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This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome. If not, thank you for visiting.


I woke up about daylight. There was rustling in the bed. It was Ricky. It was summer and Ricky was home until fall. He was 19 already but liked to get in bed with us. He did that a lot when he was small like all kids do but we put him in his own bedroom as soon as he was old enough. Still, every now and then he would come over half asleep and climb in between us and go back to sleep.

Ricky isn’t large, 5ft7 or so. Slim young man. Carries himself well and dresses well. Nice voice and a little shy. He was studying languages and ancient cultures and really enjoyed it and was really good at it.

I knew we seemed to be getting closer but frankly it was ok with me. Maybe it was because I enjoyed him coming over. I liked to get close and tease him. I think he was a little home sick at college. I was too at the time.

When we traveled we would get a single room with two double beds. We were a close family. I was as close to him as Jed was. We did almost everything together. I played golf and tennis at the club when I could and I was the same height as Ricky. I was slim too.

Ricky snuggled up against me like he usually does, with his back to Jed. I liked him to spoon me. I melted a little so he was a nice fit and waited. It usually took him about 5 minutes until I could feel him starting to grow. It came up slowly but steadily. Every now and then he would be positioned wrong and it poked right into my butt crack. I wore really thin knit pjs just for that when he was home and the really thin silky type that molded right down in your butt in the summer.

Usually it was upwards and he would slip down slightly so it fit up through my butt crack with his knees bent under my butt. Mine were bent up too. When it poked straight out he would adjust it downwards when he moved down a little and it would mess with me where it counted. He wore boxers and there were those times when it poked straight out it would pop out of his boxers. He would still adjust it downward.

After a sizeable delay I could feel an excruciatingly slow movement and it rode up and down my ridges. Fantastic sexual feeling. You wouldn’t believe how many times I wanted to leave my panties off. Ricky was several inches shorter than Jed but his package was about the same size, more than eight inches and more than two inches. They both had foreskin. Lovely.

The first couple of times he got hard spooning he moved backwards and was uncomfortable. I could tell. One time I reached my hand back over his buns and pulled softly until he came back in. Only time I had to do that. The first time he was down under it felt so good I squeezed a little. That’s what starting him thrusting so slowly when he was down there, particular when he was out of his boxers.

I mentioned to Jed how hard he got and where he was at. He said, “Anna, why don’t you take your pants off sometimes. See what he does. You might like it and I think he would too.”

I said, “Jed, I couldn’t do that. He’s our son.”

Jed said, “Anna, that’s the very reason you should.” He was smiling when he said that. Then he said, “You’re still on the pill aren’t you?” Now that got a big smile out of me and a slap on the top of his head as I went by. I think Jed enjoyed Ricky giving me a thrill now and then. He probably thought it made me hornier. It did. I wouldn’t mind if Ricky had an orgasm now and then. Easy cleanup. Good for him.


One night I was getting ready for bed and I put on a thin nightgown that came down just a little above my knees. I didn’t put on pants. I didn’t think about it or decide not to, I just didn’t. When I got in bed I slid down in so the gown was just about at the top of my hips and went to sleep. Ricky didn’t come over the next morning. Well darn. So I did the same that night.

The next morning he came over and settled down. I felt him move into my back and his knees curl up, moving mine up. Luck of luck he was out straight, right in my butt crack. He didn’t pause or anything. I don’t think he knew his dick was against bare flesh. He was poking out of his boxers. He adjusted himself down and still didn’t pause or anything. It was warm and right up the center of my outer lips about half way.

He normally laid his arm along my side and did this time. His elbow was where my pants usually are and he felt skin and I felt him freeze just that little bit and his hand move down my side to my hips. Bare flesh. He knew I didn’t have any pants on. He put his arm back up as normal and it was a little longer before I felt him pushing his dick upwards and back.

That felt so good and he was only going along the top, not even up to my clit. Jed was behind Ricky. He must notice the sheets moving but he was probably so used to it he ignored it, even if he was awake. Ricky came back a little further than normal and slowly rode it up the ridges bursa escort again. He was spooning so he wasn’t that far down underneath.

When he was back the head was at the bottom of my outer lips. It wouldn’t be long before his pre-cum would coat the ridges and they would part and he would slip right in. I wasn’t sure about his angle. I hadn’t thought about that. I thought he was going faster but probably not. Quite slow. I wanted to open my legs and reach down and press it home.

It took a lot of effort to keep still. I wanted him to make the decisions, enjoy himself, feel the sexual excitement like I was. It didn’t take long and I felt my outer lips separate and that large smooth dick head going up inside. He must have felt it too. He didn’t stop or even slow down.

A couple of times like that and I felt him push against the top edge of my vagina entrance and pop up. He kept going. I raised my leg ever so slightly and reached down and pulled his leg between and lowered back down. It left me a little more open. He reached his hand over my waist on my stomach and stretched his hand out over it. He kept slowly pumping. He got into my clit about three or four times, not hard.

I was certain he was going slowly so Jed wouldn’t notice. He pressed down on my stomach just a little and pushed upward. I knew what he wanted. I moved my head further over on the pillow and moved my butt up the bed a few inches very slowly. He didn’t have to move and his body blocked Jed’s view. His dick never stopped pressing me the whole time.

The next time he pushed he was centered right over my vagina entrance and not at an angle. It was a straight shot. He could plow right in. Jed had done that hundreds of times but this was different. It was a new dick and it was highly sexual and I was breathing through my nose as slowly as I could so I wouldn’t make any noise, my lips clamped shut.

He paused and then pushed. I’m sure his entire head was in past the ridge. More than past the ridge but he didn’t go all the way in. He pulled out and did it again. Slow like always. So he did want to fuck his mom and now he knew I wanted to fuck my son.

I started slowly rubbing his knee, the one between my legs. I wanted him to go ahead with me distracting him, to relieve the tension. It got our minds together so we could fuck together. We both were saying it was ok, don’t stop.

About that time the bed shook a little and we froze. I heard Jed get up and go to the bathroom. A couple of minutes and he was taking a shower. Ricky got going again, a little faster and a little further. I got my hand off his knee and on my clit. He could feel what I was doing with his hand on my stomach and my arm down across it.

He went a little faster. The shower was still going. I could feel an orgasm working up and Ricky pressed on my stomach a little more. Jed was singing a little. He usually did. I started squeezing Ricky’s knee between my legs and he went faster, just enough. I don’t know how it happened but we both orgasmed at the exact same time. Nice big ones. The shower was still going.

We calmed down and got our breath under control. Ricky left his dick in my vagina and put his arm along my side as normal and we were quiet. Jed came back and dressed and was out to the kitchen, we could easily hear him walking around. Ricky was still very hard and started thrusting again, kind of slow. We kept at it for about fifteen minutes then he got up and then I did.

Jed never said a word about it and he didn’t act different, at all. Still, I wondered if he knew. We were outside and I said, “Ricky isn’t keeping you awake, coming over, is he? I worry about that.”

“Oh no,” he said. “Not at all. You guys are quiet. I hope you both had an orgasm after I went for my shower.”

I stood up straight and turned and looked at him and he was smiling so much his mouth was open. He knew. I think I might have blushed.”

He said, “Anna, its fine like I said. Can you image the thrill he’s having. You too. It must be fantastic. It really is great with me.” Then he walked around in back of me and stuck his hands up my dress and pulled my panties down around my ankles. Right there in the backyard. He left me standing there like that.


There was a neighbor a few doors down on the other side of the street. Younger than I was, I think 27 or 28. No children yet. Her husband, Chet, was an engineer on those very large excavating shovels. The kind that is the size of destroyers or cruisers. They build them in place and he helped do that. He spent time at sites all over the world. Her name was Brenda.

We visited each other a lot. I was company for her, to keep her occupied. We talked about sex. I told her about Ricky and how we teased each other, very detailed, but not about the orgasms. She was fascinated and it filled some of her sexual needs. We had a great time talking sex. She got to be turned on. Sometimes I told her about Jed. Same reason.

She said, “Anna, I don’t know if I bursa escort bayan should ask this but do you think Ricky might like to tease me some? I mean it would be very private. If you wouldn’t mind. I’m really sounding desperate aren’t I? It’s just a thought.”

“Brenda,” I said. “I wouldn’t mind. I don’t know if Ricky would or not. I’m sure he would enjoy himself. The little bit of teasing we’re giving each other isn’t enough for him. We would have to arrange it so Jed isn’t there. I don’t think he would care but It’s better that way. Ricky might like to do more than teasing. You’re a hottie you know. What are you thinking about?”

“Well, I wet my pants a lot,” she said. “If we were to lay down on a flat surface I probably couldn’t resist anything. If you think he needs more sex that’s my problem too. I know Chet is having sex on sites. He told me. I can’t get pregnant. I don’t think he would mind if he knew I had sex.”

“Let me see what I can arrange,” I said. “We have to be careful about the neighbors. You should come to our house. I’ll need to broach it with Ricky.”

We visited for another hour. Brenda was noticeably more relaxed. If it was ok with Ricky then the problem would be that I wanted to be there, to watch. Maybe play a little. I surely would love to see Ricky fuck.


The next morning I waited to see if Ricky came over or got in the shower. He got in the shower. I jumped up and almost ran to the bathroom. I walked in. He saw me through the shower door, nude. I sat down and peed, smiling at him. He smiled back. I got in the shower with him and got the soap and started. I slowly got out the story of Brenda while I was scrubbing his back and buns.

When he turned around he was up pretty good. He was interested. I said, “Can I wash your man thing?”

He was looking at my boobs. He said, “Ok.”

I got the wash stuff and got my tuff right into his side, one boob in front and one in back and started on his butt crack and balls and worked up. Lots of sudsy soap. When I got to the top of his dick I pulled the foreskin way down and washed with my fingers all over the top. He was hard. I was working on his butt button at the same time. I pointed his dick at the shower head and jacked it lightly to get all the soap off. He was quite appreciative.

While we were drying each other off he said, “Mom, I don’t really know how to fully seduce someone. I don’t have that much experience.”

I couldn’t believe my luck. It was right there in front of me all the time. I said, “Well, I could be there if you like. She’s a girl. She won’t mind another nude girl there. You wouldn’t mind. I could help out. For example she’s really in need of sex right now. You should have an orgasm about an hour or so before. That way you can go much longer. She’ll like that.

“She probably knows lots of positions. She’ll maybe do oral on you at some point and you can do the same on her. Might not do much of that this first time.” That’ll let him know there would probably be repeats. I continued, “You’ll do fine with a little help.”

“Oh, well, then sure,” he said. “That would be great.”

I said I would get with Brenda and see what we could arrange and let him know and see if it was ok. I went to see Brenda. She said she would walk over slowly with a cane. Nobody pays attention. Brenda said she was thinking of asking me to be there or nearby. I was in.


We used Ricky’s bedroom. Low soft music. Curtains closed. Nice sexy scent. Soft lights but not too soft. King size bed. Sheets down. Perfect pillows. Earlier I casually suggested getting on the bed nude, mostly for Ricky. Wouldn’t waste time getting clothes off. I was hoping this would give him a solid shot of sex with someone he could let loose on. Maybe get his fill for once.

Brenda got there about one fifteen. We all hugged. Brenda was about 5ft6 and slim, like Ricky. A very nice match. She said earlier she hadn’t had sex for some time so he might have to go slow with his size. I passed that on to Ricky. He was delighted. I knew she was shaven with a patch up top. She mentioned that once in our stories.

I was nervous. Ricky had a big dick. It was imposing. I mentioned that he was a gentleman. It helped. I think she was nervous too. Probably first time with someone else while married. We didn’t have any wine or drinks, just a sip of water. It isn’t easy socializing when you know you’re about to fuck. Well, them, not me. Ricky took Brenda’s hand and we talked and slowly got back to Ricky’s bedroom.

All three of us were trying not to hurry. I sauntered around the bed to the other side where I usually was in our bed and started to take everything off. I already suggested to Ricky to see if he could get Brenda in the middle. Ricky and I could talk with gestures if needed and they would be more towards the middle so they wouldn’t fall out of bed.

I got nude first and casually got on and leaned on my elbow and watched. Brenda took off Ricky’s top and slid his knit escort bursa pants down and off. She got a look at his crotch on the way. Nice image there. Ricky took off her top and she turned around and he undid her bra. I didn’t know he knew how.

He wrapped her waist and they got into a really nice kiss, tits in good, dick in valley. Ricky twisted his head more and I think it was tongue at first touch. He had his hand down in the back of her pants. Go Ricky. Her back was slightly towards me and I could see his hand spread out down low then he pulled it up slowly. She stuck her middle into him more. I think he had a finger down in her crack all the way up. Ricky had moves.

He slowly pulled back and worked her shorts off and then her pants. He went down with her pants and ran his face right through everything and when he came up he ran his tongue through everything and I mean everything, down in. There was probably nothing dry on that woman. She pulled his boxers out and down over his dick and pushed them on down and off.

She put her hand through his thighs and up on his butt crack and pulled down with her fingers in and under and up under his balls. Ricky spread his legs a little. She didn’t touch his shaft. He turned towards the bed with his hand on her back and she climbed on near the middle and sat with her knees up a little, legs out.

Brenda had a flatish stomach and nice boobs with really nice nipples. Ricky got on in front of her. They looked at each other and sort of morphed together. His legs were extended around her and hers went over his putting her tits in his chest and her pussy against his balls and shaft. She wrapped his neck and he wrapped her waist and it was flesh on flesh.

She clinched her legs around and pulled him tighter and he got his hands down on her buns. Either she was going to tilt him over down the bed and mount him or he was going to tilt her back into the pillow and mount her. It was a tossup at this point. Either one would work fabulously.

I thought she might want to get fucked fully on and go backwards. She could let him control the entry. If she got on top she would have to lift a leg way up high and get him started in and work down on it. It was big. I thought it would go his way.

Ricky got his hands lower on the bottom of her buns and grabbed on and spread them wide. That had to pull her pussy apart. He lifted her up and bent his knees and pulled his feet back and she softly fell back on the pillow, knees up and wide. It was almost a perfect missionary. He tilted and his dick found its mark and he pushed, about a head’s worth. Not much foreplay needed. They wanted to fuck.

She moaned her head off and he went again and she moaned her head off again. It sounded like she was talking gibberish. Ricky was going in slowly but with power. The inch or so he got in further each time simply pushed any resistance aside. When he got all the way in a couple of times he stopped and looked in her eyes, his arms under her shoulders.

He said, “Thank you. Feels good doesn’t it?”

She smiled and nodded yes a couple of times and he started. He adjusted his body a few times and got his leverage right with his knees and legs and feet but his hips never faltered. He was fucking her better than he ever did me. He would tilt his upper body over one way then later the other and play with her hair and nipples. He did soft love stuff all over her.

His butt never stopped moving. He didn’t ram it in or shove her up the bed with his thrusts. She had an orgasm much earlier than I thought she would then another a little while later. They were off the scale erotic to watch. I had two fingers working in and out of myself. My knee was way up with my legs open for room and I was thrusting a little.

She hadn’t started thrusting up into him yet. I think she was soaking up the fucking she needed. Ricky kept going about the same pace. Sometimes he got his fingers on her clit. He was giving her orgasms. I saw him pushing into her butt button with his finger. It plunged in a nice rhythm. I don’t know how far he went in.

She had another wild orgasm and he pulled his finger out. He was kissing her right through that orgasm, the whole time. She kept her knees up so she was accessible as possible. Ricky wasn’t even breaking a sweat. Only his hips were working overtime and he looked so smooth.

He looked in her eyes and said, “I think you’re putting me over the edge. It’s going to be a nice one.”

She wrapped his legs and got her hands on his hips and thrust up, not too much. It wasn’t long and he moved his hands and wrapped her buns and picked up speed just a little bit. I could hear a few ball slaps and saw a little more muscle clinching. He got way in and stopped and jerked back and did it again. He grunted softly several times and kept going until he stopped shooting and then a little more and then slower until he stopped.

He rolled off but Brenda kept wrapped and rolled over with him. They were facing, his dick still up in. All of a sudden Brenda had another orgasm. Almost as big as the other ones. She was pumping his dick with her vagina and squeezing his legs and neck. She got out a really good orgasm scream and gurgled down until she was spent.

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