some of the townsfolk walking idly in the setting sun as the night quickly descended with candlelight growing stronger within the room.

After a couple of minutes of silence, the rear door opened and she walked out with an air of confidence and authority. Her figure was indeed a ravaging sight of sensuality. Tall and voluptuous, her curvaceous figure was decorated in a deep cut short white dress framed below and sheer white stockings. Her dark hair draped down her shoulders and back, flowing in the breeze as she approached the front of the sitting area.

“Demetrius,” she had a naturally seductive tone, yet with command. “To what do I owe this ‘honor’ of your request for a private audience?” The lingering and slight sardonic use of the language put him on guard for a trap.

“It had come to my attention that we had not yet met,” canlı bahis he responded with a strong tone, “and, as you may know, it is my duty to know all that comes through the Princess’ realm.”

“I see,” she said slowly and with slight suspicion, “why now? With all that has happened in the past couple of weeks, I should fear that you are investigating people.” Her piercing green eyes looked inquisitively upon him, inspecting the robe and demanding the correct response.

Relying on quick wit to insure the success of the mission, he searched for a response. “My Lady, your fears are, of course, with foundation. But I assure you that this is normal procedure but just a bit late due to attention of other duties at hand. Whereas it is indeed a shame of the latest threats on the Princess’ rule, there is no suspicion nor any accusations cast on anyone in particular.” His eyes focused on hers as he continued, “I am only bound by my duties to the state to insure that everyone is greeted properly, and I do apologize for it having taken so long to introduce myself.”

“Ah yes,” she snickered, “the Princess’ most loyal servant, sent to extract information from her new advisors. Does she have no shame?”

Her words inflamed as she spoke of the Princess. However, he could not tell if it was from anger or jealousy or, even, an ulterior motive.

She waved her hand as he started to respond, “no mind, though, for there is nothing I have to hide.” Her eyes now focused on him again, “And I had thought there were no formalities in Her land, it of course being so long since anyone has visited. Do tell, what type of greetings should I expect?” She said, somewhat suggestively.

“Well, my Lady, I had something more formal planned, and this reception has forced somewhat of a rushed response, I must admit,” he responded quickly.

She scoffed, “no need to be formal with me.” Waving her hand, “do tell, what does the Princess intend to do in regards to the latest threats?” she moved to the couch and took a seat, her white dress contrasting sharply with the red cloth, motioning for him to come closer.

“My Lady, I am not at liberty to say…” he started to respond, aware that she was attempting to extract information herself.

“Very well,” she raised her hand to stop him, “I expected you to say that. You are very loyal to your Princess, and I can appreciate that fact. We all need loyalty in our quest for our own gains.”

Her hands slid down her shoulders, resting on her hips, “but tell me,” she looked with inquiring eyes, “how loyal are you to her? Your loyalty for her is legendary, but what are you willing to do for her?”

“My Lady, I am here to please her, to assure her safety and to be loyal to all those who are loyal to her.”

“I see,” she said, now leaning back a bit on the couch, the curves of her breasts now pushing forth on the top of her dress with intention, “and did she send you here to assure my own pleasure?”

“She does not know that I am here, my Lady,” he grinned meekly, “I requested an audience on my own to better know you.”

“Ahh” she grinned, “a break from the Princess, huh? I am sure she knows you are here, though, as she has people everywhere.” Her legs parted slightly, revealing the inner thighs, barely covered by the sheer white stockings. “And what will she say if she finds you here. I am sure that I am under suspicion for her latest threats.”

“I will of course relay to her the developments of her loyal advisors.” He nodded, lowering his head with respect.

Her demeanor changed as she leisurely looked upon his tall broad frame, “Do come closer, do not be shy,” she smiled, her hand running up her thigh a bit, “why are you so loyal to her when she treats you with such contempt?”

Realizing that she was attempting to pit or test him, he gave a slight appearance of surprise as he stood closer to the couch before her. He could never know if this were a test of the Princess, he would not put it past her. “But the Princess treats me well, freedom, pleasure, the ability to…”

She cut him off quickly, raising her voice, “Were you not imprisoned a few months ago on the pretense of insubordination? After displaying such loyalty?!? Left to the whims of the guards, forced to live in the dark for long periods of time?”

He nodded, looking down with a bit of shame as she continued, “left in the dungeon, no comforts of any kind, no word of when you would be released? Such maltreatment you received from your lofty Princess for a small misunderstanding and simple slip of the tongue?”

He nodded again in affirmation, “Yes, what you say is true my Lady.”

“Then why are you still so loyal to her? Would you not want someone who would be more attentive to YOUR needs and wants, someone who would be willing to raise you to a higher rank in the land, control armies, have more power, slave girls at your beck and call, all the pleasure you would want?”

He raised his head, realizing her stance and indulging her, “But that could not be possible, as I was bahis siteleri not born within this land and was taken in by the Princess through her generous hospitality.”

Her legs now separated slightly more, her hand now enticingly caressing along her hips and stomach. “Come now, anything is possible, Demetrius, you only have to know how to get it. Come over here a bit closer for me.”

As he stepped closer, she reached up with her hands and slid the knot of his robe free, letting the robe open up, “Mmm…” she purred, her eyes rising up and down his figure, “let me see what it is that the Princess has to offer me today.” She snapped her fingers as the two servant girls slid to his side, sliding the robe down his arms and leaving his masculinity naked before her.

“Oooh,” she cooed, “a very nice offering indeed,” her hands now roaming up her chest and sliding down the top of her dress, revealing a white, lace bra covering her ample, round breasts.

The breeze was cool and brushed across his flaccid member, her eyes gazing up his large frame with inspecting eyes. She leaned back into the couch leisurely, “what would you do if something were to happen to the Princess? Would you be loyal to anyone, or any group, of leaders who would fill her void?”

“I” he stammered, the question coming on strong, “I am bound to assure that won’t happen.”

“Yes, Yes,” she insisted, “but what if it DID happen? Would you still be bound by loyalty to her regime?” She snapped her fingers and her two servant girls were at his side. “And, what if in that case, it was insured that such beauties as these, and maybe more, would be loyal to your pleasure and satisfaction?”

The two girls ran their hands over his broad chest, along his fit stomach and along his thighs as she continued, “to do with as YOU please, as YOU want? Wouldn’t that fit you well?”

Four hands caressed his skin in the cool air, a slight swelling of arousal as Lady V grabbed his hands, pulling him closer and, standing up before him looked directly into his eyes. Her stature was as tall as his, her curves captivating as she held both of his hands out towards her, “and to be pleased in all your waking moments?” Her two servant girls now gripped his growing member with a hand each, holding it as it started to grow to their soft touch.

Combined by her bosom heaving before him and the touches of her loyal servants, she had succeeded in weakening his mind with lust. But he kept his faculties as he consumed the knowledge that he very well could have been infiltrating the coup d’ taut that seemed more and more apparent by the moment. He played along, The Princess’ suspicions now coming to reality.

Her hands ran up his shoulders as she placed her hands on his cheeks, looking piercingly into his eyes, “Doesn’t that sound like a better existence than fear of being put into the dungeon at her whims?”

He nodded his head, “It just isn’t possible,” he stammered, his mind now battling as the two hands started to stroke his now full thick length, the throbbing now pulsating through his body as she pulled her hands from his face and walked away.

“My dear Demetrius,” she chuckled as the two girls grabbed his hands and led him to sit on the couch, “let’s speak hypothetically, though.” The two servants slid onto their knees between his legs. Their hands held his member up, yet his eyes still focused on her. “If it WAS possible, would you not jump at the chance?”

As she spoke, he felt the warm softness of lips on the tip of his member, releasing a small groan as he glanced down, seeing one small hand holding his member as the other servant kissed the swollen head.

“Tsk, Tsk,” she chuckled, “eyes up here, Demetrius!” she stood at the foot of the bed and turned back towards him with a consuming and seductive gaze. The warm mouth descended down his shaft a bit more, sending searing pleasure through his body, the hand now pumping the lower half of his with precision as his stifled moans were apparent in his eyes.

He nodded, letting out a small grunt and moan as he drank in her figure. Her breasts held perfectly in the lace, her wide hips and long, tone legs supporting her as she waited for an answer. “I would be crazy to say no, My Lady.”

She grinned, looking back as she sat on the edge of the bed, watching him as her two servants pleasured him, “and would you not enjoy this type of pleasure on a daily basis?” She raised a brow, “It could be arranged.”

He let a moan escape, the two now diligently and alternating their attention on his swollen member. His eyes trying to stay focused on her as she slipped the dress from the rest of her body. She let him savor her curves covered with her white lace bra and matching sheer stockings that stopped short of her hips. “Of course I would. But what would I need to do?”

She smiled wide, snapping her fingers again as the two ladies promptly pulled themselves from between his legs, leaving his throbbing member lying on his stomach. “Come here, Demetrius,” she curled her finger bahis şirketleri as she cupped her hands under her breasts and wrapped her fingers around their curves, “come and taste what I can offer you.”

He stood up, his member bouncing with each step closer towards the bed. She slipped her stockings off and slid back on the bed, propping her back up on the exorbitant amount of pillows as she laid back, her legs together as he approached the bed.

“If you are loyal, as you say, then you will have no problem” she spread her legs, bent at the knees, resting her hands on her knees, “in pleasing me tonight.”

He crawled onto the bed slowly, watching her present herself as she watched him kiss along her feet, “Yes, that’s right, show me that you’re willing.”

He rested his chest onto the bed, wrapping his arms under her thighs as he kissed down her inner thigh. His ass bent over the edge of the bed.

She pulled her hands over her breasts and one back down her stomach, running her hands through his hair and pulled him to her moisture. Extending his tongue, he tasted her, slowly caressing his tongue up and down the length of her moistening lips.

Her taste, sweet and divine, sent his tongue into a frenzy as he pushed his face between her legs, with guidance from her hands pulling on his hair, “That’s right, just like that, show me you’re willing” she continued to encourage.

As he darted his tongue between her folds, she let her moans became more audible. Her head and body relaxing back into the pillows as her wetness continued to cover his reward hi lips and tongue. He moaned at her taste, her hands now wrapping around his head pulling him towards her as her back arched.

Although his tongue slipped along her inner folds, her hips guided his pace and hands guided his angle as she maintained control.

“Yes,” she moaned, “yes, show me” as he continued to explore her taste with his tongue, her hips undulated to him with more encouragement.

“The Princess has treated you poorly, Demetrius” she exclaimed between low moans, “I will ALWAYS treat you better.”

He tried nodding his head, but his single minded focus was directed on her taste flowing along his tongue. Lapping, he savored her sweet offering as he felt her hips become more erratic, her body tensing more, her back arching and pushing her heat to him.

She let out a sharp moan as she pushed back into the pillows and let her nectar splash against his tongue and lips. He moaned, accepting her as he feasted on her orgasm, feeling her coat his lips and chin.

No sooner had she exploded and relaxed, did she push his head away, holding his head up with her hands in her hair, looking down at him. “You should get used to that,” she said with conviction, now relaxed and heavy breath as she pulled his head up and pushed him away.

She slid off the bed and slipped on her satin robe, snapping her fingers again. In unison the ladies came and grabbed his hands, leading him to the middle of the floor where she slid behind him, putting a blindfold over his eyes.

They laid him down on the floor, his ass and back feeling the coolness of the tile as he sprawled out beneath her.

He felt their hands once again on his softened, but still thick member, as they quickly produced throbbing arousal once again. He felt her hands pull his hands over his head as she kneeled on his elbows, resting above his head. He could feel her warmth, her heat inches from his face.

She teased him with her dripping wetness, allowing him to smell and inhale her satisfied sex as she gazed down upon his blinded face. Her whispers started as he felt the two servant girls stroking his thick length; intermittently he could feel their saliva drop for some lubrication. His moans of pleasure escaped beneath her.

“As we discussed, Demetrius,” she would whisper, “You can have that what you want, you only need to show that you are willing to do what it takes.”

His body writhed to the constant pumping of his shaft, feeling their hands stroking along the length, one after another, taking the care to gently stroke the entire length with slow purpose while one hand continually caressed his swollen sack.

“The Princess does not need to know of this, understand?” she put her hands around his face, “and if you are willing, we can discuss further the ideas we shared today?”

His body writhed to the constant attention to his member. They applied long strokes until he was on the precipice, ready to explode, before letting his member go, bringing his need back down slightly with excruciatingly slow strokes.

“To prove that you’re receptive to offers from me and the others,” she whispered, her finger tracing around his lips, “Show us by getting yourself tossed back into the dungeon. That way, we will be sure that we can count on you when needed. Understand?” her hands now cupped both cheeks as he nodded his head in approval.

With a nod from her, the girls furiously stroked his pulsating member until he felt his body rise up in tension, and his orgasm explode, hearing her purrs of approval as she watched him release. He felt his orgasm explode across his stomach and chest, his body shudder in ecstasy as he nodded in affirmation to her demands.

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