Shower Time

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It’s been a long day, Lifting, carrying, moving constantly. The constant laughter and conversation distracted you, but when things are finished and cleaned, you realize it was 6 hours of manual labor. You suddenly feel it in your back, and know your legs will be soon to follow. Saying good byes and leaving for home, your legs cramp as you enter your car. Steadily moving toward home, you know you can’t get to a hot shower fast enough to loosen your strained muscles.

Entering your house, there is no one to greet you. No one due home for the next several hours. you pull yourself into the bathroom and start the water. bending to peel your jeans off isn’t so hard, standing is much harder to accomplish. Staring into the mirror, you are reminded how sexy your thick brown nipples are, and the creamy pale skin covering the lush curves of your body. The problem now is the muscles underneath the outward sexiness.

Pulling yourself away from the rapidly steaming mirror, you slip into the shower. The frothy spray prickling your chilled skin with heat, and soothing your tight muscles into relief. You stand, letting the water cascade over your chest and legs as you bow your head into the spray. your long brown hair streams over your face, blinding you to everything around you as the water pounds into your shoulders. Bringing moans from you as it massages your day away.

Lost in the warmth and relief of the moment, you are oblivious to my entry to the room. You forgot we were to meet today, and missed my car waiting outside when you stumbled into the house. Silently I strip and slide into the shower behind you. Suddenly shocked by the presence of the very flesh I have dreamed of for so long, I’m unsure where to start. But knowing where you were today, and seeing the blissful response you had to the water, I know you are hurting. I firmly place my hands on your shoulders, digging my fingers into your knotted muscles and holding you facing away from me. I step closer to you resting my hardening cock against your soft ass and whispering in your ear, “You have nothing to bahis firmaları fear, I am with you now, I will take care of everything…”

Your head lolls forward giving in to my touch on your spine as I begin to work my way across your back and down towards your waist. Your hands braced against the wall in front of you, pressing your ass against my cock, now fully hard. I an working the muscles up the sides of your spine and firmly running my hands from your waist to the base of your neck, then kneading across your shoulders to your arms. Back to your neck and up to massage your head and scalp. As the hot water starts to expire, I quickly soap and wash your hair and the rest of your body inch by inch.

Reaching around you to turn the water off, my lips are too close to deny as you reach up and slip your tongue deep into my mouth. My arms instinctively wrap around your waist and i hold you tightly to me feeling your refreshed and freshly cleaned curves melt against me. My cock is now poking into your belly and as we break out kiss, you grab me by it, and pull me from the cramped shower.

Our intense kissing allowed us to drip dry some and you pull me straight to the bed and sit on the edge, pulling my dick straight into your mouth. Running my hands over you for 30 minutes has me so hard that the shock of your hot wet mouth wrapping around me is almost enough to pull my cum from me instantly. I wrap my hands in your wet hair and hold you still on me to regain control, your tongue whipping my shaft relentlessly. Finally regaining my composure i release you and your slips begin to slide tightly over my cock. every stroke feels like an orgasm you fit me so well. but I feel no urgency to cum, only the raw pleasure you are providing.

After several minutes i pull myself from your mouth and lean down to kiss you deeply. Your arms wrap around my head pulling me tightly into you. I lay down along you exploring your body and the treasures that are finally mine to enjoy. Shortly I stand and gaze down at you. Your hair slick from the shower, you r pussy slick kaçak iddaa with juices, you legs open and hands cupping your delicious breasts. I can’t help but smile at how beautiful you are. your feet rise up to tickle my belly and i take your small soft feel into my hands. I begin kissing you at the tip of your toes and slowly slide my lips along the sole of your feet, across the heel and up your left ankle. I begin to kiss and sick along your calves holding your ankles to keep your legs high, and switching from leg to leg as I move towards your knees.

Reaching your knees i pull your legs apart, and slide my tongue to the back of your knees, flicking my tongue across the soft creased skin feeling your muscles twitch as i tickle your skin. As your legs begin to grow slack and open further, i move my tongue to the inside upper curve of your knee. I move my hands to the back of your knees, as i kneel between your legs and begin to suckle at the softness of your thighs. Not leaving marks, but sucking and lightly nibbling my way up your thighs. Long flat tongued licks up the back of your legs. sliding into stronger sucks and nibbles as i reach the tops of your legs.

Your Feet are now resting on my shoulders, holding your legs open and your hips high. I drop my mouth to the mattress, and slide my tongue into the center of your pussy, Not into your slit, but just along the outside of the lips, sucking nibbling and pulling at them. feeling your wetness clearly now. Tasting the sweet juices you are offering me. I slide my tongue down to your ass and begin to kiss and probe at you, along your cheeks, and ultimately into the crease and finding your hole. softly licking around it and pressing against it. Not penetrating, just massaging and teasing it. Soaking it with your juices that are leaking sown to me, and my saliva. Your hips begin to drop and I let you guide my tongue towards your slit. drifting over your taint, and circling your hole. The scent and heat are so intense i cant breath deeply enough. I lap your juices and swallow them in large gulps. Swirling my kaçak bahis tongue around your hole, I can hear you breathing deeper and feel your hands wrap in my hair. I flatten my tongue and lap directly from the bottom to the tip of your clit. flicking it quickly in a circular motion and then sucking it deep and tight into my mouth and lashing the tip with my tongue.

In just a few minutes you are flexing your legs around my head and panting that you are going to cum. I wedge my hand between your legs, and slide 3 fingers into your dripping pussy and recapture your clit between my lips. Almost immediately you clamp down on my head and start to pump against me. All I can do is hang on and ride your orgasm out. slowly you begin to go slack and loosen your grip on my head. I slow my pace fingering you and release your clit. lapping softly at your pussy, feeling it relax and release.

I rise to my feet and slide up your body, your face is flushed and eyes still closed as you try to regain your breath. But your hands never release my hair and you pull me towards your open mouth. As I reach you, your tongue is already extended, sliding into my lips and eventually licking my cheeks lips and chin clean and wetting them again with passionate kisses. During all of this, the head of my cock is bumping up against the wet skin of your pussy. your hands are reaching down from my hair, digging into my back and reaching for my ass, pulling me into you. Without touching me, we slide me into you in one smooth stroke. Your pussy is still clinching around me, as I just hold myself in you feeling your heat and flexing. Slowly you begin to pump your hips at me, and I start to stroke my dick into you. I know it isn’t going to be long. I can feel that I can’t stop it, so I just let go. I slide into you deeper and faster. Your nails digging into my ass and your heels knocking against my ass. You have me in such a state I have no control. I push into you, grunting, as I fly toward cumming. You hold me deep and tight as I release into you. The release is so intense I cannot hold myself up after, I fall next to you gasping for breath. your gentle fingers trace my jaw and circle my ears as you softly talk to me.

You ask how I knew, where I came from…and ultimately, how long until we can do it again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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