The Hard Case

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Being a detective had always been her dream. Maggie and Allen had been partners for a little over a year. She and Allen came from different districts but met when she was transferred into the Bureau. He had worked the east end of the city, where all of the old money lived, and she had worked the south side, which was aptly nicknamed, The Combat Zone. As a change of pace, for both of them, they transferred into the North District, which was primarily middle-class Americans.

Maggie had a small crush on Allen ever since she was transferred. He wasn’t your classic hot cop but was more attractive, in his own way. He kept his hair in a military, high and tight, style. His face was hard with a severe jaw line, he had piercing, gray eyes and his nose was slightly crooked from one too many breaks. Allen was tall, about six feet-one inch, and he took care of his physique. His oxford shirts were always a little too tight across the chest and biceps and his ass was firm, round and filled his trousers perfectly.

Maggie, on the other hand, was short. Only five feet-two inches and weighed approximately one hundred twenty pounds with her gun belt on, and that was generous. She had a round face, dark green eyes, a light dusting of freckles danced across her checks and nose, her hair was straight, thick and auburn, almost a deep, rusty red.

She wore minimal makeup, maybe a dusting of neutral eyeshadow and mascara, on any given day. Even though she was short, she was a knock out! Every detective, patrolman, meter maid and probably even half of the female coppers wanted her. But, to the best of anyone’s knowledge, she hadn’t dated anyone in the department.

Allen and Maggie became instant friends. They worked cases together as if they’d been partners for years. Even though he was almost ten years her senior, he’d never treated her any less than anyone else. He respected the hell out of her and found her intelligence added to her beauty.

Anyone, from outside of the department, watching them would be amazed they’d been working together for only a year. They werere so in-sync, it was almost as if they’d worked with the same brain. Also, anyone could see the sexual tension between them, it was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

?Friday morning, Maggie went to work exhausted but, even with circles under her eyes, she was so damn cheerful and exquisitely beautiful. That week had been hell, it had kicked her ass. Twelve new cases hit her desk during the last ten days and they all had leads to chase down. Allen’s case load was lighter than usual so he chased leads with her all week.?

“What’s with the jacket today? Do you have court?” Maggie asked.

She flitted around the office as she completed her morning routine of making coffee, reorganizing every item on her desk and checking the morning headlines.

“Uh, well, detective. The jacket’s been there since I had court on…Monday!” Sarcasm dripped from his words.

“Oh, fuck. I must be losing my fucking mind!”

Maggie took a long drink of her fresh coffee. It was still a little too hot and burned her throat as she swallowed. About an hour later, she spun around in her chair to face Allen.

“Do you want to go and grab some surveillance video with me? I had a smash and grab last week and the surveillance video is ready for pick up. We can grab lunch over on the east side while we’re out.”

Allen didn’t look up.

“Yeah, that’s fine. Let me finish this up and then I’m all yours. I’ll follow you everywhere.”

Maggie giggled and blushed and quickly spun around to face her computer so he couldn’t see her reddened face.

“I like that…follow me everywhere. You can drive.”

Maggie drove Allen absolutely crazy. She always caught him off guard, she’d spin some of everything he said into something naughty and her high-pitched giggle always made his crotch stir.

I like that…follow me everywhere. Allen pictured Maggie liked to be in charge. He guessed she had to have a Type A personality to survive as a beat cop down South and make detective as quickly as she had. Allen’s crotch started to get stiff.

“Ten minutes, ok?” Maggie asked.

Perfect, he needed a moment to collect himself. Maggie tossed the keys to Allen…

“You drive.”

…and walked out toward the parking lot. She must’ve forgotten something in the office and Allen had to reach out and grab her hips after she abruptly spun around and ran, face first, into Allen’s chest.

“Damn! I didn’t realize you were so close! I forgot my flash drive.”

Allen didn’t say anything, he was too captivated by the light, citrusy and enchanting smell of her perfume or lotion. After he felt her curvy hips in his hands, he wanted to pull her to him so badly. She hadn’t immediately pulled away, either. Maybe she liked her hips in his hands?

“I’ll go get the car, Maggs. I’ll meet you out there.”

Maggie liked the way Allen’s hands grabbed her hips and lingered a little before he released his strong grip. bahis firmaları She felt the sexual tension, which had built over the past year, get more obvious and more intense. She didn’t realize they’d been so close but she knew she wanted to be closer. She grabbed the memory stick and darted out toward the parking lot.

Maggie yammered on about the case but Allen didn’t pay attention. He tried, hard, to concentrate on the road but he couldn’t help but stare at Maggie’s shirt. It was a low-cut, leopard print she’d paired with red slacks. She’d always dressed somewhat bold, for a detective, but if anyone could pull it off, she could.

The tops of her milky breasts rounded at the top of the blouse. It was obvious, and insanely sexy, her bra was a little too small because her tits spilled out of its cups. He pictured her nipples springing to attention for him as he tasted her creamy, delicate skin.

“What do you think? Enough for a search warrant?”

Allen snapped back into reality. Wait, what was she talking about?

“Yeah, Maggs, sounds good to me.”

Maggie loved it when he’d call her Maggs. No one, except her grandmother, had ever called her Maggs. Maggie was already short for Marguerite, which she hated. Something about him having his own name for her turned her on. It seemed so silly to her but she couldn’t help it when his deep voice said her name.

“I have to grab a surveillance video from the convenience store where that stolen credit card was swiped. Would you mind doing that while we’re out?”

She tried to stop thinking about her partner’s scent and the way his arms would feel around her body.

“No problem, Maggs.”

Maggie felt fluttery again. How absurd am I? she admonished herself.

After they picked-up the first surveillance video, they drove over to The Liquor Stop, a mom and pop operation in an old Seven-Eleven building. The manager wasn’t able to figure out the video system so he offered to let them try for themselves.

He led them to the Manager’s office, a small broom closet of a room which also doubled as storage. On one wall, there was a small desk with the camera system, DVR and a chair. On the opposite wall, there was floor to ceiling cigarette cartons. Allen immediately sat down and started working.

“I can get my own video, Allen. You always take over,” Maggie jokingly chastised.

Allen pushed the chair back, leaned back and crossed his massive arms over his chest and grinned.

“Have at it!”

He hoped she’d stand in front of him and bend over the computer with her sweet, round ass in his face as she did all of the time at work. While he believed she usually tried to drive him crazy on purpose, he thought she did it only because she was oblivious to the fact every guy in the district was dying to be behind her when she bent over. Maggie didn’t disappoint. She slipped in front of the computer and bent her perfect ass in front of Allen’s face, which caused his dick to stir in his pants, but he didn’t care.

“Damn it, I can’t figure this out. How do I go back?”

She was pissed at the computer. Without thinking, Allen stood up, leaned over Maggie, his cock pressed into her ass, placed his hand over hers on the mouse and started to click through the screens. Her firm, little ass and the smell of her hair made him harder. Maggie didn’t move, at first, but thought, Oh my God, what’s he doing? She felt his raging boner against her ass as he leaned over her. She realized she was wet and pushed her ass back into him. A little high-pitched squeak escaped her lips before she could stop it.

“Finished!” Allen said.

With a final click of the mouse, he quickly sat down and screamed in his head, what the fuck am I doing! But she pushed her perfect ass into my crotch. She wanted it. Did she squeak?

“It’s going to take about ten minutes.”

Thank God! I can’t walk around with this damn hard on, he thought.

Maggie stood and faced away from him for a second, not knowing what to say or how to stand, at this point. Finally, she turned and leaned against the door jamb of the office and tried to appear casual as if Allen’s huge cock hadn’t been firmly planted against her ass.

“Did you want to sit down?” Allen asked.

He hoped she’d say yes so he could pull her down onto his lap. That first feel of her wasn’t enough, he wanted to touch every inch of her, investigate her every crevice and taste every part of her.

“I’m good.”

Maggie looked at the computer.

“Only nine more minutes.”

Maggie pulled out her phone and tried to pretend to be very interested in something on the screen but, instead, imagined Allen was holding her down, with his huge, bulging arms and having his way with her. She had to distract herself before her wetness soaked through her pants and exposed her arousal.

It was the longest nine minutes ever. Allen tried to feign interest in his own phone when Maggs pulled her’s out. He wanted to get out of that broom closet before kaçak iddaa he exploded with his desire for his partner.

On the way back to the office, they stopped at a deli, a regular lunch spot for them, and grabbed a couple of sandwiches to take back to the office.

Maggie was dying to know how far Allen would take his obvious attraction for her, how far she’d let him go and what his cock would feel like without the barrier of clothing between them.

As Allen drove, he saw Maggie, absentmindedly, trace imaginary patterns on her legs as she stared through the window at the scenery as it zipped by. Her fingertips played along her own inner thigh and she was precariously close to where her thighs came together, the sight stirred another erection in Allen’s trousers.

He wondered how far she would let him go if he touched her. If he placed his hand on her knee and slowly moved it up her toned thigh, would she allow him to put his hand between her legs and rub her pussy over her pants? He wondered what she would taste like and what noises she’d make as he sucked on her clit.

They started their lunch with an awkward silence. A couple of the other detectives, from the office next to theirs, joined them in the break room. Maggie casually mentioned to Allen.

“I have eight hours to try and sift through the two new videos and the other six on my desk. I’m going to be here all night!”

If she could get him to stay late with her, maybe she would find out what he was hiding under those pants.

“I could stay a little while and watch some of the videos with you, I mean, for you.”

Maggie couldn’t help but giggle when Allen tripped over the last part of his offer. Allen was never at a loss for words and she’d never seen him so flustered. Maggie openly grinned as she knew she’d gotten to him.

“Thanks buddy. That’d be great!”

It was ?four o’clock,? all of the other detective’s offices were closed and they’d all gone home. The rest of the district offices were downstairs and Allen knew none of the uniforms came upstairs after the suits left for the day. He was alone with Maggie and he would have her.

Maggie was sitting in her chair watching hour two of the videos she had to sort through.

“Coffee? I’m going to run across the street to Rise and Grind and grab a cup of Joe. Do you want something?” he asked.

“Oh, yeah, good idea. Grab me something sweet. You know what I like.”

“Yeah, you like it dirty!”

Allen smirked to himself as he hoped he was going to soon find out.

“Iced, salted, caramel mocha, almond milk and extra whip?”

He set the creamy, cool concoction in front of Maggie as he made sure to lean over her so he could smell her citrus sweetness.

“Oh, you do know how I like it!” she purred seductively.

Allen couldn’t help it, her voice turned him on.

“Anyway, I found something and dropped it into the shared folder. Pull it up and I’ll show you,” Maggie chirped.

As Allen settled in behind his computer and logged in, Maggie spun her chair around and watched him type his password and click on the shared folder on his desktop.

“There, I saved the video under Lick-her Stop,” Maggie giggled.

Allen rolled his eyes.

“Very punny,” he groaned.

“Ok, click on the first video.”

He followed her direction.

“Now what?”

Maggie stood up and walked over to Allen’s desk, which was only two steps away from hers. Allen excitedly leaned back for the upcoming view, knowing she was going to grab the mouse and bend over his desk.

“Check this out, it looks like a business logo on the guy’s jacket.”

Maggie clicked through the video, trying to find a clear picture. Her tight little ass was in Allen’s space as he pictured himself biting her ass cheek and her giving a little yelp. Fuck it, Allen thought before he reached up between Maggie’s legs, found her pussy and ran his finger along her crotch, over her clothes. Maggie stood on her tip toes, startled by the sudden pressure of his hand against her pussy.

He’s not wasting any time, she thought. Allen stood and, with his other hand, reached around and grabbed a handful of Maggie’s tit. She couldn’t stop herself as she moaned, she was ready to let him have his way with her. Allen stood behind Maggie, moved her hair to the side and started to kiss the nape of her neck.

Her scent was intoxicating. He pressed his body against hers, pulled her into him and continued to grasp her breasts. Maggie felt Allen’s strength as he held onto her and his hard cock pressed against her ass. It didn’t take long before her cunt was soaking wet as she was still frustrated from that afternoon.

Allen spun Maggie around and enclosed her mouth in his as she met his tongue with hers and eagerly kissed him. Maggie wrapped her arms around Allen’s neck and allowed herself to melt into the kiss.

All of their sexual frustration and yearning manifested in that kiss. Allen grasped Maggie’s hips, held her against him and kaçak bahis her eagerness excited him more as he rocked his hips against hers.

Allen pulled away and walked toward the door to shut it. Maggie had been so lost in the passion, his sudden absence made her squeak, again. What the fuck is that sound, Maggie thought to herself, a little embarrassed at how aroused she was. God, she wanted him! She could still taste the strong espresso from his lips as she tried to catch her breath.

Allen looked back over his shoulder when Maggie squeaked. God, that was sexy! He couldn’t wait to make her moan. As he walked back towards her, he took the gun off of his hip and placed it in the top drawer of his desk along with the extra magazine, handcuffs from his opposite hip and his badge. Maggie was still leaning against his desk as he worked around her.

She realized she was still standing there, staring at Allen, when his tools had been packed away. She blushed a little and started to take off her own holster and magazine, walked to her desk and placed her stuff in a drawer. As she turned around, Allen was already standing behind her. He leaned down and wrapped his mouth around hers, licking her lips before entering her mouth. She started to unbutton his blue oxford, her hands trembling with excitement and anticipation.

“I’ve been waiting a long time for this, Maggs. Ever since you first showed up, to be honest.”

Allen lifted her leopard print shirt over her head and Maggie suddenly felt exposed. He stepped back, slightly, and stared at her black, lace bra which was slightly too small to reign in her full tits.

“Take it off. I want to see how beautiful your tits are.”

Allen’s sudden command excited her. She complied and lifted the bra over her head. He stepped forward, grabbed her ass with both hands, lifted her onto her desktop and shoved her keyboard and case files out of the way. He tasted her left tit, first, then the right, lightly biting her nipples as she moaned with pleasure.

She finished working the buttons on Allen’s shirt and slid it over his shoulders. His chest and arms were even more magnificent than she’d imagined. Across the left side of his chest, onto his left bicep, was a tattoo. Part of the tattoo was St. Michael but she lost focus of his body art when his sudden lust took over.

He reached down, grabbed Maggie’s belt and, once unbuckled, pulled it off with a single, swift yank. He worked her slacks down over her hips, exposing a black lace thong that matched the discarded bra. Allen smirked and looked at her Jade colored eyes.

“I didn’t figure you for the lacy thong type. You’re a dirty girl!”

She kicked off her shoes and helped his efforts to remove her pants the rest of the way.

“Maybe you’ll have to find out what kind of girl I am,” Maggie purred as she pulled him closer.

He continued to explore her with his mouth as she started to tug at his belt. Her hands were shaking as she already ached for him to be inside of her. Allen’s trousers dropped to the floor and revealed black briefs struggling to contain his rock hard dick.

“I’m going to taste you,” he demanded, rather than requested.

Allen sat in Maggie’s office chair and lowered it so his face was in her crotch and he saw her thighs quivering in anticipation. He wrapped his arms under her legs and around to her ass and pulled her to him. She managed only a meek moan before his tongue found the wet folds of her cunt.

Allen didn’t bother removing Maggie’s panties, instead, he moved them aside, found her pussy with his mouth and parted the wet, warm lips with his tongue until she let out a deep moan. Maggie moved her hips with his licks. That’s my girl, he thought as he lapped at her pussy and circled her clit with the tip of his tongue. She tasted so delicious and so wet.

“Oh, god, that feels so good!”

She reached down to her pussy but he grabbed her hand and pinned it to her side.

“Uh, uh.” Allen said with a mouth full of pussy.

Maggie’s hips raised off of the desk and she moaned, again, as he probed the folds of her soaking wet pussy with his fingers before he plunged one inside of her.

“You want my cock, don’t you?” Allen said as he inserted a second finger inside of Maggie.

“Please! I want your cock!” she moaned as a wave of orgasm rushed over her.

Maggie’s pussy burned with pleasure as it clamped down on his fingers and she moaned, again, as she rode another wave of ecstasy.

Allen stood, grabbed the back of her head and roughly kissed her on the mouth. She tasted her own juices from his lips. Allen tugged her hair and pulled her head back to expose her neck. He kissed and sucked on her throat and squeezed her tits with his other hand. He rubbed his cock along her pussy and felt her wetness soak his dick through the fabric of his briefs.

“Put my cock in your mouth!”

She was so turned on by Allen’s authority over her! She slid her hands and mouth down his perfect chest, licked his nipples and watched them stiffen as she slid down off of the desk until she was on her knees. Maggie slipped her hands around Allen’s firm ass and pushed his briefs down, his enormous dick finally exposed.

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