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Note: A series of short stories set in a place where who cares don’t think about it. The ‘Visiting Dad’ section involves some incest but that’s all. The ‘Houseparty’ section involves some unusually harsh language so skip if rough stuffs not your thing. All heavily anal focussed. This might get a part 2 down the line, but I add sections to this very intermittently and it might be months before I’ve added enough to justify another submission.

Diary of Constance Jones

It was my 18th name day, so mother and the other women were showing me of my new duties. Mother and her friends were on their knees and elbows as husbands, friends or sons mounted them savagely. I had known this was to be for some time, but seeing it now, hearing it decided that I was to officially assume my womanly duties; it left me far more anxious than I’d ever been before.

I fidgeted as I watched Mr. Arthur from next door crouched above mother, thrusting his manhood into her rear frightfully fast. Rarely did I give much thought to the sight before, but knowing then that I was soon to be in mother’s position, servicing the men so left a swarm of butterflies in my stomach.

Seeing how hungrily my brothers Jed and Abe stared at me only made it worse and left me wracked with nerves. Even now, back at home, the way they steal looks at me stirs me strangely.

There was little fanfare when it started. Abe and Jed tossed coins to see who would be the one to taste of my flesh first, with Abe winning. He simply called me over and instructed me to remove my shift and present myself to his manhood.

I did as he instructed though did not feel the radiance that the other girls in class spoke of. Mother and the other women had told me it was a good and wonderful thing, but I could not share in their joy as hard as I tried.

I understand that to service men with our rears was to do as our Lord commands, as do all the women in our town, but I struggle to understand why I found the service so much more difficult than the other girls. I envy Rose-Mary, Abigail and Delilah so very much. They performed so well when they became women. They did not struggle to do their duty; indeed they found much joy in it, moreso than I ever could. Despite the kind words of the others, I am ashamed I fell so short of their performances.

When Abe speared into me harshly and without warning, I did not rejoice as the others did. Indeed I had to bite down on mine own tongue to keep my voice in check, but mother and father both still saw how I struggled. Mother gave me a pitying look and father shook his head in disappointment. I shall endeavour to improve. I at least had the presence of mind to massage Abe’s manhood as mother taught, coaxing him to climax sooner, but it still felt as if it was an eternity.

When finally he finished, I felt but a moment of respite before Jed followed him into me, returning the punishing presence. Mother reassured me throughout the ordeal and gave me gentle, satisfying caresses to soothe my pains, but even so I hardly managed to complete the sacrament for all the men.

By the time the men had made a woman of me, I felt sorely tested, both in body and mind. Mother reassures me that with time, I will acclimate to my duties and even find joy in them, but I find the words difficult to believe.

Perhaps I will do as some of the others have and leave. I do not know if life here in Soderton will suit me. I am told by the gossipers in class that our practices are not shared in the outside world. Perhaps I would do better out there.

~ James and Sam

The apartment door flew open as we stumbled in together, tangled up in each other’s arms and mouths. Clothing haphazardly flung off the two of us quickly as Samantha led me to her room. I went to pull out a condom but she stopped me, grabbing my wrist gently.

“Uh, you don’t need that,” she said a bit embarrassed. “I’m from Soderton.”

I recognized the name but it still took me a moment to process it. She’s from Soderton I repeated in my head. Holy shit, I just hit the jackpot.

Every guy’s heard the name and wishes they met a chick from there, but the folks there rarely left or let in outsiders. To think I actually was actually that lucky.

I gulped down my excitement. “Are you serious? I asked.

“Yeah, really,” she said with a smirk.

“I uh, didn’t know that about you.”

“We don’t usually advertise it, it attracts way, way too much attention,” she said with a little smugness.

“So, that means you-”

“Only do anal, yeah. If you aren’t into that then we-”

“No, no, I’m really into that, absolutely into that.”

She smiled smugly again. “I had a feeling, you guys usually are.”

Sam spat a little onto her fingers and rubbed it into her hole before giving me a nod. The fact she didn’t bother with lube and only used a bit of spit sent me wild. It let me know all I needed about how she liked it.

I probed my tip against her entrance, trying to slowly work my way in. But that was wrong. I was thinking like erotik film izle she was my last girlfriend who never let me near her ass. But Sam wasn’t Liv, she was a Soderton girl, and she didn’t need the gentle treatment.

So I pressed in, pushing past her tight sphincter and into her asshole, feeding her all eight inches in one smooth motion. Sam didn’t even make a sound as I bottomed out in her guts. I let out a satisfied breath involuntarily, making Sam giggle beneath me.

“Enjoying yourself?” she asked.

“My last girlfriend never let me do this,” I explained.

“So, good as you expected?” she asked with a wry smile.


Her smile turned sly. “You can go a lot faster and harder if you want, I won’t mind.”


Afterwards, as we were lying on the bed, Sam finally recovered enough to speak. “Damn, I needed that,” she said with a sigh, face down on the bed; her arms were still at her side and sitting limp.

I rolled over onto my side. “You needed that?”

Sam nodded into the bed. “Yeah, I was feeling a bit homesick and that made me feel like I was back there.”

I thought back on everything I’d done to her and felt my cock twitch thinking about how that was her everyday life there. I reached down and grabbed a handful of her soft ass, kneading it.

“You’re welcome?” I said unsure, unused to being thanked for brutalizing some girls ass.

She smiled. “You wanna take a souvenir picture of that?” she said, tilting her head back.

“Uh, sure,” I said, barely believing she was the one actually offering.

I got up and straddled Sam’s back, spreading her cheeks wide with both hands and show off the prettiest looking gape I’d ever seen. “Oh my God,” I breathed as I admired the sight of her demolished asshole and more than a bit proud to know I was responsible.

Sam chuckled beneath me again. “Like the view?”

“That’s one way to put it.”

I let go and grabbed my phone. Sam took over the job of spreading her cheeks open and gaping herself, but she went a bit further than me. She not only spread herself wider but hooked a couple fingers inside and pulled herself open. It made the cum I’d shot inside her start to bubble and leak its way out. I snapped a handful of photos and thanked every God I could think of for hooking me up with Sam.

“Can I see?” she eventually asked.

“It looks pretty hot,” I said, handing her the phone.

“Oh wow, I didn’t expect that,” Sam said. “I thought you shot your load too deep inside for it to leak out. Well in that case, you wanna watch me eat that?”

Despite being completely spent, my body couldn’t help but respond and I felt myself harden again painfully.

“Yeah,” I numbly said.

I laid back down and watched completely mesmerized as Sam reached back into her asshole again and again; each time she’d scoop out little fingerfuls of cum and suck them off casually. I loved the fact she treated the depraved act like it was nothing more than a kiss more than I could say.

“I think that’s all of it,” she said after a couple minutes of cleaning herself up.

“I don’t know what I did to deserve that, but I think I love you.”

Sam laughed. “Thanks, but it’s nothing, I was just trying to make things feel more like home.”

I laid flat on my back, not believing this was actually happening.


“So what’s it like there?” I asked after we’d gotten dressed and cleaned up, unable to hold back my curiosity any longer.

Sam shrugged. “You’ve heard the stories; I mean everyone has, what else is there to say?”

“So it’s all true?” I pressed.

“Iunno about all true, the stories get pretty crazy when its horny frat dudes sharing the details.”

“OK but, you just let anyone assfuck you? You’re all virgins that only do anal, and that you prefer it there? You let guys do anything? And you really all start at 18? That’s all true?” The words tumbled out of me quickly.

Sam took a breath, she was used to the barrage of questions whenever anyone found out she came from Soderton. “Yes, yes, yes, almost, and yes.”

“Fuck,” I breathed. “I wish they let more people in.”

Sam turned to me and gave me a wondering look. “He, you know, me and a couple friends are actually heading back home after the semester ends. They’re both bringing their boyfriends, and I know we aren’t seeing each other but, I thought maybe you’d like to tag along anyway, see it first hand.”

I could only nod.


Me and the other two guys, Craig and Drew met up at one of the bars in town after our first night in Soderton to touch base, but mostly to share details.

The other two were normally pretty cool, reserved guys, but being in Soderton made us all feel like little kids in a candy shop; there was just so much on offer.

“I’m telling you man, it’s the craziest shit ever,” Craig said. “You won’t believe the things they let you get away with.”

We all knew that the girls here let the men do ‘almost’ anything to them, but the reality was a bit more than we expected.

“God film izle it’s sick,” he continued. “I’m telling you guys, they just let you do whatever. Like when I went into this convenience store to buy some shit, the lady at the counter, who was smoking hot by the way, just asked me if I wanted to assfuck her, just like that, outta nowhere.”

“Bullshit,” I said. “Why would she offer?”

“No, it’s true. She said she knew I was a newcomer so wanted to give me a warm welcome!” Craig explained with a shit eating grin.

“… So what happened then?” I asked, wanting to know the details.

“What do you think?” Craig said. “I fucked her up the ass right then and there. She even rung up the next guy that came in while I was still balls deep in her. She let me cum inside and even sucked me off after.” Craig paused to smile at the memory and take a pull of his drink. “Bro, I’ve been here a day and I’m telling you, I’ve been balls deep in the guts of half a dozen different chicks already. Wives, sisters, mothers, store owners, cops, even the fucking church lady let me dump a load in her ass.”

Drew nodded. “It doesn’t matter what they look like man, they will let you assfuck them anywhere, anytime. They do ass to mouth, eat cum, whatever you want man. This is like Heaven or somthing.”

“What, even the younger ones?”

Drew said nothing at first but raised his hands up. “Don’t ask me man, I don’t go in for the teens.”

But Craig did. “Yeah, even the younger chicks,” he eventually said with a solemn nod. “Just this afternoon I was outside their college and got to talking with a couple of them. I barely even had to say a word before they knew what I wanted and came with me.”

“…And?” Drew and I both pressed.

“I fucking had one of them eating my cum out of her friends asshole by the time I was done.”

“No fucking way,” we both chorused.

“What part of ‘they let you do anything’ don’t you guys understand? I blew that bitch’s asshole wide open and her friend just sucked my cum out of it. I didn’t even need to ask. But if you still don’t believe me, head down there tomorrow and grab a couple. You can get them to do it yourself. I’m planning on going soon until I’ve assfucked every one of them college chicks man, get more footage you know.”

“They let you film it?” Drew asked in shock.

“They let you do anything man, anything,” Craig repeated slowly like Drew was stupid.

“What you do with the footage?”

“What do you think? I posted that shit everywhere. I gotta make these girls famous man.”

“Shit,” I said.

“I know right? You better get it while you can.”


“Nancy told me we’re just the early arrivals but lots of other Soderton girls are probably coming back soon. You think we’re gonna be the only dudes that get brought back?”

“Shit,” I repeated.

“Yeah,” Craig said definitively. “Dudes are gonna be swarming all over this place soon enough. I mean it’s a buffet of ass right now, but it won’t last, other guys are gonna be hogging all the action later. Better get your dick wet while you can man.”

We all cheered to that.

~ College

The next day I was a bit nervous hanging around the college, but what Craig had said at the bar had been too good to pass up on. Surprisingly, when I told Sam my day plan, she didn’t seem upset at all. She just gave me a knowing smile and told me to take it easy.

The sound of approaching footsteps took me out of my thoughts. Soon enough the students were leaving the campus. I scanned the crowd flooding out, seeing gorgeous faces one after another but couldn’t bring myself to approach any of them. They were still like a decade younger than I was after all and I felt like a massive pervert just for being there.

Until I saw her and I quickly forgot my misgivings. Judging by her features she was partly Middle Eastern; her mixed heritage gave her the most amazingly exotic features. I was walking towards her before I even consciously decided on it.

She locked eyes with me as I approached. “Uh, hi there,” she said.

“Hi,” I said, unsure how to proceed. I wanted to fuck her and knew she’d be down, but didn’t know how that conversation was supposed to play out here.

Luckily, she taught me how it was done; by being straightforward. “Hey, are you like that other guy? You’re an outsider too right?”

“Yeah, yeah I am.”

“Oh that’s so cool, I’ve always wanted to know what it’s like out there. Do you think you can tell me all about it while we’re fucking?”

My cock instantly hardened at the casual filth. “Yeah,” I said, barely able to speak through the haze of lust.

The student took off her underwear, pulling it down past her skirt and over her shoes. She went up against a nearby wall and threw her uniform skirt hem over the small of her back, showing off a soft, perfectly sculpted ass.

I numbly made my way over to her and sank in without warmup. There was so much precum on my tip that I slid in with only a little difficulty. I pummelled my way into her slowly, seks filmi izle savouring every little sensation of conquering untouched territory inside her, the way her body gripped and squeezed me, trying to force me out. She was so soft and tight and took it up the ass so willingly. She actually looked back at me and smiled, Christ she actually smiled at the treatment.

Eventually something stopped me getting deeper, the natural bend in her body refusing to be straightened out by my invading member. But I wasn’t going to stop, I gripped the top of her shoulders and hauled her into me, bulldozing my way through the resistance carelessly to settle deep in her colon.

Doing something like that to a regular girl would have her screaming her head off in bloody murder and clawing at my eyes. But that wasn’t the case here. Instead, I felt the little Muslim girl relax as I pushed in, and when I finally beat my way past that bend inside her, I saw her eyelids actually flutter and felt her shiver and twitch as I bottomed out.

If it wasn’t for the fact the teen was literally taking it up the ass right in front of me, I would’ve never believed someone that young could be so dirty, but here she was. I began to pull out and watched as she bit on her bottom lip as I slowly slid out.

It quickly became apparent that taking it slow was only frustrating the girl, so I quickly ramped up the pace. I spent the next half hour drilling the girl up against the wall until I finally blew my load inside her. Despite how rough it was, with every thrust practically punching into her insides, it was easy to tell her favourite part seemed to be when I bottomed out into her colon so I spent a lot of the time pulling entirely out and plunging back in.

By the time I finished, she could barely stand; her knees were so weak and wobbly. I couldn’t be bothered keeping track of the number of times the teen had cum, but judging by the small river of fluid trailing down her thighs and staining her thigh high socks, it was a lot. I wanted to enjoy her ass longer, but the fact I kept feeling her cumming from nothing but the brutal sodomy made me finish far sooner than I wanted.

Pulling out after I finished made a new river of cum join hers as my jizz flooded out and stained her thighs even more. I pulled her open to enjoy her freshly gaping hole.

“That looks so good,” I breathed out.

“Thanks,” the girl replied weakly. “This is so cool, my friend Grace is gonna be so jealous I lost my v card before her.”

The confession stopped me dead. “You’re a virgin?” I asked.

“Not anymore,” the girl said with a weak laugh.

I hoped they would let me live here.

While I stood there in shock, the girl spun around and got onto her knees, not minding the gravel biting into her soft skin one bit. She leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth without a word of prompting from me, like ass to mouth was the most natural thing in the world. She slobbered messily on me with inexperienced motions, but it was still satisfying to watch and made me shiver with obscene excitement watching her slurping her own filthy juices off me.

After cleaning me off, the girl climbed unsteadily to her feet and dusted herself off, patting down her skirt but not bothering to wipe away the twin trails of cum on her thighs.

“Oh hey,” she said upset. “You forgot to tell me about what it’s like out there.”

“Sorry,” I managed. “Give me a few and I can tell you whatever.”

She huffed but nodded.

“By the way,” I said. “I’m James.”

“Hi James,” she replied brightly. “I’m Gemma.”


I walked around town after in a bit of a daze, still just shocked and blown away by how this place actually worked. It wasn’t just everyone’s attitude either; it was the little things like fashion that did it for me. I saw a couple of girls wearing interesting shorts turn off into an arcade and I followed them in.

I saw the two head straight towards a fighting game and gawked shamelessly at the sight. Both of them had short dyed hair and wore these short denim shorts that had almost the entire back portion of it cut out in a circle, leaving both their asses completely on display.

Not everyone dressed like the two, I noticed it was typically only the younger generations that did, but the fact that a whole generation dressed to get fucked easily made my brain crap out. I thought about how those girls would be absolutely fine with it if a complete stranger just came up and slid into their ass, in fact, they were practically inviting people to do just that if the shorts were any indication. Well, who was I to disappoint.

I went up behind the one with the green hair and spread her cheeks through the opening in her shorts. I knew she’d probably taken more cock up the ass than most pornstars, but looking at her brown star, you could hardly tell. I slipped in without a word and just left myself soaking in her. She didn’t say a word or even look away from her game with her friend. I did my best imitation of a local and used her asshole casually, just jerking off with it and swapping to her friend’s every once in a while until they milked the cum from me. I pulled out with a wet plop and saw a small bit of my cum leak out of her, but she didn’t care so why should I? So I left her, just like that.

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