Swingers Club

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Ashley Adams

He strips off my shorts and licks and kisses down my stomach, licking my pussy through my sheer white thong panties. He moves my thong to the side and starts licking my pussy, biting my clit. He pushes one finger inside me, then two. He’s rolling his fingers against my g-spot, again and again, making me squirt into his mouth. I roll over onto all fours, cuz I know he wants to see me in my lacy white thong. He pulls out his phone and starts taking pics, pulling my panties to the side and thrusting his tongue in my pussy, licking my ass, taking pics the whole time. He’s the first guy to take pics while fucking me, and I’m loving it. (And I’m still loving it, cuz I can look at them anytime I want ;)) I lay him down and suck his nice hard cock, feeling it get harder and thicker in my throat. I start riding him, his thick cock filling my pussy. I turn around, riding him reverse cowgirl, slowly sliding up and down on his cock, then bouncing up and down harder. He’s taking pics and videos the whole time, I catch a glimpse of my ass on his phone, it’s so hot it makes me go harder. He flips me over doggy style, fingering my pussy and ass. He’s rubbing my clit so hard, I’m cumming like crazy. He starts fucking me so hard, still rubbing my clit. He says he’s about to cum, so I flip around and let him shoot it all over my face and mouth, while he gets the whole thing on video. We get cleaned up and canlı bahis he starts rubbing me all over, very sweet ending to a very good night.

Later that week… Our first time at the swingers club, so they’re giving us the tour. I can tell he’s already wanting me, his arm wrapped possessively around me, his hand resting on my ass, sliding under my ass, rubbing my pussy, making me soak my panties. The tour is over, we get our drinks and hit the dance floor. I’m moving in front of him, rubbing my ass against him, feeling his hard cock, his hand pulling my skirt up, showing my wet panties to anyone who’s watching. I turn and kiss him. We are thoroughly enjoying feeling each others bodies, tongues entwined. A woman introduces herself to us, slips her tongue in my mouth, and pulls us over to meet her fiance. The guys talk, but soon can’t keep their eyes off us as she pulls me to the dance floor, we’re grinding on each other, I’m smacking her ass, she slides down my body then I slide down hers. We’re making out again, hands all over each other, people watching us. She pulls her man’s belt off, he starts to whip her with it. She gives it to me and I whip her with it, harder and harder. Then we switch, and she whips me. She angles it so she’s hitting my pussy. She leaves welts on my ass. I turn back to my man, I’m so horny now. I’m dancing in front of him again, he’s sliding his hand over my bahis siteleri pussy. He can feel the heat coming from my warm wet pussy. He pushes a finger inside me, deeper, hitting my g spot, making me moan. He pulls his finger out, and I grab his hand, taking his finger in my mouth, sucking my juices off it, playing with it like it was his cock. He asks me how it tastes, so I kiss him.

We head to a playroom and pick a secluded bed with sheer curtains, somewhat more private than others. I suck his hard cock deep into my throat, over and over. I mount his cock, riding him hard, rolling my hips. He grabs my ass and lifts me up, ramming me hard. Then I turn around reverse cowgirl to pound his cock deeper into my pussy. I lay down and he starts licking and sucking my pussy. He bites my clit over and over, making me moan and scream. Another couple comes in to use the bed next to us. The guy peeks in on us, watching me orgasm as his girl sucks his cock. I catch his eye and he looks away, but only for a minute. I don’t even care, I’m in ecstasy, cumming so hard. Finally I can’t cum anymore, and we head back out to get more drinks and see what other people are doing.

There are naked people on the dance floor. We stand in a playroom and watch a couple of threesomes for a while. One of the hot tubs is full of sexy naked people, so we sit on the patio and watch as the girls start sucking bahis şirketleri the guys cocks. Another couple comes to sit on the bench next to us and we talk for a minute. Then she starts sucking her man’s cock, so I start sucking my man’s cock. He’s pulling my hair, forcing his cock down my throat. All of a sudden she comes and kneels in front of him and asks if she can taste. I lick up one side while she licks up the other side, our tongues meeting at the tip. She goes back to her man, but a few minutes later she’s asking if I want to switch. So I kneel in front of her man, sucking his hard cock, taking it deep in my throat, working it with my throat muscles. I come back over to my man, kissing the girl’s neck and licking her while she sucks my man’s cock. He starts to cum, his load spurting out, and I lean forward to take it in my mouth. She goes back to her man, riding him on the bench right next to us. We go back to the playroom, where we start to 69. I’m cumming all down his face, his cock further and further down my throat. He’s getting so hard, he tells me to get on all fours, cuz he knows I love to be fucked doggy style. He grabs my hips, fucking me so hard. I’m rubbing my clit, squirting all over his cock. He keeps going, making me squirt again as he fills my pussy with his load. We lay there together, limbs entwined, just relaxing for a few minutes, we’ve been going at it for hours. We rouse ourselves and begin to get dressed, then he rips my panties to the side and decides to fuck me again. So fucking amazing, my pussy is raw, my clit is swollen, my panties are soaked, and I am well and truly satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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