Sexy Miss Lexie

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She walked faster.

Never mind the fact that she was careless; had declined a ride and an escort home. Never mind that they just shrugged and said, “Okay”. She was capable, she could handle walking home alone. The party had disbanded quickly after the cops found out about it; they seemed to frown upon minors drinking. Hell, we’re 18, we’re legal.. just not to drink.

Her thoughts vanished to the back of her head as she heard footsteps behind her, getting closer. She tried to ignore it.. telling herself she was always too paranoid and that it wasn’t what she thought it was most of the time. But each footstep behind her felt like it would be upon her any second. Might as well turn around and face whatever it is, she thought.

She whirled around quickly and adjusted her eyes in the darkness.

“… Rob?”

He flashed his nice-boy smile and stepped closer.

“Yep, it’s me, Lexie. I was worried when you just stormed off after the party started sucking.”

“Geez, don’t scare me like that. How come you didn’t just tell me you were going home with me?”

“Knowing you, you’d probably just tell me you were a big girl and tell me to buzz off.”

She laughed. He was right.

“So. Have I proven myself worthy of walking you home tonight, Sexy miss Lexie?”

She punched him lightly on his arm. That was the nickname she earned for herself when she slipped on campus one day and flashed practically everyone in the yard her black lacy panties. She just had to wear a skirt that day. She sighed and muttered that she’d never live it down.

You got that right, thought Rob. But he thought Lex was genuinely sexy. He had met her his freshman year in college, and it turned out that he dormed right downstairs. He had the hugest crush on her ever since he set eyes on her.. He had mistakenly walked in on her while she was changing, bringing in some stuff for his friend Christie, who was Lexie’s roommate. That was the first time he saw her in her underwear, and it wouldn’t be his last. Her, in her cute little white underwear, would be in his head for a long time.

Lex grinned and was secretly glad he’d walk her home. He was a nice guy, after all.

“I suppose.”

They walked in silence for a few minutes, the leaves swirling around them every time the wind picked them up.

“So… do you really think I’m sexy?”, asked Lex.

Rob, thinking that she was joking, replied with “Of course, Lex! God, guys would line up to fuck you. Especially if you wore those panties..” He winked, and laughed.

She grinned. “Would you be on that line, then?”

She’d recently been noticing Rob doing.. things. Going out of his way for her. Brushing against her when he could’ve avoided it. Caught him staring at different parts of her body when he thought she didn’t notice.. but she did. She secretly enjoyed the attention, and would let him linger on parts of her body when he stared before moving and breaking his concentration, or touching him back lightly when he “accidentally” brushed against her. Tonight, she resolved to bahis firmaları make him admit it. Yes. Besides, she thought, she was horny as fuck. Her last physical romp happened over three months ago and she was missing the male contact.

Rob was obviously taken aback by her question. He stammered and sighed, before talking.

“Lex.. I dunno if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been touching you a little more than I should. And.. looking.”

She giggled. “Of course I noticed, dumbass. I’m not stupid. So answer the question.”

“Baby, I’d be first in line.”

She blushed furiously, and pushed him. They both laughed.

“I was wondering when you’d tell me.”

“Yep. So what now? Back to your place for some hot steamy action, right?”

He always made her have giggling fits.. tonight was no exception. Except.. that’s what she really wanted. But she didn’t want him to get the wrong idea. She didn’t like him in that way. She definitely thought he was hot, and he had the body to go with it, being actively involved with baseball and weight training. But not too huge.. she didn’t like over-muscled guys. He had the perfect body.

Rob was thinking about that, too. It’s true he’d been staring and touching where he shouldn’t have, but come on. Everybody would have, if they were in his situation. She wasn’t that tall, only about 5’5″, but her height suited her small frame. Her long brown, soft, shiny hair. Her asian features (her dad was Italian and her mom was Korean). Her tight little body.. she kept in shape by swimming often. He guessed that she weighed barely 120 lbs. She was practically the thing asian fetishists dream of. And, try as he might, he couldn’t help but be attracted to females of asian descent. And sure, she was a good person with a great personality, but he wanted her body. Not a relationship. God, was she hot.

Finally, they reached her dorm room. Her roommate was sleeping over her boyfriend’s room again. Lucky bitch.

She opened the door with her key and leaned against the doorway, wondering if she should tell him.. Gah, she hated being chicken.

He leaned in for a hug. “G’nite, miss Lexie!”

He turned to go, when Lex called out to him.

“Rob.. wait.”

“Hmm, what is it?”

“There’s something I think you should know.. well, it’s more like something I need to get off my chest, y’know?”

He raised an eyebrow. “Uh huh..”

“Well… have you noticed that I never stopped you when you’d ‘innocently’ touched me? Or called you a pervert when I caught you staring at me many, many times..”

He laughed again. “Well yeah, I guess I realize that now..”

She sighed. “What I’m trying to say is, Rob, that I enjoyed the attention. It’s been so long since..” She trailed off and tried to word it differently. “Listen. You make me feel.. pretty. The attention from a guy with your looks..” She blushed again, and for the first time, she saw him blush.

“So what exactly are you saying, Lexie?”

“I’m saying.. I think you’re hot. Really. And I don’t want a relationship, don’t get kaçak iddaa me wrong.. I just miss the physical aspects of having one.”

Now both his eyebrows raised. “What a lucky bastard I am”, he thought. “This beautiful girl.. and she wants to be fuck buddies!” He cleared his throat and tried not to sound too excited. Shuffled his feet a bit looking embarrased before deciding, oh, fuck it. He stepped towards her and surprised her with a kiss on the lips.

Surprised at his sudden moxie, she just decided to enjoy it and let him kiss her. Yes, she thought.

He led her back towards her room and closed the door. They stopped kissing after an eternity, both wondering if this was really okay.. Oh, it definitely was.

He lied her down on her bed and lied down on his side next to her, and continued kissing. His hands roamed.. finally, he could touch what he’d been dreaming to touch ever since he laid eyes on her. He cupped one of her breasts and squeezed lightly, eliciting a quiet moan into his mouth.. her perfectly round, C-cup breasts.. she was perfect. Not too big, not too small. He rubbed her stomach, and his hands lingered over her skirt, over her pussy. He only laid his hand there, knowing she was expecting it to touch her.. he made her wait, and finally, slipped his hand under her skirt and between her legs. He rubbed her through her panties while they kissed furiously, licking and sucking each others’ tongues. She shuddered and moaned and her legs relaxed.

He stopped kissing her and just looked at her face. So pretty..

He pulled her shirt off of her, and her skirt. Saw her in her panties and bra again.. A cute pink set this time. Adorable. Reaching towards her back, he unhooked the bra expertly with one hand. And when the bra fell away, he stared at her breasts.. so perfect, so.. delicious. He had to have it in his mouth. Quickly, he took a nipple in his mouth and started to squeeze the other one. She gasped at the feelings she’d sorely missed, and closed her eyes, feeling the sensations on her breasts.. mm.. She felt herself getting wet. God.

His hand then wandered down to her panties.. went under them, and very lightly, touched her clit. She moaned harder. Sometimes it’s good to tease, he thought.. He was getting hard. Moans turned him on terribly.

Sliding her panties off, he licked from her breasts down to her stomach. He was still fully clothed. Oh, how she felt like a fuck toy to him.. Oddly enough, this turned her on even more. She squirmed when he kissed and licked her stomach. It tickled, but it also turned her on.

Finally he reached her sweet puss. How delicious it looked. She even shaved regularly. It was glistening, obviously wanting attention. He slid a finger down from the top of her clit to her fuckhole, and let the finger linger there.. teasing her, making her squirm. She groaned lightly in frustration. He laughed. Quickly he dipped his finger in her box, and withdrew before she could register the sensations in her head.. Oh, to have something fill her, for only a second, before he whisked kaçak bahis it again.. he was so mean.

She found herself groaning with all this teasing. Hating and loving it at the same time. She was pretty much putty in his hands right now..

“Please?”, she whispered.

“Please, what?”, he teased. His finger rubbed her clit ever so lightly, and trailed down to her fuckhole again.

“Mm.. God”, she groaned. “Put it in..”

He laughed a little. “No, not yet..”

He circled her hole again, putting in only a bit of his finger before withdrawing it again. She thought she’d die of frustration, but all the teasing was making her incredibly wet. She felt it, felt his fingers sliding around with ease.

He loved to hear her beg. Put his finger unexpectedly into her pussy again, for a slight second longer than last time, before withdrawing. She moaned loudly and whimpered when she discovered it was missing again.

“Rob.. c’mon. Fuck me. Now.”

He teased some more, before replying.

“Beg me.”

She was amused. He didn’t seem like the type of guy who’d get off on this kinda stuff.. but she never knew she’d enjoy it, either.

“Mmm, jesus, please, Rob. Fuck me hard. Right now. I need to be filled..”

He took off his shirt and pants. Stood there with only his black boxers on. She pulled them down for him, and was pleasantly surprised at what she saw. Approximately six or seven inches of hard dick, just for her. The perfect size. He kissed her and laid her down on the bed again, spreading her legs with his knees. Found her pussy with his cock, and rested it at the entrance. She tried to push herself up to get him into her, but he resisted.

He loved to tease, yes, but it was so hard to keep himself from fucking her brains out at this position.

Finally, he eased his dick into her warmth. She felt him filling up every inch of her.. she closed her eyes at the slight pain of intrusion, but it was such delicious, fulfilling pain.. He felt hot, strong muscles grab him and practically try to draw him in. God, he thought, what they say about Asians are so true. He started to slowly pump in and out. She breathed very heavily and moaned lightly, rocking with him. They kissed passionately, his cock going in and out of her pussy while she squeezed her eyes closed and groaned. He began to thrust hard when he felt she was ready for it.. A sudden push after he withdrew, filling her with cock over and over again. Her moans and sighs and facial expressions every time he thrust. He didn’t know how much longer he could last.

Quickly, he withdrew and turned her over onto her knees, and pushed her down. Slowly again, he entered her. She supported herself on her elbows, feeling her breasts swing with each thrust. She always felt that this position was derogatory, but she realized, feeling degraded excited her. In person, she’d never stand to be disrespected and was a sort of feminist, but fuck that in the bedroom. She only reveled in feeling his hard dick up to the hilt in her every time, and squeezed every time he withdrew. Finally, he grabbed her hips tightly and grinded onto her, shooting his cum deep into her. He sighed and slipped out of her, and held her. Perhaps it wasn’t possible to not develop feelings for her, after all.

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