Salacious New Friend

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Her nose was small, and turned up a little at the end. With a smattering of freckles framed by short, curly brown hair, she might have been considered innocently, girlishly cute. But as she led me around the back corner of the garden shop, I could see the devilish look in her eyes that told me just how mistaken that assumption would be.

I was home from college for a long weekend, and at the moment was on a mission with my best friend from high school. Zack’s mom had sent us to get some flowers for her yard. Easy enough, except that Zack was suffering from a nasty hangover following our little reunion the night before. I was grateful that all I had to deal with was a minor headache, which was already fading in response to a couple of ibuprofens.

Zack, however, was not so fortunate. Almost immediately after entering the shop he went green, and we rushed to find the bathroom. I first saw her coming towards us past a row of ferns to the sound of his meager breakfast making a vigorous retreat.

She wore the green apron of an employee and an expression more of amusement than concern. After quickly checking that Zack was okay and not making too much of a mess in her shop, we got to talking. I honestly don’t remember much of our conversation, but she did tell me she was studying biology at the local college, and she found Zack’s mission and current state pretty hilarious. She seemed a little flirtatious, but I figured she was just bored and trying to entertain me while my friend puked his guts out. I flirted back as much as felt reasonable.

Soon our attention was diverted back to Zack, who leaned against the wall and rested his head in his hands. “Ugh. Just give me few minutes.”


She stifled a laugh as he grunted his lack of amusement at me. When I looked back to her, a curious smile had crept over her face. She took my hand and led me out into the open-air part of the store, then outside around the awning entirely. Zack didn’t seem to notice or care as we disappeared from sight.

As soon as we rounded the back of the smallish brick building she pulled me to her. Her mouth was hot on mine, and her hands crawled restlessly over both of our bodies. When we broke off our kiss, the corners of her mouth twitched upward in a smile as she pulled her apron off and undid the snaps on the front of her soil-stained denim overalls.

She was thin and a few inches shorter than me, but her fleeting grip on my thigh a moment before had me suspecting she was stronger than she looked. The overalls and baggy t-shirt didn’t flatter her, but as the flap dropped down and she ran a hand over her chest I could see that her breasts were small but perky.

Her other arm pulled me closer and my hand found its way inside her overalls, sneaking underneath her shirt to trace up her side. Her body was hot under my hand, and I kept my eyes fixed on her face as I pulled the hem of her shirt up to lay both my hands on her skin. The impish expression on her face never wavered, and I felt her hand grasp at my chest as she shifted her hips against the wall behind her.

I needed no more encouragement. I knelt down and pulled her shirt up enough to get my head underneath, and started to kiss and lick her stomach. It was flat and salty with sweat, and I could feel her abs flex and writhe beneath my lips as I worked my way up her body.

I took a second to glance up at her face as I slipped my hands underneath her bra, and when I pinched her small nipples I was rewarded with the first break in that devilish grin she wore so well. I brought my lips to her areola and flicked my tongue across it, enjoying the intake of breath through her open mouth that it elicited.

I alternated between her breasts, licking and sucking one while I teased the other with my fingers, but it wasn’t long before I felt the light pressure of her hand in my hair and caught a glimpse of that familiar upturn at the corners of her mouth.

I followed her lead, working my way down her stomach. When I gave her overalls a tug downward, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. Blue cotton boyshorts were revealed at her hips, and when I pulled their hem down with my teeth there was only smooth skin underneath.

Her scent overtook me, full and musky heat filling my nostrils as I let the fabric snap back against her body. I realized that my hands had found their way to her ass, which fit my palms nicely. I moved my right hand between her legs and felt that the fabric there was already wet, from sweat or excitement or some combination.

I ran my fingers up and down between her legs, at the same time giving her ass another squeeze with my left hand and slowly büyükesat escort working her hemline out of the way with my lips. When I increased the pressure to work the cotton between her lips I was rewarded with a shift in her posture against the wall, and I was sure by now that her wetness was more than sweat. I shifted my left hand so I could bunch up a strip of her shorts and run it back and forth across her slit, then went ahead and pulled the garment down over her hips.

She widened her stance as far as the shorts allowed, presenting me with a close-up view of her glistening pink pussy lips. When I brushed my hand ever so lightly across them, barely close enough to feel the whisper of a touch, her hips bucked almost imperceptibly towards me. I grinned and decided to give her a little surprise.

Rather than teasing her any further, I planted my lips firmly on her pussy and sucked her clit into my mouth. She gasped, but didn’t pull away. My tongue raked up her slit, and if anything I felt her body press tighter against my lips.

Her taste was everything promised by her scent, with the addition of the slightest sweet aftertaste. I breathed her in as I released her clit to push my head deeper between her legs. My hands made their way back to her tight little ass and I used my entire face to tease her, kissing and biting her thighs and every so often passing my nose or tongue across her pussy.

Every time I tasted her juices I lingered a little longer, and soon I was sucking her lips into my mouth, savoring her taste. My tongue found a rhythm and then found its way inside her, and she responded with a series of soft moans and a hand ruffling through my hair. When my eyes darted upwards I saw that her other hand was busy groping her breasts.

I slowly increased my intensity, and soon I was splitting her pussy with my tongue to reach up and ravage her clit. My hand had crept away from behind her and now I had one, two, three fingers inside her, her body bucking and swaying as I rubbed and beckoned.

I pulled her clit into my mouth once more and pressed my hand hard against her, my fingers reaching deep within her warmth. With my tongue pressed firmly against her clit and my fingers probing inside her she came hard, and I felt her press my head into her crotch.

After a small eternity she shivered and reversed the motion to push me away. I sat back on the concrete grinning, my headache nowhere to be found. Her quiet whimpers faded to silence and her thin lips pressed back together. Our gazes locked together as she pulled her shorts back up and fastened her overalls over her chest, without a single blink obscuring her dark brown eyes. When I stood up she moved close to me, and with her mouth at my ear said quietly, “Give me a ride home when I get off at eight.” Her grip was iron on my erection, but I felt no less constricted after she released my jeans and walked out of sight around the corner. The last thing I saw was that tiny upward curl at the corner of her mouth as she pulled her apron back on. As I tucked my hard-on under my belt buckle to hide it, I realized that we never even exchanged names.

I found Zack in the bathroom clambering to his feet and looking somewhat healthier than before. He was still too preoccupied with his hangover to question my absence, and I’m not sure what I would have told him if he asked.

We located and paid for the hydrangeas without any trouble other than Zack continually professing his eternal hatred for tequila. As we walked out of the shop I saw her helping another customer decide between some small trees, and her face was back in pure girl-next-door mode. But as the sliding doors let us out, I’m sure I caught a glimpse of a wink.

* * * *

I pulled up in front of the store at eight sharp, having taken the last few streets at a leisurely cruise to avoid arriving early. After delivering Zack and the flowers to his house, I had gone home and masturbated, recalling the taste of her juices on my tongue. The rest of my day was calm and slow, spent hanging out with my family. I enjoyed myself, but my appointment was never far from my mind.

Within a couple of minutes she came strolling through the doors with a canvas bag slung over her shoulder, dressed the same as before minus the apron. Her face shined with relaxed innocence, and I marveled at her ability to look fresh and radiant beneath the sweat and soil of a day’s work.

She dropped into the passenger seat and started directing me to her place, thanking me sincerely for taking the time to drive her home. My sideways glances yielded no deviancy hidden behind her expression, çankaya escort and I started to wonder if a ride was really all she had in mind. I couldn’t complain; eating her out in the alley behind a garden shop while my friend worked through a hangover amounted to about as weird and wonderful a day as I could ever hope for.

Just as I resolved to be satisfied with the memory alone, she casually unsnapped her overalls and lifted herself off the seat to slide them down around her ankles. In another fluid movement she pulled her t-shirt over her head and shrugged off her bra, and suddenly I was sitting next to a gorgeous girl in nothing but thin cotton shorts. She advised me to take a left at the upcoming light while extricating herself from the pile of clothes at her feet, her voice level and her face still unreadable.

It wasn’t until she took my right hand off the wheel and placed it on her thigh that I finally caught the hint of a smile playing on the corner of her mouth. When my fingers slipped underneath her shorts the look spread across her face.

“I really shouldn’t be in plain sight like this, should I?” she asked in mock seriousness, and it was my turn to grin. She removed her seat belt and bent down across the cup holders between us to go to work on my belt buckle. By now I was rock hard, and glad to find her dripping wet beneath my fingers.

I rubbed her pussy lightly as she unzipped my fly and squeezed my cock through my boxers. When she pulled my erection through my fly, I cupped my hand and gave her a squeeze back. Whatever reaction I prompted was far overshadowed, though, by my shudder at the sudden warmth of her mouth enveloping my cock.

Without hesitation she took me all the way in, her lips reaching the base of my shaft. When she lifted her head I felt her tongue trace a line up the length of my dick, lingering on the tip. It was all I could do to drive straight. Nonetheless, her shifting legs reminded me that my fingers had been playing with her pussy lips this whole time. I pushed a fingertip between them and felt her thighs squeeze my hand in response, all while she peered over the dashboard and pointed out the next turn.

Then her attention was back in my lap and I felt her hot tongue dance all over my cock, with only intermittent interruptions for her to pump my length with her hand. My middle two fingers had found a home inside her pussy and I did my best to focus on their movements and the road ahead as I caressed her from the inside while rubbing my palm back and forth across her clit.

The feeling of my fingers inside her warm wetness was intoxicating, especially the way her thighs constantly squirmed and squeezed in tandem with my movements. It was as if she were a puppet and I was fingering the strings. Still, as she closed her lips around the head of my dick and ran her tongue around it, I became intensely glad I had jacked off after our first rendezvous. The sensations her soft mouth sent tingling down my cock would have been more than enough to set me off otherwise, and even as it was I was grateful for the brief respites when she lifted her head to point out the turns.

Finally we reached her apartment complex. I intentionally pulled into a dark parking space, but when I turned off the engine the cabin lights flicked on automatically and we both burst out laughing. It was just too absurd—her topless body bent over my lap, her hand around the base of my shaft, and my fingers buried between her legs, all lit up for the world to see. But even before the lights timed out, her tongue was wrapping around my dick again, and my fingers were curled within her to massage the front wall of her pussy.

There was a small wet pop as she removed her lips from the head of my cock and sat up in her chair. I pulled my hand from between her thighs to undo my seat belt while she reclined her seat, leaning back and lifting her ass to remove her shorts. The only sound was an occasional car passing on the street, but I could swear my erection throbbed audibly. Her legs spread by an inch or two as she lay back comfortably and began massaging her pussy in slow circles, all while staring straight at me.

In stark contrast to her grace, I awkwardly swung my leg over the console and moved to straddle her in the passenger seat. It may have been my imagination, or maybe her smile flickered a shade brighter at my clumsiness. Either way, she reached for my hips and helped me remove my jeans and boxers. I might have been embarrassed at my contortions within the small space if I wasn’t so horny, and the firmness of her movements suggested she was in a similar state.

At last I ankara escort was free and holding my body over hers, my erection pointing stiffly at the junction of her legs. I could feel the heat pouring off her skin as she stroked and squeezed her breasts. I lowered my hips so the underside of my cock rested on her mons pubis and bent my neck to take her nipple in my mouth. I sucked and licked, at the same time lightly rubbing my dick up and down her mons. Her wetness began to coat me, and her hands wandered across my back.

When I set my teeth lightly into her breast, I heard her cry out softly and felt her grasp at my shoulder blade. Her other hand appeared between us and her fingers closed around my shaft, which felt bigger and harder than I could ever remember it. Her brown eyes were deep and serious as she positioned the head of my cock at her entrance.

I pushed into her, never breaking eye contact as the head of my cock parted her lips and then plunged deeper, until I was surrounded by her warmth. Her face was steady except for a quiet intake of breath as I buried myself fully inside her. I lowered my head, our lips so close that I couldn’t be sure if the faint sensation of touch was real or imagined. I breathed her breath for a few unending moments and then we were kissing, hard and deep.

I pulled out to the tip and then slid back inside her. Each thrust was a revelation of contact, my cock finding sanctuary within her and every inch of my skin screaming out to touch hers. Every time I sheathed myself in her to the hilt, but it somehow felt deeper with each push. Her tight walls were unwilling to let me go, squeezing my cock with slick heat.

The highway of thought and feeling rushing through me was interrupted when I felt her teeth in the flesh of my tongue. Her eyes flickered with playful fire, and when I regained my senses I went back for more. This time she bit my lip, hanging on lightly as I pumped faster in and out of her pussy.

Another hard kiss and then we were rolling over, the parking brake lever digging into my back as we fumbled our way around, my dick still deep inside her.

When we finally righted ourselves I took a long second to take in the sight before me. Her hair hung in dampened ringlets, dangling above my face. A drop of sweat rolled along her skin to pause at the tip of an erect nipple and then drop to my chest. The curve of her breasts rose and fell with her heavy breath. My gaze slid down to the swell of her hips, which she had lifted until only the head of my dick rested inside her pussy lips. The yellow glow of a streetlight made the inside of her thighs glisten with her juices.

Slowly, she lowered her hips. I felt her tight cunt envelop my cock until our stomachs touched, and she rolled her pelvis forward. She raised herself and then repeated the motion, gradually increasing her pace until she was riding me steadily.

My hands found all the skin they could. Her ass, her breasts, her neck. The slight curve of her sides above her hipbones. She was firm and supple under my touch.

Heavy breathing turned slowly to soft moans as her hips rolled against me. She pressed into me, hard, and began grinding against me while I penetrated her deeply. I returned the pressure and she rocked her hips, rubbing her clit against my skin. Her moans grew louder and more urgent as I reached down to squeeze her ass, the heat of her skin filling my palms.

Her eyes closed and her movements grew spastic, jerking against me. Her breath caught in her throat, then escaped in a yelp as I felt her pussy tighten its hold on my cock. She regained her composure impressively quickly, and I managed to hold on until she opened her eyes and flashed that grin at me, still pumping her body against mine.

My face must have given me away, because she pulled her dripping pussy off of my cock and slid down into the foot well as I started to lose control. She looked me straight in the eyes and planted her lips around the head of my cock.

I came hard, my cock throbbing and pumping in her hand. I felt cum shoot into her mouth in spurt after spurt, all while her tongue calmly caressed the tip of my cock. My muscles contracted involuntarily in electric pleasure.

Eventually I was spent, and I relaxed panting into the damp seat. I caught a glimpse of my white load in her mouth before she swallowed it in a single gulp. She gave my cock a final pump and bent down to suck the last of my cum out of me, her eyes still locked with mine.

We exchanged only a few words while working to get our clothes back on in the small car. She thanked me again for the ride, and as she shut the car door and turned away, I caught one last glimpse of the devilish look behind her eyes.

* * * *

When I got home, I found a note scribbled on a scrap of paper in my pocket. “Molly,” a phone number, and a crude drawing. I smiled to myself, but I knew it was only a pale facsimile of the grin she wore.

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