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Chapter One

The old expression that Boys Will Be Boys was never more clear to Alex Barnett than the Sunday afternoon when her eighteen year old son came home from an overnight outing at a local lake with some friends. It was almost one that afternoon when Craig walked into the family room, still dressed in a bathing suit. It was evident by the pain etched in his face that the simple act of walking was excruciating and the thirty-nine-year old mother gasped in surprise.

Alex and her husband had been sitting in the family room watching television and the two adults stared at their son with shocked expressions. The slender young man, who had left with friends the morning before with pale skin, now resembled a boiled lobster. Had it not been for the evident pain that Craig obviously felt it might have been funny.

George and Alex leaped from their chairs and hurried to the side of their son and helped him upstairs to his bedroom. Their family physician, a good friend of George’s, agreed to stop by and look at Craig. Since George and Dr. Benson were part of a foursome that had a two 0’clock tee time at the country club at three, stopping by the Barnett home was not a problem. George and Dr. Benson would leave from there for the club.

“It’s just your everyday sunburn,” Dr. Benson pronounced with a chuckle after a quick examination. “It won’t kill him but it’s gonna hurt.”

“That’s a relief,” Alex sighed audibly.

“I brought some samples, Alex, of a good cream that should alleviate much of the pain and help him through it. It’s over the counter so you can pick up a tube at Grady’s Pharmacy if you run out.”

“He’s going to be alright?” George asked his voice filled with concern.

“Yeah. He’ll be great in a few days. But you’re going to peal like fruit, young man,” he grinned down at Craig. Then he turned his attention back to Alex and George. “One of you will have to apply the cream until the pain lessens.”

“I’ll take care of him,” Alex said.

“Ok. My work is done. You ready to beat those bastards at a round of golf, George?”

“Robbie and Jack don’t have a chance,” George laughed.

George and Dr. Benson left for the club and Alex settled into help her son. She breathed a thankful sigh of relief that Craig’s sunburn wasn’t as bad as she and her husband had originally thought. She told her son to take off the skimpy looking bathing suit and roll over onto his stomach so she could apply some of the cream to his back and the back of his legs. She left to get a washcloth from the hall bathroom so she could wipe the excess medicine from her hands once she was finished. When she returned to her son’s room, she found Craig struggling to remove the tight bathing suit. It was apparent that the eighteen-year-old young man was in too much pain to do even something as simple as undress.

“Here. Let me help,” she said quickly.

It wasn’t as easy as she thought. Alex could see the pain on Craig’s face as she slowly prodded and pulled the bathing suit off his hips and down his legs. She even had to lift his feet to completely remove the swim trunks. She was so busy that she hadn’t really paid much attention to the fact that Craig held his hands cupped between his legs to hide his cock and balls from his mother. When she had the trunks off, he rolled over as quickly as possible, which wasn’t that fast.

Alex started with Craig’s shoulders and worked her way down his beet red back. His skin was hot to the touch and the cool cream elicited low, satisfying sounds from him. Alex’s soft hands worked slowly, taking care not to cause any more pain than necessary. When she finished with her son’s legs, she asked him to roll over. Slowly, the young man complied and Alex understood immediately that he was embarrassed since he would be exposed to his mother.

Alex nearly gasped when she saw her son’s cock. Even flaccid, Craig’s cock was impressive. Maybe it was because he was her son and the last time she had seen her son naked he hadn’t been nearly as well endowed. Her eyes met Craig’s briefly and she saw the unease he felt at being exposed in front of her. That, she knew, was understandable but there was nothing she could do since someone had to apply the medicinal cream to his tortured skin.

Alex worked the cream into the red skin of Craig’s chest and stomach with fingers that had become a little hesitant to touch him. It was impossible to keep her gaze from his cock and it came as a shock when she saw it twitch and begin to grow. She held her breath as she rubbed his stomach slowly, her eyes staring wide and disbelieving when he was finally hard and throbbing.

Craig’s cock was huge! Before George, Alex had only had sex with one man and she had never seen, nor believed a man’s cock could be so big and fat. Later, she would learn that her son’s cock, when fully erect, was an astonishing nine and a half inches long and bahis firmaları nearly three inches wide.

Shaking her head and bringing herself back to reality, the incredulous mother began working the cream into the skin of Craig’s legs. Her pulse had quickened noticeably and her breathing was labored as she fought to keep her gaze from her son’s massive manhood. When she began working on his thighs, though, it was impossible not to look. The way his balls rolled slowly when she worked on his thighs nearly took her breath away.

“Ok, bud!” she said, feigning an ordinary voice as she quickly pulled the top sheet over his naked body.

“Uh, thanks, mom.” Craig could barely meet her eyes.

“No problem, kiddo,” she smiled. “I’ll be back later to check on you. Is there anything special you’d like for dinner tonight?”

He shook his head. “Anything will be fine, mom.”

A very uncomfortable Alex left her son’s room and headed back downstairs to the family room. She sat in her recliner for a long while, unable to do anything as her mind replayed what she had seen. Wasn’t it natural for a young man – or any man – to get an erection in a situation like her son had been in? Sort of a physiological problem? George told her he’d had a similar problem the time he was being prepped by a young nurse just prior to an operation and there was nothing he could do to prevent an erection. It had been embarrassing for him as Craig had been embarrassed a few minutes ago.

So it was obvious that she had not aroused her son, and that he had wanted to have sex with his own mother. It had simply been a quirk of the mind, something he’d had no control over. Still, the image of such an enormous and gorgeous cock would not leave her head.

Chapter Two

Later that evening after Alex fed Craig, cleaned the kitchen and watched television with her husband, she sat on the sofa thinking about all of the nasty thoughts she knew she shouldn’t be thinking. Earlier, as she applied more ointment to Craig’s sunburned skin, he again became aroused again. It caused her to think that maybe the first time hadn’t been a fluke after all, that her son was really aroused by her. It was a disturbing thought.

The strange thing for Alex was that she didn’t seem to feel the same remorse and guilt she had when thoughts of her son’s hard cock first came to mind. Maybe, she thought, she didn’t feel guilt and remorse – at least not as intensely – because the state of her arousal masked those feelings. Maybe she really did want to touch his manhood.

The thoughts, though, had been there all afternoon. Nothing she could do chased them out of her mind, at least not for long. Alex tried thinking of anything, whether it was gross, sad or anything terrible, but nothing worked. And by the time she stood in front of the stove that evening, preparing supper, images of her son’s gigantic cock stayed in her mind’s eye. And before long all she could think about was having him. It was wrong, wicked and she should be ashamed of herself but suddenly the need to be with her son in a carnal way was simply to great.

“Well, it’s time to go to bed,” George said, breaking her reverie.

“Yeah. I think I’ll take a quick shower and check on Craig.

“Good idea. See you in the morning.

Alex felt terrible as she watched her husband head toward the stairs. It was bad enough to cheat on your husband, she realized, but to do it with your own son was the epitome of heartlessness. And even that knowledge, she learned, wasn’t enough to dissuade her. By the time she finished showering and drying her short brown hair, George was in bed sound asleep.

Craig was lying in bed staring at the ceiling when she walked into his room. She smiled at him and sat down on the bed. Only a top sheet covered his body and she knew he was nude under it. Her eyes glanced briefly and saw how the sheet revealed the slight bulge of her son’s limp cock. She looked away quickly, feeling her face flush with embarrassment.

“Well,” she said brightly. “How are you feeling?”

“I still hurt.” Craig grinned at her. “I guess I screwed up.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Alex smiled at her son. “Maybe next time, though, you’ll remember not to spend so much time in the son until you at least get a little brown.”

“I don’t think there’s gonna be another time. Once is enough.”

During the exchange it had been difficult for Alex to keep her gaze from Craig’s midsection. Thoughts of what it would feel like in her mouth, what his cum would taste like and how it would feel to have her son’s fat, hard cock pushing into her pussy would not go away. She was ashamed, yet strangely aroused with what she knew lay under the top sheet. Her pulse quickened and her breath became irregular as she sat so close to her son.

“You, um, want me to put more cream on you?”

Alex heard the telltale sound of her voice that revealed kaçak iddaa how she felt. And she could see in Craig’s face that he’d heard the tone of her words as well. She was certain that her son knew that she wanted more than just to put cream on his skin.

“Yeah, sure.”

“Ok. I’ll, ah, just get the cream and be right back.” She stood and moved to the door. “Roll over onto your back.”

Her legs felt like rubber as she walked down the hall to the bathroom. She reached into the medicine cabinet with hands that trembled badly and nearly dropped the tube of ointment that Dr. Benson had given her earlier. When she got back to the room, Craig was on his back and he’d pushed the sheet down and off his body.

She pulled a chair close to the bed and set everything she’d brought on it, then took the ointment and began to apply it to his back. She worked the cream slowly into the skin of his shoulders and back, then moved down to his legs. Her heart beat fast and hard and Alex felt lightheaded. Her mouth was dry as she anticipated seeing his cock again; hoping that the first time hadn’t been just a fluke and it would be limp this time.

“Ok. You can roll over now.”

When Craig rolled over onto his back, Alex sucked in a big breath. He was hard again! Even the jolt of shame that struck at the moment when she looked at his hard cock with wide, pleased eyes seemed small and inconsequential. She stared at it for a long, shameless moment before she finally began to rub cream onto his sunburned arms and chest. She knew at that moment that she wanted it and forced herself to open her mouth and say the words that didn’t come easy/

“I, um, like what I see,” she said in a voice that reverberated with nervousness. She locked eyes with Craig and saw that he understood what she meant.

“You do?”

She nodded. “Tell me why you’re aroused.”

“Because I like you touching me.” Craig’s face colored and he added, “I also like you seeing me, you know…”

“It makes you hard to expose your cock to me?” She asked softly.


Alex was quiet for a moment, and then she said in a very soft voice, “I’m your mom.”

“I know but I’ve been attracted to you for a long time.”

Alex began applying the ointment to her son’s legs. Her pulse raced as she stared at her son’s hard cock. She replayed Craig’s words in her head as she gently rubbed the cream into his hot, red skin. He was attracted to her and that didn’t make what she wanted to do with him right. Still, it made her decision easier. And his revelation that being exposed to her, his cock hard and throbbing, seemed so wicked and sexy that she could hardly breathe.

“There is one thing I want you to know,” she said, then locked eyes with her son again. “I’m not a whore.”

“I know, mom. But you’re so hot, so desirable that I can’t help wanting you.”

Alex finished Craig’s thighs and screwed the cap back on the tube of ointment. She reached for the damp cloth and wiped her hands, then dropped it on the chair. With her eyes on her son’s face, Alex laid a soft hand on Craig’s cock and gently caressed the long, fat shaft. He gasped softly and she took it in one hand.

“No one can ever know about this.” Her voice was shaky with lust.

“I know.”

“It’s so beautiful!” she exclaimed softly as she began to slowly pump his cock. “So big and beautiful!”

“Oh, that feels so good!” Craig gasped.

Alex lowered her head until her mouth was little more than an inch above her son’s manhood. She could smell the slight musky scent of him and she breathed deeply. Then she breathed deeply and began to lick his shaft slowly from the base to just under the enormous purple head. She couldn’t actually believe that she was licking her son’s cock!

When she took him into her mouth, Craig groaned. She could tell by the sound that his teeth were clenched to keep from making much noise. Her tongue swirled around the head, tasting and reveling in the flavor of his pre cum. With one hand slowly jacking his fat shaft, she bobbed her head up and down, letting her tongue swirl and caress his sensitive head.

She was on fire. Never had she done something like this to another man, or even thought of doing it with her son! She realized quickly that it was the knowledge that she was committing incest, doing something that was so wrong that society had long ago abandoned it as depraved that made her feel so hot and aroused.

She took her son’s cock from her mouth when she was sure he was close to an orgasm. She didn’t want him to cum – not yet. She had other plans for her son’s huge manhood. Alex stood and quickly shrugged out of the robe and smiled down at Craig as she saw his eyes widen. She was naked and she stood shamelessly in front of him as he devoured her nude body with his wide, incredulous eyes. She had know he would like her body; her pale skin was flawless, her heavy tits still kaçak bahis without much sag and the light brown patch of her pubic hair was trimmed neatly, exposing the pink, wet lips.

“You like what you see?” she asked with a grin.

“Oh, yeah!”

“I’m glad,” she said as she helped him into a sitting position so he could lean back against the headboard. Then she gently got astride his hips and lowered her ass until her pussy lips pressed snugly against the fat shaft. She cupped both of her breasts and smiled. In a thick, lust filled voice, she asked, “Would you like to suck my tits, baby?”

Craig’s only response was a groan of ecstasy as he reached for and cupped his mother’s heavy tits in his hands. She leaned forward a bit and gasped with pleasure when Craig’s tongue escaped from his mouth and flicked the hard, fat nipple of her left tit. She moaned softly, her lust mounting as her son alternately sucked and nibbled her sensitive nipples.

Alex leaned her head back and lightly grasped her son’s head with her hands. His tongue and lips and teeth were sending shivers of delight deep into her tummy. She reached down and took his hard cock in one hand and began to slowly stroke its fat shaft, occasionally rubbing a thumb over the pre cum slick head. When she could take no more, Alex raised up and rubbed the head of Craig’s cock along the wet slit of her pussy. Then she slowly lowered her ass and gasped loudly as the massive head spread her swollen lips and began to penetrate her pussy.

“So good!” she murmured, excitedly.

“You feel good, mom!” Craig’s voice was tremulous and revealed the intense pleasure his mother’s pussy gave him as she slowly rode his cock.

“I’m glad you like it.”

His hands were on her tits, kneading and toying with them, the fingers pinching and pulling the fat nipples. Alex was careful as she fucked her son’s cock, working hard to keep from hurting his sunburned skin. When she looked into his eyes, though, it was apparent that Craig was feeling no pain.

“Fuck me, mom!” he hissed. “Fuck my cock! Let me cum in you!”

“Yes! Oh, yes, baby! You make mommy feel so good, driving your hard dick in me.”

“Kiss me, mom!” Craig blurted as he took her head in his hands.

Alex was startled. Her first thought was that kissing, especially tongue kissing was something that lovers do. Then, just as suddenly, she realized that fucking her son was also something that lovers do. She leaned forward and touched his lips with hers. With a long, low, animal groan she parted her lips and took his tongue deep into her mouth. They kissed with wild abandon, their tongues caressing and exploring. Suddenly, it all felt right and Alex felt her desire increase substantially.

She began to rock her hips harder, faster, searching for that mind-numbing climax she knew would hit soon. She couldn’t believe how nice her son felt inside of her; so full from the enormous girth of the fat shaft and huge length. Up and down she rode his cock as they continued to kiss with the intensity of a storm. She could barely contain the force of her desires and it was all she could do to keep from screaming.

“I don’t think I can hold off much longer, mom,” Craig groaned. “I’m gonna cum soon.”

“Cum in me, baby.” Alex kissed his eyes and cheeks. “I want your cum in me, Craig! Please cum in me!”

“Oh, mom!”

Suddenly, without another word, Craig lifted his ass off the mattress and grabbed his mother’s hips as he began to forcefully drive his hard cock in and out of her dripping wet pussy. She could feel her own orgasm approaching and she bit her bottom lip to keep from screaming. Then her son shoved his cock back into her one last time, hard and fast, and she felt him explode deep inside of her.

When the second rope of cum exploded into her pussy, Alex mashed her lips to Craig’s lips and began kissing him wildly as she began to cum. She sucked his tongue as tiny whimpering noises escaped her mouth. It seemed to last forever and felt more wonderful than anything she had ever felt in her life. When it was over, when both were finally spent, she didn’t move.

Alex sat astride her son for a long while as his seed slowly dripped from her pussy. It was the most incredible experience of her life. Right or wrong, she had loved every minute of making love to her son. As she sat astride his hips a string of fear began to unravel deep in her tummy. As much as she loved what they had done she realized that this would most likely be the last time. Now that they had made love Craig would undoubtedly come to his senses; she was not only his mother but also much older than he was and the first time was simply a novel experience for him.

“I, um, hope this isn’t, well, you know, gonna be the last time,” he blurted. Craig’s voice was hesitant, almost timid.

Alex raised up and searched her son’s face. She was stunned. For a moment, a long and uncomfortable moment, she had been afraid that he would not want her any more now that he’d had her this once. She let a smile touch her beautiful, full lips.

“I’m yours as long as you want me, darling.”

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