Sister Pt. 02

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What Happened Next

It had been a month or so since my sister and I had our weird, yet great night together, things between us had pretty much returned to normal. She was the high queen of bitch and I had retreated to my world of dungeons, dragons and fantasy.

OK so not entirely accurate our relationship had changed a little, she was nicer to me when we were on our own and still a complete bitch when people, parents or friends were present, I didn’t mind though I had that memory to remind me she wasn’t all bad. Oddly though rumour had gone round college that I was great in bed, (I suspected my sister had something to do with it, to elevate me in the social standings of things) this had attracted me a little more attention from a few more girls than normal, not that I cared, while the extra attention was nice, I was busy with college and my fantasy realm.

This weekend though things were about to change course again, as again my parents were spending the weekend away, they had to go set up the caravan ready for the coming holiday season. This time of year would result in me and my sister and I spending the next few weekends alone together, this time my sister didn’t moan about the situation. Makes me wonder why my parents never found that to be weird? I didn’t mind either, I had an online game to deal with which would keep me busy well into the early hours of each day. This would only prove my point when I didn’t even notice the time as I heard the our parents car pull out of the drive.

“Need anything?” My sister asked through the door.

“Not really,” Was all I replied.

“Okay, well just shout if ya do OK?” She smiled sweetly, now that troubled me.

“Okay,” I replied rather cautiously.

Truth be told it had me worried that she was been so nice I knew there was more to her sudden attitude change than she was letting on, still I had stuff to do as I teamed with my group to clear out a deep dark Ice cavern, we did well and managed to survive, as I was cashing in my XP I noticed my sister again standing in my doorway looking at me.

“You want to watch a film?” She asked, it was seriously hard to ignore the tone in her voice or the fact she was biting her lip watching me as she waited for my reply.

“Which?” Was just all my brain could muster in it’s state of confusion.

“Dunno, anything, just wanna … ya know chill.” She replied with a soft sweet smile. It was hard to ignore that she was also now wearing only a night gown that clung to every curve of her body. I was also fairly sure that was deliberate choice on her part, of course it could have been just because it was comfortable, either way it was hard for me to ignore the fact she looked fantastic.

“Alright, I just need to hit a safe zone then I’m all yours,” came my answer with a smile.

“Cool, I’ll go make popcorn and put a DVD in?” it was one of those that was half a question and half a statement, it still ended with her walking out of my room. It was then I noticed that the nightie barely even covered her ass, it was even more obvious she was wearing nothing beneath, that in itself didn’t surprise me, after all I already knew she rarely ever wore anything under her nightie, but the fact she deliberately let me in on that fact was rather new direction for us.

An hour had passed as I made my way into the living room, my sister was spread out on the couch with her eyes firmly glued to the TV, watching what I came to quickly realise was a rather erotic film.

“Started without me?” I stated causing her to squeak in surprise.

“You’re late,” She replied, “Come, join me quickly.”

Which of course I did without question, I wasn’t really looking for much but spending time with my sister, at least while she was in nice mode was always good. As I’ve said before even before we had sex I actually liked my sister most of the time. After we had sex I came to realise her attitude was one for show rather than her real feelings on things.

“So how’s the love life now anyway bro?” She smiled as I sat down, letting her shift herself to lay in my lap, her head pressed into my stomach.

“I’m too busy for all that, but there are more girls chasing me it seems” I replied as if not trying to actually care big ass porno about her questions, but without trying to offend her. The extra attention was because of her genuinely trying to help me.

“Then it worked?” She questioned quickly, her arm sliding around the small of my back holding me closer to her.

“What?” I was almost curious to the answer now.

“I told a few of the girls that your cock was huge, you know to just sort of get your name known, to get you … noticed, you’re such a loner at school, it’s not good for you,” she replied.

“I have too much to worry about, you know that,” I replied.

“Rather fuck me huh?” Came her reply, it wasn’t difficult to figure out her intention, but I was determined to make her work for things, if she thought I was something she could play with then discard she was going to be very disappointed.

“Better than some tramp who only wants me, because they think I have a huge cock based on a rumour,” I shrugged in reply.

“But it’s true your cock is fucking massive, I told them I’d walked in on you by mistake while you were in the shower,” she grinned turning to face me, as she did the movie was in full flow as the sweet young teen was been face fucked by some rough looking old guy who was clearly taking his issues out on her young mouth, it was kind of hot as my sister moved her position now curling up against me her head now nestled into my shoulder.

“It’s kind of cold I’m going to go get a blanket, do you want anything?” She asked softly looking into my eyes, I could tell she wanted me to say yes or just give her something; I just wasn’t sure why at this stage.

“I’ll have a coke?” I managed.

“OK be a few minutes” And off she went, after five or so minutes she returned with a can of coke a glass and her quilt which she proceeded to wrap around both of us and then return to her previous curled up position against my shoulder having placed my drink on the table beside me.

Now the guy was busy with his tongue buried in the young teens dripping wet pussy as she writhed over his face moaning for all she was worth, bad acting but the action was good.

“Wonder if she’s actually enjoying it?” My sister mused softly.

“She definitely seems to be?” I replied, not really having a clue about what I was saying, all I knew at that point, was I had a hard on watching some young teen being fucked like she was worth nothing.

“I enjoy it, I’ve done loads of guys, I really like sex a lot,” My sister replied her hand resting on my stomach, her fingers working circles against me.

“Well that’s good,” I managed to reply.

“Just good, that’s all you have to say?” She sounded hurt, which I guess was kind of good to feel like I had the power over her for once, that she was one left feeling hurt for a change. Which I then instantly felt terrible for remember that every time we seemed to get to this point I said something dumb to upset her.

“God you’re such a prick!” She snapped and pulled away from me “What’s wrong with you tonight, we’re alone; I stayed home to be with you this weekend, you know that?”

“Wow I almost feel honoured,” I retorted “So we can watch porn and chat?” I was feeling frustrated at her, she was playing games and as usual I was on the wrong page of the handbook. It wasn’t hard to work out what my sister had planned, the fact she expected me to just agree and go along with it was what was actually bothering me.

“And I thought you’d be different, god I’m so fucking stupid,” She whimpered as I looked to her I noticed she was almost crying and that stung, I really hadn’t meant to make her feel that bad.

“Sorry, I’m just confused; I mean what do you expect? We… well you know and then you’re right back to evil sis from hell and I’m left with only a memory and a bruised ego” I tried to back track things quickly, or at least stop a full scale crying episode, I hated seeing it, hated seeing my sister cry over guys. I would have hated myself far more if that guy was me.

“I know, I know, but I have a reputation, and part of that is you’re … a geek, a nerd, a freak” She looked at me waiting for my reaction.

“I know right?” I replied with a smile, “I mean you say that like it’s a bad thing? big tits porno Come on Emily I’m happy with who I am you know that.”

“And that’s what I love about you, you’re cool with just being you, I don’t have that, I gotta be Queen of all, ya know gotta be me” She replied through a sob.

“So come on, you haven’t said a word since we slept together, not about what happened anyway” I had to push it now I had to know, and I figured I wouldn’t get another shot at it

“I made you sound amazing in bed; doesn’t that kind of speak for itself? I mean I never said it was me, but you know girls gossip right?” She replied almost waiting on me to push it, or leave it as it stood.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for the attention, makes me feel good but, they’re mostly shallow girls looking for a bit of fun, and I want more,” I replied, I remember thinking how this conversation was really getting kinda intense as I poured the can of coke into the glass “Thanks for this, by the way.”

“That’s OK, I enjoyed bringing it for you,” She smiled “But if you want a real answer, it was amazing and … probably the best sexual experience I’ve had yet.”

That felt so good, a real concrete admittance from her, made my body feel kind of fuzzy, I remember because I had to look at the screen to avoid her seeing the big grin that threatened to burst across my face.

“So what’s tonight really about? Emily? I know there’s more to it than you’re telling me so it’s time to be straight OK?” I decided to call her cards and have them all on the table, or leave things as they were.

“I just wanna be yours,” She shrugged.

“You’re my sister, so you know,” I replied part deliberately missing her point part wanting her to make it completely clear.

“No I mean, yours for the whole weekend to do as you want,” She replied quickly shifting now looking into my eyes searching every inch of my reaction.

“Why?” Was all I managed.

“Well for one, as an apology for being such a bitch, and for two I want to see what you’d do with such power, unlimited power over a girl,” She replied choosing her words very deliberately calling my reaction.

“So I can do anything?” I swallowed slowly “Like to you?”

“To me, on me inside me I don’t care just … treat me anyway you want,” She replied firmly “Make me yours, please?” her tone in those words could melt even the hardest of hearts I swear.

“And how long does this offer last?” I asked almost curious to the answer now.

“Anytime mum and dad are gone,” There wasn’t even a moment’s hesitation which almost guaranteed she’d been planning this since the last time, to be honest I felt kind of flattered that she’d offer me such a thing.

“And what do I have to do in return?” I replied shifting now to face her properly.

“Nothing, well you do of course, feed me that big thick cock of yours whenever I’m feeling horny? You know just make sure if I want it, it’s there?” She swallowed softly a sweet smile I’d seen a thousand times before when she needed bailing out with her essays, she would come into my room lean in close so I could see down her cleavage and give me that same sweet smile, usually right before she turned back into teen queen bitch.

I kind of left it there as I leaned in kissing her; she hesitated for a moment before her hands reached round the back of my neck dragging me into a heated kiss, one that had my cock harder than it had been only moments before.

“Anytime?” I asked again to be sure as the kiss broke.

“No parents no rules,” She replied breathing hard.

We sank back into a deep heavy kiss causing my cock had become so hard it actually hurt as my sister shifted her legs so I could slide my hand under her nightgown running my hand over that soft hair that covered her sweet wet pussy, she had trimmed her pubic hair into a long strip and kept the rest shaved it was kind of sexy letting my fingers run down the line of pubic hair and then back softly against her most sensitive spot, the moment gained a soft whimper from Emily.

I let the kiss break and then worked my way along her neck kissing her softly each kiss placed soft and deliberate against the flesh of her neck, another soft whimper escaped her as blacked porno she shifted again to sink back into the sofa I moved over her now slipping two fingers deep into her, her back arched up as a loud, “Oh fuck” was drawn from her lips, her muscles clamped down against my invading fingers, slowly I pulled them back from inside her before slipping them back into her in a long deliberate motion letting every inch of her wet pussy feel my fingers invade her.

I clamped my lips against her nipple suckling gentle at first then biting hard causing her to whimper again her muscle clamped against my hand, she breathed getting control of herself as I continued down placing kisses over her stomach taking time for a moment then down against her bikini line she whimpered as I moved down a little more. Letting my tongue slide against my fingers, she tasted so sweet her hand placed between me and her as she looked down “You ever done this?” she looked at me as I smiled.

“I’ve seen enough in porn sis” I then pushed her hand away and let my tongue trace over her clit, she was so warm as her back arched pushing her down harder onto my fingers and into my waiting mouth. I had thought about this moment for quite some time but nothing had me ready for the way that warm sweet nectar ran into my mouth.

I let my tongue flick against her clit in long repeated motions, low moans escaped her as she forced herself down into my mouth harder her hands raking through my hair now, her body trembled beneath each stroke of my tongue, her pussy muscles clamped hard against my fingers as they invaded her deeper. My fingers slid into her with a slight curl stroking back against the upper side of her pussy, my tongue flicking against her clit, before I would nip for a moment then returned to short flicks against her clit. As her body hit over load, her back arched her legs trembling either side of my head, she groaned in delight as her nails dug into my scalp as the wave of pleasure tore through her.

“Fuck me Joey, where did you learn to do that?” My sister moaned after a few moments of regaining herself, I simply shrugged as I moved back up and kissed her in a long deep kiss.

My cock rested against her warm sweet pussy, the kiss deep and lingering just for a moment before I pushed my way into her, her body resisted for a moment before she responded pushing her hips against me and my cock deeper inside her, a low moan escaped her as she settled back, I withdrew slowly keeping myself with the tip just inside then slowly pushing back into her “Oh god Joey,” she moaned as I again rested deep inside her. I continued this method for about ten minutes before she looked at me and whimpered “Fuck me.”

I didn’t need to be asked again as I withdrew from her and motioned for her to roll over her knees, she slid to the floor so she was positioned doggy style before me, her breasts resting against the sofa cushions her back lowered slightly her hips spread letting me look over her fine body for a moment before I moved up behind her and without warning slid my cock hard into her rewarding me with a deep moan. I wasted little time from there slamming hard and deep into her with each thrust, the loud slap as my hips met her ass stinging for a moment. It wasn’t long before she was trembling again her muscles tensing around my invading length, her back bucked forcing her back against me, as she tried both to take more of me and escape me all at the same, a warm rush of wetness flooded against my cock as she howled in pleasure.

“Oh my fucking god baby, fuck me, please fuck me,” She screamed I held on a few more strokes before unloading a hot load of white cum deep inside her. I came with such forced my body slammed forward forcing me into her, instinct caused me to bite the flesh of her shoulder as I came hard inside my sister.

It took a few minutes before she finally pulled herself free of my now limp cock turning to look at me her hair sweaty and plastered to her face “Fuck me, you are the best fuck I have ever had, interesting to see how our new rule works,” Emily smiled before she hit a button on the remote kicking the other film in and we sat and enjoyed it together her curled in my lap me stroking her hair, it almost felt like we were a real couple, you know except for the sibling part.


**It’s worth noting these are complete works of fiction, it just happens that it appeals to me as a writer. I thank those of you who have been supportive so far as well, giving thanks those who’ve been critical.**

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