Rude Awakening Ch. 04

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This is a complete work of fiction and should be enjoyed as such. All characters described are fictional and over the age of 18.


Following our unexpected weekend, the next week started out normally. I woke-up early each morning and showered, changed and peeked my head in his door (he always slept in on weekdays during the summer, his job at the car wash didn’t start until 11am) to find him sleeping peacefully. The difference now was that I noticed when the sheets weren’t quite covering that big penis of his and I could sometimes see that he was going to wake-up with morning wood. I began to wonder if he was dreaming of me and it gave me a little shiver and tingle as I stepped away from his room and headed downstairs and out the garage to go to work.

I would spend the day at work, the usual routine; I’m a project manager for a design firm downtown, so I ride heard on the designers (keeping them from taking too many coffee breaks), follow the progress of the proofs and make sure that the printer is lined up and has the right color codes, etc. It keeps me busy and makes me happy to know I’m part of the creative process. I usually got home before Danny, his shift starts late, but it also ends later, usually at sundown. So, I’d come home, change into comfortable lounging clothes and start on dinner. When he gets in he wants a shower — even though he’s been scrubbing cars in soapy water all day, he still gets more dirt on himself than off.

After his shower he would come down for dinner and sit and talk about our day while we ate. He’d clear the table after dinner and we’d head into the living room and watch TV until it’s time to turn in for the night. At least that’s what used to be normal.

Now, more often than not, when he’d come down for dinner he’d smile mischievously at me while I finished up cooking and then stare pointedly at my breasts while we ate. At first I felt it was kind of sweet and endearing that he thought I was so sexy. But after a few days it began to make me uncomfortable, because it was as if he were talking to my tits instead of me. I could tell he was getting excited because I could always see the tent in his shorts through the glass table top. Finally, I decided to address the issue with him.

“Danny!” He was startled by my abrupt exclamation, and looked up at my eyes in askance. “Thank you,” I said, “My eyes are up here; I don’t’ appreciate your staring at my breasts all the time while we eat dinner.” I sighed, “If you want something from me you should talk to me about it, not just stare at me expectantly.”

“Sorry Mom, I guess I’m just a little obsessed after this weekend. It’s been a few days and we’ve just been acting normal and I’m starting to get really anxious.” He looked back down at my breasts and up at my eyes again. “I really enjoyed this weekend and I want to do it again…I think you do to, ’cause your nipples are poking out like before.”

I looked down at my own chest, knowing it was true and saw the telltale buttons pushing against the material of my t-shirt. I looked back up at him blushing, “You’re right, I really enjoyed it to, but you know it makes me uncomfortable, I need time to work things out in my head if this is going to work out at all….do you understand honey?”

He frowned a little and stood up, the tent in his shorts extremely obvious. He walked over to my side of the table and stood there with his prick throbbing inches from my face, the subtle scent of his arousal tickling my nose and looked down at me. “I understand Mom, but I still feel this way and I can’t go back to just jerking-off after what we’ve done. Can’t you at least suck me off like you’ve done before…it’s not going any further than we already bursa escort have, right?”

I furrowed my brow, my emotions and logic warring with each other in my thoughts, he was right, it wasn’t anything that we hadn’t done, but did I want to keep going or stop what we were doing.

He could see the indecision on my face, and in a flash of inspiration, he took a half step back and slowly lowered his shorts off of his cock. As that pulsing red log came into view and swung before my face with its tip glistening with pre-cum, I sighed.

He’d figured out my weakness, one I hadn’t known I’d had: I couldn’t resist his bare cock when it was so close and smelled and looked so inviting.

“Alright, son, I’ll help you so you don’t get blue balls, we can do what we did before, but that’s it, otherwise, you have to back off and let me think a while, Ok?”

He smiled down at me, “Ok, Mom, thanks.”

I smiled up at him, “I’m glad we worked that ou…” I never finished the sentence because he’d taken a step forward and shoved his prick in my mouth while I was still talking.

His whole body shuddered and his meat engorged in my mouth, extending into my throat. Wow, I thought, I didn’t realize I got him this excited. I closed my lips tight around his member and began to slowly, excruciatingly, slide my moth back off of him and then forward again. I was staring at his dark curls and concentrating on my slow rhythm, when I felt his hand on my chin, tipping it up. I looked up into his eyes and as I did he smiled. I realized that he liked to see my eyes while I sucked him. I shrugged minutely, it was a small favor, and continued. He brought his hand sliding up my cheek to rest lightly on my head and began to pump his hips forward as he reached the back of my mouth. Each repetition he would push his hips a little harder and put a little more pressure on the back of my head, forcing his tip a little more into my throat and getting my nose a little closer to his pelvis.

He began to pant and spoke again for the first time since I started sucking him, “God Mom, I want you to deep throat me like you did that morning!” then he pressed my head hard against his crotch and pumped forcefully into my mouth.

I pulled off of him gasping and sputtering. “Damnit Danny! You can’t just force a woman to deep throat you!” I started to stand up from my chair and he put his hands on my shoulders holding me down. I looked angrily up into his eyes.

“I’m sorry Mom, I’m just really excited, I’ll try to control myself, I promise, just don’t stop, please?”

He looked so sincere and the pleading for me to keep giving him head was very sweet and hard to resist. I calmed down quickly, stayed seated and tried to give him as stern a look as I could, looking up at his face with his dick, glistening with my saliva, still pointing at my face. “Alright young man, but don’t think you can keep treating me like that and expect any sort of ‘help’ from me again.”

I leaned forward and took his tip in my mouth and began short strokes just a few inches deep, but fast. I reached up with one hand and wrapped it around his shaft, jerking it in tandem with my lips. With my other hand I cradled his balls, massaging them gently and tickling them lightly.

He began to moan and rested his hands, lightly, on my head; still letting me control my pace and depth. Soon, I felt his balls tighten up and his moans turned into pants, his hands pressed on the back of my head, not pushing me further onto him, but not letting me pull farther away.

A few seconds later and he exploded, “Ahhhhhh, yes”

As he began to shoot one jet after another into my mouth, I relaxed, reveling in his release, I let bursa escort bayan go of his balls and shaft and my kept my lips barely touching him. It surprised me when he pulled out of my mouth completely, he was still cumming? Then I understood as he jerked himself a few more times and held his cock above my forehead as the last few ropes of cum dribbled down my nose and across my cheek.

He staggered a step back and looked down at me, “Thanks Mom, you look so sexy, I love it when you look up at me with my cum running down your face.” The smirk on his face might have been a bit patronizing, but I couldn’t deny his words. He’d shown me what I looked like before with his cum on my face.

“Alright mister, you’ve had your fun, now clean up these dishes while I go get cleaned up.” I said as I stood up from my chair and walked to the hall bath.

As I stood there looking in the mirror and wiping his cum off my face, I smiled, licking my fingers and enjoying the dregs of his passion. I was becoming less conflicted about our relationship with every incestuous act. I heard him in the kitchen clattering the last dish into the dishwasher and went out to the living room to watch TV with him.

As I sat on the couch and turned on the set, he came and knelt at the foot of the couch in front of me, smiling like the Cheshire Cat. “What are you thinking about?” I asked, confused. “You’re not going to get a repeat performance from me tonight — it’s a worknight, and I want to relax.”

“I wasn’t thinking of getting a repeat from you, Mom; I was planning on returning the favor.”

He never stopped smiling as he leaned forward and ran a finger down my cleft, bold as brass. I gasped, “Ah!…Danny, no, enough for tonight” but it was a feeble argument as my nipples were poking straight out and my hips involuntarily shifted forward on the sofa cushion to give him better access. He ignored my plea, unbuttoning my shorts and pulling them out from under me as he slid them to the floor.

As he shimmied in front of me, he parted my legs with his hands and leaned forward over my wet, panty clad, blossom. He looked up at me over my mound of soft hair and licked at the wet spot in my panties. I shuddered and an animal sigh escaped my lips. He leaned in for another lick while his hands gripped my thighs hard. After a few more licks that had my hips bucking off the couch with each stroke of his tongue he hooked the sides of my panties with his thumbs and slid them down to the floor to join my shorts. He gave me no respite and dove back to my exposed sex and began to writhe his tongue about in earnest, never keeping one motion long enough to build me past a climax but revving me and revving me up before switching to sucking on my folds or darting his tongue deep inside or fluttering it across my clit. Finally, in excited frustration I grabbed his head and thrust it over my clit, wrapping my legs around his shoulders and pleaded with him to finish it.

Danny’s tongue lashed with renewed intensity and in moments I was grunting and flailing my limbs about in ecstasy. When I finally came down from on high, I rolled my head languidly forward to find Danny leaning back on his elbows in the middle of the floor, smiling sheepishly.

“I see what you mean about being forced, Mom. On the one hand, it’s pretty uncomfortable; on the other hand, It’s pretty intense, huh?”

I laughed, “Yes, it is, for the giver and receiver, honey, but it’s still better to talk about it first and work it out…I owe you for not getting permission this time.”

His eyes lit up and his smile widened, “Well, since you owe me, I know you said I couldn’t get a repeat performance tonight, but eating you out just escort bursa got me hard as a rock again, so I was wondering…”

This time I laughed heartily. “Oh, honey, what did you have in mind…you want me to suck your big hard prick again, hmmmm?” I could see it pressing, probably painfully, against his leg as it strained to straighten up inside the confines of his shorts.

“Actually, Mom, I was thinking of doing something else that we’ve done before…”

I thought back to the past weekend and gasped, “Oh!”

He pressed on through my stunned silence, “I know you won’t let me stick it in you, but I really liked rubbing it between your cheeks, can I do that again?”

He was right and I had said we could do what we’d done before. I was a little confused, but I nodded compliance and stood up from the couch, he scrambled up and stood beside me. I didn’t know what to do next, before it had been a spontaneous thing, at the sink in the kitchen and at the bathroom counter. I needn’t have worried, though, it seemed that Danny knew what he wanted.

He took my hand and led me around to the back of the couch, gently bending me over, so my elbows were resting on the back cushions, he stepped behind me. I stood silent, waiting, not sure what to expect, when I felt his hand slide gently between my folds and rub along the wetness left over from my explosive orgasm.

I began to protest, “Danny, you can’t!”

He shushed me as he pulled his hand from my lips, I felt his fingers sliding along the cleft of my bottom as he spoke, “Lubrication, Mom, remember?” Then I felt the heat of his breath, a moment before he spat on the small of my back.

I was disturbed, as I felt the glob of spit slide down between my cheeks, that was so demeaning, but it’s what I’d taught him, wasn’t it? My confusion was quickly overcome by sensation as I felt the head of his hard prick, catch the glob before it slid down to my lips and slide up the now wet channel of my ass. As he pushed forward, my hips rocked toward the sofa and he grunted. He stepped between my legs forcing them wider and leaned over my back, grabbing my shoulders. He pulled back and slid down my cleft before pulling back on my shoulders as he pushed his cock between my cheeks again. Quickly he built up to a steady rhythm, breathing hard and slamming forcefully into my soft tush with each up stroke.

I knew he was getting closer as his rhythm faltered, then he pulled my shoulders away from the couch and reached around to grab my breasts forcefully as he thrust his cock between us sandwiched tight between my cheeks as our bodies pressed together. As he reached the height of his stroke I felt him cum, shooting up between my back and his stomach. He released my breasts and pushed my back forward, back toward the couch as his remaining shots painted my ribs, shoulders and the back of my head. We were both panting when he was finally done.

I leaned forward, away from his wilting member and looked back over my, cum spattered, shoulder at him. He was standing there panting and glistening from sweat and cum and he was gorgeous. My son, I shuddered at the thought and stood on shaking legs to face him.

“It’s bed time, noooo, I can see what you’re thinking, you in yours and me in mine, like always, that’s final.” I patted him on the shoulder and kissed his cheek as I headed upstairs.

The rest of the week was more or less the same; the norm ceased to be dinner and TV, and became a blowjob after dinner and then he would ‘have dessert’ from me on the couch…sometimes, if he got really excited from dessert, it would be followed by a tit-fuck or rubbing him off between my ass cheeks. I’ve gotten into the habit of going to bed with his cum still drying on my skin; so I can wake up to the intoxicating smell before I grab my shower for work each morning. I’m beginning to wonder what will happen this weekend…I just don’t know if I can keep my resolve much longer.

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