The French Maid Act 03 Scene 01

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Oct. 29,

Mon Belle Fleur:

Act III, Scene I

Gwen: Merci beaucoup, monsieur! Zat ez one of my ‘avorite ‘ibrators! I zust adores zee ‘ibrating wabbeet!

The ‘ibrator, I mean “vibrator,” is pink with a row of pearl beads near the base. Jutting up like a hook is the so called “rabbit:” a soft piece of rubber split in two that, if nestled in my nether region just right, should play a feathery dance right on my clit. My Lord takes a moment to pour a little baby oil over the rubber treat (he is so thoughtful!), but I don’t think it is really necessary. While the vibrator is rather thick, I think I am more than ready enough to feel that — or even better, My Lord of the Manor — deep inside me.

I want to lie on the couch – or go to his room – and try to make a motion to do so, but he won’t have it. He wants to torment me standing up, legs spread in front of him. I’m almost naked but he is still fully-clothed, and I’m able to undo a few buttons on his shirt and rub my hands over his warm chest, finally enjoying the feel of his skin on my fingers.

But I’m distracted by the feel of his fingers back on my thong. He pulls it aside and I feel cool air on my pussy. The vibrator is on a low setting, and he barely brushes it against my lips and I feel like screaming out. My heart is racing and I’m having trouble breathing and I know he’s going to torture me with this wonderful toy.

The vibrations on my lips send bolts of passionate fire racing through me and it seems like there is a spark connecting to the tool and my clit. My legs bend and my thighs are quivering as I try to keep standing. I dig my fingers — hard — into his shoulders for support. He moves the rabbit over my clit and I moan oh my God! He slips the head illegal bahis of the toy just barely between my lips, and the vibrations have me pressing my Lord’s head tight to my stomach. My brain is screaming out: Oh God, please just fuck me! Fuck me with this toy, your cock, your fingers, your mouth — anything! I just need something in me, and I need to cum so badly!

My hips are swaying, and my body is trying to force itself down on the rabbit, but he will not let it inside. He allows the vibrator to play across my butt cheeks, then down the back of my legs, across my thighs and up again to between my legs. The head dances on the sensitive area between my lips and the inside of my thigh, and I’m nearing the point of grabbing the toy out of his hands and taking over for myself! Finally, as if sensing my desire, frustration, passion and impatience, he suddenly thrusts the vibrating pleasure machine into me up to its base.

I moan another in an endless series of “oh-my-Gods.” My legs give out, and he has to hold me up to keep from falling. I feel very filled, almost to the point of pain, and the rabbity-part of the clit-stimulator is pressing too sharply on my pleasure bead. He moves it in and out just a little, and then turns on another switch and the penise-part begins to dance inside me. My “oh-my-Gods” are getting much, much louder now. The pearl beads are stimulating my G-spot, and the rabbit end starts a light vibration on my clit and I feel myself cumming really hard, really fast. My stomach muscles start to contract and my fingers hurt from digging into his shoulders. Words stop flowing and now I’m only making sounds, short and sharp pants, and my whole body starts to shake.

Then, just as quickly as he shoved the magic illegal bahis siteleri dildo into me, he pulls it completely out. I suddenly feel very empty, and come very close to ripping off his ears, which I had just grabbed onto for support. I’m looking down at him, panting out of control. I want to say something, but can’t form any words — just sounds. He looks up at me and I want to punch his brown eyes, but I can’t move, either. My skin is still tingling, and an orgasmic fire is still burning through me. The toy is still near me, and I hear him switch it back on again, and my hips start to move, openly searching it out like I was in heat.

He lightly brushes it against my lips and I jerk like I was hit with a cattle prod. Please, I whisper, and then catch myself. I will not beg for this. He’s in control, and will probably win, but I’m not going to give in. Not yet, anyway. He has to be feeling this, too. How can he keep himself from just bending me over on his couch and fucking the shit out me? He turns on the wiggly motion and holds the toy inside my lips, just inside me. The wiggle whips my juices into a lather, and I hear the sound of my wetness. He moves it further inside me and positions the rabbit on my clit, and in just a few moments I feel one of the biggest, most fantastic orgasms of my life building. I feel light-headed, and start trembling uncontrollably. Oh, Jesus! My back hunches and my mouth opens in a wordless scream.

Then he pulls out the vibrator and lets it drop to the floor. He stands quickly, holding me tight. He grabs a handful of my hair and pulls my head back and he kisses me, hard and with an insane amount of passion and heat and desire. I feel his hard-on pressing into my stomach, and his thigh canlı bahis siteleri is between my legs and I can’t resist pressing myself on him. He pulls my hair back a little more and his mouth drops to neck. My eyes are close and my mouth is open. I feel like I came — maybe? Or am I in an endless orgasm loop? He whispers in my ear to put my arms around his neck and to hold on. He bends at his knees, grabs my under my knees and lifts me off my feet. My forehead is nestled in his neck and my nose is tickled by his chest hairs.

He carries me into his room and gently lies me on the bed. He leans over to kiss me again, and I run my fingers across his chest and remove his shirt. He has one knee between my legs, pressing gently on me as he folds me in his arms. I relish the heat of his body on mine, and my skin is burning again as he starts kissing me everywhere.

The Lord of the Manor: I wanted to keep your panties on, but I think they need to go. I want you to wear everything else, though.

He unsnaps the lace ties running from the garter belt and slips off my soaking thong. As he pulls it over my ankle, I take a moment to stretch, feeling so hot and sexy for him dressed still in my fishnet stocking, garter belt and bustier. The later item, however, is feeling a little warm and might have to go soon. He takes a second to light some candles, and then removes his pants and socks. I see him take a small bottle off his nightstand. More massage oil, I wonder, but I’m not really in the mood for another massage.

TLotM: Chocolate body paint. I’m feeling a little artsy.

Gwen: I’m not. We’ll save that for round three or four.

I take the bottle from him and then roll him over on his back. I slip his underwear off and straddle his hips. I lean over him, my long blonde hair covering our faces. I kiss him and whisper in his ear: “Thank you, monsieur. Now it’s my turn.”

Hmmm…I wonder what Gwen means???

Au revior, until tonight.

The Lord of the Manor

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