Santa’s Special Visit

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(This is a work of fiction, a product of my imagination and fantasy. To my knowledge, these people do not actually exist.)

Jean and I met at a part time faculty in-service at the local community college. I was dressed nice and wearing a bow tie just to be odd. She showed up in a tweed business skirt suit with silk top that left almost nothing to the imagination. I had a hard on before she’d taken half a dozen steps into the room.

To relieve the pressure I snagged a glass of water off the table behind me and made a line straight for her, beating the hormone inspired advances of every other male in the room by only seconds. She accepted the glass with a chuckle as I held a chair for her. Who says nice guys don’t get laid?

We chatted all through the meeting, basically ignoring the poor people trying to teach us about the years new rules and procedures. Jean was going to be helping out in the math department while I was filling in for a geology instructor on sabbatical. We traded touches through the meeting, our feet doing a little dance under the table. After the meeting, I walked her to her car and we both did some exploratory groping. After a call home to check on my family, it was decided I’d follow Jean home for a night cap.

On the drive, thinking about Jean, my cock was so hard it hurt and I had to jack it off on the move, thank God it was dark and the roads weren’t very busy. I parked on the street as she pulled in next to a beater that had ‘my kid’s’ car written all over it. I couldn’t tell much about its driver/owner in the dark, but I was discovering religion as I prayed that she had daughters. We kissed on the door step and I got a good feel of her C cups. Her nipples were rock hard.

Once inside, we slipped off our shoes and I discovered that she just came up to my collar, a nice solid small woman. The lights were mostly off down stairs and I didn’t hear anything as she led me to the breakfast bar for a drink. Some more kissing and I discovered that she wasn’t wearing panties over a bare smooth pussy. She confessed that she’d taken them off and stuffed them into her purse during a break time visit to the bathroom.

The kissing was hot and heavy, she had my cock in her hand and I had two fingers in her wet pussy when there was a loud thud upstairs. With a hearty and heartfelt “Shit”, she excused herself and headed upstairs. I noted that her blouse was still open, her hair mussed and skirt askew as she mounted the stairs. Not sure what was up I elected to stay put, stroking my hard cock and sipping my drink while I waited. I heard her talking to someone and deduced it was the unknown son or daughter. A few minutes and half a gin and tonic later, she returned wearing a robe.

We resumed our make-out and within seconds I knew that she was now naked under the robe. Within five minutes I was naked and receiving the best blow job I’d had since my wife died three years before. We were both very vocal and made an amazing amount of noise for a blow job. It didn’t take her long to suck me dry, swallowing every last drop.

As we fixed another drink, kissing and touching we discovered that neither of us had done anything but masturbate for the last month or so, and while patient, we both wanted a good fuck really bad. Being a believer in equality, and a lover of licking smoothly shaven pussy, I sat her on the stool at the breakfast bar and proceeded to lick and finger her to an orgasm that everyone in the house, and possibly the neighbors across the street, had to have heard.

We left her robe and my clothes in a pile and I gallantly carried her up the stairs as she directed me to her bedroom. Along the way we passed a door open to a room that a glance told me belonged to a girl. I caught a glimpse of her as we went by. She was dressed in white cotton pjs and had her back to the door.

There were only three doors (all open) on this level, the two bedrooms and a large bathroom. We swooped into Jean’s room where I deposited her on the bed and proceeded to ravage her, pausing just long enough for her to slip a rubber on my cock. With her laying on the edge of the bed and her legs held high, I stood and fucked her hard and loud.

We were on the third condom; Jean and I were clinging tightly to each other, grinding slow and deep as we shared a final orgasm. After a short rest I excused myself and headed for the bathroom to take care of some urgent business and clean myself up a bit. I noticed there was a lot of light in the hall, mostly coming from the other bedroom.

When I came out of the bathroom I heard voices in the daughter’s room. I glanced in I saw Jean sitting on the far side of the bed, naked, parts of her still shining ankara escort with cum and sweat. Her daughter was on her side with her back to the door, her upper hand vanishing into her pants. Jean was smiling and chatting with the girl easily, not a hint of anything wrong, she waved a glistening vibe at me while telling the girl to feel free to take her pjs off when using it.

She gave the girl a good night kiss and came out to me where she gave me a kiss and fondled my now clean cock. She finally gave me a slap on my bare ass and sent me off to bed while she headed for a turn in the bathroom. I was sound asleep when she slipped into bed next to me.

I was gently shaken awake the next morning. I was on top of the covers, bare naked, Jean was gently shaking and kissing me awake. When I was coherent Jean planted a kiss on my lips, and then nodded to draw my attention to the side of the bed.

“Jon, I want you to meet my daughter, Susan.”

Susan was 18 and not much taller than her mother. She had long, wavy brown hair that shined; her large, wide brown eyes were soft. She was slender but not skinny, had just the right hints of just the right curves in just the right places. I estimated that she was a B cup. Her eyes told me stories, highly intelligent but demure and shy. Painfully, excessively, almost debilitatingly shy. She was wearing comfy white cotton pjs.

It didn’t seem to bother her that I was naked with her mother on the bed. But once my attention was on her, she couldn’t move or speak. Jean straddled me and took the breakfast tray from Susan, setting it on the bed. Then she virtually dragged Susan to sit on the bed near my feet and we all chatted and had breakfast. A look at the clock told me it was barely 8am on Saturday morning.

I mumbled something about calling home. Susan blushed and pointed at the dresser where all my clothes were nicely folded and stacked, my cell phone perched neatly on top. Jean chatted at Susan as I stood, still stark naked, and called home to see how everyone was doing.

As I finished up the conversation, Jean slipped to my side. When I hung up, she snatched my phone and proceeded to enter her and Susan’s information, quickly sending texts to both phones so they could get my number and info. I’d been invited back!

We chatted pleasantly on the bed while we finished breakfast. After a while I noticed that Jean was stroking me into yet another erection, her eyes glued to Susan’s face. With an impish smile she threw her leg over me and mounted me, facing her daughter. “See sweetheart, this is what it looks like”. With a wide-eyed blush that went past red and into purple, she gathered up the dishes and with many glances our way, headed down stairs. Jean and I enjoyed a nice, leisurely morning fuck. The first of many to come.

Susan was 18, but just now in her final year in high school. She was sharp as a tack and smart as hell, but had matured quite slowly, physically and socially, enough so that she’d been held back two grades over the years. The only time she ever really opened up was with close family and younger kids. Older kids scared her and she just couldn’t force herself to talk to most adults. She was cute in every sense of the word. She would never enjoy the sultry nature of her mother. She was clearly a mature female, but looked very much at home in styles meant for girls. It turns out she was fine if she didn’t actually have to talk to most people. Written communications would be her forte in life.

Jean and I were both widowers, she’d lost her husband in the military while cancer had stolen my wife. We shared very similar views on sex. Neither of us had ever really hidden anything in the privacy of our own homes. If Susan could speak to a group, she could have taught the silly sex ed classes. When Jean learned that Susan had finally begun masturbating she encouraged it fully and bought her pretty much any vibe or dildo she wanted, and was right there to help her with them any time.

Jean had had a couple other lovers since Susan turned 18, but it turns out, both had been prudes. She was ecstatic at how open I was. She was also very happy to find out I’d gotten snipped after my youngest was born, so happy, that after we’d gone together for an STD health screening, she arranged a ritual condom burning in the back yard. I don’t recommend it, it stinks, just throw them away!

Over the next month we met each others families. Mine adored them both and it wasn’t long before “Jeannie” and “Sister Susie” were part of the family. We sort of migrated between the two houses. There was never any discussion of moving in either place. We were all comfortable with things as they were. The escort ankara only thing that really changed was that the sitter lost out on some pocket money as Susan took over many of the duties.

On our one month anniversary, we had another all night fuck fest. The next morning I got to watch as Jean helped Susan shave her pussy. Turns out Susan loved having it bare, but was scared of doing it herself.

Another night, we had a date in. Jean, Susan and I enjoyed adult tv and movies at their house. It had reached a point where Jean and I were both naked, and even Susan had opened her blouse a bit and lifted her skirt. Jean excused herself to use the bathroom and came back with two of Susan’s favorite toys. While Jean mounted me, I finally got to watch as Susan slid a brightly rainbow colored blown glass dildo into her tight wet snatch. When Susan orgasmed, I came so hard I thought I was going to launch Jean across the room.

Over time, with Jeans encouragement and support, many opportunities were arranged for Susan to have sex with me if she wanted. There were many times that she was very close to it, then turned terminally shy and clammed up before it could happen. By mid-November though, she was quite comfortable joining us and masturbating while watching us fuck. She finally let me raise her skirt and finger her under the table during Thanksgiving Dinner. That made me so horny that Jean and I kept everyone awake with our fucking that night.

We were all excited as the holidays kicked into high gear. I was mildly shocked as Susan led my brood through the lines and then took a turn on Santa’s lap. Susan was still painfully shy but we’d worked something out for her. Any time there was a social situation, we all pretended Susan was either mute or had laryngitis. She carried a note pad, on which she carried out her conversations.

With note pad in hand, in a skirt, colorful over the knee stockings, and a snug knit top, she took her turn on Santa’s lap. When she got up, Santa was blushing and had to call for a quick break. I didn’t blame him, by now I’d had Susan on my lap a time or three, occasionally while naked, and she always left me hard and needing some relief too. I still don’t know what she wrote on that slip of paper, I’d love to read it.

That afternoon I found Susan in my den, she had her skirt up, her panties down, and her favorite traveling vibe was already buried in the snatch she’d made sure was freshly shaven for the day. She was mumbling something like “Oh yes, please Santa, deeper” as she watched innocent Santa videos on YouTube. That night Jean called me, Susan had been doing it again in her room with her lap top. Apparently she’d see Jean watching and gone into a record setting blush. They had one of their little talks and Susan had confided that she wanted Santa to be her first real fuck.

Jean and I were both having the same idea. I had access to a Santa Suit. A buddy of mine hired out every year to do the Santa thing and had a suit I was sure he’d let me borrow. He never took a job after 5 on Christmas Eve, so I was sure I could borrow it.

Christmas Eve rolled around and promptly at 6, we arrived at Jean’s. We had a lovely dinner and traded wrapped gifts that wouldn’t be opened till tomorrow morning. We fed my bunch things guaranteed to make them sleepy and keep them asleep all night. By the end of The Christmas Story, Susan and the munchkins were sound asleep. I carried Susan up to her room and helped tuck her in. Then we proceeded back to my house, where Jean helped me into the suit with some extensive fooling around, and we laid out Santa’s stuff for my tykes. Then we were off for her place again.

We arrived a bit before midnight, I didn’t even try to be quiet as I left Santa’s presents under the tree and hung the custom made glass candy cane dildos in the ladies stockings. The mantle clock was striking midnight as I clumped up the stairs and into Susan’s room. The bag full of empty boxes made a clatter as I dumped it in front of her closet. She finally began to stir as I rolled the covers off her and dumped them on the floor. She was wearing the red satin pjs her mom had given her recently. They clung to her body, showing off her hips and one breast as she snuggled in her bed on her side. She was so fucking sexy!

I knelt next to the bed and kissed her on the cheek. The fake beard tickled her face as I began kissing her lips, my hands exploring her body, tracing her delicious curves. I heard a noise and looked up, Jean had appeared with her candy cane, naked in Susan’s computer chair, watching, waiting. Kissing and caressing, I coaxed Susan onto her back, her now erect nipples poking up through the thin material. ankara escort bayan With a smile I began opening the buttons, my cock growing hard all the while.

Her breathing was picking up and her eyes finally fluttered open, accompanied by a quiet gasp, as I began sucking on one nipple, my white gloved hand teasing and pinching the other. I’d seen her masturbate often enough by now to know that she was already slipping into her passionately oblivious happy place. Her body rose to meet my caresses and touches as my free hand slid softly over her hidden pussy. Caressing her mound lightly through the material, I kissed my way to her other nipple.

She moaned quietly and moved slowly as if in slow motion as I licked and caressed. Finally I eased my hand into her pjs, my fingers separated from her smooth pussy only by the thin material of her panties. Knowing she was awake and aware, I stood and slowly slid her pj bottoms off, caressing her legs every inch of the way with my cotton gloved hands. I tossed them to Jean who had her new candy cane buried deep in her pussy.

I stood, kicking off my boots and removed the heavy, hot, coat of the Santa suit. I heard a whispered “Santa?” as I straightened the shiny red silk shirt I was wearing underneath, the only thing I was wearing under the suit.

“Yes Susan, its Santa. I have a special gift for you my dear.” I answered, dropping the heavy red pants, exposing my rock hard cock. My cock began to jump with my heartbeat as I glanced down and saw the brief, tight panties she was wearing.

“A special present Santa?” she whispered as I stroked my cock.

“Yes Susan, very special. You have to take those super cute panties off for me so I can give it to you.”

Part of my huge smile must have shown through the fake beard. She smiled back and slipped the panties off. I slid her around on the bed gently but firmly so her pussy was right at the edge, then knelt and draped her legs over my shoulders. I pulled off a glove with my teeth and slid two fingers into her soaking wet vagina. Then started kissing and licking her pussy lips. She began to moan and wriggle in ways we’d never seen from her before, uttering words we’d never heard her use.

“OH God Santa, yes, lick my pussy Santa.”

“Fuck Santa, fuck yes, fuck me.”

“Lick my cute pussy Santa, lick it, I wanna cum, lick me Santa!!!”

With a restrained scream, her legs locked around my head and her body arched off the bed, her pussy juices flooding my beard and face as she had her first orgasm with a man.

After a bit she collapsed, going limp on the edge of the bed. I untangled myself from her legs and stood. My cock was rock hard, it was time. I lifted and spread her legs, then felt the heat of another body on mine. Jean reached around me and guided my cock into her daughter’s hot, wet hole. My cock plunged into her tight, wet glove. She was groaning and squealing quietly as I finally felt my balls on her firm, smooth ass. Jean stretched out next to her daughter and began kissing her as I began thrusting into that sweet, fresh pussy.

I fucked Susan gently but firmly as Jean cuddled next to her and began kissing her. Mother and daughter exchanged kisses as I fucked her fresh twat. As Susan tensed and arched into her first cock induced orgasm, Jean grabbed a mouth full of firm tit and gave her daughter’s hard nipple a nip, launching Susan into an orgasm. Her canal closing so tight around my cock I wondered if she’d pinch it off!!!

I was coming to the end, fucking Susan hard and fast as Jean kissed and caressed her. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore, with a loud growl I shot my impotent cum into her. The flood of hot jizz set her off and we came together with a noise that I knew her mother would be proud of.

My legs were wobbly as my cock slid out of Susan’s freshly fucked pussy. Jean swooped into my place and began licking my cum out of her daughter. Jean was bent over Susan’s pussy, her sopping wet pussy pointed straight at me. I pulled the candy cane dildo out and tossed it on the bed. My cock was still mostly hard and smeared in Susan’s fresh pussy juice as I slammed it into her mother. Surprised by my assault, Jean nipped Susan’s poor clit with her teeth. The sensations flooded Susan’s body, she screamed and flooded her mothers face with another round of her pussy juices mixed with my cum. I was done for, the noise set me off and I shot my last reserves into Jeans hot wet pussy.

Jean kissed and caressed Susan as she helped her daughter back to the middle of her bed. Susan curled into a happy ball with a big smile. Jean and I covered her gently. I slipped on my Santa pants and boots, and picked up the coat. I leaned over Susan’s sweet face and kissed her on the forehead. Standing in the door, coat in one hand, bag of empty boxes in the other I gave a loud “Ho ho ho!”

“Good night cutie-pie, be a good girl and I’ll see you again next year!”

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