Surprise Treat This Halloween

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Fantasy turned into a treat this Halloween!

My wife had been riding me for weeks about her friend’s stupid Halloween party. I didn’t really care for her friends and I definitely did not want to go out dressed in some stupid costume. But I finally gave in and we went out and bought her a Wonder woman outfit, complete with lasso and a face mask of Linda Carter. I got a werewolf outfit with the hairy arms and a pretty scary mask. My wife hated it and said it gave her nightmares. I hoped she would give up and decide not to go. No dice though. My wife is not that tall, but she has large 36D breasts that stand proud still, and an ass I notice everyone looks at. She looked killer in her outfit.

When we went to the party, I kept staring at her, as did several other men there. With the mask on, I could imagine her as some new woman I was there with. Sad, but it was working to keep me horny. That is, until I saw this woman in a very hot cat woman outfit. Every time I talked to this woman I felt as though I should know her. She seemed too familiar. I didn’t want to spend too much time talking to her in case my wife got jealous, but she kept following me around and was becoming more flirtatious the more she drank. I have never cheated on my wife and had no intention of starting now with one of her drunken friends. I could not figure out who she was, but she sure knew a lot about me, private stuff. I knew my wife talked about us, but this was weird.

Whenever I was able to shake her, I would find my wife and talk to her. I don’t drink, so watching everyone else get drunk was fun in a way. My wife was damn tipsy and let me get pretty bold in the way I touched her in front of others. Normally that is a no-no to her. Tonight, though, she let me feel her up all I wanted. I got her in the hall and pinned her to the wall, telling her that I couldn’t wait to get home and have her tie me up with her lasso. I looked around and pulled her into the bathroom and locked the door. Again I pinned her to the wall and we started making out. I was hard and wanted her just as horny. As we kissed, she stuck her tongue in my mouth and even sucked on my tongue. My wife never french kissed, so I knew she was wasted. I ran my hand up her leg and squeezed her ass and she grabbed my dick and rubbed her hand up and down it. I wanted it ataşehir escort and now, so I lifted her onto the sink and pushed up her skirt. I pulled down her red wonder woman undies and smelled her. I started kissing and licking up her thigh, then began eating her. I was shocked that she had shaved herself completely. Another thing my wife rarely did.

I loved it and really got into getting her to cum. She grabbed my head and started bucking around, and when she came she actually squirted all over my face and arm. I have never been able to get her to squirt, but I loved it all the same. I kept going and she came again, less liquid, but still more than usual. She must have been truly drunk and horny. I drank and licked until she made me stop. She pulled me up and dropped to her knees. Before my pants hit the ground, she had me in her mouth. My wife is not the best at blowjobs, but tonight she was a champ. For the first time she actually took me all the way in her throat. I am not long, only 7 and a quarter or so, but I am rather large around. Her teeth usually make this unpleasant for me. Not tonight. She somehow got it all in and it felt incredible. I complimented her on her new found skill. She held around my ass and squeezed as she continued sucking. I was very close and she knew it. She looked up at me and pushed down further. I had never felt anyone take me that far and immediately I started cumming. Now, my wife chokes easily and has not once swallowed. Tonight she didn’t let up and kept sucking and swallowing until I had to make her stop. I was astonished to say the least. I was also still hard.

She stood up and turned around, bending over the closed lid of the toilet and shook her ass. Of course I jumped at the chance and rubbed my dick along her very warm and wet pussy. I slid in as slowly as possible and, my god, was she ever tight! We had not had sex in almost two weeks and she usually gets tighter the longer we go without. The slow pace didn’t last long. I started really pounding her and she was much more vocal than I was used to. She did not like dirty talk during sex and was pretty quiet, even when she came. Now, she still wasn’t talking, but was moaning damn loud and when I hit certain spots she practically screamed. I grabbed her hips and even playfully spanked her a couple of kadıköy escort times, which I know she doesn’t like, but I was feeling a bit “mean”. Instead of stopping me, she wiggled her ass and pushed back each time I swatted her. By the time I was ready to cum, her ass was red and I could see my handprints clearly. She suddenly jerked and my dick became super hot and wet as she came.

I decided to push my luck with her current inhibition so I pulled out when she calmed down, and started to push into her ass. We have anal sex maybe three times a year when she is so totally horny. Tonight she pushed back and helped me slide into her ass. She was so tight I swear some skin was coming off my dick. Finally in, I began pumping her faster than she usually allows, even pulling all the way out then thrusting back in. The only other time I tried pulling out and back in, she jumped up saying it hurt like hell coming out and that ended the session. Tonight, she moaned each time and started playing with her clit.

I guess I was too turned on to really add up all the differences in my wife tonight, or I blamed her drinking. Whatever the case, I loved it. Too soon I felt it and pumped even harder as I shot up inside her ass. She nearly screamed as I did. When I slipped out, we both cleaned up and got straightened out. Before I opened the door, she leaned in and kissed me as passionately as I ever remember. I actually felt myself getting worked up again! I told her to stop or we would never leave the bathroom. She laughed and squeezed my dick one last time, whispering that she had waited for that for way too long, before leaving the room.

When I got back to the party, I could not find my amazing wonder woman anywhere. Of course, as soon as I was in the room, the cat lady latched on to me and asked where I had been. I told her I felt kind of sick and was in the restroom. I asked her if she knew where wonder woman went. She told me that Lisa had left and gone home, saying she had gotten what she wanted here tonight and that she thought Lisa had just had sex.

Lisa? I tried to think who Lisa was. My wife’s name is Jackie. Just then, my wife’s friend, Des came up and asked cat woman a question. What struck me and made my heart feel like exploding was that Des had called her Jackie!! Then it dawned on me… bostancı escort bayan Lisa is my wife’s 19 year old daughter!! She had been home from college for a few days and was staying at her dad’s house. She had been here?! And in my wife’s outfit??

Now, admit it… every one of you with a step-daughter that age has at least fantasized about it. I sure had, many times. Of course, nothing ever had happened and never would. I love my wife and thought that stuff was sick. But what was I to think now? I must be wrong, so I took cat woman into a bedroom and she began trying to undress me. I removed her mask and it was my wife! I asked her about why she changed her outfit. She told me that Lisa wanted to come to the party and didn’t have a costume. Since they were the same build, my wife gave her the wonder woman one and had gotten the cat woman one from another friend.

My wife was tipsy as well, and continued trying to undress me. I was going to tell her I didn’t feel good, but the more I replayed what had just happened, now that I knew who it had been, I began feeling horny all over. I let her drop my pants and start blowing me while I went over the past hour in my head. When I was hard enough, she pulled down her leotard and bent over the toilet, exactly as her daughter had just done not fifteen minutes before.

As I fucked my wife, for real this time, a thought came to me. As I was nearing a weak climax, I asked my wife if Lisa knew what costume I was wearing tonight. She said “Silly, of course, you were talking to her half the night. I was getting jealous.” The idea that my 19 year old step-daughter KNEW that she fucking her step-dad was too much for me and I shot off into my wife’s plump, hairy, not very wet pussy. Every little difference of the night came back to me. I turned my wife around and sat her down. I began eating her out as I replayed eating my step-daughter. My wife came in record time. We got dressed and rejoined the party. I just sat on the deck, smoking and thinking. What the hell??!! How should I react when I see her? I decided that since, to her, I thought I was fucking my wife, her mom, I would pretend I didn’t know. But, damn! It was so wrong! My fantasy had become a real treat this Halloween.

On the way home later, my wife informed me that Lisa had texted and asked to stay her last two days at our house, to catch up. Hmmm, my wife worked those days while I was off the rest of the week. Two days with just my step-daughter and me around the house. I was going to have to rethink my decision to play dumb about what happened…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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