Surfing Lessons

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The following is a work of fiction. Certain places and events are actual, but the names and relationships are all a work of imagination.


“You need to see this shit!” My wife yelled from the other room.

“What are you talking about?” I replied

“Your son has been surfing where he doesn’t need to be.”

“Oh shit,” I thought to myself, “I forgot to erase my computer history, dammit.” I’ve been super careful lately since the last time I left some browser history and she found it. Not bad stuff, but definitely porn and chat sites.

“Let me come see.” I replied. And I went into the office to see what she was looking at. When I got in there, she had the history opened for last week and there were hits for gay sites, some Yahoo chat rooms and some others; not my most recent visitations, but definitely some I go see at time. Luckily for me, the times were while I was at work, so he was going to take the hit for this one.

I’ve been married 8 years now. My wife, well, she’s always been big and has lately gotten bigger, angrier and more pathetic. Because of that, I’ve not been as attracted to having sex with her and have found other ways to occupy my time. Some of that has been online chatting and surfing and some has been visiting a local video store (that’ll be another story or two).

My “son” is really my stepson Clark, and was 8 when we got married, is now 18 and a soccer-playing senior in high school in West Texas. He’s about 5’7″, maybe 135 lbs soaking wet with blonde hair and green eyes like his mother. I’m 35 and struggling to maintain 195 lbs on my 5’11’ frame and try to hit the gym twice a week, sometimes with success, other times, it’s a wasted effort and I go home to the TV, computer, nagging fat wife and whatever beer is in the fridge, usually Shiner Bock or Abita Turbo Dog.

I’m clearly bi-sexual, something my wife has no idea about or we’d be in divorce court lightning fast. My first sexual experience with a man was in college (another story, I promise) and I went through a true dry spell until just a few years ago. Since then, I’d visit this video place once or twice a month, usually on the way home from the gym, good excuse to grab a shower when I got home.

Enough background. So here I am, looking at his browser history and wondering “What the fuck is he doing?” I had no clue about his sexuality. I assumed he was straight, but then again, he was a slow starter and to this point, had just taken up with canlı bahis his first girlfriend, a girl a year ahead of him in high school.

“You’re going to have to deal with this,” my wife tells me. “I’m not talking to my son about gay stuff, you need to steer him away from that.” OK, so straight porn would be acceptable to her? What the fuck?

“It’s natural for him to be exploring.” I said. “But you’re right, he needs to be sticking to looking at girls” Inside my head, I was thinking “Hell, cut me some damn slack, bitch, I’d like to look at girls too” I said nothing except “I’ll talk to him next time I see him at the computer.

We had the family computer in an office/study which happened to have a locking door and was on the other end of the house and downstairs from the bedrooms. With the health issues my wife has been having, she spends a lot of time in bed, many times conked out on pain pills and wine by 8:30 or 9:00 at night. I come in from the gym after that and watch some TV. I check on her, crack a beer and settle into the recliner. If my son’s home and not doing homework, sometimes, he’s on the computer, or he’ll go to his room and watch TV since I rarely watch what he wants to watch. I haven’t been bugging her for sex in a while, which I guess was OK with her. She never complained. I was content with jacking off in the shower, or pulling out one of my VHS tapes when everyone was gone. When I really needed to get off, I went down to the video store and take advantage of what it had to offer.

I thought about what Clark had been doing. Had he seen some of my surfing? Was he curious about things himself? I speculated as to whether he was a virgin or not, figured he was. I was 14 when I lost my virginity, to an older girl in high school who was on the rebound. Great experience for me and she got the chance to teach someone what she liked to do. After that, I was forever hooked on petite, athletic girls and had my share through high school and college and afterwards. I knew I loved blowjobs and eating pussy and was fascinated with watching porn, something Wendy thought was cool too.

The next week, same scenario. I came in from the gym and Clark was on the computer. She was passed out and snoring upstairs. I showered, changed into some shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt and went downstairs to see what was on TV. After turning it on, I cracked an Abita and stood quietly in the doorway of the office while he surfed and chatted on AIM. Finally, he realized bahis siteleri I was there and turned around.

“Nothing good on TV?” he asked.

“Nahh, not so far, maybe in 30 minutes.” I told him. “We need to have a little discussion in the meantime.”

I saw him stiffen up in the chair a bit. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Your mother . . . . . . ” I started.

“Stop” he said, “I bet I know what this is about.”

“I bet you don’t,” I replied. “I need to talk about what you’ve been doing online lately” He froze in mid-reply, the color draining from his face. “Yeah, she stumbled across your history last week and was just a little bit shocked.” Silence from him.

“Honestly, if you were looking at tits and pussies, I think she’d be ok with it, but your looking at cock has got her a bit messed up.” I continued. He sat there for a minute, and I could see his mind racing with a dozen replies. Finally, he made up his mind.

“Hell, I was just looking at some of the sites you’ve been on, Dad!”

My turn to have the color drain from my face. “What I do has no bearing on you and your mother doesn’t know about it, and what she doesn’t know, won’t hurt her. You just need to be more careful with covering your tracks so neither one of us gets busted again.”

“You’re not pissed?” he asked.

“Hell no, I’d just like to make sure you know what you’re doing and are careful.” I told him.

Suddenly, I saw my son in a whole new light. I’m sure he was thinking the same thing too. He was a good-looking kid, in great shape thanks to soccer and had a devilish grin and knew how to use it when he wanted something. I started thinking back to some incidents that occurred in the past few years and wondered if I should have seen this coming. My son was gay! Or at least he was bi like me! I wondered if he and any of his friends had messed around before.

Or any of his teammates. I remembered a time during his freshman season, at an away game. I was the assistant coach for his varsity team and we had a game in the pouring rain at White Oak. One of his teammates, Robert, was goofing around on the sidelines and I caught him making a swinging, thrusting motion with his hips at one of his seated teammates, a little red-headed boy named Seth. I have no idea what they were doing, but I was captivated by the sight of his obviously unencumbered equipment swinging freely in his rain-soaked shorts. Seth was too, his eyes locked on Robert’s groin. bahis şirketleri Robert was gifted as well, as the outline of what he was packing was quite impressive, to say the least.

Back to the present. I spent a few minutes showing him what his mother had done to uncover his surfing, and then how he could erase it without erasing everything. This included cookies and temp files, since doing a key search would find all those anyways. I’m pretty sure he got the hang of it, so the next thing I needed to do was talk about where he was surfing. “Let’s look at what you’ve been browsing.” I said. Clark gulped and asked “Are you sure?”

“Why not,” I told him, “I need to know what my boy likes to look at.” I could tell he was nervous, but wanted to do it at the same time. I suggested a few Google searches on some key words and we spent the next hour looking at pictures and reading some erotic stories. While doing it, we talked about things, school, soccer, his girlfriend, just some good father-son time we hadn’t been having lately. While we surfed, I noticed him squirming around some and figured he was hard. Being 16, the wind could blow and he would sprout wood; I remember the days. Hell, from all of it, I was semi-hard myself.

It was bad, but it made me wonder what he looked like. How big was he? Thick or thin? I wasn’t even sure if he was circumcised. Suddenly, my semi-hard was getting harder and I was going to have to start squirming myself.

Telling him it was getting late, and that I needed to get some rest before work the next day, I told him to wrap it up and we’d do it another time soon. I told him I’d let his mother know it was a one-time, curiosity deal and make up some story to cover for it. I also told him I expected him to be more careful about so I didn’t have to deal with her any more.

With that, we both went upstairs. I went to bed but couldn’t sleep. I heard his bedroom door close, then open, his bathroom door close, then open and his bedroom door close again. After another 20 minutes of staring in the dark, I got up to go to the bathroom myself. While in there, I heard his bathroom door close again and some noises on the floor of his bathroom like he was rolling around or something. Finally, I heard his toilet flush and he went to bed. I finished up and did the same. Given our mutually aroused states, I’m sure he was taking care of his hardon and even the thought of that gave me another surge of blood to the extremities.

Still, I lay there wondering, and plotting our next session online, curious as to how far he would go and how curious he was.

Again, this is a work of fiction, more to come. If you liked it, let me know.

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