Sally Ch. 1

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Pretending to be asleep, Sally waited for the slam of the front door as her husband left for work. She then got out of bed and moved to bathroom, naked. As she glanced in the mirror she thought about Mike and what she was considering doing that day and watched her hand move slowly down her fit body to her eagerly waiting pussy…

Three weeks before, she had never even heard of Mike. Then, one evening, he had sent her an e-mail complimenting her on the story she had posted on Literotica. It started to get interesting when Mike wrote a story for Sally, which was a fantasy of all of the things that he imagined doing to her.

When she had first read it, she had got so excited that she had fingered herself until she was sore, experiencing orgasm after crashing orgasm. When she mailed Mike and told him this, he suggested that they get together and turn it into a reality so that they could both reap the rewards.

Sally replied that she was married but as the mails went on, the subject wasn’t mentioned again although many other fantasies were shared. In time the idea started to build in Sally’s mind, until two evenings ago, knowing that her husband would be working on Saturday, Sally mailed Mike and agreed to meet esat escort him. The 12noon date was set for a London pub and Mike said that he would be dressed all in black…

Mike, dressed in black jeans, t-shirt and leather jacket, stood at the fruit machine, drinking his beer straight from the bottle as he played. From this vantage point he could see most of the main room of the bar reflected in the mirror on the wall facing him.

He knew nothing about Sally (apart from some of her fantasies) except the fact that she had blond hair and that she would be wearing it tied up in a pony tail. He also knew that she liked to drink red bacardi breezers.

Mike glanced at his watch – 12.10pm and the pub was quiet. The sudden realization ran through his mind; she wasn’t coming, she had lied to him. What a mug, he thought to himself. He necked the rest of his beer from the bottle in one go and turned towards the bar to get a new one.

Suddenly a blond entered the bar and walked towards the counter, looking to her left and right as she did so. Mike followed her, unable to take his eyes off the curves of her arse. It was clearly visible through the tight material of her short skirt and he could etimesgut escort make out a very faint thong line moving up her crack towards the hem of the skirt. It was the nicest arse he’d seen in ages and he immediately got hard. His mind raced, please let it be her! He strolled to the bar to watch what she was drinking.

Sally looked around her as she entered the bar but could not see anyone dressed only in black. Quickly she decided to get a drink and then move to a quiet corner from where she could look around at leisure. As she ordered her Bacardi breezer, she was aware of someone arriving at the bar beside her. He asked for a beer in a deep (and she thought sexy) accent which she couldn’t quite place.

“Follow me, Sally” he whispered and walked towards a rear door to the bar. He led her through a beer garden to sit at an isolated table.

Sally sat opposite him. He smiled and Sally was relieved that she liked the look of him.

“I don’t really know what to say” she said awkwardly.

“Then don’t say anything, just come and sit here beside me”.

Sally felt a tingle pass through her body as she moved around the table.

Mike was pleased with what he saw. ankara escort Sally was a real stunner and looked horny as hell. As she sat beside him, he gently stroked her face with both hands before moving them to the back of her neck and rubbing her skin lightly as he drew her head towards his.

Sally felt his tongue in her mouth as he kissed her deeply. “God, he doesn’t waste much time” she thought as she felt one of his hands move down her back and under her t-shirt. He continued to kiss her as he explored her skin.

Sally was nervous as it didn’t feel right to be acting like this in a garden of a pub, even though it was deserted. As he continued to kiss her mouth she opened her eyes to reassure herself that she couldn’t be seen. Although nervous she was strangely excited at the same time.

She heard herself moan and all hesitation was lost as his fingers found her bra-less breasts. Sally’s breasts were small but firm and easily the second most sensitive part of her body.

He gently squeezed her nipples and then suddenly he had lifted her t-shirt and he was gone from her mouth. In a flash, his tongue was expertly flicking across her chest. She felt herself get wetter as she grew more and more aroused and then, just as suddenly, he stopped and lowered her t-shirt.

“Please don’t stop, she thought, as he raised his head.

She saw a wicked glint in his eye which complimented his full smile as he said “don’t worry, you ain’t seen nothing yet!”

To Be Continued…

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