Sex and a Single Girl Ch. 14

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Continuing our new horny relationship, Tom and I had attempted to re-enact that early hammock moment where we all first met, but were disturbed by a very odd couple, some Australians out from Belgium seeking some swinging fun. Although we both fancied the girl Sooline, I was not interested in him and to be honest I was hungry to finish what we had started on the beach, but in a different place, and I don’t mean a geographical one! I was about to lay a ghost so to speak ,and whether I enjoyed it is a matter of conjecture, perhaps the female readers will give me their opinion? The view of the male is totally predictable and, to be honest, unless constructive, not welcome.

Read on and, hopefully, enjoy.

Chapter 14: A bum ride!

Still high on the combination of dope and rum punches, I floated out of the shower, washed thoroughly, outside and in! My mind was just about focused on what I wanted to do with Tom. He was sat in his boxers absorbed again with the cricket, his erection poking cheekily through the fly, I hoped it was for me and not the batting of Mr. Lara that excited him in that manner! With the towel wrapped around me, I sat beside him on the bed and traced a finger along the exposed length of his shaft. It twitched to my touch, and I could smell my sex on him. He was about to get that refreshed!



“You know what you did in that hammock…? You know…with your finger?”

He answered, his eyes remaining glued to the screen, “I do lots of things with my finger!”

“You know what I mean, when you put it in my bum.”

“Uh huh.” He smiled and his cock twitched again, but still he pretended to be absorbed in the cricket. I grabbed the remote off the bed and killed the picture.

“One or two blokes have tried that before and I never liked it. I told them to stop, they were too rough.” With finger and thumb I squeezed him hard as if to emphasise the point.

“Ouch!” He turned his head and smiled up me, kissing my nose softly, “I noticed that you didn’t stop me.”

I wrapped my hand fully around his cock, immediately taking his mind off the silly cricket. It responded immediately to my touch, once again poised for action like an angry snake. I knew where I wanted it to strike! And expel its venom! And I was the antidote!

“I know. It was because I trusted you, and to be honest I was so turned on that I really liked it.”

“What did you like about it?” He gave me one of his sly grins, it was clear he guessed where this conversation was heading. I had after all, in a semi drunken state back in the bar, asked him to fuck my ass! I was beginning to wonder if he had taken me seriously.

“It was so very, very private and personal, and it sort of tingled in there, bit like I tingle in my pussy, but… I don’t know … just different that’s all, and very exciting, something new!”

“Is that what made you cum?”

“I think so yes, it was just…so fucking rude and at the same time so lovely.” I paused, a little nervous now the effect of the joint was wearing off a little, “Have you ever done that with your cock Tom?”

He nodded sadly, “Yes, I tried it a couple of times with Lisa, but she was so uncomfortable with it that we never bothered again. We only managed a couple of inches.”

I looked at the thick shaft in my hand, amazed that it even fitted in my pussy, let alone my tight ass.

“Not surprised with this fat thing,” I laughed nervously, continuing to stroke his erection.

“But, if you are really interested, and really want to try this, all is not lost. A woman recently gave me some tips, apparently it’s a fantastic experience when you get it right. For the girl as well as the man, that is.”

“Apparently? And would this friend be Les by any chance?” She had no doubt passed on the same advice she had given to me.

“No, he laughed, “She never suggested it, but I think she is most likely into it, given her past. The advice came from a woman I met on the Internet, I still have to put it to the test.” He gave me a sly knowing look.

“Hmm.” The girth of his cock worried me, my fingers barely met around it, but if I didn’t try now, I knew I never would, this moment was exactly right.

“What does hmm mean then?”

“I might be willing to give it a go.” I looked into his eyes curiously. “You remember yesterday when we said we would do anything for each other, and that I had a fantasy? Well, this is it.”

“I did wonder. You really sure want me to do this with you?” Now of course he was fully erect in my hand, and leaking, as was I, with the anticipation of exploring new territory. New to both of us, which made it more fun, just like two virgins fucking together for the very first time!

“Yes Tom, I think I do. I want our sex to be complete, I want us to make love each and every way we can, and if you get pleasure doing me in the bum then I’m pretty sure I will too.” I was ignoring Les’s warning, but I was stoned, horny, and didn’t care. I put my arms around his neck and pulled him erotik film izle close and we kissed deeply. Rubbing my naked crotch eagerly against his exposed cock I whispered, “So?”

“So what?” he taunted me, his hands roughly gripping my ass, pulling me tightly to him, his erection probing at its more natural objective.

“So, are we going to do it then?”

“What, now?” he grinned, his cock twitching against my pussy, as if in answer to my question.

I relit the weed and we both took another deep drag, I don’t know who needed it the most.

“Yes Tom, yes please, I want you to put your cock in my ass and fuck me, do it how you were told to by your Internet friend. There, I’ve said it.”

Although madly keen to do this, he seemed somehow a little reluctant because obviously he didn’t want to hurt me, and as he slipped out of his pants he sought my very available pussy opening instead. I immediately put my hand down and pushed his cock away toward my little private hole.

“I’m a little sore in there Tom, please do it in my bum, I know I am ready for it, I am so fucking horny.” I was shaking, whether out of anticipation or sheer fright, I wasn’t sure. But I knew I was ready for some sort of action.

He slid down the bed and turned me on my side and placed a towel underneath me. God, I wondered, surely it can’t be as messy as all that? Gently prising open my legs he softly licked my pussy to release some more juices and let them flow freely out of me, teasing my nectar along the delicate flesh between my pussy and asshole. I shivered as he teased my tight little anus open with his tongue.

“Fuck, that tickles!” I giggled and with one hand I pulled his head tighter to me. I wanted some more of that!

I tensed when he very gently substituted a finger for his tongue, dribbling saliva on to me to keep me moist. When he had done this previously he had been attending to my pussy at the same time. Now he was concentrating purely on my asshole and it felt at least a little odd and I tensed up.

“You okay Sue?”

“Yes,” I breathed, “Don’t stop, it just feels a little strange.” God knows what it will feel like when it’s his cock, I thought to myself. To take my mind off that big moment I visualised the gothic Soo there with us on the bed, holding his cock for him, guiding him into my ass while I fingered her wet pussy. If I had known then what I knew now I think I would have orgasmed on the spot!

He reassuredly kissed the back of my neck and, when he felt me relax, he inserted a second finger continuing to keep me wet with his tongue, my own pussy juices dripping around to add more moisture. Very slowly Tom started a gentle fucking motion with his fingers and, to distract myself from the very unusual feeling, I let my fingers wander down to my clit.

Then came the moment I had been waiting for, part in excitement, part in dread. He removed his fingers and, spreading some saliva on the head of his cock, laid down behind me and ever so gently worked the tip into my secret entrance, some of my juices conveniently appearing to assist him.

As he opened me up I froze again.

“Tom. I’m frightened.”

This time he didn’t stop. Les’s warning coming true, he was suddenly more assertive, his lust ruling his brain, my asshole was about to be plundered, he was now inside, there was no going back. All evening I had been close to orgasm, somehow I knew that one now would occupy my mind and help me relax while he started to fuck my ass. So I furiously frigged my pussy and, with just the head of his cock inside me, my climax hit me so violently that he involuntarily jumped a little further in. I cried out in ecstasy as he tried to hold my bum cheeks steady. Obviously enjoying my grip around his cock, he held his position just inside me, eager to penetrate further inside my forbidden hole. He reassured me a little when he said that this was as far as he had got with Lisa.

When I realized that I had felt exactly the same fear when my pussy received her first cock, I was determined to relax and enjoy myself. I sensed he wanted to ease further in, and I knew I was ready to have all of it. I knew it was possible, I had watched so many videos with Richard!

“God,” I gasped, “Whatever you are doing to me don’t stop my darling. Just do it slowly that’s all.”

“When you are ready, just say the word and you can have some more, okay?”

My reply was to grip his cock even tighter, I was surprised at the strength of my muscles in there.

“Ready darling, I think I might like this. Love my bum with your cock, but please, please go slowly.”

With his fingers he scooped the fresh cum juices pouring from my pussy and spread them around his shaft and, gripping my cheeks with his hands, he eased slowly further inside. Now his cock was really in me it suddenly didn’t seem to matter any more. It wasn’t at all comfortable but it was different. I urged him on, my orgasm had definitely helped me to relax. I was now looking forward to the actual fucking film izle rather than the exploring. Each time he pushed further in he stopped, retracted a little, and then penetrated a further half-inch or so. He reached out for the water bottle he had placed by the bed and splashed some on his cock, the cold liquid making us both jump, Les had told me there was no natural lubrication in my ass. But then I guess, why would there be? Then I remembered what she also said about the feeling of a poo going in reverse, she was right! With what was surely only about an inch to go I waved my hand.

“Tom, wait a mo.”

He stopped, my body gripping his cock like a vice, and leaned forward, softly kissing my neck.

“Is it uncomfortable?”

“No my darling, I’m loving it.” I was lying of course, loving was definitely not quite the right word, “I’ve got some Vaseline in my purse.”

My bag was on the floor, slowly we crawled comically locked together to the side of the bed so I could hook my toe into the handle and swing it within reach, without letting go of his cock. If I let him out now I wasn’t sure I would have the courage to allow him back in. We were now both on our knees as he partly withdrew and placed a huge dollop of the jelly all round his cock. He asked me to move back on to him when he was ready. God, what a difference! If only I had remembered before. He slid back inside as easily as if it were my pussy, and was resuming a slow movement in and out when I voiced another thought.

He sighed in desperation, his climax was close, and like me he was still horny from our unfinished fuck in the hammock. I pointed to the mirror on the dressing table.

“Move down the bed Tom so we can see better, you know I love doing it in front of a mirror. I want to see it going in!”

Together we wriggled backwards until he was off the bed and standing behind me. I was now high on my knees in front of him, his fat cock now well inside my tight hole and really starting to pleasure my virgin ass. In the mirror I watched as at last he started to fuck me slowly up my bum, deliberately adding two fingers into my dripping pussy to add to my pleasure.

“I can feel my cock,” he laughed at me in the mirror.

I grimaced, “You’re not the only one!”

It must have taken at least another ten minutes of careful penetration and another application of jelly for him to become fully inside me, at which point I stopped.

“What do you feel honey?” he asked as I knelt trembling in front of him, my face part buried in the pillow.

I turned my head and mumbled back, “I don’t know what I feel, it’s very strange, but I don’t want you to stop. Are you going to stop talking and fuck me now or what?”

“You sure?” I decided it was time to get this over with, so I went for the dirty talk.

“Yes you fucker. Fuck my bum, fuck your dirty slut in her asshole with your big fat cock.”

Clearly aroused by my smutty language he started to move faster within me, retracting to half his length and then filling me fully again. I was squealing and gasping partly with pleasure, partly with pain, his fingers moving inside my pussy in time with his motion in my ass. I laughed when he told me again that his fingers could feel the outline of his cock as he fucked me. That gave me an idea, this occasion might be a one-off and I wanted to give it the best.

“My vibrator Tom,” I gasped, reaching again for my bag, “Fuck me with that too.”

“God, you do come prepared” he smiled and, taking the toy, switched it on and slipped it into my sodden pussy. I was sure the batteries would last, I had only used it a couple of times in those days after fucking my brother and before my first sex with Tom.

I giggled, “It goes with the KY. Now please fuck me Tom, fuck my ass, fuck my pussy, I want you to cum.”

To urge him on I started to rock back against him, this was suddenly starting to feel better, maybe it was the toy in my pussy helping to distract me.

“Do me in there like you did my pussy last night, fuck me hard you horny bastard, give me your spunk.”

Seeing I was now clearly comfortable with him fully inside me he thrust into both my holes at the speed I wanted, and all too soon I knew I was going to beat him to orgasm. I started shaking violently.

“Oh God don’t stop, this is like I have two cocks in me, one big, one little.”

“That could be arranged,” he grunted.

The ecstasy in my pussy was almost unbearable and I let out a loud shriek. He paused with a concerned look into the mirror. Our eyes met, my face was contorted with lust.

“Don’t stop Tom, I’m still cumming…oh fuck!”

On cue, he thrust harder and faster into me and I screamed again and again as I went into the most amazing almost unbearable extended orgasm ever. I was so totally consumed by the ecstasy of the moment that it took all Tom’s strength to hold me still and stay inside and continue fucking me.

As my heartbeat slowed, so did his own pace, allowing me to luxuriate in my magical seks filmi izle moment, but I sensed he was now on the verge of his own climax and, with the tightness of my ass gripping urging him on, I could tell he was finding it difficult to hold back much longer. I was right.

“I’m cumming too,” he gasped, starting to draw out, but I pushed back hard against him. This might never happen again, I wanted the full works.

“No Tom, cum in me, cum in my bum, I want to know what it feels like, give it all to me. Come on, spunk that fat cock in my ass, pretend it’s a virgin’s tight little cunt! Fuck me baby, fuck me.”

Those choice words from my darkest vocabulary did it for him and, with a few more deep thrusts, accompanied by more dirty language from me, he exploded his pent-up sperm deep into my ass with a loud groan that nearly matched my own cries.

For a full minute he held me there on his cock, leaning forward to kiss me tenderly, while I luxuriated in the feeling of his hot cream deep inside a strange place. As his cum started to ooze out past his fat shaft he pulled gently away, and in the mirror I saw the erotic sight of his cum leaking out of my enlarged hole.

Shaking uncontrollably, we collapsed on the bed together in a pool of sweat and semen and kissed tenderly as we slowly caught our breaths and gazed lovingly into each other’s eyes.

I kissed his nose. “That was the most amazing thing I have ever done Tom, thank you so much. I love you.”

“I love you too,” he kissed me back. “It was pretty damn special for me as well. I wondered if I would ever find someone to fit me.”

“I need a drink,” I grabbed two beers from the fridge, gave them to Tom and dashed into the bathroom. I suddenly felt strange down there, but I soon discovered it was only my ass trying to return to its normal size, plus leakage of Tom’s cream. However I did sit on the loo for a few moments in case my body reacted in some other way, Les didn’t tell me what to expect after anal sex. As I sat there I knew in my heart that this had been a one-off. It was something I knew I had to do, now I could put it behind me, so to speak, I had the postcard. I put some aloe gel on two distinctly sore openings. Tom looked concerned when I returned.

“Just a bit tender pussy,” I smiled, “And in case you’re wondering, my bum is fine.”

We sat in silence as we gently touched each other, words at that moment could not express everything we wanted to say.

Eventually Tom spoke, “Do you realize I have just fucked a virgin?”

I laughed. “From what you have told me, so have I! And it was much nicer than when I lost my other virginity.”

He held me close as we kissed deeply, surrounded by the strong aroma of sex, and something else? I focused my mind elsewhere, hoping he would shower soon!

“So tell me, what did it feel like to have a cock in there Sue? Be honest, because all my previous girl friends were revolted by even the suggestion of it.”

“What about Lisa?”

“She said she think she might have enjoyed it if her asshole was larger.”

“Or your cock was smaller,” I laughed. “What did it feel like for you?”

“It felt like the tightest pussy I have ever been in, like as you suggested, a real virgin one, but then I am only guessing, I never had one!”

“Ha ha, the dirty work was already done for you.”


I looked into his eyes seriously, holding up the sticky vibrator, “What we just did Tom, perhaps next time we could try it the other way around?”

He froze, obviously misinterpreting my thoughts, and I burst out laughing.

“What I mean is, fuck me normally and put this up my bum?”

Clearly relieved, he replied, “You mean you still like my cock enough to have it up you yet again?”

I fondled his shrunken member, “I would like this thing inside me all the time if it was possible, but maybe not in my bum. Tell me honestly, did you really enjoy it, or did you do it just to please me?”

“I did it for us, because it felt so right. Until now I never realized how much pleasure it could be, but if you don’t want to do it again I will understand.”

“We’ll see.” But I knew we never would.

In the shower we sponged each other, with special attention to his cock, and my ass too! We kissed and caressed as we talked of what might lay ahead in the future for us. Ten minutes later we were both cuddled together in an exhausted drug and drink induced sleep, but not before I shared something that was buzzing in my mind.



“When I said earlier that I love you…”


“I meant that I don’t love-love you, not that way. I love you as my new friend. Does that make sense?”

He reached around me and cupped my soft breast.

“Yes it does. I understand. What you mean is you love me like a fuck-buddy. Like we talked about earlier?”

I placed my hand over his, pressing him into my breast. “Exactly. You okay with that?”


He withdrew his hand, and turned on to his back.

“Nite-nite Sue.”

“Nite-nite dear fuck-buddy.”

He started to turn over but I held his arm. “One thing Tom. If I had been in that Becky’s shoes I would have given you a bigger dare.”

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