Skool Dayz Ch. 1

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Friday morning, the best day of the week. I wake up and get ready for school. As I take my usual shower, I notice my dick kind of aroused. Pretty ordinary for Friday. He knows what to expect. I get dressed and drive to school as usual. I walk down the hallway. I get there pretty early so I can sweet-talk my first hour teacher, and since this is my last year, she lets me get by with a lot. As I walk down the hall, I see Terra. She’s a year younger than me and pretty cute. She has a childish face, but a woman’s’ body with 38 C tits and a tight little ass. We first met last month. We talked for about 30 seconds and when we got alone, were all over each other. She gave me head that same day.

“Hey baby.” She says as I move closer to her. “What’s happenin’?” I ask.

Just chillin’. We continue the small talk until her friends arrive. I put my hand on her ass as she turns and whisper into her ear to see me 5th hour. She smiles and says ok.

“One down.” I think to myself.

Being the school flirt (as I’m called or man-whore) I talk to all the ladies. During 3rd hour I meet up with my senior girl Ashley. She is a petit girl with almost no ass and little A sized tits. She has a really pretty face too make up and bahis firmaları hormones like no other. I walk down to her class and she sneaks out into the hall. I grab her ass and we step into the adjacent stairwell. She barely can say Hi before my tongue is down her throat. I squeeze her ass as she moans through our kiss. I use both hands on her tight ass and push her onto my hard cock. She starts to push into me and we begin to dry fuck. She begins to breath heavier and harder as we increase our speed. We stop kiss and she kisses my neck and ear and whispers that she wants to fuck right now. I take her by the hand and we up stairs to the empty home-ec room. We begin making out more and more as she unzips my pants and pulls out my 8-inch cock, which is almost fully hard. I unzip her jeans and pull them down to find she is wearing a thong that shows how sweet her tight pussy is.

I move the thong to the side as I slide my cock in. she hugs me tight and moans softly as I penetrate her dripping wet clit. She moves forward, sliding her self fully onto my shaft, pulling me in with her clit. She rides me standing up against the wall. She moans harder and harder and finally I feel her tighten up as she stops breathing and cums kaçak iddaa on my cock. I feel the heat and wetness all over my balls and cock. I keep going as I feel the cum pumping from my sac. I blow my load into her pussy and she smiles. We kiss hump until I tell her its time to go. She smiles again and I hand her a towel to wipe her pussy clean. She refuses saying she wants to keep or cum together so she can masturbate during 5th hour with out me.

We go our separate ways and I go to the restroom and clean my dick off. I look down at my cock and smile. “This is only the beginning.”

4th hour goes by boring as usual, but I slept most of the time anyways. After that is lunch and I’m kind of hungry. I go to my locker to put up my books and start to down to the cafeteria. On my way I see Lauren, the sophomore girl with a nice face and beautiful tits. They are full on double D’s and she is proud to display them. “Hey sexy.” I say as I walk up behind her.

“Oh now you want to say hi.” She says with a sly smile. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I guess since Terra isn’t around, you’ll talk to me huh?” she says.

“Terra is a toy of mine, she is meaningless. Come here, I’m sorry baby.” We hug and she puts kaçak bahis her head on my shoulder as I pull her chest into me. I kiss her neck. “I would never pick Terra over you.” I say in a fake caring voice. I kiss her and feel up her ass. “Come with me to my locker”

She says.

We go to the stairwell and I say I can’t go all the way up to her locker. I ask for a hug and she smiles and we hug. I kiss her neck and she brings her lips to mine and we make out. My tongue darts into her mouth as my hand immediately finds its way up her shirt and onto those huge tits. “When am I going to see the ladies” I ask.

“Whenever you want”

I put my hand around her back and undo her bra, while I kiss her neck softly and watch for other people around. I pull her bra down and lift up her shirt. We shift places and I push her against the wall as I kiss her big tits. I start by softly kissing the breast, making my way to her pink nipples. I lick them with my tongue and they harden up fast. She softly moans and I move to the other breast doing the same. Just and I put my hand down her panties and begin to rub her soft clit, we hear people on the steps above. I quickly put her tits under her shirt. We kiss and hug one more time.

“Stay after with me.” She requests. “We’ll see.” My dick is now fully hard and I need to cum again. I’ll be seeing Terra soon enough. Hope I can make it.

To see what happens after lunch, stay tuned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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