Sleeping Seduction

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Its seven in the morning and you are sleeping soundly when I come in.

I’ve been at work all night and I’m tired, but am not quite ready for bed just yet. I sit down beside you, lifting a book from the nightstand that I’d been reading for the past two weeks or so.

I idly flip to my page and read a little, becoming absorbed in my book. Its about 20 minutes later when I hear a soft noise from you. I listen closer and hear you moaning faintly in your sleep, your pink lips slightly parted. Your moaning grows slightly louder, and your nipples harden against your nightgown as I watch. I smile, knowing you must be having a wet dream.

I observe you closely as your nipples grow fully erect and lift the fabric of your nightgown slightly away from your breasts. You writhe gently, your breath growing marginally faster as your dream plays out, and I find myself intensely aroused at your display of sensuality. Your thin nightgown perfectly outlines your thighs as you lie on your back, and I find myself staring at them, thinking about what I can’t quite see between them.

I unzip my jeans quietly, my penis popping out of the opening and I am relieved that its tight confinement is ended. I wrap my hand around it and begin to stroke it, watching you as your moans grow louder and your writhing grows slightly more intense. I’m about halfway to my climax when an idea strikes me. What if I can help you along? I know you would love the idea if you were awake, we’ve done so many kinky things together, so many wanton, sexual yet loving things that I’m sure your pussy would be dripping at the idea had I suggested it to you while you were awake.

Knowing you wouldn’t object, I slide my pants off, kneeling up on the bed. I reach over and gently begin to unbutton your nightgown, starting from the top down, bahis firmaları my hands working deftly and quickly. I soon have your nightgown fully unbuttoned and pull it open, exposing your magnificent body to my eyes. Your beautiful breasts, dark nipples standing out from rosy, flushed areolas; your Entire body smooth, dark and flawless. I look at your sleeping face, lustrous, soft black hair off to one side of your face, lips parted slightly in pleasure at whatever you are dreaming about. I run my eyes back down your body again, noting your lack of panties and smiling. Your pussy lips glisten slightly with a hint of moisture and the silky, curly black hair looks so soft and inviting, making me want to run my fingers through it.

I reach over, gently cupping your firm breasts in my hands. I gently massage them, my fingers caressing your skin lightly and my thumbs rubbing in small circles on your hard nipples. Your body tenses slightly and you let out a small gasp in your sleep as I lean down, wrapping my lips around first one nipple, then the other. I run my tongue in circles around them, then quickly flick it over them repeatedly, keeping a gentle, sucking pressure. Once in a while I nibble very lightly, not enough to hurt, but enough to spark pleasure through your body.

By the time I lift my mouth away, your eyes are squeezed tightly shut in pleasure and you are nearly panting with lust as my ministrations play into whatever dream you are having. I move a little closer and place my lips against yours, kissing you gently, smiling against your lips. Then I pull back and crawl down the bed. I gently spread your legs, and lie flat on my stomach between them, looking straight at your glistening pussy, your soft, dark lips just slightly parted, revealing the delicate pink interior.

I stretch kaçak iddaa out my tongue, gently running it up the length of your slit. Your hips move slightly, pressing your pussy closer to me, trying to get more of my tongue inside of you. I gently run my fingers through the silky hair on your pussy and you shiver slightly above me, still fast asleep. Then I gently spread your lips apart with my thumbs, revealing your pink center, flushed with arousal, your clit hard and throbbing. I wrap my lips around your clit, my tongue moving in quick, flicking motions over and over it as I slide two fingers into your steaming, heated pussy. You clench around my fingers and I slide them free again, then back in, beginning a steady, gentle fuck as my tongue lashes over your clit again and again. After only a minute or so of this you suddenly gasp, your back arching as you explode into orgasm, a sweet flood of your essance flowing from you and onto my tongue as you push your pussy against my face, contracting around my fingers in rhythmic pulses of ecstasy.

Your eyes open and you look at me, fully awake in that moment. Your mouth opens wide in pleasure as you continue to contract around my fingers, my tongue on your clit sending you into new heights of pleasure. When you finally come down about thirty seconds later, you smile languidly at me, your eyes showing your apreciation of what I’d done. I pull my fingers from you and crawl up beside you, wrapping my arms around you and kissing you gently. You smile against my lips, and our tongues dance deliciously for a moment before you pull away.

You reach down, grasping my cock in your hand, your eyes burning with lust. You begin to stroke it up and down, lightly trailing the nails of the other hand over my balls. I shiver in your grasp, closing my eyes in pleasure. kaçak bahis You smile at me and begin kissing your way down my body, never stopping your steady stroking. You kiss down my chest and stomach, taking the time to run your tongue around each of my nipples before hovering your mouth just an inch above my cock.

You swiftly run your tongue around the head, getting a taste and making me moan before taking a good three-quarters into your mouth. I groan in ecstasy at the feeling of your exquisite tongue and beautiful lips sliding up and down my cock. I let my hands roam your body; caressing your upper back and shoulders, then sliding my hands down your arms and back up over your shoulders and neck. I run my hands through your hair as your tongue swirls around my cock and flicks along the underside. I can feel my climax fast aproaching and I grit my teeth as the pleasure increases to almost unbearable proportions.

I see your hand move down between your legs and I feel you moan around my cock as you start to fuck yourself vigorously. I thrust my hips upward and you willingly take my cock to the back of your throat, your tongue lashing over my balls as I bury my cock in your mouth. You pull back, gasping for air and moaning with rising passion as you fuck yourself faster and faster. You plunge your mouth back down around my cock, taking the entire length of it; my balls erupt deep into your throat as I yell in ecstasy and release, my hips arching off the bed and my hands clenching into fists in your hair. You scream with pleasure as best you can around my cock as your own climax takes you, and we remain locked in the moment for perhaps 15 seconds before we collapse on the bed, exhausted by our delicious, dirty adventure. You run your tongue over my cock, cleaning the last remnants of cum off of it then lift your head. I sit up, pulling you close to me and we kiss gently and lovingly, our arms wrapping around each other in apreciation.

We lie down together and fall into warm, untroubled sleep together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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