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Okay, this is a little different from my usual He-She perspective. This is something I tried. The chronological order of it was before Video. (Rough Day is my most recent piece.) This came about because several friends were writing to me in the I-You perspective and I decided to give it a try. It is very short. Let me know what you think. Oh yes, thanks to those who have sent me feedback. 🙂

* * * * *

You stand in the shower, feeling the water run down your body. The coolness flowing along your skin. You feel the warmth of my body come close before my body actually makes contact with your skin. You feel my lips touch your shoulder and hands touch lightly onto your hips.

You lean your head back against my shoulder, exposing more of your neck. I happily oblige, gently kissing up from your shoulder along the side of your neck. The water flows down around your breasts and stomach. It runs down your legs. My hands moving slowly down your hips towards your front, your lap. The cool water feels cooler as you feel your body responding to my lips on your neck, my hands running along your skin down your legs.

My hands move and reach between your legs, holding your inner thigh in each hand. My mouth reaches midway along the side of your neck. You feel my teeth teasingly along your neck. You push your head harder against my shoulder.

You spread your legs a little as you feel my hands pulling at your thighs. You moan slightly, feeling the water now running down your body between bahis firmaları your legs. It feels a lot cooler than the warmth spreading out from your pussy.

My hands gently squeezes your thighs as I gently bite on your neck. I let my hands move up a little, getting closer to your warm wet pussy.

You move your hips a little forward, waiting for my hands to touch you. You move your body, feeling the cool water in sensual contrast to your warming body.

I move one of my hands up from your thigh. Slowly, sliding along your skin, against the flow of cool water.

You push your hips out, trying to get my hand to touch you sooner.

My hand stops close to your pussy. So close to your aching clit.

You groan silently, a little frustrated.

I move myself closer to you.

Your groan turns to a moan as you feel my hardness against your cool skin. It throbs against your bottom. The water flowing between your skin every time it throbs away from you. The warmth throbs, electrifying your skin every time my hardness throbs against you.

You move your hips back, pushing your body against mine. Trying to feel more of my hardness against you.

My fingers touch your clit now.

You moan. You push your hips forward, making my fingers brush harder against your clit.

My fingers strokes along your clit. First, moving with the water. It feels so smooth and so good. Silky touch, electrifying movement. Then I move my fingers up against the flowing water. This along kaçak iddaa with the water seems to put more pressure against your clit. Here is where you push your hips up against my fingers.

You feel your clit push harder against my fingers. You feel the water running against your pushing clit. So cool against and along your hot clit. It flows so excitingly down your pussy. You feel the cool and now warming water between your cunt lips.

As your hips come back down and my fingers run down along your clit with the flowing water, my hard cock presses against your bottom.

My mouth takes your earlobe in. I gently suck on it.

You feel me shift again behind you. My cock throbs lower.

You place one of your hands on the wall to support yourself. You try to move your hips faster against my fingers.

I move my fingers deeper and longer along your clit. The tips of my fingers spread your cunt lips. Gently touching your entrance every stroke.

You move your hips with my hands, forgetting to try to speed it up. You move. My fingers move.

You moan again as you feel my cock throbbing between your legs. It throbs against the bottom of your pussy. You feel the top of my cock throbbing up against your hot cunt lips. You feel it warm and hard between your bottom cheeks.

My fingers move faster. I move them deeper and let them slide halfway into your cunt.

You feel the water flowing down and along your cunt lips. The cool water spreads down between us. The coolness kaçak bahis in passionate contrast to your hot cunt and my hard cock throbbing up against you.

My hand moves from your thigh and touches your hip. The cool water quickly cools the spot where my hand was.

You move more, feeling my fingers stroking up against your clit. You moan, feeling my fingers stroking down along your clit. Your body shivers as you feel the tips of my fingers spread and enter your cunt. You push your body back as you feel my hard cock throbbing against your skin. So close to your cunt. So hot against your skin. Throbbing and warm between your legs from behind.

I suck your earlobe harder. My hand moves your hips, speeding your movements against my fingers. Rubbing your legs and bottom against my hard cock.

You moan louder.

My fingers moving fast against you.

You move harder against my fingers.

My cock stroking along the bottom of your cunt lips.

You shiver.

My body moves against your body. Your back cradled by my front.

You feel yourself so close.

‘I want to feel your hot cunt lips wrap around my cock.’ I whisper, ‘I want to feel you wrap around my throbbing cock and you fuck me.’

You scream as you start cumming.

I push my fingers hard along your clit and deep into your cunt.

You shake against me as you feel your cunt lips spread and suck in my fingers.

I stroke in long.

You moan as you continue to cum.

I push my cock against your skin, making you feel it throb against you. It seems to move with your cumming cunt. It throbs like your electric clit.

You shudder once more and finish cumming onto my fingers as I gently bite your neck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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