Sam and Simon’s Mum Pt. 03

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This is another story in the Sam and Simon series. I’ve changed sections to Incest from Nonconsent. I welcome voting and comments and will answer any emails. Any feed back is useful, and your ideas will help me. Do you like the direction this is going in?


Sam is 68 years old and lives next door to 45 year old Mary and her son Simon who is 19. Mary is friends with Sam’s wife Katey and they are both nurses up town in one of the big London teaching hospitals. It is late September and Sam’s wife is away up country visiting her sister. Sam and Simon have become very good friends and Sam is also very fond of the boy and Mary, he liked to help out whenever he could. Simon’s father had taken off when the lad was 2 so Sam felt as he was a stand in ‘Dad’.

About a week after the incident in the camper van Mary was pegging out her washing and Sam was out there too, he always enjoyed seeing her putting up her panties.

‘Hi, everything alright?’ He asked slightly nervously.

‘Yes and no, I’m having quite a problem with Simon, he keeps pestering me with sex talk, and he keeps asking if I’ll let him do it again.’

‘Blimey! That is quite a bind, do you want me to have a chat with him?’

‘Would you, I don’t how to deal with him, I’m frightened he’ll lose control, he gets very agitated sometimes.’

Sam let himself through the small gate in the fence and followed her up the path, He regarded her from behind, he liked her small frame, and at 5′ tall she would be about 9 stone, dark haired and 45 she was still a very attractive woman. She liked simple clothes in the ‘hippie’ style, long skirts, bare legs and a embroidered shirt or blouse, short dark hair and bangles on wrist and ankle.

They both went upstairs to the landing and looked into Simon’s bedroom, he snapped down his laptop but not before the adults saw a graphic picture of a woman with open legs and a very hairy vulva.

Mary stayed on the landing but Sam went in.

‘Your Mum’s very worried about you you know, she’s concerned bursa escort you’ll get carried away.’

Simon turned bright red and buried his face in his hands, ‘I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry, it’s all I can think about, it’s in my mind all the time, I followed a young girl yesterday, down by the canal path, I kept thinking of what was under her dress, but then she met up with friends.’ All this came out in a rush, and then his shoulders quivered as he sobbed into his hands. ‘I don’t know how to stop!’

On this Sam and Mary exchanged a long pained look and she came forward into the room.

‘I don’t what you to do anything stupid, I don’t want you to throw your life away, I’ll help you.’ and with that she took his hand and led him into her bedroom, She’d come to a decision. ‘You too Sam, you can help too.’

Climbing up onto the bed she spread her legs wide, ‘You coach him Sam, direct him, help him’ she said softly.

Simon jumped up and stayed on his knees gazing at his Mothers panties, he’d stopped crying and panted a little.

‘Simon, draw down her pants, but be gentle.’ And he did so and threw them on the bed, she spread her legs wider and then held herself open so he could see the pink inside her vulva. She was very hairy with fleshy inner and outer lips. ‘See that, vagina at the bottom, pee hole in the middle and clitoris at the top, and anus below everything.’ Simon shuddered as he’d forgotten to breath but brought his face closer. He could smell her, he could feel the heat of her and as he brought his mouth to her sex he could taste her.

‘Now lick, from bottom to top, find the clit, you’ll return to that later.’ And he did so in long savage licks as his mother closed her eyes. ‘Gently, gently! Be nice and regular, and hold her under the thighs to relieve strain’. Sam did so and settled into a softer rhythm. ‘If you want to turn her over with one hand and lick her anus.’ Simon did that immediately and found the slightly brown puckered hole was faintly musty to taste, she squirmed a little as bursa escort bayan he probed her.

Mary let out a sharp intake of breath and muttered ‘Oh shit!’ But Simon turned her back and resumed the attention to her vulva. He partially enjoyed her feminine taint, not over strong but very alluring.

‘That’s it, be firm but gentle, be strong, be manly, now find the clit again and lick that.’ Simon did so and his nose, lips and chin was in his mother now and she pulled him hard in. Sam went round behind the boy and undid his belt and drew off shorts and then under pants, he noted the boy was quite small, maybe 4″ and slim as well. ‘Oh well he thought, it’ll have to do!’

‘Now mount her!’ and Simon wriggled up and settled on his Mum, without finesse he just pushed his little cock into her wet hole.

‘Oh fuck!’ she gasped as he started urgent trusting, ‘That’s it boy! Fuck me! Plow me!’ and she pulled him further into her.

Simon lost touch with any conscious thought ‘I am fucking my Mum!’ flashed through his brain, ‘She’s spread her legs for me!’ Mother and son’s breathing rose as he sped up and crashed into her and made the bed bounce. At exactly the right moment she pushed her middle finger up her son’s bottom and he erupted into her snatch.

‘Oh Mummy, oh Fuck, oh Mummy!’ and he trust hard into her vagina and pumped away. He was shaking now and trying to get his breath back. His pulse pounded in his ears and his sweat soaked her blouse. She gripped his buttocks and smiled up at the ceiling.

‘Shush, shush, Mummy says it will all be all right.’ With that his softening little prick slid from her followed by a little dribble of cum. He rose and collapsed next to her as she beckoned to Sam as he tore his clothes off.

Sam quickly joined her and she felt his hardness enter, on the other side of Simon she whispered in Sam’s ear. ‘Don’t be gentle, I want to feel your girth, I want to be stretched, I want a good fuck!’

So Sam trust up hard, his 5″ cock was quite thick and ridged on escort bursa both sides with veins. ‘Oh God! Fuck! Yes! Do me! Do me!’ She scrambled with her blouse and bra till her erect nipples popped out, Simon from the side grabbed a teat and played with it’s hardness. ‘Oh god Yes! Split me open! Stretch my filthy cunt!’ Sam began to trust even harder and the three of them bounced on the bed. ‘Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck meeeee!’ this was too much for Sam and he ejuclated hard into her, one long spurt was shot up into her vagina till he collapsed back into a sweating panting mess. Both off them clung to each other and fought to get their breathing under control.

Moving over Sam asked ‘Did you cum?’

‘Not quite, nearly, very nearly’

‘Right Simon, watch and follow me!’ and he cupped one tit while his other hand found her soaking hole, quickly he found her clitty and begain a firm circling probing. Every now and then he trust three fingers up her but then returned to the little button.

‘Oh fuck yes! Oh fuck! Do me! Fuck me! Sam sucked on her open mouth and together they swapped saliva. Finally she arched her back as Sam held her down ‘You filthy fucker, do me! Fuck me! Break my filthy cunt!’ and with that she climaxed and shot some muck all over his hand and the bed. Panting and shuddering she collapsed back on the bed and into his arms.

‘And that Simon, is how you make a woman cum, never leave her wanting.’ On the other side Simon nodded with wide eyes and held onto his Mother’s tit.

They stayed that way for 35 minutes, eventually chatting softly. ‘You know Simon we must find you a girl friend with a small twat!’ And they all burst out laughing, ‘I could check the fit and finish!’ and that got a laugh again but Mary elbowed him in the ribs.

They rose at length, and Mary sat on the loo to pee, both man and boy enjoyed the sight and the strong urine stream when it came, and Simon held out some loo roll for her to clean herself with, and some semen came out to. They dressed and went down stairs.

Sam made some tea and Mary made some sandwiches. They only spoke of simple things but each was aware how much they’d changed and the rubicon they’d crossed. For the moment they were content, they passed one crisis, and that was enough for today.

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