Stacy from the Mall

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I met Stacy, when I was in my late 20’s and she was 22. She worked at the Hallmark store at the Puente Hills Mall, near Los Angeles. You saw the mall in the Back to the Future movies. I was a Cal State Fullerton graduate. Stacy was finishing her AA at Mt. San Antonio college where I did a year of undergraduate studies and served on the student council. Stacy was an art major and parked in the overflow lot that I forced the school to pave and light-for safety reasons and to scare the mountain lions away.


Description time: I am 5-foot-10 tall, 200 pounds, brown hair (receding) green eyes, hairy chest, crotch, back and legs. Stacy was about 5-foot-5, 110 pounds, and ashamed of her, completely, flat chest. I was protestant, Stacy was Catholic. I asked her out after noticing that she played Christian Rock in the store. I was a Christian Rock radio announcer up and down the dial in my college days.

Stacy and I started dating, attending David Meece and Amy Grant and Bryan Duncan concerts together. We never reached the commitment level, on my part, because I got creeped out attending Catholic Church services with her. Praying to Mary and pedophile priests aren’t on my hit parade! Stacy wanted to marry a Catholic, in a Catholic church and that wasn’t me…

Neither of us were virgins. I’d had a handful of lovers, Stacy gave up her v-card in high school and was less-than-satisfied with the guy’s lack of foreplay and demand that she get her breasts expanded and shave her pussy. Stacy and I agreed that true love doesn’t include surgery and silicone and we both preferred hairy pussies.

After a few months of dating, Stacy shocked me and asked why I never made a move to take her to bed.

“I am not in love with you and think our religious yenimahalle escort differences are too far apart,” I responded. “I also don’t trust the ‘Catholic rhythm method’ and don’t want to make you pregnant. Your daddy is still pissed that your little sister had her baby at 16 and single. I don’t want to be on his ‘shit list’ at any time! He would cut my cock off if I got his baby girl ‘knocked up.'”

“I’m on the pill-for easier periods, and your ex-girlfriend told me you are good in bed and give cool oral sex. Tony refused to lick me and only wanted his cock in my pussy. Five minutes and he came and sent me home. No foreplay, no nipple licking, no holding and spending the night. I want more for my sex life.”

“Tony was a high school kid. Real men treat women with love and affection. I care about you, but I don’t love you. Can you deal with that? I asked.

“Eight days a week. I fell in love with you. As long as you are honest and not sleeping around, I want to make love with you-the sooner the better. Can you deal with my ‘itty-bitty=tiny-titties’ and show my buttons and clit your tongue?” Stacy asked.

“Name the time and place,” I said.

“Tonight, when I get off work-in 15 minutes. Mom and dad have a beach house. Mom gave me the key. It’s our’s for the week.”

“I need my bathing suit,” I responded.

“Not this week,” Stacy said. “We skinny dip all the time. I won’t have sex on the beach because of the sailboats, but swimming naked is great!”

About 20 minutes later, we caravaned our cars to Stacy’s parents, she introduced us, her father told me to “Take great care of my little girl. She isn’t very experienced in bed.”

I assured him that “Stacy will be cared for, tenderly, eryaman escort in and out of bed.” Talk about an awkward conversation with her dad!

We each drove to the coast, and I left Stacy at the beach house and headed for Trader Joe’s and Vons for groceries for the week. When I returned, I parked and honked the horn to get help with the food, and was, pleasantly, surprised when Stacy walked to my car, from the beach, stark naked.

Despite only having “buttons,” Stacy’s body is a work of art with nice nipples, a flat tummy and a hairy pussy that matches her dark drapes.

We kissed next to the car, I touched her nipples and clit, and she said to “wait until we put the food in the fridge.”

When we put the food away, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. As we kissed and I licked Stacy’s “buttons” and she had her first male-induced orgasm, making her areolas grow from the size of a much larger and her nipples get huge and hard. “I didn’t know my nipples and climaxing were linked,” Stacy said as she relaxed. “My mind is blown into space! Here comes the moon!!”

“There is more pleasure calling your name,” I said. More is cumming! “Which way to the bedroom?” I asked as I picked her up and carried her. When we hit the mattress, I buried my tongue in her pussy and onto her clit for her second Big-O of the day.

“Oh, oh, oh my freaking gawd!! Where did you learn how to do that? No one has even attempted to lick me there! I feel like the stars exploded inside-out! Wow! Oh, my, freaking gaaaaaaawwwwwddddd!!”

“What can I do for you?” Stacy asked.

“I have about 7 inches of steel that want to slide into your velvet cunt,” I said.

“Seven inches? Mark, That sounds painful. Can I get on ankara escort top and ease it in? Please, I don’t want any pain!” Stacy asked.

“It’s only 7 inches, I said. There are bigger cocks hanging around out there. But I don’t want to hurt you!”

“Tony was, barely, five inches,” Stacy explained as she wrapped her hand around my manhood. “And not as thick. You may tear me from inside out.”

“Highly doubtful,” I explained. “After you marry your husband, you will pop babies through there.”

“With that in mind, adoption sounds like a great idea,” Stacy laughed. “Pain is a four-letter word. Am I going to bleed like my first time with Tony? It’s been a few years.”

“If he got your cherry, there won’t be much blood, but there could be a little, after our first time.”

“First time?” Stacy asked. “Are you planning on screwing me all week?”

“I would prefer giving you pleasure,” I said. “Screwing sounds unemotional. I am not in love with you, but I deeply care for you and have love for you.”

“Speaking of deep,” Stacy smiled. “Let me slide that cock into my kitty. Oh, my gawd, that feels so great!” as she slid down my pole.

“The better to love you with,” as I raised up from my back to suck and touch her buttons.

“Oh, Jeez,” Stacy said, “You can suck all night while you are inside me. I can get used to this attention.”

“That’s the idea,” I responded. “Your breasts, pussy and lips are a combo… Not just your pussy…”

“Where did you learn to please me? Stacy asked

“Who cares? You are on my cock, I am here to make you fell good,” as i held her hips and rolled her over into missionary.

“Oh, jeez,” Stacy said. “Oh jeez. So deep, so smooth” as we rocked each other.

Soon, we jointly climaxed and my white creampie oozed from her pussy into her dark pubic hair.

“Don’t worry. Between my pills and my period due next week, no baby eggs are vulnerable,” Stacy said. “We get to enjoy each other stress-free.”

“Sounds cool to me,” I said, as Stacy drifted to sleep as I spooned her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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