The Banister

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I have imagined myself returning home from work to find you there just doin’ your thing. I’ve had a busy and rough day and I desire you passionately.

Entering silently, I slip up behind you and lightly brush your hair aside. I begin to nibble gently upon your ear working my way down your neck, while my hands are slowly enjoying their motion up your body to your breasts.

Slowly as I continue to work you, I turn you around and kiss you on the lips. A little tease I don’t let you return the favor. Then slowly I work my way back to your lips for a more passionate kiss. I end the kiss by gently letting my teeth hold onto your lower lip as I move away.

Lifting your top most of the way off of you, I don’t remove it all the way, tying your hands and arms from further motion. I kiss you passionately again as I press your body against the surface of the wall behind you.

Pressing our bodies together tightly, I can tell you can feel I am hard, and you like it. It excites me more, as I remove your top the rest of the way, and return to biting your neck, just hard enough.

I move to kiss your body all the way down, stopping bahis firmaları to remove your bra with one hand while pressing you more tightly to my body with the other. Sliding the straps down your arms I concentrate my lips upon the nipple of one of your breasts while a hand cups the other.

Continuing to allow my lips to move down your body, I every so gently kiss between your breasts. Following I kiss gently your stomach, just above the navel. I can tell you like it because you shiver from the light touch that would normally tickle, but is somehow erotic for you now.

Unbuttoning your pants, I can barely withhold myself from simply ripping them off of you, I move them down your legs slowly, allowing anticipation to build in both of us. My manhood still throbbing within the limits of my own pants, you reach down to let me know you want it.

Gently I separate your panties from your body, but not for love yet. Still standing, you motion for me to go down on you. You tremble as you feel my tongue press into you in the spots we have explored together. Knowing what you like, I continue at pace stopping only to prevent you from kaçak iddaa cumming.

Unsatisfied you invite me up. Kissing me passionately you unbuckle the belt holding me in. You wish for me to enter you now, but it is not yet to be. Pressing myself into you, my pants will need to be cleaned, for you have stained the outside.

Building on excitement you kneel to remove my pants, allowing them, simply, to fall. Their now fallen form revealing a bulge any man would be proud of. Gently lifting my boxers over my penis to reveal my true desires for you.

You cannot help but desire me now. However, something keeps you from molesting me as I am. You desire the sweet taste of my cum before we get into it. Pressing your lips around the thickness of my manhood you throttle your hand slowly to force pressure. Your grip tight, you sense my desire for you with every longing twitch reverberating through your hand and mouth.

Unable to take it any longer I lightly bring your mouth away from that which occupies you, to see your eyes looking to mind in anticipation.

Lifting your light body onto my own, the slow penetration accented by kaçak bahis my own force lessening the speed of your decent. As I feel your warmth around me, your body now, once again, being pressed against the wall which held you before, you feel the force of my desire.

Fulfilling your needs, I am passionate in my expression for you. You quiver feeling the heaviness of my now full and strong penis.

Not content with the current position, I notice the stair banister not far away. I hold you to me, your body still feeling the pressure of my manhood inside of it.

Turning you around you hold onto a banister post while I enter you once more, this time as if you were an animal. Slowly my pressure builds as I repeatedly enter and exit from the warm environment inside of you.

We are both nearing completion as I stroke your clitoris while still throttling my manhood into you. Not willing to get off until you do, I hold it in.

Your expression of passion can be heard throughout the house as you cum. A smile creeps across my face as I recognize I have pleased you.

Your body suddenly gets tense to the point of forcing me to relent that which I have been preventing. You can feel the pressure of my release, giving you pleasure in satisfying me.

Gently, I carry you to our room where we lie next to each other, weak, and satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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