Snippets: Fun with Cosmo

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You bastard,” C said playfully as I walked into her room for my morning pilgrimage.


“What? Oh, Mr. don’t want to touch. Not yet. I like to talk. Blah Blah Blah.”

I could see how pleased she was, released, relaxed. There was an absence of the pent up energy/frustration that had been previously building. An orgasm shared is a wonderful thing.

“I guess I thought it was ‘safer.’”

“Safer? Safer?? Hello, earth to Jack. Fingering me ten feet from your WIFE is not safe. Oh my God, I cannot believe we did that!” She rolled onto her back and held her hand to her eyes covering them. She was laughing and smiling.

“It was an accident, actually it was YOUR fault!” I volunteered playfully now.

“Accident. My Fault!” She sat up on her bed letting the sheet drop away from her breasts with her mouth open letting out a vocal sigh, “AAHH! I am so sure! My fault? All guys use that one. Your such a guy. Like I better watch myself, you might ‘accidentally’ fuck me while I peel the potatoes.” And she fell back on the bed.

“Well, you got a pretty good piece of me too.”

She looked at me, smiled I could see the memory coming to her in her eyes -that distant look, “You liked that?” There was a pause of her remembering, and then she continued, “Hey what’s with this you-see- me-I-don’t-get-to-see-you shit. Equal opportunity buster.” She rolled onto her stomach, I could see the soft swell of her ass in amongst the sheets. She was pointing at me now. “You! Open that robe of yours I want to SEE what you got.”

She was very playful, forceful today. I was sitting in my little chair up in her room wearing my silk robe. The very same one I was wearing that first evening with all of her girlfriends, in the kitchen when she was having a sleep over.

“I don’t know if I should,” I said holding the edge of my robe.

“Yeah right, open it!”

I complied. I opened my robe and let it fall on either side, my legs were open bent at the knees and my cock was sticking straight up, a dark bush of hair extending in a tangled mass on each side of my shaft and around my balls. A trail of hair arced up to my navel. She watched satisfied with wide eyes. I didn’t take my eyes off of her.

“So you’re the brains of this operation,” she said to my penis. She was flushing, moistening her lips. Then she shifted her gaze to my eyes, “We were pretty bad Jack.” She was rolling onto her back again allowing the covers to fall completely off of her so that she was totally naked to me now, and then leaning against the wall letting her legs fall open.

“Yeah, I would pretty much agree. We’re being pretty bad right now too.”

“I would say for about the past four months. . . But, I like it.”

I was watching her now reach down with her right hand and start to cup and rub her puss lightly, up and down up and down. She was mouthing her words carefully, slowly arousing herself with the sight of me and her own self touch. Licking her lips. She was not taking her eyes off of my cock.

“There’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but I’ve been too shy.”

She let her eyes flutter down now across her body and muff.

“Too shy? C you’re a lot of things, but too shy isn’t one of them.”

“I’ve never masturbated in front of a boy. It’s always been a fantasy of mine. I think I have a pretty pussy.” She was staring down at her puss now, “What do you think?” She held her cunny lips open with her one hand and now began to bring her left hand lower and let it slide inside of her, working some of the lubrication up and down through her center.

“A ‘boy’?” I repeated. “That means you have in front of a girl?”

She paused, held her nose in the air, “Uh, I don’t think I’ll answer that. . . Want to join me?” I had already started to touch myself lightly in front of her, almost an automatic reaction from the sight of her self touch, and the invitation resulted in me wrapping my hand around the base of my cock and squeezing precum out of my tip and then working it around. “I’ll be a little braver if you join me. It’s one of those things, I’m like a total exhibitionist but I guess the small town girl in me thinks that this,” she looked down at her cunt, “is Dirty.”

“Dirty! You’re. . . your pussy is delicious.” I purred as I rubbed myself.

“Delicious! You haven’t even tasted it yet.” She started to speak in this adorable little girl voice.

“So you like my pussy? Say it Jack.”

“I love your pussy.”

“This pussy?”

“Yes, not just ANY pussy. Yours. Only Yours.”

“That’s czech amateurs porno passion Jack.”

Her hand was working circles around her clit now and she had let herself sink down further on the bed, and repositioned some pillows around her to hold herself up. Her breasts were nestled atop her abdomen opening to this blonde muffin filled with fingers and glistening in the morning light.

I asked, “do you have some lotion?”

“You need a little more lubrication?” and she looked around a bit (I don’t believe she wanted to move) and then she placed her finger deep inside herself and sort of worked her hand along her center, as well as her vagina, in then out and in again. Then brought her hand up reaching out to me, “come here, a little closer. Bring your little guy over.”

I scootched my chair closer and she took her hand and wiped her juices along the shaft of my cock. The feel of her hand on the bare skin of my cock was electric. She let it linger there as she wrapped her palm around my cock head ‘wiping’ her hand on me and then curled her fingers down around my shaft and pushed down on my cockhead. I love that feeling and moaned and closed my eyes.

“Here, if you need any more let me know,” she cooed.

My hand slid perfectly, and I started to let my fingers glide and press in a rythem along my shaft, stiffening my legs toward the bed so that my feet were actually underneath the bed frame and C was no more than two feet away from me. Our sexes were so close. Watching her masturbate had aroused me rapidly and her flushed face, the sweat on her brow causing her blonde hairs to stick to her cheek as she licked her lips and worked her pussy furiously, until she was arching her back and I could tell she was coming in front of me. When I saw her buck on the bed and begin the pant and sigh, a sort of plaintive cry coming from her throat, I started to come as well and shot ribbons of semen up my front, grunting in a gutteral tone.

She smiled and said with satisfaction, “we came at the same time Jack.” She took some tissues from her night stand and handed them to me, I began to wipe myself off. “Such a messy boy. How did you explain your pants full of cum to Sam last night?”

I looked sheepishly at her. (What time is it I thought, I got to get back downstairs.) I looked down, now I was remembering, “We are pretty bad aren’t we. What am I going to do with you.” And then I answered her question, “Well before dinner I ran up the stairs like I was going to the bathroom, ran into my closet, grabbed fresh underwear changed in the toilet, cleaned myself up and wrapped my underwear in a towel. I think I like did that in under a minute.”

C was giggling at my story, rolling again onto her stomach but remained completely uncovered and above the sheets. She was beginning to lift her ass into the air with her head on the bed, giving me that familiar catlike apparition that in the past would ask me if I wanted to touch her.

I continued, “THEN I put the towel in the clothes chute, and later got myself downstairs quick as I could and put a load of clothes into the washer. Sam did notice that, and she said ‘you never do the laundry.’ But I played it off like, ‘yeah I do.’ It worked. That’s it.”

“Want to hear a story.”

“Uh, yeah.” I was looking at my watch, and C knew that signal by now.

“No. Another day. Tell you what. Let’s do a Cosmo Questionairre. It’ll be quick.”

She reached for a stack of magazines by her bed and opened a Cosmopolitan Magazine to an article entitled ‘What kind of Kisser are You?’

She continued, “Here. Lets take it together. I love these! This one tests how good a kisser you are?”

This should be interesting I thought, “I’ve never heard of Cosmo Quizzes.”

“They’re Fun. Here. First Question, we can answer together” And she began, “Which activity would most put you in the mood for,” she paused and looked at me, “Lovemaking? -slow dancing cheek to cheek, -an erotic movie, or -a shared activity or evening out.”

“Depending on which cheeks they’re talking about, maybe the first one; but I do like erotic movies. Not pornographic but erotic.” I volunteered.

“With you I’d like to watch an erotic movie sometime. That would be fun. Do you like Last Tango in Paris?”

“One of my favorites.”

“Ok, erotic Movie.” She checked it off in her magazine. “Next: Public displays of affection are, -walking hand in hand.”

I said, “Nah.”

She looked at me and laughed. czech bitch porno “I thought not. Me Neither. Ok. -Unnecessary, as affection is shown at home one on one, or – a must let the world know.”

“Well, we’d better not let the world know, and I sure think a public display of affection should be more than holding hands.”

“You’ve shown that to be the case.”

“So its . . .”

And she completed my sentence “Unnecessary. Affection is shown at home ONE on ONE.” She stared at me for a moment, my robe had fallen open and my limp cock hung between my legs as a I sat by the bed. She was eyeing me between my legs, I could see that but sort of pretended not to notice that my robe had fallen open. I was the exhibitionist today.

“Ok. Next: Favorite type of Kiss? -brief touch of lips, -sweet gentle smooch, -long and juicy.”

I looked at her and said, “Lets find out.”

She immediately flushed and her eyes flashed at me when she realized what I was about to do. I leaned into her. She was laying on her stomach toward me naked above the sheets. “First,” I said and pressed my lips chastely to hers, “Brief touch of lips.” It was our first kiss. And she kissed me with her eyes wide and staring at me the whole time.

“That was nice.” She said. “Now, sweet and gentle,” and she reached her head up toward me and pressed her lips softly on mine and then let her mouth slide down and lightly nibble on my lower lip. I turned my head and let my lips press into hers so we were kissing at a right angle to each other letting our lips tremble into one another. I could feel her breath quicken as I reached out my hand and began to brush her hair back from her shoulders. She was lifting herself upward and moving toward me. I opened my mouth and began to draw my tongue across her teeth and we slowly tongued one other. Softly, sensually. Her taste was all warmth, earthy moist and sweet. She continued to lift herself up now and was bringing her legs over the edge of the bed and wrapping her hands around my neck, with the result that her breasts were nearly touching my chest. I reached out with my right hand and caressed her breasts, drew circles around her nipples. I could feel my cock begin to harden, I could tell she was noticing as her eyes were glancing downward without her moving her head or lips from me. We then lightly parted, with her holding her mouth in a pout as she backed from my face, caught her breath and then moved in for one more lip on lip kiss, very brief before settling back once more on her bed.

“Whheeew.” She said, and then we both said simultaneously, “long and juicy.”

We were both still catching our breath, filled with lust, as she made her check in the magazine.

“Next: After an especially long kiss,” she looked at me, “like that one – you usually: -lean back and look lovingly in his eyes, – dive in for another, -take a break and nibble on an ear or neck.”

I looked at her, “Well, which is it?”

“I think I’m a nibbler,” she said seductively as she leaned in to me again with her cheeks burning and rubbed her face against mine as she began to breath in my ear and nibble on my earlobe. I love that and I moaned and pressed my cheek against hers. She also surreptitiously had reached her hand down between my legs and began to slowly trace her fingers along the length of my shaft and to play with my balls. I felt the touch her fingers on the tip of my cock drawing circles and sliding along my shaft. I was also getting wet.

I whispered back. “I might be a nibbler too,” and tipped my head down and began to chew on her shoulder working my way up her neck with light kisses. I wrapped my arm around her waist and was making soft long strokes with my flat palm along her back. I traced my hand around and lay it on her abdomen just below her navel letting my fingers brush her soft blonde pubes. Her legs were not wide, but just open giving me easy access.

We backed away from one another once more, panting openly this time. We couldn’t even close our mouths. Her lips were bright red, she had fire in her eyes. Her hair was completely disheveled. She looked down at the magazine, looked for her pen which had fallen onto the bed and made her check as she said, “Nibble. Yeah.”

“You’ve eaten garlic and your man is moving in for a Kiss, you: -make him wait, -first take a mint, or – dive in.”

We looked at each other laughing, “Dive In!” We both said looking at each other.

“When you kiss a man, your hands usually: -run playfully through his czech casting porno hair, -wrap around his neck, hold him close, or -caress his face, stroke his back or other body parts.”

I smiled at her, then looked down at my cock whose head was still shiny from the precum she had smeared all over, and said “I think that one is pretty obvious.”

She giggled and covered her eyes, “am I that bad.”

I just said, “Pretty much.” And she reached out her hand and began to stroke my cock softly for a little minute, and then took up her pen again.

I added, “I’m pretty much the same way.” And I for my part reached out my hand and let my finger slip between her legs, she immediately tipped her hips back and opened her legs. I could not believe how wet she was. I took two fingers and let them slide back feeling her vagina opening around my fingers and then glided forward again through her slit and back into her bush. My hand was soaked with her juices and I held it up to my nose. “You smell nice.”

She just said, “Thanks.” And finished checking the box as she said “Stroking other parts. Next: During a Kiss, you would like your man to: -run his tongue inside your mouth, -stop to kiss your nose, forehead and neck, -stop and look deep into your eyes.”

I smiled and said, “I think we know that one too.” And I leaned in for still another lovely kiss, as I let my tongue slide in her mouth and play with her tongue, run them across her teeth, as we tongued for several minutes. And then I backed away looked into her eyes ‘deeply’ (she for her part never took her eyes off me) and then I kissed her nose, her forehead and began to nibble on her neck again as she giggled and leaned into me.

I sat back in my chair and said, “All three. Can you check all three?”

She was panting as she said, “Hell yeah.”

“What elements are necessary for a truly great kiss? -Ambiance and perfect moment, -desire and intensity, -affection and joy.”

I said “Well, I like affection and joy, but us two, you and me, in this universe, desire and intensity.”

She bit her lower lip. I could see her moving her bottom on the bed rubbing her pussy into the sheets as she checked the box for ‘desire and intensity.’

“That’s it. Now I need to score the test.”

I moved over onto the bed and sat behind her wrapping my arms around her waist letting my hands fall between her legs, and settling my head on her shoulder and watched her score. Every so often I took little nibbles of her shoulder. She would move her shoulder away when I did that after awhile saying, “wait, I can’t do math with you doing that.”

I laughed, “How about this?” and brought my hands down between her legs and began to open her pussy up and slide my fingers roughly between her legs. I then found her clit again and started to rub back and forth across its top.

She cooed, “you’re terrible. I guess I can safely assume we’re, ahhh (I squeezed her clit as she said this) ‘touching’ now.” She kept working the math as I rubbed her, allowing me to proceed and I could feel her undulating and drawing circles around my finger again, mashing her cunt into my hand. She added without in the least moving away from me, “Ohh, Jack, Jack, I can’t come again this morning. Ahhh, No. It’ll wipe me out all day. I got so much . . . You be good. I’m adding here.”

I lightened a bit and lightly stroked her but let my cock press against her back. She jumped and lept away from me then, turned herself around. “Here. Here it is. I counted all three for the kiss and we scored higher than the top possible score for PASSIONATE.” She continued to slide away from me and sat with her legs crossed facing me as she read from the end of the bed:

“Passionate (24 to 30)” She laughed, “We scored a 33!” And then continued, “You are an enthusiastic and intense kisser. You aren’t afraid to throw caution to the wind and kiss like there’s no tomorrow, and you don’t hesitate to make the first move when you’re in the mood. Being passionate is an enviable gift — it’s no secret that passionate people enjoy great sex lives. Plus, you’re obviously comfortable with your sexual side — another enviable quality. But you may want to think about turning down the heat sometimes. With so much passion, there may be little room to make an emotional connection. While sex is important in a relationship, so is being able to relax, talk and just have fun together — out of bed as well as in! Plus, while the majority of men love a passionate woman, remember that they like to be the sexual aggressors sometimes too.”

C looked at me satisfied, and then we heard, “Jack? Jaaack? I need a towel.”

She tipped her head back, smiled and said, “Well, that was fun, see ya at breakfast.”

I could hear water running for the first time. Sam was in the shower, and I bounded back *downstairs* to find a towel.

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