Rose’s Awakening Ch. 05

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I sped home as fast as I could, with Rose beside me playing with the radio and singing along with some of the music. I pulled up to the gate and entered the access code and watched the gates swing open. I pulled through the gates and drove up the driveway. Quickly shutting off the ignition I stepped out of the explorer and grabbed Rose’s collar. I led her to the front door as she struggled to keep up without falling due to her heels. She whimpered, “Daddy, Sir slow down please.” I managed to get her inside without her slipping completely to the ground.

Now was going to be the time to see just what pleasures this sweet little body held. I nudged her towards the living room and told her to stay right where she was. Rapidly I walked to my office and opened the drawer holding the clamps and panties. I stepped to Rose and pulled up her blouse, her nipples were already on the rise and a few deft rubs and they swelled to eraser hard nubs. I attached each clamp and then told her to spread her legs. Complying with my wish she did so with no reluctance other than the gritting of her teeth as she accustomed to the clamps. Rose spread her legs wide and lifted her skirt giving me access to the beautiful little triangular mound of passion between her legs. I spread her pussylips without a word and stroked her cleft of erotic joy. The little hood over her clit slid up effortlessly as I affixed the last of the clamps there, she gasped and her legs trembled. Holding the panties to her feet she stepped into them with a quizzical look on her face. “Daddy,” she moaned,”Why are you putting clothes on Me?” I could hear the tension in her voice she was already on fire with lust from the clamps and this mornings encounter with Annie.

I pulled the panties all the way up and admired them before pushing her skirt back down, it barely hid any of her sweet little charms but I wanted her to put on a show for Me. “Now princess,” I replied as I walked to the stereo,”I want you to strip for Me. I want you to be slow and sexy and tease Me to your fullest womanly capabilities. “Rose’s face lit up like a Christmas tree, she walked over and stood beside Me. “Here Master, allow me,” she spoke in the sexiest little innocent girl voice and yet it had that sultry temptress hint to it,”let me pick out the perfect song to seduce my Master with.” She opened the cabinet above the stereo and picked out a cd, a compilation of some of her favorite songs I guessed. Boy was I wrong, this fine young vixen had planned on one day seducing Me, I knew this as she presented Me with the case for the cd. It had a woman nearly naked on the cover and she was bent over looking back over her shoulder on all fours. The words across the top of the picture were unmistakable,”Music to Seduce Daddy”. I couldn’t help but laugh, Rose just giggled and said, “You see Daddy, Sir, I have anticipated this day for a long time.” With that she opened the cd drawer and placed her cd inside and pushed play. The disc started as she took My hand and led me to the couch. “Sit back,” Rose whispered into my ear, ” and just enjoy this Daddy, Sir.” Her lips had barely brushed my ear with each syllable. I was already developing a bursa escort hard cock now and she knew what this was doing to me.

The first thumps of the music started and although I could neither name the artist or the song, I knew it was familiar from all of the times I had heard Rose playing it upstairs in her bedroom. Rose immediately started to swing her hips as she spread her legs and dipped her waist down slowly. She turned around and bent over and as she did I turned the clamps and panties on high. Let’s see just how she reacts to this I thought. She gave a jerk and smiled between her parted legs as she pushed her skirt down over her hips and stepped out of it. She then bent back over and reached over her hip to run her finger down the crack of her ass and across the wet slit between her legs doing all this while still managing to move with the music. Pushing the panties to the side and dipping her finger in her pussy before standing upright and walking over to me. She put her finger to my lips and rubbed the moisture from her little honeypot over them. I caught her finger between my lips and sucked all the juices from it. God, this was one erotic little scene, I knew it may not last much longer. Rose then reached up and undid each button on her blouse as her hips continued to sway. I couldn’t utter a word or sound, hell I was barely breathing as she maintained eye contact with me as her blouse was opened. She leaned back pushing her naked breasts and panty covered pussy in my direction. Rose’s panties were now soaked in front, and I knew that the vibrations from the panties and clamps were just furthering her slutty little thoughts and needs. Rose stood straight up and sashayed over to me. She leaned down and brought My face to her ripened breast. “Suck on them Daddy,Sir” she cooed. I couldn’t refuse her now, I licked each orb of flesh and sucked it into my mouth, careful to not disturb the clamps. I was starting to get into it when she pulled away and tossed her head back, her long hair flipping seductively behind her. She leaned down again with her hands on my knees and spread my legs wide. Rose then fluttered her eyelashes as she looked into my eyes, her hands dropping to my waist and unbuckling my belt and then unbuttoning the pants. Her hand moved at a feverish pace as she gave a seductive command of her own, “Lift up Master! I want these pants off you.” Rose licked her lips as I lifted my hips off the couch so she could pull the pants from my legs. She had managed to draw off my boxer shorts as well at the same time. I inhaled sharply anticipating her next move.

Rose dropped her head down and let her silky black hair cascade down over my lap. I could feel the soft full body of her hair falling across my cock and balls. Once again her hands fell in place just above my knees as she rolled her neck in circles dragging her hair over my crotch. It felt like a hundred little simultaneous kisses all at once along my shaft. She tossed her long locks of hair back with a flip of her head and then she looked up into my eyes. I watched the sweet curve of her ass rise up as her face dropped once more into my lap I could feel her mouth engage itself bursa escort bayan around my cock. Her mouth pulled and sucked at my cock as she held my balls in her hand. “Oh sweet lord,” I panted,”you have the sweetest mouth Babydoll.” Her knees went down to the floor and her mouth never broke contact from my cock as she tilted just enough to allow me a glimpse of her lips working up and down on my cock and her eyes captured my gaze. I could not hold out long and she knew this, she had to be feeling the pulsing in my shaft and the way it was bobbing uncontrollably now. “MMMM,” she coyly moaned before pulling away,”Daddy, Sir your cock is so delicious, I love the way it feels inside my mouth.” At that moment the cd switched to a new song and I felt her sliding back up my body. Rose then turned once more and backed her panty covered ass back to my face before pulling the side of the confounded thing away exposing her virginal holes to my gaze. I wanted to lick her right then but I wouldn’t. I waited for her to continue. She slid next to the couch and raised her right leg and put it right beside my head on the couch . Then bending forward she did a long stretch bringing her pussy closer to my face as she gyrated her hips closer. I watched as she then stood once more and pushed the panties off and let them drop down her legs. As she stepped out of them she reached down and brought the thong to my face twirling it on her finger just beneath my nose. That was it…this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I grabbed her by her collar and pulled her behind me up to the bedroom. I got her near the bed and then gave her a good firm shove. She had a wicked smile across her face, Rose was now unabashedly taunting me. I had fully planned upon tying her down to the bed but now I knew that wouldn’t work for I wanted to feel her nails digging into my back as I broke her hymen wide open. I wanted her drawing blood the first time she came with a big hard cock inside her wet little teasing cunt. I slipped up her body pulling off the clamps with no thought to Rose’s tender engorged nipples or clit. The only thing I wanted now was to claim this sweet morsel of flesh. I spread her legs reaching between us and slipped two fingers easily inside her soaked slit. Her clit was pulsing in synchronization with her heartbeat. She finally broke through my lust with her pleas,”Daddy,Sir, take me,” she leaned up wrapping her arms around my neck and pulling me to her in a hungry embrace. Rose’s sky blue eyes pierced into my soul as I broke the kiss, I knew her submissive gift was mine, ripe for the taking now. I wrestled on two separate planes of being for a few seconds, struggling with the morality of what was about to happen and also at the same time coming to the realization that she wanted this with all of her being. I slid up so that My throbbing cock touched her moist pussy lips. I reached down and as I kissed and sucked on the tender flesh of her neck, down to her breasts, I could rub the head of my penis against her clit. I did this as long as I could, what lasted a mere ten seconds of glorious foreplay, seemed to send time into slow motion.

My pricked bobbed angrily escort bursa in my hand and just then a new sensation rushed me to the edge of climax. I felt Rose’s tiny little hand wrap around my shaft as far as it could go and she nudged it down between the lips of her sex, trying to draw my flesh into her body. Rose’s lifted her hips and pushed down onto my cock, I felt the barrier of her virginity push and give way under my daughter’s hard push. “Oh fuck Daddy,” she screamed out as her maidenhead tore against the intrusion of my prick, “your fucking tearing me in half.” She thrashed as she wiggled her hips in alternate directions one second trying to lift off my manhood only to shove right back down onto it drawing it a bit deeper than before. I leaned forward and stabbed deep inside her, resting my balls against her ass as I plunged to the hilt. I lay there for a moment letting her tight quim adjust to the size of her Master and father’s cock embedded in her. It took no more than three or perhaps four deep breaths until she started moaning and crying out once more. “Daddy, oh sweet lord Daddy,” she whimpered in contentment and arousal, ” God your cock is huge, I feel it stretching me wide open.” I had yet to speak to her as I was afraid that any breath could push me over the edge, her tight little pussy was working its silken magic on my cock. I could feel every clench and every wall inside her vagina contracting as she came in one long continuous orgasm. I slid in and out a few times as she begged, “Daddy, Fuck me! Fuck your little submissive slut daughter’s pussy hard. Pound my pussy with your big rod. Slam me until I pass out from the pain and pleasure. Please please please just fuck me hard now!” I had to do it….. I pulled out until just the head was buried in her and rammed in to the hilt again, I worked her over hard slamming repeatedly in her. “Rose, your pussy,” I exhaled loudly, my voice shaky at best as I spoke, ” is so fucking tight. My god it feels like my cock is in a vice. Does My little cumslut love her Daddy’s big cock buried inside her?” Rose wailed “Oh sweet leaping Jesus yes,Master, Yes!” I reached down and locked her legs around My waist as I pounded in and out of her pussy. I dropped My head to her chest and sucked her nipples, nibbling them playfully. I felt her clamp down once more as she exasperatedly cried, “Master, I’m cumminggggg again!” That was all I could stand. “Fuck! Daddy is cummmminnnngggg,” I sung out,”take all of My hot cum inside and let it fill you up! OHHHHH!”

Ten long hard spurts shot deep up inside Rose as she crested once again. I continued sliding in and out of her opening as I came. Finally I collapsed on her, my cock still buried deep inside her. I could feel the cum leaking out of her around my shaft and slipping down between us. I looked down into her eyes which were glazed over in ecstasy as she whispered, “Thank you Master.” I told her teasingly,”Your sleeping in the wet spot.” She giggled and wrapped her arms around me and kissed my lips, her hands running down my back I could feel the wetness seeping down my back beneath them. My god I hadn’t even felt her tearing into my flesh as I had mercilessly fucked her. “That was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.” I slid out of Rose and turned to hear the voice…. OH My god how long had they been standing there…..

Chapter 6. coming soon. Please remember to vote, and send feedback.

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